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Positive Changes in Countries
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Between Master and Disciples

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Heartline – The Importance of the World Vegan Worldwide Meditation
Hallo to my Dear Master, Savior of the World and humanity, and greetings to the Supreme Master Television team…

I want to emphasize the importance of the World Vegan worldwide meditation to all Supreme Master Television viewers. Tonight in the worldwide meditation, I noticed that all those who participated in the meditation were connected together by lines of Light energy. This concentrated energy covers the entire Earth and gradually becomes more extensive, more powerful and brighter. And this is the energy of the Master Power that is uplifting and purifying the world.

In this meditation, I saw two big vertical Light channels standing on Earth. One was the energy of our supplications (requests) for uplifting the world, which was going up and was connected to the Higher Heavens and Worlds. The other channel was for bringing down the help of Heaven to save the world.In this channel, there were various medicines, vaccines, new inventions, and new foods to replace products made from animal-people, that were floating in the Light and coming down to Earth in order to bring about the vegan world. I hope that this meditation manifests World Peace as soon as possible. Minoo from Australia
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The Second Coming of the Lord Savior

Warm greetings to the Supreme Master Television team. It is indeed an indescribable joy to be able to watch Supreme Master Television every day. I watched the “Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet” about the Savior, and there is a prediction about the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. I once dreamed of Lord Jesus in His familiar garment and a Lady who wore a navy hat. Both of Them approached each other, then merged into one and flew to the sky. I was so elated to see such a beautiful scene and felt as if I was bathed in a refreshing rain filled with love. When I saw You in my vision, I recognized the aristocratic Lady wearing the Navy hat was Supreme Master Ching Hai, the Master whom I’d been looking for.

When I met You, after being initiated, I realized that Your eyes are very similar to Lord Jesus’ eyes. Hes has come back in another body! This is the greatest blessing for humanity. The time has come for humanity to recognize the Second Coming of the Lord Savior. My heart rejoices in the new Era that You have created. You have used many physical incarnations throughout the ages to awaken people to their Original Divine Self. Hiền Hòa from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

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Animals Plead with Humanity to U-turn and Embrace the Compassionate Vegan Way of Life

Greetings, and many thanks to Beloved Master and dear Supreme Master TV team. Today, as I was sitting in peace for the World Vegan meditation hour to pray for a vegan world, I saw many animals, including whales and dolphins, praying with Master for this purpose. Animals prayed that the hearts of human beings will be filled with light in order for peace to come. With the blessing of Master, the whole Earth and its inhabitants were surrounded with a halo of a beautiful rainbow, and everyone could be elevated with this spiritually higher energy. And for some moments, the soul of planet Earth was submerged in peace and love. Bita from Iran

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Heartline: Eating animal-people will cause them to get even with you at night; initiation with a Living Master will liberate all the souls of the creditors and enemies from many lifetimes
I was born with the psychic ability to see invisible ghosts and spirits. I remember that in my childhood, the elder relatives would ask us to eat meat. If I ate a chicken-person that day, the soul of the chicken-person would come to peck my body hatefully at night. Whichever kind of animal-people you eat, they’d come to get even with you at night. If you kill ant- or cockroach- persons, at night, their souls will latch onto your body and won’t let go.

I told the elders that those animal-people died with hatred. Not being able to see it, the elders just thought I was talking nonsense. I felt miserable being forced to eat meat.

Fortunately, I was initiated by Master and became a vegan. On the day of initiation, all the souls of the creditors and enemies of the initiates were liberated. I could see them, brought by fellow initiates from many lifetimes, filling up the aisles and the back of the initiation hall. Oh, God! Without the help of a true and great Master, how would we ever be liberated? I am grateful for Master’s Grace and God’s Love. Ming-Hua from Taiwan (Formosa)
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Supreme Master Television radiates the energies of love, peace, compassion, understanding, and respect of all lives
Dear Supreme Master Television staff, A thank you is not enough to express my gratitude and what I feel when I turn on Supreme Master Television. I could not even imagine how my life was without this Source of Light. One day, I had a beautiful experience. I saw that Supreme Master Television is like a huge-huge Sun, not only in our galaxy, but in the whole of Creation. Supreme Master Television radiates positive vibrations, that is helping the evolution and awakening of millions of worlds. Supreme Master Television radiates the energies of love, peace, compassion, understanding, and respect of all lives that can be felt in every corner of the visible and invisible worlds, galaxies, dimensions, and reaches all souls, melting all negativity that is kept for eons as binding karma. Thank you for making this miracle possible. Thank You, Dearest Supreme Master Ching Hai, for giving us such a treasure like Supreme Master Television. I wish all Your dreams come true! I love You forever! Kata from Austria
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Walk The Way of Love

Love is not a word on our lips, love must be our feeling inside, and action translated outside. Love the animals, we’ll be veg (vegan). Love the Earth, we’ll go green. Love the world, save the planet. ~ Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan)
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About Supreme Master Ching Hai
About Supreme Master Ching Hai
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