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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 5 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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I said the air quality here was good and we laughed a lot, laughing all the time, and laughing at nothing. Right? Look, I am right. I said nothing but you are laughing already, and laughing so much.

Sorry, monk. Do you want to come up? Forget about it. Sit there with the boys. Don’t push him. Understand? He is a monk, so keep your distance. Be respectful and keep your distance. Five meters is the best. It’s not even five inches on this side. Look. Recite Buddhas’ names, and it will be fine. That nun should also recite Buddhas’ names. Then it will be fine. OK.

Sorry. It’s not that we are disrespectful, but our home is chaotic. Look, they run like this and push like that. No one dares to control anyone else. They are out of control. Understand? I shouted very loudly until sometimes I lost voice. They still won’t listen. They just keep charging ahead. They come when it’s raining or stormy, or when there is a typhoon. They don’t care about earthquakes and are not afraid of anyone. I also am afraid of them. That’s why I just told the Dharma guards, “Forget about it. It’s too late for you.” Normally they guard until five o’clock and go home. The bus would be waiting. So I said, “Please go home first.” They still wanted to stay and protect me. I said, “No need. So many people. No one dares to do anything.” And it’s such a scary group. This group is not even afraid of thunder. Understand? I said, “Even I am afraid of them. Who dares to come here and make trouble?” Do you all understand? Laughing so hard. Fine. If you can laugh, I am happy.

Laughter is good for us. It’s said that laughter keeps us healthy, (Yes.) lifts our spirit and improves blood circulation. So laughing more is not a problem. We are not short of things to laugh at. Therefore, whoever has health problem will suddenly get well after coming here. I just had a visiting VIP. He said as soon as he came here and saw me, he felt better. Understand? Whatever worries, whatever political issues, whatever struggles and arguments in the office, and whatever disagreements, all disappeared.

Then he thanked me. I said I didn’t do anything. I said the air quality here was good and we laughed a lot, laughing all the time, and laughing at nothing. Right? Look, I am right. I said nothing but you are laughing already, and laughing so much. Look at her. She is so old and laughing so happily. Have you never laughed? It’s like this. You don’t need to eat, so you are also not hungry, and full of miracles. You can laugh without me saying anything.

Do I look very beautiful? She looks at me and keeps laughing as if I am one with that big potato… (Clown.) Clown. (Clown.) Monkey? (In a circus.) Those with big mouths in a circus. (Yes, yes.) That. Yes. Our lipstick is painted inside, but his lipstick is painted outside, right? And his eyes are painted very dark, and a few black tears drop down. Is that right? Then he puts a potato on his nose. No. Is it potato or tomato? Yes. She looked at me as if she saw that type of person. She laughed so loudly. I didn’t perform anything. I also didn’t put much makeup on, and did not put a big mouth like that. Yet when they see me, they are so happily and start laughing. (Happy.) Ah? (Happy.) I don’t know if you are happy or not. Maybe I look very funny. (We are happy when we see Master.) I know it.

If you don’t want me, I know where I am going. (We want You.) The circus. (We want You!) I am going to the circus. If you don’t want me, I will go there. (We want You.) Because I look very funny, if I go there I can definitely make money. Here your laughter is free. What a pity! Yes? I want to go making money. It’s right to go to the circus. Putting on that bigger mouth will be able to make money. (We won’t allow Master to go.) Don’t? I want to go. (We won’t allow Master to go.) You won’t allow me to go. What right do you have to stop me? I want to make money, but you won’t let me go. Do you think you are older than me, so you have the right? (We all love Master.) (It’s because we love Master.) Because of love, you don’t let me go to the circus to make money? (If Master is gone, we won’t be able to laugh anymore.) Won’t be able to laugh. Then you can see me at the circus and pay for tickets.

I said to the VIP that because the air quality here is good, some villagers have lived… There are only 700 to 1,000 people in this village. Seven hundred. (Seven thousand.) Seven thousand? (There are 7,000 people in this township.) Seven thousand, not one thousand? (The township mayor said there are 7,000 in the whole township.) How many in the whole township? (Seven thousand people.) Seven thousand. Really? (Yes.) Seven thousand? Yeah? Really? Seven thousand, and not seven hundred? About 80 of them are over 80 years old. They are healthy and happy, and work every day. And some of them are 100 years old. Understand? One hundred years old and they still don’t want to go. They stay behind here in Hsihu, just like you. (Wish Master healthy forever.) Thank you.

It’s because of good air quality and a small population. You can see that this city doesn’t have many people, but lots of trees and many bamboos. Bamboos provide more oxygen than ordinary trees. There are so many bamboos here. From here to the back mountain where the nuns live, it’s full of bamboos. If you run around on this mountain or the next one, there are a lot of bamboos, self-grown. So air quality is very good, because there are not many people. And here we don’t have many cars running around. That’s why you feel elated. And then you think I have magic power. I haven’t done anything. Understand? When I come back, I also feel very comfortable.

The government here is good, and they welcome me very much. (It’s because Master is good.) I am good. Thank you. People are all very kind. (Master has changed this place.) No. Maybe some people love to show off their muscles, right? So on TV, sometimes they show off a lot. Otherwise, they are very kind in the heart. Whoever they are, Taiwanese (Formosans) are all very kind, extremely kind, and sometimes too kind. It’s good like this. A country like this, of course, will be peaceful. Whoever becomes politician will have success for whatever he does, because people are so good.

If the atmosphere is good, of course the country will be good. People is good, and the country will be good. Even if some are not good, it’s a small matter. Most of them are very happy and smiling all the time. Do you see? Coming here, at least we see people laughing. They have to. Or, we call him a miserable Buddha. He is afraid of being called that name, so he also reluctantly laughs. I see that some people don’t want to laugh. But after a while they will be infected by the infectious laughing atmosphere and start to laugh reluctantly.

OK. Do the mainland Chinese have any question? You are from so far away. Speak. (I am from Luoyang. Do You know the place?) Luoyang? (Yes, Henan.) Wow! So far. (Not far.) How many days? (Just two days.) Two days is not far? Wow! It’s very far for me. (I am asking a question on behalf of someone. He asked me, “When you go there, please ask the Buddha for me.” I said, “OK.” He served in the army. This time...) Injury? (After retired from the military, he got injured. He got injured and retired from the military. He then joined a mining company but got injured. Because of the injury, he could only read Master’s books. Other people told him that he could just practice the Convenient Method and recite Master’s name. He said, “Otherwise I can do it.”) To heal his disease, right? (But he only has this hand.) Go to the hospital quickly. (No. He is recovered.) Recovered. (After recovery, it’s amputated. So there is only half a hand.) What’s the question? (He said he wanted to get initiation. He said if Master gives permission, he will get a visa to come here to receive initiation from Master.)

He wants to come? (To receive initiation.) Sure, why not? Only he has problem with his hand. But his brain has no problem. (His brain is fine and this hand is also good.) The hand is not a problem. Just a little injury, right? (This hand is half and the other one is good.) Not both hands are injured? (No.) Yes, only one. If he can get on the airplane and carry luggage, I have no objection. (OK. OK.) I am just afraid he might suffer. It’s not that he can’t do it. Understand? (His wife is our initiate.) (An initiate. She’s also an initiate.) Of course. Except for initiates, only those with mental issues will come. No one wants to come to see me, except you. (So I will…) OK. OK. (That’s my question. Thank You, Buddha.) OK. No problem. (Thank You, Master.) It’s the best for him to wait until he gets better to come. (He is in good health.) OK. That’s fine. Hand injury is difficult and causes inconvenience. (No. He is recovered. He has been healed for many years.) OK. (He wants to enter the door to practice.) OK. (Thank You, Master.) OK. It’s not that he will be good once coming here. It’s not like that. I haven’t promised anything. (What I mean is he has only half of the hand. Half of the hand.) OK. Then what? (He wants to receive initiation.)

Oh! He wants to receive initiation. You made it sound like he is an initiate. Didn’t you say he is an initiate? (His wife is an initiate.) (The wife of this handicapped person.) OK. Understand, understand. I see, I see, I see. I see, I see, I see. (His wife is an initiate, and she wanted me to ask this question for him.) Oh. His wife is an initiate. He is the husband. (Yes.) How old is he? (About over 50.) Ah? Over 50. Can’t he practice the Convenient Method? (He means to enter the door.) (He wants to come in and receive initiation.) Of course, I know. Who doesn’t want to? (He wants to enter the door.) (I mean he wanted me to ask the Buddha on his behalf. If the Buddha agrees, he will get the visa and come here.) (He will go through the process.) (Is that right? Has he been vegan?) (He has been vegan all the time. His wife is vegan, and so is he.)

Why did he wait until now when he has no hand to come? Why didn’t he come when he had the hand before? (I don’t know. I am just asking for him.) His wife was initiated before. Why didn’t he follow her to get initiation? Why wait until now to trouble me? Ask him to practice the Convenient Method first. OK? (OK.) Being vegan and practicing the Convenient Method is good enough. There are not so many rules. Just practicing the Convenient Method and eat vegan food for 10 or 15 days. Do as much as he can, At least 10 days to purify himself. (OK. OK.) Then no need to have rules or requirements. (OK. Thank You, Buddha. Thank You, Master.) And, his wife is a practitioner, so she will pull him along. (Thank You, Master.) The Convenient Method is enough. (OK.) Yeah.

(Hi, Master!) Hi! (My son was playing in the game room, and within a few minutes, he lost 50,000 to 60,000 RMB. Then I was very upset. This kid is normally very rebellious and doesn’t listen to us. I can’t control him. But I still come here. What should I do in the future? How should I educate this kid?) I don’t understand what you want. What do you want me to do? Wait. (I wish my kid to become righteous and sunny.) Well-behaved. (Yes, a well-behaved child.) It depends on how you teach him. I’m… (I don’t know how. I want to ask Master for Your merciful teaching.)

What kind of a child is he? Why do you want him to change? How old is he? (Twenty-two.) Does he have a job? (He doesn’t work. Every day after eating, he will lay in bed to play games and phone. He has no job.) How does one make money without a job in mainland China? (He asks money from me.) There will be no problem if you don’t give to him. (If I don’t give, he will get mad.) Oh! Are you afraid of him? (Yes.) Oh. To such a degree. Then what does your husband say? (My husband is here.) OK. You both lost to him. And you ask me, an old grandma with so many children to control your child. Is that not so fair? (Master has wisdom.) Wisdom? If I can force others, I would have turned the whole world to Heaven a long time ago. Understand? Even if I had the magic power to control other people’s brain, I wouldn’t use it. It’s useless like that. It’s like giving people poison or making them drunk, and not giving them freedom.

Did he work before? (Yes.) OK. Ask him to keep looking for a job. Give him less money. Talk to him. How many children do you have? Only one, right? (One.) Of course. It sounds familiar. One child and it’s a boy. Oh, how precious! Being spoiled rotten makes it like this, and since the beginning. So it’s right that the government has changed. Two children are allowed. Yes? (Yes.)

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