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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 7 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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The Light and the Sound are our true Self, our Divine Nature. (OK.) The more we see it, the more we see our Divine Nature. (OK.) Then we will know that we come from the Light. (OK.) We are created by the celestial Sound. Understand? (OK. Understand.) Then our soul will be at peace and will know itself.

(At the time of initiation, I heard some [inner Heavenly] Sound, like the flute, phone ringing and others. The Sound of flute or bird. I didn’t see the [inner Heavenly] Light. The Sound was pretty good. Until 2008, I had many experiences during meditation. At that time,) You told someone. (the Sound disappeared. There was no Sound, no Sound at all. At the time, my head was OK when I did the Sound meditation, but the spot about three to four cm below my wisdom eye hurt. It was painful constantly. I did much Sound meditation, yet it was very painful. It was difficult for me to work.) Strange. Why was it like this? (At the time, for about a month I couldn’t sleep at night. I didn’t sleep during the day and couldn’t sleep during the night. I just fainted …) And now? Is it better?

(I’ve been here for a few days now. Master has given me a little Sound. I am very scared. I read Your teachings often. In all the teachings Master said it’s fine to be without the Light, but not without the Sound. I am still afraid. I’ve been here for a few days. There is a little Sound from here, not from the above.) That’s correct. (All from here, not from the above.) Correct. It’s correct. (I asked my two sons and one daughter, who are initiates. I asked them and they said it’s from the above. So I am very afraid.) Why are you afraid if it’s from the above? It’s correct from the above. (I am afraid I’d hear no Sound. In the few days I’ve been here,) You said… (there has been only a little Sound, faint like before. But there was no Sound. During Sound meditation, sometimes I feel very comfortable, yet have no Sound.) Maybe you didn’t… (No Sound for many, many years.) What kind of Sound? What do you hear inside? Maybe a different kind of Sound. (A different Sound now at the ashram. These few days I have been hearing a buzzing Sound.) Is this not a Sound? It’s just a noise, right? (These few days after seeing Master, I always have it.) That’s good then. Why are you asking? Meditate more. Concentrate more. OK? (OK.) Before the Sound meditation, recite the Five Holy Names for 20 minutes.

(When I see the Light, it’s dark, all dark.) It’s dark, but does the darkness move? (It’s dark. Some black or dark blue.) Does that black stuff move? (Yes, it does.) OK. Continue to meditate. (OK.) Try to break through it and then go up. (OK.) (I used to spank my son because he often went out to catch turtles. When people told me about it, I spank him. Then I couldn’t hear any Sound for four months, until it appeared again. Until 2008, the Sound was all gone. But the Sound meditation was very good, just no Sound.) OK. Continue to practice. OK? (OK. Thank You, Master.) Now that you’ve come, it’s good you have it here. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. (Thank You, Master for Your Blessing.) Don’t spank your kid anymore. If you do, you won’t even have a little. Don’t spank him. Just talk to him and reason with him. OK? Who? Here. Speak.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (There are five siblings in my family. One of my brothers came to Xiamen and opened a meat restaurant. I have been talking to him and my sister-in-law. Is there any other way to stop him so that he will not kill sentient beings?)

All beings are like that. You have no way to stop them. Do it slowly. OK? Many people are already vegan now. (But he is not short of money. Why is he still doing it?) Don’t ask me. (Sometimes when he visits my family, I treated him to vegan food, but he didn’t want it either. My other two brothers and sister are fine. It’s just him. What can I do?) Ignore him. (I have given books to him and my sister-in-law to read. I have done a lot.) I know. Some people… (I have done a lot.) When some people don’t listen, ignore them.

Shakyamuni Buddha had a cousin who was always wanting to harm Him. Even after He attained Buddhahood, the cousin kept following Him, wanting to harm Him. If an attempt failed, he would try another way. Some people who practiced magical power also wanted to harm the Buddha, right? Jesus Christ didn’t do anything bad. He taught people to do good deeds, but He was crucified. Not to mention us.

(Would I as a blood relation... Would it…) Don’t blame yourself. Don’t blame yourself. (OK.) Each person is different. Don’t blame yourself because he is bad. That’s not right. You can’t blame yourself. OK? (Thank You.) No blame. You can’t blame yourself. His time has not come yet. So why do you force him? It breaks your heart. Ignore him. (Thank You.) Not every child we give birth to is our son. Sometimes he just borrows our body to come out. He does not necessarily have good affinities with us.

(Hallo, Master.) Speak. (I want to ask You about this. When I was reading Your book, and the teaching said if we have vision, we might develop ego. So after initiation, I was afraid of seeing the Light or anything. Since then, I haven’t seen any Light,) Oh, thanks! (but I have the Sound.) What do you want me to do? (I have been praying...) Praying for what? (Praying to Master…) You are taught to get enlightened, but you don’t want to see it. What do you want me to do? Aiya! The Light is not scary. It’s black that’s scary. How can you be afraid of the Light? Even our physical bodies need the light to see things and do things. But you are afraid of the Light. I can’t do anything about it. I am also afraid of you. You are so scared that even the Light runs away. Don’t be scared anymore. OK? (Don’t be scared. OK.) Sit and relax. (OK.) Relax. (OK. Thank You, Master.) Without the Light we will die. (OK.) It’s truly like that. (OK. Thank You, Master.)

The Light and the Sound are our true Self, our Divine Nature. (OK.) The more we see it, the more we see our Divine Nature. (OK.) Then we will know that we come from the Light. (OK.) We are created by the celestial Sound. Understand? (OK. Understand.) Then our soul will be at peace and will know itself. (Thank You.) If you are scared… You are not scared of this world, yet you are scared of the Buddha Light? Aiya! It’s really incredible. Incredible. How come it’s like this? (I just…) Read my teachings more often. (For many years I’ve wanted to come to Taiwan (Formosa) and ask the residents. But I have kept it in my mind and dared not ask. I dared not ask.) Of course, you are scared of everything. (Yes.) You are scared of me, scared of the residents, and scared of the Light. So why have you come? I am also asking myself. OK. You are not afraid of the things you should be afraid of. You should be afraid of your own karma. (Yes. Thank You.)

All of us here are benevolent. We smile and don’t do anything bad. Do we? (No.) Right. Those monks haven’t done anything to you. Why are you scared? I haven’t done anything either. I have no time to do anything. Too busy. Come. Next one. Here.

Read more books and read more of my teachings. If you don’t want to read, then read that... Wait a minute. (OK.) You should read the Tibetan Bardo Thodol scripture written for the dead. The scripture tells the deceased souls: “When you see bright Light, don’t be afraid. You continuously follow the brightest Light. Even if you don’t feel comfortable, you still follow it. The lights that are darker and not as bright look very comfortable, but you shouldn’t follow them.” (OK.) Because they are of lower levels. (Sometimes when I feel scared, I feel cold at the back.) Of course, if you are afraid of the Light, then maya comes to you. Yes? Yes.

(Hi, Master. It’s really not easy for me to see You. It’s very difficult for us to come from that place to here.) I understand. (Now I have a question to ask You.) Speak. (I have joined this group for 19 years, but I haven’t progressed much in my practice.) No progress? (What’s the reason? I used to be a nun in a small temple.) You used to be a nun. Understand. (I was a nun and stayed there for six years.) A nun for six years. (After six years, I heard about You and read Your book, but not much. I felt You were the Supreme Holy Mother. I was very happy to have found You. Before I even finished that book,) We have affinity. (I received initiation.) Initiated. (I was screened and received initiation. From screening to initiation took only 10 days. I still do not understand some of the teachings because I had always been in that temple.) I see. (After initiation, I had spiritual experience.) I see. (I had experience. After more than a month, I started to have very good experience, and loved You very much. However, later at the age of 50, I had hot flashes, hot all the time, very hot. The master of the small temple asked me, “What method are you practicing?” I said, “She is a great Master, and the Supreme Holy Mother you are looking for.” I told him so when I saw him. He said, “It can’t be.” I replied, “Yes, She is.” So when I wasn’t paying attention, he twice imposed his blessing on me.) Ah! (He trapped me. I feel I haven’t made much progress. It’s been many years. I do not think it’s easy to see the Buddha, so I want to tell You everything. I have the Sound until now, like the sound of the big bell.) Experience? Less Sound?

(Sound is there. But no Light at all.) Oh. No Light, but there is Sound. OK. (A small flash of Light. And the more I focus, the less I see.) Occasionally a little bit. Right? (The more I focus, the less I see. The more I look at it, the less…) Then what’s in the front? (Just darkness in the front. Dark, all dark.) What’s that? (It’s dark.) Dark. (Dark.) Thank you for that… (That’s the situation.) That monk. (It has been like this for many years.) Who? That monk? Is he also a monk? (I was a nun before.) No. The other one who blessed. (He is a monk.) (Oh. He is a monk.) (He’s always been… He’s never been married and is 70 years old now.) Who is the person who blessed you?

(The monk.) (That master, the monk.) The master. (He likes spells and petitions, and likes to harm others. He likes to accuse others.) To accuse others? (To file charges in hell.) (To file cases in hell against others.) To accuse others? (He uses spells and petitions and files cases in hell. He is strongly against me. He said I…) (Petitions can be burned.) (Spells.) Oh! (Petitions. He harms people.) That’s not a monk. (He is a monk. Since young, he has been single and practicing. He is just...) What single? (A single spiritual practitioner.) (Single and practicing.) Understand. (He also works on delivering all beings.) OK. Stop talking about him. (He taught us to practice.) (Don’t talk about him anymore.) (I have made no progress.) How can a monk burn spells and curse others? We… (He doesn’t want anyone to go higher than him.) Ah! That’s not right. (He is not right like that.) No wonder! (I haven’t had...) Then what do you want me to do? (As I said I haven’t progressed. How to… Is it possible here...) Ah? (How to help me progress?) (He tapped her head twice.) (He hit…) He hit you twice. (He hit my head twice as blessing.) Understand. (Just like that.) No wonder! (I have made no progress. It’s like this.) OK. No wonder. (This is her mother, and this is her sister.) Both the mother and sister have no problem. It’s just her. (I…)

Don’t go to that temple to be hit twice by him. (That’s the issue.) OK. Understand. OK. Forget about it. It’s your bad luck. (That’s the problem.) Then if there is another initiation, you attend again. OK? (I am not sure if I can make it. We are leaving on the 20th.) (Leaving on December 20.) (She is afraid that she has to go and can’t make it.) (I am leaving on the 20th.) OK. Then you pay attention and come over When there is an initiation. (OK.) Or the whole family together recite the Five Holy Names to help her. You tell the maya or whatever inside to leave. OK? (Thank You.) Otherwise, I will beat him. I will beat him up. Tell him to leave. (OK. Thank You, Master.) It will get better, OK? If the darkness moves around, then it’s OK. If it doesn’t move… (It’s a whole…) Aiya! You used to have vision, but suddenly lost it? Aiya! What a pity! It’s like this.

Let me tell you honestly. The Buddha didn’t teach anyone to burn spells, recite spells, or accuse anyone in Heaven. The Buddha didn’t teach these things. None of the Buddhist sutras I’ve read has such a sentence. Understand? Buddhists are peaceful. When people harm you, you won’t fight back. (You don’t strike back even if they hit you.) Right.

Are you still in that temple? (Not anymore.) It’s good that you are not there anymore. Just ignore him. Tell the person obstructing you from inside, “Leave immediately.” It’s good that you have the Sound. Concentrate more. Sometimes it’s harder to concentrate as you get older. Meditate with others, with the family. Help her. OK? Ah! I have no problems, but she finds problems for me. Do you see? Well, we… I teach you very well, but you go outside and get in trouble. You are not the only one. Some people are also like this.

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