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Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 9 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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A peaceful country is good. No matter which government, it’s good to have peace in the country. You have enough to eat and enough to wear, so don’t meddle with other things. It’s not easy to be a government.

(The government knows everything.) Yes. (They choose not to interfere. That’s true.) It’s not that they choose not to interfere. They just think it’s not necessary. Understand? Don’t hold on to that kind of concept. The more you fear the government, the more the government feels you are strange. The government thinks that they have nothing to be afraid of, so why you are so secretive and fearful, doing things sneakily. They allow you to come out and travel everywhere.

The country is very peaceful and rarely has war. Is there any? (No.) Little. It has good relationships with other countries. Of course some are not so good, but nothing is perfect in this world. Your country is very peaceful, and is not warring with anyone. No? (No.) The country is very big. It’s not fighting any war. Correct. The majority of people have food and clothing. This is enough. So don’t complain anymore. The idea of “being loyal to the king and love the country” is correct. Don’t ask anymore. Don’t ask about communism or no communism. The country is peaceful and people have food and clothing. It’s wonderful.

You are free to go out of the country to have fun. Of course there are conditions. The government is afraid that you might go out and do bad things, so they watch it. And this is not the problem of the mainland Chinese government only. Sometimes that foreign embassy does not allow either. It depends on the relationship too. For example, according to the agreement between mainland China and another country, you can go there for three months only and the people from that country can also visit China for three months at a time. There are required conditions for you to go. This is politics. Your government can’t decide everything. Understand? (Yes.) It involves the whole world. (Yes.)

So don’t keep complaining and talking nonsense. You have to be more informed and more observant. Look at the things your government has done. Many of them are helpful to your own country and others. Don’t shut yourself in a cage and think nonsense. Do you understand? (Yes.) OK. Think positively. Don’t just listen to someone else and think negatively, which might create negative things. It’s not good to disrupt the peace in the country.

A peaceful country is good. No matter which government, it’s good to have peace in the country. You have enough to eat and enough to wear, so don’t meddle with other things. It’s not easy to be a government. Right? (Yes.) Not everyone will support you. (Yes.) Each one has his own opinion and doesn’t support you. You can’t even control one child in your own family. Sorry. I am not picking on you.

I am giving an example. You see, you have two or three children born from yourself and you can’t even control them. The government needs to manage so many people. Mainland China is so big. It’s good already that it’s so peaceful. There should be some rules. Otherwise there will be chaos. If everybody thinks and speaks chaotically, there might be revolution and war, which brings suffering and destruction. Understand? So it’s better for our spiritual practitioners to be at peace and let go. Which one?

Any of you tired or want to go to sleep? Go ahead, because I’ll talk a long time. They make me talk a long time. Speak.

(I want to convey to You my husband’s wish.) Ah? (I want to convey my husband’s wish. That is…) What is she speaking? is it Chinese? (Mongolian.) Mongolian? (Yes.) OK. Is there anybody who can translate for me, please? Speak. You speak and somebody will translate. Speak.

(But I am living in Korea. My husband is Korean. He is building a company in Korea. And he said if You bless this company it will quickly have success.) What does she want to give to me? Catalog of their company, right? (To give the catalog, yes, please.) (In this case it is good for people and the environment, no harmful substances. He created an apparatus which saves petrol, and wanted to get it certified in Korea but could not.)

Then what does he want me to do, to certify it? I am not the Korean government. (My husband believes that if Master blesses it then the permit will be granted very quickly. Please give blessing to it.) Can I control your government? Wonderful if I had magic power like that, I would have done it much earlier. What can this do? Just put in a car for environmental protection? It has won an award, right? What to do? I also don’t know. I cannot understand Korean.

(It is to be placed on the car’s tires and attach to them by magnets. It helps save gas and absorbs harmful smoke, thus reducing emissions to the environment.) Saves gas? (Harmful.) Ah? (Yes, it’s environmentally friendly.) (It’s made with porcelain, with porcelain and a magnet.) This is his product, right? (Yes.) Please thank them. How much do I need to pay? Don’t laugh. I don’t have money here. How much does it cost?

(I do not know the price so far. He just wants to get the permission to produce.) I can’t take it like this. I also don’t know what to do. Thanks. I will try it. (I just want to fulfill my husband’s wish.) OK. Did her husband want to give this to me? (No, no. It is a present.) Thank you but I have to pay. How much is it normally? Do any of you have money? No, my own people. How much is it normally?

NT$1,000. Whose is this? It’s mine. Where did you get it? It’s not enough like this. This is not enough. One thousand NT dollars. Whose is it? This is not enough. It must be expensive. (Should she give it to her husband?) It’s expensive, right? Yes, I have to pay him.

I don’t know if it can be used. But I will pay the money first. (Thank You, Master.) (How to used it is described in the instruction manual.) An instruction manual, OK, but I have to pay to take it. OK? Who will lend me money? I will pay back later. Not you. The contact persons in Taiwan (Formosa) or someone like that. Or I have no way to pay back. This is not enough anyway. Is this enough? Is NT$3,000 enough? I don’t know how much it costs. More. Do you know his name? OK, how much should it be?

(In fact, it’s not for sale. It’s just to be blessed by Master.) She has to know. Otherwise I cannot take it. You have to tell me. Otherwise I cannot take it. (I do not know the price.) Then you take it back.

You know very clearly that I don’t accept gifts. OK? If you want me to try, I need to pay. (Then we take the blessed money, just one piece of money.) What? I don’t understand. (NT$1,000 is OK.) Oh, NT$1,000 is not enough. Is this made of porcelain? (Yes, it is porcelain.) (Yes.) So, it’s not very expensive stuff. That material is not expensive. But the value of the invention. (It is a new invention.)

Ask her again later to see how much? NT$1,000 is certainly not enough. I will give you NT$4,000. I do have money. I will pay back a little later. Remember which one. You need to get the money from the accountant. OK? The business people here have money. My businesses, OK, please. (No problem.) How much money should I pay? NT$4,000, OK? (The sister said NT$1,000 would be fine, Master. Thank You.) No, no. NT$1,000 is not enough, NT$4,000, OK?

Thanks a lot. I will try it. (Thank You.) I will ask those mechanics specialized in automobiles. Then I’ll know how to use it. I will try it. If... If it really saves fuel and is environmentally friendly, of course I will be very happy. OK. Finished. (Thank You.) OK, who else wants to sell things to me? Come here. OK, anything else? It’s good.

You can speak Korean? Yeah, you should speak in Korean, no? Just now she spoke Hungarian? I mean Mongolian or Korean? Just now. (Mongolian.) Mongolian? Yeah, you should speak Korean. Should speak Korean, we have Korean translator. It’s better. Never mind, it’s good.

I’m not buying anymore. Today, I was also given this one. Supposed to be good for water. It’s OK, this small gift, I can take. It’s from some government people. But I also returned something. Of course, I don’t give him money, because it may be bribery, it’s the trouble. So, I gave something else. I went outside to buy some vegetables and gave to him. Vegetables, fruit, (vegan) cakes, stuff, outside. Because I was…

No, no, it’s all for you. All for you. It might cost more, but that’s good enough for now. Because I don’t know the value yet. I only pay you the capital, the material cost. If it’s valuable, you could sell for more, of course. But I don’t know, I have to try. Good?

(This, this...) No, no, no, it’s OK. It’s good. Take it, take it. It’s not much, Taiwanese (Formosan) money is not much. 4,000 (NTD), how much is that in US dollar? Thirty? ($150.) Huh? ($150 dollars.) $150? (One hundred something.) $150, it’s OK. (Let me take this and give You this.) It’s OK. You don’t argue with me, otherwise you take it back. I don’t have time arguing. Not only I have to buy and now I have to argue with her. Any other question? No more selling. Yes. I know you don’t want to take money, but I have to pay.

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