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Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is the Real Solution, Part 21 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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And these beings, the entity, they are created because of the hatred, of the pain, of the suffering that humans inflicted on some souls which are in the animal-people. And these animal-people cannot get rid of the hatred and sorrow and pain. It forces them to have it that way.

Any souls who are having this type of vengeance or dark energy or spirit, then they will clump together. (OK.) Yeah, like that. (Wow.) They don’t have to live anywhere. They don’t have to have any level. They are self-created from this dark energy of hatred and vengeance. (Yes, Master.) And then they become the existence. (Right.) So, they live off those souls. They become one with those souls, (Oh.) and those souls are more empowered by their essence. (Right.) Because the essence alone, they have power. They have power from the essence. Just like the celestial people, they don’t have a body but they’re very powerful, because they don’t have a body.

And these beings, the entity, they are created because of the hatred, of the pain, of the suffering that humans inflicted on some souls which are in the animal-people. And these animal-people cannot get rid of the hatred and sorrow and pain. It forces them to have it that way. (Yes.) When you are in excruciating pain, you cannot think of anything good. (Right.) And then this hatred energy clings to their souls, and this essence of hatred and all that gets more power, more reinforced, and then they become these special entities. (Right.) Originally, it’s just the essence of it, but the souls are also like that, so they get together to be more powerful. (Right. Yes.)

I don’t know how to explain it really. Is it clear or not? (Yes. Yes, Master. Thank You.)

And they don’t need anywhere to stay, (Right.) they have their own world. They just live, they just exist. (Yes.) Just like bacteria, they don’t have to have any level to kill you. (True, Master. Yes.) Or a virus, they don’t need any abode even; they have their own environment, their own magnetic field, their own energy. (Yes.) And they’re sustained by all this dark stuff. (Yes.) It’s very difficult to explain.

They’re just nourished by all this hatred energy. (Yes.) And the sorrow, and the pain, and the wrongful deaths, (Yes.) agonizing deaths – all these exude a kind of energy that nobody can control. And if it forever continues piling, piling up, continues building up, then it becomes a special force no one can defeat, (Wow.) except those who are virtuous. They cannot defeat them. They just avoid it; the virus just avoids them. But if they come fight together, it doesn’t mean that the virtuous person will win or anything like that. Just the virus will leave them alone, (Right.) and you can call that winning if you want. (Yes.) They are protected.

But others, who are so wicked life after life and don’t do anything good, and just continue doing bad things or eating animal-people, then of course they attract that kind of hatred energy to them. (Yes.) And that’s how they get COVID. That’s how the COVID army is allowed to. Because same energy. Easy to get in. (Yes, Master.) Or almost the same. If almost the same, then they get a mild infection. If it’s the same, then you’re doomed, you’re done. (Yes.)

So, many people just get COVID a few days and they die. (Yes.) They can’t fight against it; they have nothing, no protection, (Yes.) only a little virtuous, or nothing. Or maybe it’s their time to die also, and they use this occasion to die, (Right.) but die in pain.

But that already is the most lenient, compared to the animal-people’s agonies. (Yes, Master.) It just needs some physical element in order to exercise out this vengeance and hatred. Otherwise, they exist, this energy, already. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

So the souls and the energy just need these “virus manifesto” (Yes.) in the physical, even though we don’t see it, to do the job, (Right, Master.) to have it to clutch onto. Because if nothing physical, it’s not so easy to clutch onto a human’s body to do harm, because the human body is physical. So the virus has to be physical. (Yes, Master.)

Even though we don’t see it, but they are physical. (Yes.) And the souls and all that are in it with them. (Right.) Imagine the soul can be as big as the sky, but can be as small as the virus. Because the soul is a soul. (Yes.) It’s a wonder. The soul of a human or any being is a wonder. It’s an incredible thing. And the soul can be very noble, or it can be like that. (Yes.) It depends. (Wow.)

And the souls normally are innocent, just because it’s attached to the mind, so the mind does bad things, thinks bad things, and exercises out bad things, by speech or deeds and thoughts. Then the soul will get punishment also, because they’re connected, they’re attached to each other, they’re twins. That’s why we have to practice spiritually and have virtues and morals. (Yes.)

All this is in the domain of the mind only. The soul doesn’t need all that. (Right, Master.) But the soul is already trapped in the physical domain and attached to the mind, otherwise, he cannot function in the physical domain. (Yes.) The soul is like the driver, and it’s already attached to the car. And on the highway, he can only drive on. (Yes, exactly.) The rest stop is some other place. You cannot just stop anywhere on the highway. (That’s true.) Some highways have some shoulder or a little lane on the side, some highways don’t have. (Yes. That’s right.)

It is so difficult, and it’s tiring all these abstract things. (Yes.) I also don’t know how to explain to you in human language. And that’s not all the secret things even yet. (Yes.) These are open discussions. Did I answer your question? (Yes. Thank You.)

What was your question? (About the level of the COVID chief.)

They are not classified as a level, they are lost souls, (Right.) with hatred. And the energy of hatred allows them to take vengeance. (Yes, Master.) Because that’s also according to the law of the universe. You’re allowed to take revenge. If you are not enlightened enough, you will continue to revenge and get revenged back, back and forth. The cycle of birth and death. (That’s right.) But, of course, as they have been in such agony like that, they could not think straight. (Yes.)

Well, the Heavens have rescued some, but not all are willing to be rescued. (Yes, Master.)

If you remember, you’ve seen the “Astral City” film, you saw the people in the Astral City when they came down to hell, or almost this hell before the Astral City, there are some dark areas. They came down to the real Astral Level to rescue that doctor, because he prayed, (Yes.) and somebody in the physical world prayed for him also, (Yes.) the woman, just one person. Even then, he can be rescued, because they heard him. The Astral people heard him, the Astral City people, (Yes.) and went there to rescue him.

And there are many ghosts over there too, and the saintly Astral beings also wanted to extend their hand in friendship and bring them with them, (Yes.) but they stepped back. (Yes.) They didn’t want to go with them. Maybe they didn’t trust or maybe they didn’t understand what it is like. (Yes, Master.) They just stepped back to their muddy water or their dark area, fighting area, because they’re used to it. That’s all they know, and they cling to it. (That’s right, yes.)

They are attached to it, just like humans in this physical world are attached to their lives, no matter how miserable, no matter how painful, (Yes.) with sickness and all kinds of poverty and maybe they did not want to die. (Yes, Master.) Even if some Saint comes to them, some Master came to this world and tells them, “Follow me and I’ll take you back to Heaven.” They did not see Heaven, they didn’t know what it is, they didn’t want to. (Yes, Master.) They cannot think in that way.

When you are dragged by karma in any direction, in any world, you cannot think the way a Saint thinks or an enlightened person or a practitioner thinks. (Yes.) You cannot think straight like that. It is your karma that pressures you, makes it so you cannot think. (Right, Master, yes.) Even if you are in the astral body, it is still a body, it’s not free yet. And in that body, you have a different mind, you have an astral mind. And the soul has to work with the mind, and the mind does whatever. The soul cannot control, because the mind is not perfect. You see?

Just like a bad car. (Yes.) Even the best driver, but if the wheel is damaged or the steering wheel is kaput, then he will bump into anything. (Yes.) Recently in America, there was one truck driver sentenced to one hundred and ten years because he killed four people by driving the truck into them. Well he didn’t do it on purpose. His brakes broke and he couldn’t control the truck, he tried to avoid other cars, (Yes.) and the other people were just by the way in his way. So, he killed four people, but not on purpose. (Right.) He was crying with remorse in the court, but they still sentenced him, because of killing people. (Yes.) Like reckless driving.

And then millions of people signed petitions to defend him, to ask the court to reconsider, because he was not a bad person, not drunk driving or anything. It’s just his brakes broke. Sometimes it happens like that. (Yes, Master.) Or your wheel broke, so you can’t control it. Even though he was a good driver, but the truck was bad. So, now he was sentenced to one hundred and ten years in jail. (Yes, Master.)

The abstract things are very difficult to explain in the physical language. (Yes. Understand.) Just try to understand. (Yes, thank You. It’s clearer anyway.) It’s very tiring to the mind also. I hope you understand. (Thank You, it’s clearer. It makes sense.) Really? (Yes. And logical.) Don’t be polite. Tell me the truth. (No, true, it does. Yes.) Good, good. That’s as far as I can say. (Thank You, Master.)

Further, you just have to be more enlightened and get things straight by yourself. (Yes, Master.) This is second-hand knowledge, it’s more difficult. (Right.) Like, if I am hungry, I have a big bowl of vegan soup and you want some, I can give you a couple of spoons, but if you really want to be satisfied you have to order the whole soup yourself. (Yes, Master.)

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