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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 4 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:Chinese (中文),English
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Anyway, there’s some problem in the world, you know that. Because we are different. Some like men, some like women, and this is where the problem begins. If we all don’t have men, then we don’t have a lot of trouble. Some have trouble, right? And if we don’t have women, the men would also have more peace. Sorry about that. But sometimes you cannot choose.

OK, listen guys. The mainland Chinese who just arrived or haven’t seen me since last week, raise your hand. Mainland Chinese. OK? Which one is from the furthest place, like taking two or three days to arrive? You, how many days? (We are all two days.) Two days. (Two days.) Two days, or three, four days. Starting from two days, come here.

Slowly. Don’t be jealous. They come from so far away. We should treat them better. Come here, the two days. Only two, three and four days can come here. Come over here, understand? Don’t push. Don’t fool me. Don’t fool me. Come here. (Thank You, Master.) Each gets a little. OK? (I love You.) I love you. (Master, I love You.) Love you, love you. Come up. Come up. First. (Master, I love You.)

Oh! So many people. It takes two or three days to be able to arrive. Really? (Yes.) Let’s check ID. OK. Let’s check. Sorry. Sorry you guys, watch your feet. Watch everything that you have. I am not responsible.

Yeah, come here. Come closer. Closer. Come up. Sorry, my stage is small. It’s OK to come up. Come up if you can, because I can’t reach that far. OK. Take whatever you can get.

(Master, how are You?) Come. Here, mom. (Master, how are You?) Come. Just a few per person. Don’t take all. If you have extra, give to the neighbors. I am not a supermarket. You already took six bags. This place is not a supermarket. I cannot have everything. There.

(Hallo, Master!) Yeah, hallo! Where are you from? So far. The old mom doesn’t have it. You have got it. Come, mom. (Thank You, Master.) Give her a little more. OK? Don’t take. (Thank You, Master. It’s the first time. Thank You, Master. I took already.) No problem. Not too many people. Stay, and have more look. Come. (Thank You.) I love you. Come. (I love You too.) Don’t push, don’t push. I will give. (Master, love You.) Love you. Don’t push.

(Master, I haven’t seen You for 11 years.) Eleven years? (Yes. I have it already.) You have it? (Thank You, thank You.) Slowly. (Master.) I will throw if I can’t reach. OK? If it’s too far. Come. I will throw. Each person takes a few. OK? (OK.) One or two pieces is enough. (OK.) It’s not that the more you take the more love you have. It’s not like that. The ones in the front contrarily can’t get any?

(I want to present this to someone.) (Master, I haven’t gotten one yet.) (My husband.) Your husband and mom don’t have it. (Thank You.) No old people? (Yes.) (Oh! Thank You! So many.) Whoever doesn’t have, raise your hand. No, not you.

Whoever hasn’t taken it, raise your hand. (We all have it.) Mom, the red one. (Thank You, Master.) Does everyone have it? (We all have it.) (I don’t have it.) Here you are again. Wife. (For my husband.) You are married to him, not me. Why should I care about your husband? It’s her husband, not mine. (Thank You, Master.) (This one.) Whoever still doesn’t have, raise your hand. She hasn’t got it yet. You already have it. Slowly. Of course, you want 20. I know it. There are also the villagers. The villagers and the town residents, right?

Whoever doesn’t have, raise your hand. Whoever doesn’t have on this side, raise your hand first. (Thank You.) You don’t have it here? The ones who haven’t taken first. (Thank You.) You have so little. Too little, raise your hand. A little symbolically. You will not be tired of eating it. (Never tired of eating.) Come. Don’t have? OK? You don’t have? (I do.) Then why do you raise your hand? (Master, I have.) If you don’t have, raise your hand. You don’t have? (I do.) Only the ones who really don’t have. (We all have.) The one behind. OK. Enough. Everybody has already. No, no! (Thank You, Master.)

Sit down, OK? Sit further, or we won’t have enough space. Sit further back. You Dharma guards step aside. Dharma guards step aside. You Dharma guards step aside. Sit further back. This way it’s more spacious. Sit further back, so it’s more spacious. The elders sit up here. Take this away for now. Otherwise it’s not enough for them. All elders come up. Those seniors, come up. The seniors come up first. Sit, sit. Come over. Come up. Sit. Sit down. OK? Yes? (Yes.)

Old mom. Please sit. Don’t kneel. OK? Sit. No problem. Don’t worry about the shoes. It’s just the floor, and it can be wiped later. She has nothing? She didn’t get it? (I have.) You do? Please sit. OK. It’s OK. Grandma doesn’t have it? (Yeah.) OK. Then please sit back a little bit. (OK.) Take these away, OK? Dharma guards, please. Let them sit. We can take care of it later. Please sit, mom. Mom, sit here. The one in green and red, sit there. Come over here. OK. Oh! How many days haven’t you washed your clothes? I can smell it. It’s not because of soap, right? Old mom, please sit down. The best place is for you. Please sit. Don’t worry about the shoes. Put the shoes on. I also put them on. Too cold. Put them on.

Do you have earphone? (Yes.) Be prepared, because sometimes I may speak English. Do you have an urgent question? (No.) No. That’s good.

(Long live Master! I wish You live 10,000 years.) Thank you, I don’t want to live that long. A hundred years is long enough. 10,000 years is too long. Do you want? You are so old and still come. So far away and you still dare. (It’s not easy.) Easy? (Every time I wanted to come but couldn’t make it. I wanted to see You but couldn’t.) You couldn’t see. (Finally I see You this time.) You dare to come from that far. (Master, I saw You in Thailand in 2006. That time I was far, far away. For more than ten years, I have always wished to see You from close distance. Today my wish has come true. Thank You. I am very touched.) You are welcome. Don’t start to cry. They all will. If they start to cry, trouble comes. I don’t have enough... (Thank You, Master.) Here. You are welcome. Coughing? Anyone coughing? (I cough a little bit.) A little bit. Even if you didn’t, you might start to cough. (There is another one who is a renunciate. She is a renunciate.) A renunciate? (She is a Taoist renunciate.) A renunciate? Oh! (Since following You, I have stopped being a renunciate.) Stopped? Don’t do that. Continue to be a renunciate. (Thank You, Master.)

OK. Come. Give to that dad. A renunciate. No. You are not a renunciate. If you shave your head, I will give to you. OK. That’s all. Look at me more. OK? Can you ever see me enough? No more space. OK? Is it close enough? (Enough.) (It’s close enough. Thank You, Master.) It’s better than nothing, right? Take it to that crying person in the back. (I can close my eyes when I die.) What about dying? Don’t die. (My wish is fulfilled.) Your wish is fulfilled before death. I thought you came here to die. Please don’t. (I am content. And I am OK.) My God! OK now? (I am content. Thank You, Master.) OK. Good.

(Can I prostrate before Your feet? I want to kowtow at Your feet.) What for? No. (Let me kowtow at Your feet.) Please don’t. You are so old. It will hurt when you squat down. Please don’t. (It won’t hurt.) No need for external gesture. OK? Respect in the heart will be enough. All our love is in the heart. Don’t bother. No need to prostrate, kowtow, or things like that. (Master, please take care.) (Thank You, Master.) (Master, please take care.) I will take care. You take care too. (Master, please take care.)

Can never finish touching. Please forgive me. Can never finish touching. (Thank You, Master.) (It’s good.) Just the elders, OK? I will touch the old people in the front. Too many people, can’t touch you all. OK. Good. (Thank You, Master.) (Hi Master!) Hi! (Master, we feel very much content now.) Oh, yes. Thank you. (Thank You.) Can’t finish touching. If I continue, you will push too hard. It’s too hard. Don’t. Thank you. Oh, my God! No external gestures. OK? (OK.) It’s OK if we know it in the heart. It’s OK if all of you practice well. (Thank You, Master.)

Are you initiated? No. You are? Why did they give you such a funny…? (I was moving house. I was moving house in Australia. I misplaced it somewhere.) You lost it. (Not lost, just misplaced.) Misplaced somewhere. Is your new house better for you? (It is much better. Yes, Master.) Where did you move from? And where to? (I was living down on the New South Wales coast. And now I moved to the Gold Coast.) Gold Coast. (Yes. In Australia.) For gold? (Not for gold, Master.) Of course. OK, love. Then you could sit together with them. You follow them (Yes.) so that you don’t get lost, because it’s the first time you came here. You show him everywhere, you guys. (Yes.) The men, not the women. I’m worried where you want to show him. We have a couple of men here, it’s all right. Just so that people don’t misunderstand us.

Anyway, there’s some problem in the world, you know that. Because we are different. Some like men, some like women, and this is where the problem begins. If we all don’t have men, then we don’t have a lot of trouble. Some have trouble, right? And if we don’t have women, the men would also have more peace. Sorry about that. But sometimes you cannot choose. Really.

Before, I had big dogs, so I preferred men. They can drive car. They love driving! They love machines, any kind! So driving is their stuff. And I also like them because my dogs are big, so they can carry them to the car, carry them from the vet. Sometimes when they are sick or they cannot walk, or when they’re older. But then we have some problems also, with men, because people would think why I have so many men swarming around. I don’t know why, either. Ask my dogs. And then later, also sometimes jealousy so I say, “OK, you choose women, better, less trouble.” But then I have another problem.

You never know who’s a real woman or just 50-50, or even 100%, the other way around. You know what I mean? You never know. So the outside doesn’t really matter too much. It’s the inside.

Oh, my dog is here? I brought him down and I forgot. There’s no chance to come, baby! No chance! He is big. Oh, my God. There’s no place here, Good Love! You can go back home if you want. If he makes trouble and if you don’t want to stay, you can bring him back home. If you can control him, it’s OK. Go bring him some water, drink. If you want to go home, take him home. Normally can, but today he can only sit here, but I don’t think it’s a very good idea.

I didn’t know women can also become jealous with each other. Because the 50-50 problem. You understand or not? I don’t know any more nowaday who is who. I don’t know who’s 50, who’s 100. So I just close my eyes. Whatever! I don’t want to see anything, I don’t want to know. As long as they don’t bother me. We have some problem, because of sometimes competitiveness, or sometimes jealousy. So it doesn’t mean if you have a lot of men around you, then you’re OK, then you have no problem. They also can be jealous of each other, for no reason. Funny! And if you have women all around, with me as a woman, it’s not necessarily that you have peace.

Sorry, monk. Do you want to come up? Forget about it. Sit there with the boys. Don’t push him. Understand? He is a monk, so keep your distance. Be respectful and keep your distance. Five meters is the best. It’s not even five inches on this side. Look. Recite Buddhas’ names, and it will be fine. That nun should also recite Buddhas’ names. Then it will be fine. OK.

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