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Between Master and Disciples

Whatever We Want, We Will Have It, Part 8 of 12, Dec. 10, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese (中文)
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Buddhists are most annoyed of and are forbidden to practice magic power or spells. It was forbidden by the Buddha. From the beginning until His passing away, the Buddha never permitted anyone to do it.

For example, of course I can’t openly do lectures in mainland China, not at the present time. If I go there I can’t talk too much. So I don’t go. Then some people will voluntarily say, “Oh, Master doesn’t come. I will be a master myself.” Then he starts to touch everybody, and make their light become dark. I tell you that some people are like that. Understand? They don’t know what real spiritual practice is. A monk like that one is an unacceptable type of monk. If Buddha was alive, He would have expelled him or fixed him. No monk should do that. Understand?

That belongs to those with black magic or the witches. These types of people would curse others. Who else would do it? No Buddhist monks would do that. Have you ever seen any monk who chants spells and curses others all the time? No. They have morning chanting and evening chanting. (He accuses others in hell.) Accusing others is not a monk’s business. We Buddhist monks don’t accuse anyone. I’ve never heard any Buddhist monk that would sue others, accuse others in Heaven, or accuse outside people. This is because he doesn’t practice well and goes astray. He is not a Buddhist monk. It’s better not to talk about him and ruin the reputation of the Buddhist monks. (A small temple.) No matter it’s small or big, Buddhist monks have never done these things.

Have you ever heard that any Buddhist monk burns spells, sues others, accuses others in Heaven, or accuses other people? Yes? (No.) No. They just save people, love people, and forgive them. Never has anyone been like this. No Buddhist will. OK? Buddhists are most annoyed of and are forbidden to practice magic power or spells. It was forbidden by the Buddha. From the beginning until His passing away, the Buddha never permitted anyone to do it. This is a misguidance. It’s not right. Yes. He didn’t practice correctly. He was not guided by an enlightened Master. Understand? He didn’t study the scriptures well, didn’t understand the scriptures if he read them. And he uses his monk status to harm others. It’s wrong. If you see him again, tell him that I said he is not right, and ask him to improve. Otherwise, don’t claim himself to be a Buddhist monk. He has ruined the Buddhist order. Some people are like that.

I also had an assistant before. I am telling you. His/her inner quality was not so good. And he/she couldn’t even turn on the light. Whenever he/she touched the light, it went dark. I asked him/her to turn on the light, but he/she couldn’t do it. And it was I, the old lady, to run out to turn it on. He/she said, “Master, the light is broken.” I said, “What’s broken? You are broken, not the light.” I had to turn on the light myself. Understand? Whatever he/she touched would go bad. His/her inside didn’t practice well. I am not saying that person is the only one like that. But a monk, a Buddhist monk, even the worst monk wouldn’t do these things.

(I told him at that time you could go, but don’t bring my head with you.) Yes. That’s why at the time of initiation, you were instructed to avoid allowing others to touch your head. Yes? Avoid if you can. OK? If he touches, recite the Five Holy Names to protect yourself. Yes, there was no way, because you were there and couldn’t run away. I also can’t help you anything. OK? Sorry. Slowly it will get dissolved.

Yes. The two from far away, the one in red, and the other in brown.

(Hi, Master!) Speak. (So...) Later you just hold it. (Actually, we the mainland Chinese initiates have a wish that our group can become official in mainland. We have some thoughts and want to hear Your opinion.)

Go submit your application. If the government is OK, I am OK. (Yes.) I can’t control your government. (Yes, yes. We just want to ask You. The government is slowly more and more enlightened now. Therefore, we…) Just apply for it. (We are wondering if a few of us can apply to the government to see if it can be official. For example...) OK. (Can we do it?) Try it. (OK. Thank You, Master. Thank You.) You are welcome. Give it a try.

(Hi, Master.) Hi. (On October 4th, we performed a chorus. Because at the time it was urgent, we didn’t rehearse enough, just a few times. When we finished, we thought there would be a screening in the morning, but we performed directly. After the performance, in the afternoon and evening during meditation, I saw Master’s transcendental body on the stage conducting us and allowing us to sing smoothly.)

Thank you. (The song is called “Follow You Forever.” It was a chorus.) OK. Thank you. (Thank You.) Thank you for letting me work. It’s an honor to sing with you. (Yes.) It’s always like this. If you didn’t do well, you blame Master; if you did well, you thank Master. But I didn’t do anything. (We can’t blame Master.) Don’t blame me? Good. (Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. The boy behind.

(Master. Hi, Master.) Hi. (I have two questions regarding young initiates.) OK. (My baby received half initiation from Master on the 3rd.) OK. (I feel that he has better experience than I do. I am worried.) No need to worry. It’s just embarrassing. (I worry if I will affect his uplifting.) Affecting him? No, you won’t.

(The other question is that if a young initiate meditates longer than half an hour will it be a problem?) No. It’s OK. (And then, we adults have full initiation. We have Five Holy Names to test the inner realms. If he sees realms, how can he choose? Is there another way to test?) No problem. He has the Master. (He has the Master.) The Master will protect him.

(For example, one time before he was initiated, when I was meditating, he saw a crystal ball jumping on my hand. But I didn’t know if the crystal ball was good or bad. It didn’t disappear when I recited the Five Holy Names. At last, it was still jumping on my hand. The crystal ball told him that it was because it couldn’t stand in balance. Then I felt I wasn’t sure if it’s good or bad.) It can’t be bad. (It can’t bad, right?) Yeah. (Eventually I chased it away. Because…) It was OK. You are all like that. Instead of being afraid of the maya, you are afraid of the Buddha. (No. It’s because it brought many other beings that had crystal light. At that time I wasn’t sure. It’s something that my child told me. I didn’t know how to test it.) Recite the Five Holy Names.

(I have another question. It’s about his schooling. He is six and a half years old. According to the normal education system, he will need to go to elementary school at the age of seven. But for now I don’t plan to send him to the traditional school, because he follows an education software to learn Chinese words. Now he can read about half of the daily Chinese words. So I don’t want to… I wish Master can lecture us in this area.) What do you want me to do? Go to school for you? (If he doesn’t go to the traditional school and is studying well at home, can he choose and continue on this path?) If you want, you go. Whoever wants to go to a school, just go, if the situation allows. Going to a school is not a problem, why not?

(It’s because he is learning well and progressing quickly by himself. At this pace, he can finish learning all the Chinese words taught in elementary school within one or two years.) (Study by himself at home.) Why doesn’t he want to go to school? (Instead of going to school, he can study at home.) At home by himself? (Yes.) (He said that he is studying by himself at home now and is doing well. Should he continue learning by himself, or should he go to school?) To study at home or to go to the public school? (Yes.) It’s better to go outside, with professional teachers. If you study by yourself at home, is it OK? Then how could you take exam?

(He is doing like this. I downloaded some education software from the web. And he has followed the software to study and is learning very fast.) OK. If his parents are OK, and he can take exams, it’s fine. (He likes to study this way himself. Now I am looking after him alone, so his family is definitely fine with it.) OK. Why do you ask me? (I want Master to confirm if this concept is correct or not.)

Some people learn a lot at home. (Yes.) The main point is if you need to take exams and need to get a certificate. If you can take exams, it’s OK. Understand? (Yes.) If studying at home can also let him take exams and get a certificate, it’s OK. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time. Then you can’t go outside and prove who you are. Understand? (Yes, yes.) So, staying home is OK. It mainly depends on what you want. If you just want the knowledge, a little knowledge, and don’t need a graduation certificate, studying anywhere is OK, at home or to go to school. If you want to graduate, or he wants to graduate and have a certificate in order to find a job, or continue to take exams for higher education, depending on if you are capable. OK? (OK. Thank You, Master.)

Some people prefer to study at home. It’s also valid. Some parents don’t want their children to go out, and are afraid that they learn bad things at school outside or being contaminated. It happens. So they teach their children at home, or find teachers to come and teach them. It also happens. It depends on what you want. It’s fine if it’s beneficial to you. Yeah, next one. Behind there. Run. Why two persons are there?

(I want to ask Master a question. Some time ago, the Chinese government continuously sent someone to contact our initiates, wants to get the Quan Yin Method officialized in China. Among them, one government official told our initiates directly that if we continue to apply, we will be officialized. Later, the government wanted to know the attitude of our group toward the Chinese Communist Party. Because in mainland China, if a social group wants to be officialized, it has to support the Chinese Communist Party. At that time, he asked us to provide a report. I would like to ask Master, for our organization in China what attitude or position we should hold toward the Chinese Communist Party?)

Express what? It’s your government, so of course you should support it. (Yes, of course all our initiates in mainland China support the Chinese Communist Party. It’s just that they want to know the view of our International Association, including Master, regarding the Chinese Communist Party.)

I have no view. I am just a spiritual practitioner. I am not against your government. When they do good things, I also praise them. Understand? I am not against anything. Your government is doing well and is helping many countries. Right? I think they are very good. Communist or not communist, it is just a name. It’s your own country. Of course, you should respect the law in your country, respect your government and don’t do anything against it.

Of course, you should respect your government and cooperate with them. Understand? Spiritual practice is different from the society. Whether communism or the free world sometimes it is just a name. Communism is not necessarily bad and democracy is not necessarily good. It depends on the government, if the government is open or not.

I feel your government is very good. Otherwise, how can you come here? (Yes.) No matter what. You can come here. Yes? (It’s very good now.) It’s very good already. You have food and clothing. You have enough clothes to wear, have jobs to do and food to eat. (Yes.) These indicate your government is very good. Which area is not good? You see what I mean? (Yes.) It’s very free. You see you can go to any country. And you have food and vegetables to eat, and clothes to keep warm. I don’t feel anything wrong with the government. (The government is good.)

The government is good. I have said many good things about the government of mainland China. You didn’t watch them. (We did watch.) (We should abide by the law.) Huh? (We should abide by the government law.) Rules are necessary. (Rules are needed.) Understand? Yes. (Master has been praising mainland China.) Yes, I have! I praise whoever does good deeds, no matter which government, mainland or minor land. Doing good deeds, I praise. Doing bad deeds, I offer criticism sometimes.

(Some people know that Master praises them.) Yes. A few days ago, they reported that your president... He told you, “We are a country of faith.” Yes? A country of faith includes the Buddhist faith. It’s very, very good. They also promote veganism. They work with a few large Jewish companies to make vegan foods for people to eat, to produce those vegan foods that look like meat. But they are made in a laboratory, not from killing animals. So the government is great. What other government do you want? You see? You have so much money to come to see me. Even if it takes two to three days, you still can come. This means you have a lot of freedom. Why so secretive? Do you think they don’t know where you are going? What secret? You think you did it secretly. The government knows everything. (Yes, yes.) Oh, nonsense. Their computers are so advanced now that wherever you go, they can dig you out. (Yes.) There is no secret. (They know everything.) What is secret in this era?

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