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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 10 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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What is my method called? This method is the inner (Heavenly) Light and the inner (Heavenly) Sound. Yes? You know it clearly. If you are scared, don’t come and bother others. The Light and the Sound are our Divine Nature. It allows you to find your true Self. The brighter the Light, the better it is.

Yeah. (When I meditate on the [inner Heavenly] Light, in the beginning it’s dark, then slowly it turns into dawn, and to a point of bright Light. But I cannot bear this bright Light. This Light is very, very...) Too bright, right? (Yes, too bright, and too intense.) Oh, I know. (I can’t bear it.) Then you can pause for a little bit and recite the Five Holy Names. OK? (OK.) Take a rest. OK? The cells in our body and the brain have not been used for a long time. They can’t bear the spiritual energy. You will be fine after taking a rest. You look fine. You are not sick, neither are you dead.

You are strange. You’re not afraid of karma but you are afraid of the Light. A few of you. I’ve talked about it. Yes? Why do you come here? What is my method called? This method is the inner (Heavenly) Light and the inner (Heavenly) Sound. Yes? You know it clearly. If you are scared, don’t come and bother others. The Light and the Sound are our Divine Nature. It allows you to find your true Self. The brighter the Light, the better it is.

(But I make myself continuously chase that Light. I feel like my brain has burned out.) Is it burnt? Oh, smoke is coming out! My God! Your brain is burnt so fast. You see, is there smoke? The real dark, dark stuff, that is hair. I don’t see any smoke.

If you are afraid, stop for a while, OK? Take it slowly. This body needs training. Even though we practice inside, this body still needs training. Otherwise, the body can’t bear it. It’s really like this. I said already, for the past three, four, or five years, I have been continuously going up. Sometimes I also could not bear it and I jumped out. It jumped by itself, automatically, because it was too intense. Understand? I couldn’t continue meditating. No problem, you take a rest. OK? (Thank You, Master.) Take a rest, drink a cup of tea or something, and eat a (vegan) cookie. Then do it again. Who is afraid of who? OK.

(Another question, Master.) Speak. (Since I was little, the dreams I had sometimes happened in real life after a while.) You have a prophetic sense, prophecy, and can see things before they happen. Prophecy, right? (Presage.) Presage. Then...

(For example, when I was little, I dreamed of an earthquake. After a while, the earthquake really happened. Later, before I was married, I dreamed about getting married. Then I really got married.) You don’t need to dream about this. It will just happen. Right? They did not have any dream about marriage, but they also got married.

(Then my wife was pregnant.) You also saw that in the dream? (No, there was an old lady who appeared in my dream and she said, “This child will die.” He really died.) Oh, understand. I am sorry. (So I was very, very scared.)

I am so sorry. You are still young, so you might have more. You will have. OK? (Thank You, Master.) Don’t be afraid. I am so sorry. (I am really scared.) Why are you scared? (This dream...) Which dream? The dream about the child? (No. I am afraid of this presage of mine.)

Don’t be. Don’t be afraid. I am sorry about your child. You are still young. You will have more. Don’t be scared. It was his fate. OK? His fate was like that. In some cases, we owed him a little. So he could only stay here for a few days, a few hours, or a few years until he collected everything we owed him. Then he left. Understand? Don’t be too sad.

(Is there any way to get rid of this prescience?) No need. Practice more, don’t be proud of it and don’t rely on it. Then there will be no problem. OK? (OK.)

This is because you had some magic power before. You brought it with you when you were born. Some people have no way to bring their power from previous lives’ practice. Some can. So you see Buddha had many disciples and some of them had magic power. Buddha didn’t teach them. For example, Maudgalyayana had magic power by himself, because he had it in his previous life. Or, he did not drink much of the amnesia soup, so he remembered. In your case, maybe you did not drink too much. Maybe that cup was almost empty when it was given to you. Only two drops. (Thank You, Master.) That guy in charge did not see it and thought there was a lot. He did not say anything.

As for me, because I borrowed the body from another person to return to this world, I did not drink any of the amnesia soup. That’s why I know so many things. Otherwise, most Masters don’t know anything and don’t even have a prophetic sense. If He is born like everyone else, He wouldn’t know anything. His soul would know. Other people would know. His disciples would also know, but He wouldn’t know. So not every… Not every enlightened Master knows everything like Buddha.

I am very sorry for you. Even if we know…. Sometimes our enemy or debtee is our child. We can’t discriminate who is who and still love him. So when he died, we suffer a lot. I know. When my dog died, I suffered a lot, not to mention if it were your own child. If he were the first one or the only one, it would be even more painful. I am sorry. OK, take your time to practice. Maybe you will have higher precognitions. With the higher precognitions, you don’t need to dream to know things. And it will be more positive. But it’s good that you have presage, because in case you are going to meet a bad guy or face a disaster, if someone tells you in advance, you can be prepared. I also have precognitions. But I ignore it. (Thank You, Master.) If it’s good, I am OK. If not, I am also OK.

Next. No more questions from mainland China. How about the Aulacese (Vietnamese), or the Westerners. Want to ask? Here.

(Hi, Master,) Hi. (may I speak a question in English, Master?) Sure, sure. I’m happy. (Thank You, Master.) I speak better English than many Chinese dialects. (Yes, I try my best. Master, normally when I do the Quan Yin [meditation on the inner Heavenly Sound], I can see a vision like a sky, and in the middle of the sky I can see a circle full of light. A few days ago, when I was here in this Hsihu Center, I see that vision again, but in front of the circle, I can see someone in front, like a god in front of the circle. Master said that when we do the Quan Yin [meditation on the inner Heavenly Sound], normally we should pay attention to the [inner Heavenly] Sound, not to the [inner Heavenly] Light.) Of course, of course. (But that vision comes to me very often so I would like to ask Master, should I pay more attention on the Sound and ignore that vision?)

Yeah, just whatever comes it doesn’t matter. It’s OK, as long as it doesn’t harm you. Of course, when we concentrate, even during the (inner Heavenly) Sound meditation, we also see things, see (inner Heavenly) Light and visions. It’s OK. (Thank You, Master.) It’s no harm, no harm. If it’s pleasant to you, you can watch, but no need, okay?

Next one. Ah, the Aulacese (Vietnamese), do you comrades want to ask anything? (How are You, Master?) Over there, behind there first. Speak.

(Master, I have three questions. The first question is from a sister. She is deaf. Can she get initiation?) Yes.

(The second question is about my fixed karma in this life. Am I destined to remarry and have children?) I don’t understand. (Can she get married again and have children in this life?) Why not? (I have been divorced for two years, and am still terrified about marriage and having children.) Then don’t do it again. (I don’t know if it’s a part of my fixed karma. If I run away, will I still pay off the fixed karma in this life?) If you are in love, then get married. If you like him, then get married. I can’t decide it for you. (Then I choose to run away.) If you do, then there’s no need to ask anymore.

Don’t think about marriage. Don’t be distracted. OK? You guys are strange. Many people tell me, “Oh, Master. If I had known You earlier, I would not have gotten married but would have followed You instead.” But some people after knowing me still got married. And if there are problems, they tell me, “My God! If I knew marriage is so complicated, I would have followed Master.” You are all like this. If you want to get married, then get married. Try your luck. OK? You were married once. Is it not enough? (It’s enough.) If it’s enough, why ask again? You make your own choice. OK?

(The third question is: I just received initiation early this month. Before initiation, I had some inner visions given by Master. But during initiation, maybe because I had a cold at the time, I started to cough constantly and have tears. It’s been a week and I haven’t been able to hear any [inner Heavenly] Sound, nor see any [inner Heavenly] Light. I am wondering if my cough affected the result of the initiation.)

Maybe, because you were distracted. You were distracted and did not want to bother others, etc. Then you were not concentrated. Now you are here, please focus your attention more. Then it won’t be an issue. (OK.) Later I will recite the Five Holy Names with you. (OK.) (OK, thank You.) It’s like winning a lottery. OK, anyone else? You?

(Dear Master…) Who? (Can I speak Aulacese [Vietnamese]?) Where? OK, stand up. (I am here, Master.) OK.

(This is the third time I came to Hsihu this year. The first time, I came at the end of March, beginning of April. When I came here, I had many negative thoughts. But I used my strong will to tell myself, “I come here to meditate, to elevate myself spiritually and to integrate with the Bodhisattvas here, in order to improve spiritually.” Then within a day, the next day, I felt more peaceful. I felt that my spiritual practice is improving very fast. I knew the negative force instigated me, but I strongly used the positive thought to counter it. During that time, I meditated a lot on the inner Heavenly Sound, one day I could do Sound meditation for seven to eight hours.) I see. (And for the past few years, I have always seen the inner Heavenly Light during my Sound meditation. The inner Heavenly Light is very bright and leads the way for my inner Heavenly Sound to go up. I myself feel very calm and free, and I also love to do Sound meditation.) OK.

(Last April, the weather was very hot, but I still… When I meditated, I covered myself completely with a sleeping bag and a shawl. But sitting inside it, I felt like I was sitting alone inside a castle. I didn’t affect anybody else. At that time, I was sweating, but I felt very cool. My wisdom eye let me know that those were drops of sweat, but they carried light in them. I kept sitting there to meditate and felt very peaceful and free. People kept asking me how I could bear the heat? But in fact, if I could overcome the heat, then my sweat became the light that made me feel very cool. Now and then, the wind god also gave me a very cool breeze, zoom! And I liked it. Because whenever I meditate, I follow Your advice, I thank the wind god, the tree god, the earth god, and then I felt like all the gods were assisting,) Support. (supporting me to come here to meditate. Every time I came here, I sat in meditation and improved very fast.) Yeah, good.

(This is the third time I’ve come here, and I feel very peaceful and free. And I felt that I can integrate immediately with the positive energy here. None of the negative energy could influence me anymore.) Good. (I also have something like what the Chinese brother said. Before, I had that ability opened and thus I could see into the future. Many events are suffering ones. I heard Master said that Master also witnessed all these sufferings, and You had to close it so that You could meditate. After I heard that, I prayed to You to close that for me, so that I may be able to meditate. So until now, I almost always have to pray to You to close that. And now, I could close that already. I don’t want to see that anymore. I only want to see the spiritual things. Anything low or anything about sufferings, I don’t want to see anymore. I don’t want to see the past and future of anyone. I only want God. I only want that. If anyone has the same situation, then try to pray inside,) OK. (to close that gate. We should not look at it anymore,) OK. (there is nothing happy about it.)

You’ll get what you want. If you don’t want that, then leave it there. (Yes.) But this guy doesn’t have that… You don’t have earphones? She wants to tell you she had the same experience as you. But you don’t have earphones, so you can’t hear. Later the Chinese can tell him.

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