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Be a Farmer and Naturally Feel Happy (Part 1 of 3) June 30, 2013

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Dry beans of all kinds. Very easy to plant. If your garden has those metal fences with the holes, all you do is just clean a little bit around the fence, next to the fence, put your finger in it, and put the beans. And it will grow. (Oh really?) Yeah. It will crawl on the fence, and you can’t eat enough of it. You might have to give it to the neighbor because there will be a lot. So easy. And beans have enough protein and are easy to plant. And after you eat it all, you replant anew. A bag of beans is only fifty cents or something. You can plant it and you eat it like many months. And full of protein. And fresh, and organic, because you plant it yourself. When I did it, I did not need any fertilizer, nothing. They grow so easy and quick. And these things, I don’t ever see the worms eat them. They don’t eat them. And there are some kinds of salad (lettuce) or greens, it’s very easy. Instead of planting the grass in your garden, you just loosen the earth and then sprinkle these salad seeds on it, and sprinkle again with earth on top. And just leave it there. Before you know it, oh, salad coming. All kinds of things, very easy to plant in different seasons. When you buy the packet they sell you, the best in your country is to plant from what month to what month. So every different season, you have different food. It’s self-sufficient and it’s very nice to eat your own food. If have land, plant vegetables, salad. 
Oh, so nice to do it. So nice. And when you eat them, it feels different than the ones you buy in the market. Sweeter, crunchier, and you just feel so good. So connected with nature. Please, remember. Be a farmer. Farmer, farmer, farmers. Have fun, okay? Instead of spending your time thinking nonsense sometimes, or feeling sad about something, just go and plant a pot of flowers, fruits, vegetables. Spend your energy on something conducive, and then you’ll feel happy. We are made from earth and water anyway. So if you are in contact with earth and water, that also makes you feel like you are in your element. You naturally feel happy. That’s why the research, I told you already, the research has found out that the most happily married couples are the farmers. They work together every day and they watch their things grow. And they eat from their own food, from their own labor. Must be a very happy life, so contented. And also because they work in the sun all the time, in the fresh air. Sun makes you happy. Fresh air makes you healthy. And then you bend up and down, you’re digging here and there. It’s like exercise. So it’s all this combined together, no wonder they’re happy. And when they’re happy, their marriage lasts long.
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