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Great News from Heaven: Galactic Control Totally Smashed October 1, 2017

Lecture Language:Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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I’ll tell you the good news. Those powerful gods in the realms that are somewhat beyond Ihôs Kư, those godses have already smashed all the mechanisms that have been controlling our world. That’s what they did. All of them! Because I’m tired already, and I don’t want to put up with anymore abuse. I said, “OK, I don’t care whatever bad karma or blessings I receive. Just destroy all the controlling mechanisms. Also, from now on, if there’re any bad guys, send them elsewhere; send them back to where they belong.” So, then I asked … I was afraid that I didn’t understand, or that they didn’t understand, so I asked, “Then, what did you do?” They said, “Smashed all the machines.” Yeah. And also, “Took care of all the bad.” Yeah, something like that, meaning they had smashed all the machines that are invisible to us. Only they can do that. All the magical powers in the Astral world up to the Fifth Level and beyond can’t do that.

So, it’s very important that you don’t just applaud, but also help me thank the gods in the realms beyond Ihôs Kư, OK? Of course the effect won’t be instant. It takes at least two months before you can feel the effect. By then you’ll have smoother meditation, OK? (Yeah.) The enlightened ones will become more enlightened and more clear-thinking. The unenlightened ones will slowly wake up and will understand. People will become more moral. Some people will wake up quickly, and some will be slower. But people won’t be so strictly controlled and oppressed to the degree that they don’t know why they’re doing bad things, or that they’re unable to escape from this world. It’s because the world has been surrounded by control on all sides, and people couldn’t get out.

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