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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 12 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese (中文)
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(Master, I want to tell You that we are really living in grace and miracles.) Good. Of course. But some people don’t see it. It’s invisible to the physical eyes. This eye is not open. (I can feel Master’s Love every second.) Wonderful. I am happy for you. It should be like this.

Yes, ma’am. (Master, I just want to thank You so much for spending so much time with us and giving us so much love. And having this magical place open for us at all times. It’s like a refuge from the world, really.) Yeah. (And actually,) I’m glad. (all your teams work so hard for us, to accommodate in any possible way.) Yeah, they do that. They do. (So, thank You so, so much for that.)

Thank all the workers: the kitchen team, the hufa (guards), and the technique and the cameramen, everybody. The microphone men. Yeah, they do work very hard. Actually, I asked them to go home already, but they don’t dare to leave me. Normally they guard until five o’clock, when you all go home. But because you short-term, still stay here, and if they can stay, they stay. But that means their wives are waiting or their kids are waiting. And tomorrow they have to go back to their routine work, like everybody else. And you can...

Please don’t blame them if sometimes they’re trying to do their job, but it’s not to your liking. Especially if you don’t speak their language, it’s a little bit difficult. They’re just trying to do their job, even though individually we cannot always bear it, it’s just difficult for them also. But I have to thank all the hufa because even if I go shopping, I didn’t ask them to come, they run after me. And I try to run with my golf cart very fast, but they run also very fast.

I don’t like hufa around more than you do, it’s just, let them do their job. They’re proud to be the guard. They are proud to do their job. So we respect their sacrifice and their time, their effort. Sometimes I also don’t like hufa. It feels like I’m important when I’m not. I’m not like a president or minister or something that needs a lot of guards around. You know what I mean? It’s just… (We want You safe, Master.) But actually then, when I’m alone, when I’m not with you, I just stay alone. I don’t need any hufa or anything. And if I die, I die. I can’t just bear people 24 hours around me or watching everywhere.

When I was in America, I had no home and I loved one of those manmade islands in Miami. I just passed by one time and I just fell in love with this house. Not house, but the location, with the sea. The little island and small houses, just surrounded by water. Oh, I love islands; I think I live in more than dozens of islands in my lifetime. Wherever island, I surely want to go there. And there was one island I rented a house in one island, and I didn’t rent in another island, because the house where I rented has no gate guard. You come in and out, nobody checks your ID or see if your face is familiar or not, whether you’re a resident in that island or not. That’s why I rented that place. Similar island, just next door there is a VIP island, I guess. I heard that the Prince of Monaco even lives there, has a house there. No wonder, outside they have guards all the time checking your ID. You can’t just drive in because there will be a stop, like a metal pole. And if they don’t open, you can’t drive through; you can’t even walk through. So, that’s why I didn’t want that island. Because I hate it when I come in and out, somebody has to look at me. Even if they don’t check me or they know me, I don’t like it.

I don’t like people always see that I come in and out. I love privacy so much, that even that’s a better house, better security, but at that time I wasn’t worried too much about my security. Sometimes, but not so constantly like recent years. So I was OK with that and I had people also lived together with me in my house. You know, housekeeper, cooks and then so I didn’t worry too much. But the reason I didn’t rent in that secured, with guard island, because I didn’t like it. But here I just have to work with them; they keep the order of everybody, so that we don’t become too overrun. Also, sometimes people make trouble for me. So they just try to keep me safe and keep everybody at peace, that we have peace in the house, so we can talk about things. But that sometimes, of course will be offending.

(There are thousands of us, so, of course… I’ve turned it off. But it’s thousands of us, so we’re really grateful. I don’t know how they do it, how they take care of everybody.) I know, I know. (Guard, kitchen team, everybody, driving team, everybody, they’re amazing. And thank You for having us.) Yeah, OK. (Thank You for opening Your house.) Thank them. OK. I also don’t know. Look at my place, it’s nothing of a place, and everything’s still working well. You have food and you have a place to sit together, in fresh air, but it’s OK. It’s fresh air, no? Yeah? Very warm and cozy, right? I said, “It’s very warm and cozy.” It’s not so bad yet.

In winter it’s colder, so I’m trying to think how to house you in another center. I bought another piece of land in the south, which is warmer than here. Maybe if you want, you can follow me there. If I’m not here, people will let you know and then it’s up to you to stay here or to follow me to the south, which is warmer.

But I’m now very worried about the vendors outside. If I left and I stayed in the south, then everybody would go to the south and they have no business. We cannot take them with us. We can, it’s just their vegetables, they cannot take everything with them. I don’t know if they’ll follow us there and sell or not. I was thinking really hard today. I was thinking maybe we just take the vegetables and sell it for them and give them back the money. So they don’t have to come. We can buy everything, like every Sunday. Yeah, that’s what we can do. Every Sunday, we buy some, just like the usual business. We buy whatever they normally sell on Sunday, the same amount, similar, more or less, and we take it all over there and we eat together.

We need to buy anyway, so I mean, maybe every Sunday they come open their shop and we buy buy buy… and that person brings it to wherever in the south, yeah, and we use it. So, I think they will not complain so much. They will not feel so bad. Yeah, that’s what we’ll do. I think the contact person in Miaoli will be very, very busy. Buying stuff and bringing stuff. We need to rent a bus or something to bring all the stuff that normally they sell here. Because today I went out just a few minutes and my golf cart is full already. Anyway, any more questions?

(Master, I often have an urge to come to Your side to protect You, especially this year) It’s not necessary. (at Hsihu Ashram.) Didn’t you see that the guards were blamed by others? (Because I have...) Do you speak English? (If there is something going on in my surroundings, I can usually sense it. And...) I don’t understand. Who can sense what? (The negative and bad things.) You will know? (I know if something comes in.) You will know? (I don’t have magical power, but I can always sense these things beforehand.) How about now? (Nothing now.) Are there bad guys next to me? (And...) Can you see? (And I often feel very sorry for Master. I have that type of feeling.) Understand. Thank you. (I also like dogs.) I can’t help it. To be a Master, I have to be like this. To do my job, it has to be like this. No problem. There is no other way. OK? I also protect myself. I also have invisible Guards. But They are all afraid of you. (Yes. I know You have.) So there is no…

(And I want to be a resident, a nun. but I am too old.) Why do you want to be a nun? I am afraid of the nuns and monks. I mean I am afraid of my own residents. (Yes.) No need. What for? What can you do? Why do you want to be a resident? Do you know Kung Fu? (I am very...) Do you have Kung Fu? (I heard Master said that it’s fine as long as we have sincerity and love.) My God! (I think I have a lot of sincerity and love.) Everybody does, but they can’t protect me. Love should be combined with muscles. Understand? (Yes.) For example I cannot just tell my dog, “It’s enough if I have love for you.”

Oh, my God! I still have to work. Oh, my God! Oh, no phone to call. It’s OK. At most another half an hour. OK? Otherwise, they will... (OK.) At most. Otherwise, the work is waiting up there. Waiting for me to work. Go on.

(Master, I want to tell You that we are really living in grace and miracles.) Good. Of course. But some people don’t see it. It’s invisible to the physical eyes. This eye is not open. (I can feel Master’s Love every second.) Wonderful. I am happy for you. It should be like this. (From the small things like covering me with a blanket for sleep to big life and death matters, I always feel that Master is taking care of me.) Wonderful. Thank you for practicing so well that you can feel it.

If we practice well, we will have the positive feeling and the experience. But it’s OK. If you don’t practice well, you can crawl slowly. Just don’t stand there. (Thank You, Master.) Some people stand there and want me to carry them. I am so small. (Every day except for giving thanks, I can’t think of anything else to say.) Really? (Yes.) You don’t have to thank me. Thank you. OK. OK. Any other questions?

But thank you for wanting to protect me. Having love is not enough. (Thanks.) You see, did “love” protect Shakyamuni Buddha? Did it protect Jesus Christ? Do you understand? Love is only love, but the world is different. OK. (Thank You, Master. These couple of days I was reborn.)

Oh! I have to go. I really need to attend to my work. OK? (OK. Master, we love You.) You should eat. (OK.) Don’t say when you see Master you are full. Don’t tell lie. Go eat. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. (Thank You, Master.) I only walk this way. I am very small, no need to move so much. I am small. It’s enough for me to walk this way. Thank you, everyone. (Thank You, Master. I love You.) Thanks for your love. (Thank You, Master.) Wish you have good food. (Thank You, Master.) Good appétit. Bon appétit. Good appetite. See you. (Thank You, Master.) (I love You.) (Master, please take care.)

I love you. I don't want to go, but I have to. I love you very much. I also don’t want to go. But I have to. I have to go. Too much work waiting. (Thank You, Master.) Paperwork for the world. I am taking care of the world again. Bye. Don’t forget I love you. (I love You, Master.) Don’t forget that I love you. (I love Master.)

Goodbye, everyone. Goodbye. Oh! Getting so fat. Still look young, the same as decades ago, except the hair is a little gray. I love you guys. (I love You!) Thank you, Dharma guards, for staying so long. Thank you, everybody. Thank you for your support and love. Thank you. Thank you for your love. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for your faith. Thanks. (Thank You, Master.) I love you. Thank you, the translation staff. (Thanks.) Thank you for cooking food. Thank you, Dharma guards. Also thank cameramen and technicians. Thanks everybody.

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