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Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is the Real Solution, Part 8 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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I just hope they will wake up, or else. Or else, I’m helpless. (Yes, Master.) I’m helpless. Sometimes I can just cry, just cry. I cry wishing that I don’t have to witness all this and knowing more about the future even. It feels like if you have some dear person to you, loved one, and he is in a coma. No matter how much you talk to him, tell him to wake up, he just won’t. (Yes. Right.) And you fear losing him. That’s the feeling I have.

Prophet Muhammad, Peace be Upon Him, was a chauffeur for a rich and benevolent lady, and later on He married her. But nevertheless, even then, He, still as a lay person householder and like everyone else, He could not just stay with the Master all the time. (Yes.) He had to go home, but He saved some time to go in the cave to meditate. But even then, He saw all these experiences and heard all these (inner Heavenly) Sounds inside. He was scared. He didn’t know what is what. So, the angel had to come and tell Him, “You must read.” Forced Him to read. And He was thinking, “I cannot read, I cannot read.” And when He said that, the Angel forced Him again. So He was, The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, was very scared.

He went home and asked His wife to cover Him. (Oh.) Yes. Cover Him. So, just a kind of psychological reaction. (Yes.) When you’re covered you think nobody sees you, nobody can find you. Peace be upon His pure heart. He was so pure. He was a very pure and upright man. (Yes, Master.) A simple, pure, and God-fearing man. He did not know much. That’s why the angel, because He’s supposed to be The Prophet later on, the Master of mankind. So, He had to know many more things than just meditate and enjoy Heaven for Himself. (Yes, Master.) So, the angel forced Him, “You have to read.”

And then He went later on to study with some of the high priests at that time, the religious priests at that time. And perhaps He learned to read more, or at least someone read it to Him. So, He was even asking His wife, “Am I a wrong person, a bad person or something, because they want to harm me?” So, His wife had to comfort Him and said, “No, no, You are a very good person, generous and kind to Your kith and kin. Heaven or Allah must be very pleased with You. You are not a bad person or anything.” And slowly, He regained his confidence. Because the angel came back again and forced Him and pressed Him until He could bear no more. Pressed him with I think some pressure. So slowly, later on he went to study. I’m not sure if he studied reading or writing or just at least studied some of the bible or the holy teachings at that time, like the Qur’an, (Yes.) so that He could understand what it meant this (inner Heavenly) Light and the (inner Heavenly) Sound. If He did not have those experiences in the cave or in daily life with the (inner Heavenly) Light and Sound, then even if He read the Qur’an, He wouldn’t have understood. (Yes.) And then He wouldn’t have been able to be a teacher of humans at that time. (Yes, Master.)

Just like now, I know all this stuff, but I read it to you. Maybe we have nothing better to do? I just entertain you? This is for all your brothers and sisters out there also. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And for humankind at large as well. Hopefully one or two words of mine will drop into their ears. (Yes.) And for some people who already know, read the Hadith and the Qur’an, they will be able to understand better, (Yes. Yes, Master.) because I talk in their language. (Yes, Master.)

Every scripture, every Master, left behind for humankind some different kind of teaching, even though at the end it all leads to God-realization. (Yes. Yes, Master) Like in the Hadith, it says something similar to Buddhism, but something also that the Buddha did not say. (Yes.) And the Buddha said something that the Hadith did not mention, or the Bible did not mention. (Yes, Master.) All the Masters, They have Their own way of expression, because of teaching different mentalities, different people, different customs, at that time, (Yes, Master.) to suit humanity at that time. (Yes.)

So, it’s also good that we know a variety of holy teachings. But nothing bad. All the good holy teachings only teach humankind good things. (Yes.)

So now, we find out which kinds of people, or seven kinds of people, that Allah or God will shield at the troubled time. At maybe the end time, because there will be no shade, except God’s at that time, except God’s shade. (Yes.) Nowhere that you can take refuge. That’s what it means here. Nowhere you can escape. If you’re all in the desert and there’s nothing else, only endless desert, then you have no shade at all. (True, Master. That’s right, Master.) So, shade is very important and when there are times there’s no shade at all, except only God’s shade, meaning only God’s mercy, then you can escape or you can survive, then this is the time.

This is our time, now, (Understand. Yes.) where nothing can protect you, can shield you, almost nothing. (Yes, Master.) You can see, one vaccine after another, and the pandemic still has the way to mutate. (Yes.) We can chase them forever. They will find a way to eliminate our hope, our survival. This is the thing. (Whoa.)

I hope humankind will wake up. My goodness, my goodness! We did our best already. We have our television all over the planet already, and we’re talking every day on Supreme Master TV, (Yes, Master.) different topics, just to wake them up. I just hope they will wake up, or else. Or else, I’m helpless. (Yes, Master.) I’m helpless. Sometimes I can just cry, just cry. I cry wishing that I don’t have to witness all this and knowing more about the future even. Scary, (Yes, Master.) and painful for me. It feels like if you have some dear person to you, loved one, and he is in a coma. No matter how much you talk to him, tell him to wake up, he just won’t. (Yes. Right.) And you fear losing him. That’s the feeling I have. (Oh.) And helpless, (Yes, Master.) helpless watching. That’s my feeling. There’s such pain and frustration and hopelessness. (Yes, Master.) Of course, I still have hope and I’m still doing my best, I still pray, but it’s too painful to watch.

Now, the first person that will be shaded by God, protected, shielded by God is ‒ “first one: a just ruler.” A good leader. (Yes.)

“Second is a young man who has been brought up in the worship of Allah, (worship Allah alone sincerely from his childhood),” means God. You’re born in a lucky family who has been initiated by an enlightened Master. (Oh, yes.) (Yes.) When you were young, you have already been taught and been enlightened. Like in our group, 6-year-old kids can be taught already all the morals and theory of enlightenment and even being enlightened already at young age. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And then at 12 years old, fully initiated. These will be shielded by God. At that time, of course, it’s the same. Now it’s the same. Do you understand now? (Yes, Master.)

“The third person is a man whose heart is attached to the mosque,” means ashram. A mosque is an ashram, where the living Master imparts the Holy Teaching and initiation, etc. for anyone. “… (who offers the five compulsory congregational prayers in the mosque);” meaning any initiates, like your brothers and sisters, even though he might be a layperson, or monk or nun, it doesn’t matter, but his heart, his Home is the ashram. Maybe he doesn’t live there. It doesn’t mean he has to live there day and night. But maybe he does. (Yes.) Because he is so attached to the ashram. Ashram, he feels like it’s his Home. Nowhere else he can feel like a refuge for him. And then he takes that opportunity. Maybe he stays in the ashram, so he has time to pray like four, five times a day, (Yes, Master.) like what we do in a retreat. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Or the people who live in an ashram who do. Or like you guys, who even though busy, but stay together in an opportune situation so you can meditate more than ordinary people who work outside. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, these persons are shielded by God, or shaded by Allah. Allah means God. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

“Number 4 - is two persons who love each only for Allah’s sake, and they meet and part in Allah’s cause only.” Just like two initiates who are maybe married to each other or stay together because they have the same ideal, same direction of God worshipping, meditating, and being good and doing good and thinking good. Just like some brothers and sisters of yours outside there, (Yes, Master.) or even you yourselves, stay together just for the sake of God’s work. (Yes.) And even if you meet each other… just because you’re together, you meet each other, you work together, just for God’s cause. And then even if you die, you have God in your heart only. (Yes, Master.) So, not just two persons, but many persons OK, like you are together. (Yes, Master.) And you stay there, you work there, just because you love God and you want to partake in God’s work at this time. (Yes, Master.) So, these persons, just like you guys are, are the ones who will be protected by God. (Yes.) Because your heart is only for God, and doing God’s work, unconditionally. Because of your faith, because of your Love for God, for God’s good work.

“Number 5 is a man, who refuses the call of a charming woman, of noble birth even, for an illegal sexual intercourse with her. And says to her, ‘I am afraid of Allah.’” Meaning he doesn’t want to have physical intimacy with this woman, even though she is charming and she is from a highly noble lineage. (Yes.) Even then, he doesn’t want to have illegal sexual intercourse. Because I guess in every religion, they don’t accept illegal sexual intercourse. Maybe like extra-marital status, (Yes.) or maybe like those pedo-priests who rape children. (Yes, Master.) These are all illegal sexual intercourse.

So, a man, who can refuse such a temptation and doesn’t have intercourse with a charming and high social standard woman, because he fears Allah, then he also will be shaded by God. (Yes, Master.) Meaning, you should be pure. (Yes.) Should be upright, not like those pedo-priests. My God, they don’t fear God, do they? (No. No, Master.) They truly don’t know what God is. They truly don’t believe God exists. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare. (Exactly. Yes.)

Anyone wouldn’t dare, not to talk about priests or monks, (Right, Master.) or nuns, like they are. Such evil practice, and people still let them. This world is truly… they are asking for doomsday. (Yes.) Because they tolerate all these ugly things, filthy things, against God’s will and rules. Against the purity of priesthood. (Yes.) They make the church filthy, defile. They are defiling the holy place, like the ashram, like the churches.

The church is an ashram. (Yes, Master.) It’s a holy place, it’s a mosque, it’s all the same. The mosque, the temple, the churches, the ashram, they’re all holy places. Same. Same meaning. (Yes.) An ashram is the same, like a church, where people congregate and pray, and meditate on God. Originally, it’s like that. (Yes.) So, now it’s just an empty building, there’s nothing in it. And even filthy. Defiled by these pedo-priests and the like, nuns and monks. Terrible, terrible.

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