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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 11 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese (中文)
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Whatever we want, we will have it. If we don’t want it, it will run away. Many spiritual practitioners have obstacles like this. We don’t want that. Those small gods are the ones who helped you before. Now they want to capture you. If they don’t release you, tell them you don’t want it anymore, and ask them to release you, because you want to go to higher realms.

She meant to say that you don’t... But this is English. (It’s OK.) You understand? (Yes.) OK. Half-half. She just wanted to tell you that if you don’t want it, you just pray to close that door. But this is just one of those things that you have when you meditate, when you practice, you will have, they call it… In Chinese, it’s called the power of knowing others’ mind and destiny, one of those magic powers. If you want it, keep it. Chinese or English? Chinese. You can keep it if you want. If you don’t want it, you pray to cut it off. If you want the magic power, the premonition. (It came by itself.) I know. If you want it, let it be. If you don’t want it, pray to the inner power to turn it off for you. (How to turn it off?) You pray for it and it will be turned off. Pray. You pray to a higher-level power to close it for you, OK? If you don’t want it.

Whatever we want, we will have it. If we don’t want it, it will run away. Many spiritual practitioners have obstacles like this. We don’t want that. Those small gods are the ones who helped you before. Now they want to capture you. If they don’t release you, tell them you don’t want it anymore, and ask them to release you, because you want to go to higher realms. Then you can come back to help them when they are in need. So they’d better not block you so that you can go higher and benefit you both. OK? That’s all.

(The premonition, whether good or bad, will come by itself.) I know. I know. When we reach certain levels, things will come, depending on which level. For example, when you pass through the astral realm, you cannot avoid getting a little magic power because you had it before. So now it comes quickly. Therefore, some people have that. For example, if he/she touches something, it will burn. This is not a good magic power. He/she has to try hard to control it. Otherwise, whoever he/she touches will get burned. Or he sees the future and the past, etc. Those can be... If we are attracted to the power, it will hinder our practice.

So it depends on what you want. If you want higher realms, tell the inner Master power, “Help me to turn it off. I don’t want to know.” But sometimes it’s good to know, depending on the situation and if you can manage it or not. If you can manage it or not. Nothing is really bad, nothing is good, if you can manage it or not manage it. (But the problem is how to manage it?) It means you have it but are not affected by it. You are not obsessed with it. (No. Here is my thought. I just ignore it whether it’s good or bad, but it still comes.) Then you have to pray and be determined that you don’t want them. You say, “I definitely do not want that. The higher-level god please, help me cut it off.” OK? (Thank You, Master.) It’s good to just live day by day. Why bother? What’s the need to know the future? It’s annoying. Knowing the past is more annoying. It’s better not to know.

It’s just that a Master sometimes can’t avoid knowing. He knows what He has to know, no matter the past, the present, or the future. So for certain things, I’d rather not know. But sometimes, those higher-level Godses want to protect me. So Hes allows me to know certain things. For example, some people near me are not good for me. They bring many so-called relatives and friends from last life. He himself might not have the intention to harm me. But his relatives and friends have too much karma and the associated bad, negative energy, which would harm my job. It happened.

Like the so-called resident I told you about just now. When he/she touched the light, it went off. Understand? He/she couldn’t turn it on. The light went off. It's supposed to be on, once you press it. But the light was not on after he/she had pressed it for a long time. Then I got mad and came out to press it myself. Then it was fine. I asked him/her to help me turn on the light, because I was busy doing other things. But he/she couldn’t do it. He/she said, “Master, the lamp is broken.” I said, “What is broken? You are broken.” Then I tried and it was on. He/she tried again, but still couldn’t do it. I said, “You have to repair yourself inside. How can you be so dark that even the lamp goes off when you touch it?”

Some people are really harmful. They don’t do anything intentionally. Like the Sun, it radiates warmth to us without doing it intentionally. The cold wind gives us chills without doing it intentionally. Understand? The ice cube numbs and hurts your hand without doing it intentionally after you have touched it for a long time. So it’s not that after practicing, we don’t care about anything. It’s not like that. If we know something, we should avoid it. Some people are not good for us. They have too much karma from previous lives. It’s not good for us so we avoid it as much as we can. We do not kill them, but we just avoid them. Take me as an example. Many of my enemies who had harmed me before by using magic power or weapons have come back as my disciples. Can you imagine? And they try to stay close to me!

So I had to ask some to leave. Otherwise, if there is too much negative energy around, it would obstruct my movement and my work. If I keep cleansing people’s karma all day long, I wouldn’t have time to do better things. I can’t sacrifice my work for the world for a few or a group of people. So I have to let them go, or allow them to do my work remotely. It’s not my work, but the work of helping sentient beings, like serving at the Loving Hut. It’s OK if they stay a little farther.

So it’s better to have love as well as wisdom. Premonition can be useful sometimes. If I didn’t have premonition, or if Heaven did not tell me so many things, I would have left this world long ago. Then I would not be sitting here with you. I would have been dead long ago. Understand? Nevertheless, I still got harmed sometimes and only narrowly escaped. It’s not just the karma of this world. Sometimes the people nearby add fuel to the fire. They are too close and make things worse. They endanger their own lives, or cause dangerous situations for me.

It’s tiring to keep running around, so I am not running anymore and let them run. We switch our roles. It’s good to be a little selfish occasionally. Let them go back. I can still cleanse their karma from far away. No need to stick to my side. For example, fire is very hot. So why would you let it stay so close? You don’t want to be too close to fire. It keeps us warm, but we’d better to stay at a distance. OK. Anyone else?

I have moved house (a) thousand times, I know what it’s like. I have everything, but whenever I go to a new place, I couldn’t find a thing. So many things and then you don’t remember which suitcase. Especially when I always move in a rush for safety. I always run for my life, since years. And then it’s very troublesome to find things that are really necessary. When you’re moving you think, OK, everything in there and it won’t get lost anyway, you will find it. But when you move to another house and you have (a) thousand other things to do, and you forget which one where you put. Up to now I still did not have what I wanted.

I asked them to bring some suitcase from Hong Kong for me, because I left in a rush. I can’t take everything alone with me. A small woman you know, old and all that. And then I told them to bring my suitcase from Hong Kong. They brought two - heavy, big - both wrong ones, both I don’t need, because those are old clothes, stuff like that. Yeah. I have tons of clothes here already. I wanted to get rid of them. And I have no time to even sort them out. And they brought more old clothes, which I don’t even need. You understand? I should have left them in Hong Kong, so even if I went to Hong Kong, I could have something to wear at least, because I don’t normally travel with a big suitcase anymore. I can’t manage it. I have to go in and out quick.

And then I told them to bring my two luggage. They brought two wrong ones. Big, heavy, so that I have to sort them out or leave them there. You see what I mean? Take up more space for nothing. And the other one, they didn’t bring and so I say, “Oh, never mind. Just forget it. I won’t die.” It’s just some private things, that one poem that I made. I can’t remember what it is. And I wanted to have that suitcase because I put it in there, together with my diary. Just they didn’t bring it. It’s sitting still now in Hong Kong, somewhere. I would be lucky if I find it. You see what I mean? Never mind then. I understand your problem.

I move house a lot. I move a lot, a lot, a lot. These years especially. Since early years of my work already, I had to move a lot. And I lost many things. Not just misplaced, but lost. Because I keep moving again and I don’t know where they are anymore. And after a while, they sold them or they use them because of Master blessing, whatever, I couldn’t find them. Just forget it. It’s nothing really that important, except my life. So, I’m glad I’m still here and that’s the most important.

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