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Between Master and Disciples

Be God's Perfect Tool to Bless The World (Part 1 of 2) Nov 11, 2017

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“They think I have a lot of power to do something. I wish! I wish I have more power to do good. Yeah? Yes. Even if we have power, we have to activate it, have to train ourselves; to wield this power without harming ourselves. Because every power has power, and if you are not strong enough, you can’t wield it without any trouble to yourself. Because the body is different from the power that you wield. The power has no structure that you can put your hand on it in order to regulate or to do something to the degree that you like. Even heavenly power must also be regulated. Must be controlled to a certain extent. Otherwise, that power Heaven transferred to me right now, we could make peace immediately if I use it all at one time. But I can’t. Just like medicine, you have to administer a small, small dose every day, every time. For this power, for example, Peace Power, I can’t use more than once a day at the moment to make peace for you in this world for all to enjoy. That’s why it is slow, too slow for my liking, but that’s the way it is. If used more, either I die or it damages something else. It’s too strong, too strong. Many other powers are similar. You yourself also have some power within you, within your being, and you can use it. But Heavens try to regulate it so that you don’t overuse it, in case it causes some damage to yourself. And the name of the Godses and the power that I’m using recently, above Ihôs Kư, I cannot disclose to you. Not that we have anything secret, but I have told you already, it’s too strong, too strong. And you’re not able to use it in any way at all.” “Luckily in the Heaven system, we cannot have this disaster happening. We have some ways to recognize each other. It’s different. I mean the souls, the spirit within recognize each other, so we don’t have to bump into each other and destroy. We only work together to destroy the bad negativities. But doing that, we need a physical instrument, for example. That’s why your Mama is here. And it has to be trained for a long time. I mean almost like day and night, while sleeping or walking or eating or talking or buying things or shopping or wearing clothes or putting on makeup, combing hair, everything! You got to train all the time. Have you seen some kung-fu masters? Yeah? They train all the time. Some masters train the new disciples by making them cleaning the cars, yeah? Or sweeping the floor, carrying the water, just to get physically fit and train muscles. And sometimes the master just sneaks up on you unwarned so that you train yourself to always be alert. This is the way you also should train yourself. Well, I train myself. I don’t really sleep. Because the negative Maya also trains me a lot. OK, so I train myself all these years to be alert, like a kung-fu practitioner.”
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