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Real Compassion and Moral Standards Is the Real Solution, Part 19 of 22, Dec. 21, 2021

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Being demons in a satanic group, they have their power, you see, they can go anywhere they want and do many bad things in order to recruit other souls who are susceptible, who are vulnerable to their influence. (Yes.) But if they are in hell by God’s order or by Heaven’s punishment, they’ll be locked in; they cannot exercise any of this power and they will be just like in imprisonment, like a prisoner in their isolated cell.

It’s the intention, it’s the thought that counts. It’s also the speech, because it came from the thought. Whatever you say, it comes from your thinking. No? (Yes. True.) You have to think it first before you can speak out. (Yes, Master.) Mostly like that. So, even if you did not make war with your neighbor, you threatened them, you intended, you wanted to, you wished you could. These are also hellish intentions, thus will be attracting hellish punishment. (Yes, Master.)

So, these powerful nations or leaders, they think they have power. Oh, they’re so stupid, so pathetic. They don’t know that hell is waiting to roast them, forever even. Because they’re harmful to millions or billions of people, not just one or two persons. (Yes, Master.) So according to the numbers, they will be punished forever even. (Wow.) (Yes.) Or at least… I don’t know how much time. You can’t even count. (Yes.)

Many galaxies, many universes will maybe come and go, they will still stay in hell. (Wow.) If that hell happened to be diminished or disappears because of that area, that universe disappears, they have other hells waiting. The universes are a lot and big. There are many hells waiting for them. (Ah, yes. Yes.) Different punishments need different hells. Just like in the world, the government, the police, transfer criminals to different prisons sometimes, (Yes.) for different reasons or different crimes. (Yes, right.) Different measurements of punishment. Or transfer them to the electric chamber. Or the execution squad area. (Yes, Master.)

My God, people just don’t know, because they are in top positions, they have might, they have people kowtowing to them, serving them, and afraid of them; they think they can be like that forever. Oh, no, no, no, no. The higher you are, the more damage you do, the more hell you will see, and you will experience more punishment, more pain, and nobody will be there to help you – no bodyguard, no government, no officials, nothing there. Nothing there, just devils surrounding you and fire roasting you.

Even those, the chief demons, they come up and they do their job, but if they are in hell again, they could never come up for, I don’t know, billions, trillions, or forever years. It depends. (Yes, Master.) And they don’t like hell themselves. (Oh.) Yeah, they don’t. They love to be in the Sun, in the open world. (Yes.) And having a good physical body to enjoy all God’s blessing, with food and all that comfort. (Yes, Master.)

And hell is not comfortable, even if you are a hell demon. How much fun is it to keep roasting people in the fire that never goes out? Or in the cauldron of boiling oil that never gets empty? (Understand, Master. Yes, Master.) How much fun is it to watch all this? Even if they like it, how much fun is it if you do it forever? (Yes, Master.) They also don’t like it; they get bored. (Yes.) Many people, even some celestial bodies, they love to be on this planet. It’s their type. They like it.

And many demons beg me to forgive them, let them stay here, I say, “No!” I say, “The limit is done. I kept telling you guys already, a long time ago. If you repent, I will let you. The lenient time is done, gone. You have to go back to hell.” If they make something bad to have an excuse, for me. Especially if they bother me or my people, I will have to send them. (Yes, Master.)

Why I tell you this? What was it before? Oh yeah, they don’t like hell, yes. They don’t like that dark and bad energy down there. Nothing, nothing fun. (Understand.) They don’t have the body to “enjoy” even wine or meat, or women. (Yes, Master.) They love these things. And killing these bodies down there, they live forever. The hell people who are punished by roasting hellfire or cauldron, or sawing, or nail beds, all that, they don’t die. (Oh.) They keep being roasted and nailed or cut forever like that. They get bored. (Yes, Master.) Even if they want to kill, they want to kill fresh people, real people. (Oh.)

Nowadays, there are many demons who came, even though a lot already are being dragged back to hell, but there are still some. Still millions of them, because 10% is a lot. (Yes, Master.) Depends on what kind of percent. Just like we say 10% of the people can go to Heaven, but calculated, how much is that? Many millions, no? (Yes.) How much? We are seven billion, right? How much is 10%? Almost one billion, right? (Yes.) Seven hundred million, right? (Seven hundred million. Yes.) Yeah, at least. So that’s a lot. (Yes, Master.)

What else I wanted to say? So, they even begged me to let them stay on the planet. I said, “I told you before, if you touch me or my people, or even my dog-people, you have to go. If you harm humans in any way without any cause, just because you are hungry, you want to eat flesh and all that, you have to go.” The people who are punished by the pandemic, they deserve it. (Yes, Master.) But if they go overboard and touch other people, they have to go. (Understand. Yes, Master.) Or mess up with my mission. Or tell me lies, because their boss tells them to mess me up. (Yes, Master.) For example, like that. And if I find out, then they have to go.

But I warned them before already. I warned them before. If they want to stay, they just leave me alone. Don’t bother other people, or my disciples. But no, they cannot, because their boss threatened them. (Yes, Master.) Anyway, that is something that is tiring for the mind because you don’t see it. You just have to imagine it all. (Yes, Master.) Something out of this world is tiring for the mind to think of.

Being demons in a satanic group, they have their power, you see, they can go anywhere they want and do many bad things in order to recruit other souls who are susceptible, who are vulnerable to their influence. (Yes.) But if they are in hell by God’s order or by Heaven’s punishment, they’ll be locked in; they cannot exercise any of this power and they will be just like in imprisonment, like a prisoner in their isolated cell. And, of course, it’s not a very comfortable feeling, no? (No, Master.) They feel suffocated also. And imagine if they’re punished and locked like that forever or eons, then it is a real suffering. (Yes, Master.) Thus, they’re also afraid of hell. That’s what it is. It’s nothing like on this planet even. Here we have Sun, we have Moon, we have beautiful bee-people and we have rain, we have flowers, we have all kinds of things.

In hell, nothing like that, nothing like that. (Yes, Master.) Thus, even demons are afraid of hell. Satan is afraid of hell. Even if they are not burned or even if they’re not whipped or anything, they are still afraid of hell. If they overdo it, they will also be burned, be punished by the law of their own law. (Ah, yes.) Thus, everyone is afraid of hell, not just humans. But humans don’t know much about hell, that’s why they listen to the demons and do all kinds of stuff. (Understand. Yes, Master.)

The demons, like the ones that are in those pedo-priests and the pope, and Biden, they don’t just do what they do normally, that you can see. No, they have their invisible influences, they’re whispering bad things into humans’ ears, to the vulnerable, to the bewildered humans, or in time of weakness or sickness, or in circumstances, a dire situation, then they come and tempt them, and make them turn into a more violent, bigger trouble maker, more horrible beings and doing horrible things. (Yes, Master.)

That’s why demons are not good for our planet. Not good. Many people are influenced by them and do violent things, including that so-called domestic violence, domestic abuse that the so-called “Pap” Francis just mentioned. (Yes, Master.) They are the ones who inflame all this situation, make it all worse. Maybe husband and wife don’t get on with each other for a while and then they flame it up more, make them even more violent to each other. Originally, they just argue and fall in silence with each other for a while, but then they make it more flamed up, and then they might even beat each other or kill each other as well. Or beat the children, kill the children, all kinds of things, that’s all caused by demons. (Understand.)

That’s why I hated them. I still do. And I wish them gone. Forever. Never be allowed to come back to any planet again. (Yes, Master.) But it takes some time. It takes some time. I wish it could be done yesterday, to rescue all these vulnerable humans and animal-people. You understand now. (Yes, Master.)

Any other questions, my love? Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) What was your question?

(I was wondering if… Because the pope is from these devils, would he be afraid of hell?) He is afraid of hell. His essence, his being, is afraid of hell. His mind is afraid of hell. But he’s too buried, too covered with the powers that be right now. (Yes.) And the might that he thinks he possesses and the influence that he has, and the opportunity to exercise his badness. (Yes, Master.) That he probably doesn’t have enough time to always be afraid of hell. Or because he thinks that he knows it, that it won’t happen to him. (Understand.) He doesn’t know. Because he’s in the human body, so he would feel mostly like a human also. (Yes.)

So, he forgot what hell is and what God is. Even tells people, “Don’t have to believe in God to go to Heaven.” Must be joking! (Yes.) And slanders Jesus and all that. And supporting all these evil murders, or raping of innocent little babies – three, four, six years old, or teenagers, or adults. (Yes.) All that. The same as if he’s doing it. If you support something bad, you are an accomplice. And you will be punished just as badly. Just like merit-wise, if you don’t have money, but you support, you encourage, or you are happy if somebody does good things you share the same merit. (Yes, Master.) Or at least more or less. The same, the same. Merit and sin are measured the same. 

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