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Always Spread More Love (Part 1 of 2) July 2, 2013

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文),English,Czech(čeština)
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It’s a problem when we have a lot of big ego. Then we do things wrong. We just want to do it the way that profit us, or whatever the way we think, and don’t consider anybody else or anything else, then we do wrong. (Yes.) Should use intelligence, but the ego clouds it all. Even people have intelligence, if they have ego, they become less intelligent. 
If the ego is too high, then the level is too low. That is definitely like that. It’s never an exception that you have a lot of ego and then high level at the same time. No. I have seen that. I have seen that. If their positive power is very low already and their ego is high, even though they’re positive, but low, like the border, then the negative power still can influence them. Maybe not 24 hours, but whenever they want or whenever the opportunity arises to hinder their practice. But you’re talking to the ego is like talking to the dead bamboo here. That’s the thing. They don’t even think they have ego, that’s the problem. 
But even if you have ego, you have to pray, you pray to Heaven, pray to all the gods and goddesses, your protectors, the Master Power, “Please help me to erase the ego.” “Please help me to be more humble, more selfless.” Not because want to go high maybe, but it’s a nice thing to be selfless and to be humble. Because then everybody will like you. And when everybody likes you, that means there’s a happy atmosphere. When we have a happy atmosphere, everything goes smoothly for everybody. And they have no thorn in their heart because of your presence, because of your wrongdoing, because of your argumentative attitude, or because of your pushy mentality. So that’s also a service to humankind and to all beings if we are more selfless and egoless. 
I even check myself all the time. I say, “Do I still have ego?” I ask. Now and then, I check to make sure. And I say to Heaven, “If I ever do harm to any being by anything accidentally or not, please compensate for them.” “Take it out from my spiritual merit bank account, and give it to them according to their earning and plus over.” 
We have to always humbly, introvertly be checking ourselves, whether it is really from ego or not. Of course, sometimes it’s from the karma and all that. But the ego also is a very bad thing to have around, bad for everybody, not just for you. It’s really a block in your spiritual progress and a thorn in the feet of everybody else around. It causes a lot of damage, causes a lot of trouble.
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