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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 2 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:ZH-HANTVI
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They’re very honest people, you know. We just mistakenly gave a little bit more and they just ran after us and returned the rest of the money. They say otherwise you have to buy more to make up for the money. They don’t take your money at all. The people around here, you can trust.

Aulacese (Vietnamese)? Aulacese (Vietnamese)? (Yes.) (Aulacese, Master.) Wow! The Aulacese (Vietnamese) came a lot now to Taiwan (Formosa). Maybe 50… 50? 50,000 or 500,000? I forgot. A lot of Aulacese (Vietnamese) have come... and lived here in Taiwan (Formosa) Do you know? (Yes.) I forgot how many. Anyone knows how many? Is it 500,000 or 50,000? Over 200,000. 250,000 Aulacese (Vietnamese) working in Taiwan (Formosa). And another 50,000 settled down here. Like wives and husbands. I hope you’ll be good.

Among the Aulacese (Vietnamese) immigrants who live here, 250,000 are working here, and 50,000 are married here. 300,000 immigrants, see that? Are you coming to invade their country? (We come here to see Master.) You come to see me? (Yes.) What to say? “Excuse,” how to say in Aulacese (Vietnamese)? Good excuse? (Just an excuse.) Good excuse, that’s right. Everything, you blame it on me. I didn’t tell you to come. Did I? I didn’t, right? Did I? Did anyone hear that I told the Aulacese (Vietnamese) to come here? To work here? (No, Master.) Did I say that? (No, Master.) No. You just come by your own will, then blame it on me. You’re used to put the blame on someone else, right? It’s OK to come here, but you should work diligently and be a good citizen. Don’t make the comrades at home lose faces, OK? (Yes, Master.) If Uncle Hồ comes back to life, he’d scold you, understand?

Oh, sorry, I’m sweating all over. I still look old, yeah? Still look old, right? Yeah. Today, I complained to the video team, said they don’t make me look good. But when I looked in the mirror, I said, “Oh, they tried their best already.” If they didn’t try their best, I would have looked even worse. Yeah, you cannot do anything about it. When you get old, you’re old no matter how much magic they’re doing with the camera or how much special effect. You still look pretty… (Young.) …old. What is that? What? You don’t dare say it. I said it for you. OK.

Do you have translation? (Yes.) Do the Taiwanese (Formosan) have translation? (Yes.) Really? (Yes.) The last row too? (Yes.) You do? From here to the entrance and down there? (Yes.) You don’t have it? No translation? Why not? Can you give them some earphones? Two people here don’t have them. Share with your neighbors. Each person can use one earpiece. OK. It’s almost four o’clock. It’s time to eat.

I want to escape. Every Sunday is the same. You make me sit here so you can look. I don’t know what for. You know I’m just getting older everyday but not look different. I just went out to buy, some shopping. If you need something, you buy outside first, before you buy inside. Okay. If outside doesn’t have or they’re closed, they’ve gone home, then you buy inside.

Do I still look old? (No!) OK yeah? I’ve been running outside and then run inside again.

I said if you need something, please buy from outside. OK? (Yes.) Give our neighbors some business. Make them happy. (OK.) They told me their produce is… It means having no chemicals. “You ji” (meaning organic). “You qu” (meaning interesting). (Yes.) Oh! “You ji.” Organic. This is interesting. So please buy from them. OK? (Yes.) They are very lovely. We just mistakenly paid them a little more, but they didn’t take it.

They’re very honest people, you know. We just mistakenly gave a little bit more and they just ran after us and returned the rest of the money. They say otherwise you have to buy more to make up for the money. They don’t take your money at all. The people around here, you can trust. I’ve told you many times. But I will say it again. Please try to buy from them. OK? (OK.) If not for yourself, then for your neighbors. (OK.) Your neighbors, relatives and friends. So you can bond with them. OK? (Yes.) The prices are very low, right? (Yes.) A big bag of vegetables only costs NTD 100.

Wow. It’s too hot. You are radiating heat to me. They want to barbecue me also. I’m already sweating, you know, sauce already all over. And the heater over here. Ah…whew! OK, just have a quick look and then we go eat. Not every day so late. I said I’d let you have a look and then go. Don't stay so late every time. I had guests just now. OK? I received some guests just now. I have been busy since six in the morning. I had guests just now, so I got to eat a little.

How many foreigners are here today? Raise your hand. The Taiwanese (Formosan) don’t count. Taiwan is not a foreign country. If you are from Pingtung, you are not a foreigner. Oh. So many. Later we can go up there and talk. Any mainland Chinese here? (Yes!) Oh! Any Aulacese (Vietnamese) here? (Yes.) Yes.

The Aulacese (Vietnamese), a lot here now. 300,000s. And the Chinese, 400,000s. So soon we have only mainland Chinese and Aulacese (Vietnamese). The Taiwanese (Formosan), less. Because many Taiwanese (Formosan) also went out, you know, to other countries to work or to stay or to marry or to settle down, something. So, just now one of the government officials told me that maybe soon only Aulacese (Vietnamese). Taiwanese (Formosan), very less.

Oh wow, I’m glad. I am glad you like Taiwan. I like Taiwan too. Where else is as good? Lots of oxygen. Right? (Yes.) No matter how many people are here, the oxygen level is the same. (Yes.) Someone said just now that compared to one year ago, I look younger. Let me tell you maybe it’s true. Maybe the air here is better. Maybe I have been with the puppies and have been affected by their energy. They are so young and walk so fast. They run so fast that no one can keep pace. If they don’t want to come to you, you can’t catch them. You have to use a helicopter to do that.

If you want to catch the dogs, I think you have to use UFO or something because they’re so fast. They had been cooped up too long, in Hong Kong also because we had to rent apartment while waiting, and then when we came here they had to be quarantined. I say “imprisoned.” I don’t say “quarantined.” “Imprisoned” for one week. So, when they came back here, the first day, oh, they ran from up to down, from left to right. Oh, they ran so fast nobody even saw them when they passed by. So fast! I said, “It’s, oh, there! No! Where? Where? Where?” And then suddenly “zoop!” again. So fast. They have so much energy. I don’t dare bring them down, the six of them. And they all run very fast. The big one is easier because he’s been with me longer. These only may be with me maybe seven, eight months or maximum ten months. They’re still babies, puppies, and they run so fast. They eat a lot. They want everything. Every time, anytime. And when they’re out, they run so fast. Luckily I have enough room, they can run. OK then.

I am so happy to see you that I don’t know what to say. Are the foreigners staying a little longer? The Taiwanese are not here except on Sundays, right? (That's right.) You have no time, right? (We have time.) (We do.) You have time, then why don’t you come? Why do you wait for a retreat? Do you still want retreats? How many Taiwanese are here? Raise your hand. You can’t stay or don’t want to stay? Anyone? (We want to stay.) You don’t want to stay? (We want to.) You don’t? (We do!) (We want to! We want to!) Then why don’t you? (We want to.) You leave the foreigners to me to take care of. Are you afraid of them? (No.) (There’s this rule.) Huh? (There used to be a rule.) (No registration.) Who said so? (Master didn’t say so.) Did I say so? Did I say the Taiwanese can’t come? How funny! It’s your country. Why can’t you come? (Yay!) You can come and go as you please. It’s so convenient here. (OK. Thank You, Master.) The place is big and the country is free. (OK.) Why do you say you can’t come? Maybe it’s a misunderstanding. OK. Oh! You are so happy? (Thank You, Master.) I thought you didn’t want to come. (No.) Every time I came down to look for Taiwanese, I couldn’t find one. I thought you didn’t want me anymore, as I am old. (We won’t.) OK. Fine, fine.

OK. If you want to stay, just stay. OK? (OK.) But you shouldn't neglect your responsibilities. That’s all. OK? (OK.) Don't neglect your responsibilities. Don't abandon your husbands, wives and children. We take care of them better than anyone else can. Understand? For example, I have assistants to take care of my dogs. But they do it differently. The dogs still see me as their main caretaker, their closest friend. They prefer to sleep with me, not with the assistants. Even though the assistants have taken care of them for a few months and they haven’t seen me for four months, they still recognize me. It’s the same with your children and husband. He won’t seek another wife. Understand? Neither will the wife seek another husband. OK? So please take care and nurture your relationship. Keep your family in good order. OK? (OK.) Don’t make an excuse to come here and say “Master said so.” I didn’t say so. I said you can stay if you want, not that you are required to stay. Understand? (OK.) Fulfill your responsibilities. OK? (Yes.) If we want world peace, we should have peace in the family first. Understand? (Yes.)

Stay if you can. I won’t be here too long. I will go up to talk to the foreigners for a while. Those who can stay, do as you please. OK? If you can come, just do so. OK? I am just afraid it’s not convenient for you. When it rains, you’d better not stay.

Yesterday it rained, but you had a retreat. (Yes.) How terrible! I was so worried. I was so worried. Were you all right yesterday? (Yes.) I asked if Pingtung and Kaohsiung can accommodate so many people. They said no. I am also worried about the vendors outside. If we leave, what will they do? Yes, I am worried. What shall we do? Let’s take them with us!

I really worry about everyone. I am not joking. It sounds funny, but I am really worried. Yesterday it rained very hard. With so much rain, it was cold even inside my house and the cave. There is a dehumidifier that keeps the temperature a little warmer. But it’s still cold. Must be even colder in your tents. Were you guys supermen? Or heroes? Are you not afraid of the cold? (We are.) Were you cold yesterday? (Yes.) (No.) Yes or no? (YES.) (NO.) Yes and no. Yes and no. Some yes? Some no? Don’t you know it gets cold when it rains? (We know.) (We don’t feel cold when Master is here.)

I didn’t come down here yesterday. Do you know why? (No.) I knew you were here, but I didn’t come. Do you know the reason? (The rain.) It was not because of the rain. I’m not afraid of rain. You are not afraid of it. How would I? I was afraid if I showed up, it would seem like I was encouraging you to come in storms and heavy rains. If you get sick, you will blame me. If you catch a cold, who will your husband or wife blame? They will blame me! Why tell people to come in such cold weather? Why tell them to come when it’s cold and wet? That’s why I didn’t come down here, so no one can blame me. You thought I would come since I was in the ashram. No way. I won. I didn’t come. There were so many of you, but you didn’t win.

OK. I am going up to talk to the foreigners because they only stay for a short time. OK? (Yes.) Maybe they can’t stay very long. Some come from China. I am very touched by their stories. Some come from very remote places. The far corner of the mainland. Close to Tibet. So far away. It’s called Xinjiang. Xinjiang is extremely remote. Right? (Yes.) Heilongjiang or Bailongjiang. Wow! So far away! It takes them two or three days to reach Hsihu. Their stories almost move me to tears. Returning home from Hsihu will take them another two or three days. Two days for some, three for others. It’s been a week and they get to see me only once. So I will go up to see them first. You understand? (Yes.)

The Taiwanese who want to stay can also go up. OK? (OK.) But don’t ask unnecessary questions. (OK.) Just listen. (OK.) OK? (OK.) Shut your mouth and open your ears. (OK.) Because they don’t have much time. I need to save time for them. Understand? (Yes.) I see you later up there, the same place, okay? Yeah.

OK. See you next week if I am here. If not, check out Kaohsiung or Pingtung. OK? Are you from Taiwan? (China.) From China. How long can you stay? (I leave on the 15th.) The 15th. Today is … (The 10th.) The 10th. (Five more days.) Five more days. OK. Where are you from? Is it far? (Shenzhen.) Shenzhen. (Guangdong.) Guangdong. (It’s close.) It’s not too far, right? (That’s right. It’s close.) It’s very close. Oh! Shenzhen is near Hong Kong. Hong Kong. That’s good. He’s from China but not very far. He’s from Guangdong area, near Hong Kong. That means about two hours flight, but maybe sometimes they have to take a train or bus to go to the airport. OK then, I see you later. I wish you peace and happiness, and harmony in your country. (Thank You, Master.)

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