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Between Master and Disciples

Supporting Good Leaders for a Happy and Peaceful World, Part 1 of 2, Sep. 16, 2021

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I’m not for any political agenda or any personal gain, that’s why I just support whoever is good for the country and for the world, because that is in my heart that everyone should be satisfied in their country, in the world, and have peace, prosperity, happiness. (Yes.) Therefore, I support anyone who does that.

“Media Report from ABC NEWS Juju Chang September 15, 2021: Breaking news as we come on the air this hour, Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom will keep his job.”

“Media Report from FOX NEWS September 15, 2021: 67.3%, 32%, that means that Gavin Newsom will not be recalled.”

“Governor of California Gavin Newsom: Coming out of this recall, I want to turn the page and express respect and a deep sense of responsibility, not just to those that voted ‘no’ on this recall but those that voted ‘yes.’ They matter, I care, and I want them to know I’m going to do my best to have their backs as well. Tonight I’m humbled, grateful but resolved in the spirit of my political hero, Robert Kennedy, to make more gentle the life of this world.”

(We have some questions to ask, Master.) Sure, sure. Go ahead.

(Governor Newsom survived the California recall with a clear majority. If Master is pro-Trump, why does Master support Governor Newsom, who is a Democrat?)

Do you expect that I am a Republican somewhat? (Well, if You’re pro-Trump, he’s a Republican, Master.) Oh… OK. That’s not my fault that America has two parties. (Yes.) Anyway, I am not pro-Trump, and I am not pro-Newsom. I am pro-fairness. I’m pro-Americans. I’m pro-world citizens. (Yes.) Anyone who is good for Americans, then he is a good American government worker. (Understand.) So Trump was excellent for Americans, so I supported that. (Yes.) I support anything that’s good for Americans through any leader or persons.

So, I told you in some conference a long time ago that Governor Newsom is a very good person. (Yes.) Well, of course, he has maybe some of his misjudgment because of another system. Like the church decided for something, and he goes with it, that’s all. (Yes.) Maybe without much thinking. But overall, he’s a very good governor for your… California is a state. (California.) Of course. You’re from California. So you see that? He’s very good overall, mostly, for your state. So I am pro-Newsom. (Yes, understand.)

I’m not pro-Democrat, I’m not pro-Republican, I’m pro-nobody, (Understand.) only the one who is good for his country, his people, or his world. Because his world is my world too. (Yes, yes.) And his state is my state too; his country is also my country. Because whatever affects one state, affects the whole country; whatever affects the country, affects the whole world. You see that? (Yes, definitely.) I’m not here for any political motivation, agenda, nada, nothing. He’s good, you can see that. Right? (Yes, yes, he’s definitely good.) You know Newsom is good, as good as it gets in this world. (Understand.) What it means is that, his heart is good, his intention is good. (Yes.) So if you cannot find a better person, which I doubt for this moment, to replace Newsom, then better to keep him. (Yes, yes, definitely.) He’s the best now for California. And other things, maybe he agreed with something, it’s because it’s already there. (Yes, understand.)

You’re happy with my answer? (Yes, very happy, Master.) (Well, but just…) Tell me. (Most people who support one political party, do not support the other political party.) Yes. (But Master just did answer that Master doesn’t support any parties and just supports the people.) Because I am not anybody. I’m not any other person. I’m here to help but not to go for any of my profit.

People support one party and not support the other, because that party appeals to them for some reason, (Yes.) and maybe it’s good for their business, and good for what they expect to do in their daily life, or in some political agenda, or some business deal. (Yes, I understand.) Therefore, they might agree with the other party on some points, but overall, they agree more with the party that they support. It’s mostly for personal, (Yes.) for personal gain or ideas or business, or I don’t know, or sometimes even a personal relationship with some person in that party. (Yes.) But I am not in any party, and I’m glad I’m not. (Yes, understand.)

You know, sometimes people vote for the wrong person or persons due to propaganda, public relations, or media bias. In this fuzzy world, it is not so easy to get things right, if one is not clear-minded enough, so that one can be an independent thinker or decider. It is a pity but it is like that. (Yes.)

I don’t know if I can deal with any politics. To be a Master like this is already a lot, a lot of work. (Yes, understand.) In a way, it is similar to some leaders of the countries, and even worse than that. Today I was thinking to myself, oh, how have I survived all these years? All these decades. (Yes, we wonder.) Dodging bullets and running from knives, and… (Yes, we can’t imagine.) And even having to endure body searches in the airport (Wow.) all the time whenever I’m out of the country, any country. Even searching the whole body and even private parts and… I was thinking, oh my God, I don’t think I can do that again. (Yes.) I mean, avoiding gunpoint is something, and avoiding bullets is another thing.

And moving houses for security also. And running from one place after another, just to keep myself safe so that I can continue my work. (Yes, I don’t know how You do it, Master.) And all this defamation as well. But the psychological and mental stress sometimes is really… like you don’t know. It’s true, you don’t know. (Yes.) Also all kinds of problems in the world, and even disciples’ problems, etc. Not just from that, but I can’t remember everything as well. And of course the attack of the astral beings, astral hell level, and disciples also. Some hell level disciples attacked because they are working for hell. As well as those demons and ghosts, always try to make trouble. Sometimes really serious. Etc. (Yes, understand.) And I have to deal with spies that are planted in our circle, inside and outside, and also with these jealous black magicians’ wicked, wicked magic and all that. And more. I can’t remember all well.

I also don’t know how I’ve done all that, all these years. The politicians or leaders, they have it better because they have bodyguards. (Yes, yes.) They have airplanes ready anytime for them. Or at least they have people who are supporting them. For me, it’s different. Never mind…

I’m not for any political agenda or any personal gain, that’s why I just support whoever is good for the country and for the world, because that is in my heart that everyone should be satisfied in their country, in the world, and have peace, prosperity, happiness. (Yes.) Therefore, I support anyone who does that.

Now you understand why I’m pro-Trump but I support Mr. Newsom ‒ in my speech only. There’s not much I can do. (Yes, yes.) But at least I explained it so people who hesitate to vote for Newsom, they would understand why they vote for him, and they can rethink whether or not they should continue voting for him. (Yes. Yes.) Because it is not fair for a good person to be persecuted and defamed for any reason. Because nobody else would be better for their state, or for their country. Therefore, I have to help whatever way I can. In my humble way, in my weak, not-powerful position way, and risky way even. (Yes.) Because if you support one party or one person, you risk offending the rest, (Oh yes, definitely.) the others, and that is not a good position to be in. Especially when you gain nothing. What for you talk? (Yes. Yes.) So you can see I’m just truly unconditional and fair, that’s all. (Yes.)

You happy now? (Yes, Master.) Are you happy for your state that he’s still there? (Oh yes, definitely very happy.) They should vote for him again next time. (Yes.)

I like President Trump because he’s just also good like that. In different ways. And a broader way. (Yes.) Not because he’s a Republican. (Yes.) I support also President Clinton, not because he’s a Democrat. I couldn’t even care who is a Demo or who is not Demo. Are you happy now? (Yes, Master.)

Congratulations, by the way, that you have a good governor back to your state. (Yes, wonderful.) Taking care of your people and the animals there as much as he can. (Yes.) Especially the vulnerable, the downtrodden, and the homeless, and the innocent wild animals, (Yes.) and other animals as well.

(Since Master supported Governor Newsom in the past conferences ‒ Master mentioned the positive things about him,) Yes. (did that have any effect on the recall votes now?)

Ah! I don’t want to claim any credit. It’s all God’s Grace. (Yes.) God probably wanted to help a good man. (Yes.) And my talk would maybe clear some of the doubts from the minds of your co-citizens, and maybe make them rethink and vote for him again. (Yes.) It’s possible, but I myself don’t claim credit for anything. You can think about that yourself. (Yes. Yes.) Everyone else can judge for themselves. I just praise God that it happens in your co-citizens’ favor. I praise and thank God that something good your citizens deserved, happened. (Yes. We thank God for that.) Thank God, that’s all we do, and praise God. (Yes.)

Any other questions, my love? (Yes.) Or any comment on that?

(Texas has recently passed a law banning abortion. What does Master think about this law?)

Oh, any killing harms our planet, harms the safety of the world. Any killing of innocents, especially babies in the womb, even it’s yours but it’s God-given. So any killing like that would bring disaster to our world, to everybody.

“EWTN Interview Father Fidelis Moscinski July 7, 2021: Every day in New York State, about 289 unborn children are killed through abortion.”

“The Guardian Interview July 7, 2021: Regardless of anything else, I thought of the babies that are being killed every day. It’s very sad.”

“Media Report from EWTN Interview Texas State Senator Eddie LucioJr. July7, 2021: When I hear a person’s beating heart, I don’t just hear their heart, I hear their soul speaking and I listen carefully.”

“Source: Twitter@GregAbbott_TX Governor of Texas Greg Abbott May 19, 2021: Our Creator endowed us with the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year. I’m about to sign the Bill that ensures that the life of every unborn child who has a heartbeat will be saved from the ravages of abortion.”

“Media Report from WFAA May 7, 2021: The Heartbeat Bill is to protect the unborn child when a heartbeat is detected as early as six weeks. Republican State Senator Shelby Slawson is the lead sponsor of the Bill, who shared her personal story, saying that her mother was given a ‘dim prognosis of an abnormally developing baby,’ and that baby, Slawson says, is her.”

“The Guardian Interview July 7, 2021: I was a victim of sexual assault. At one point, I was contemplating abortion. (And is this the baby?) This is the miracle baby, yes.”

So, it is good, that, to remind people not to do any killing of the innocents. (Yes.) Of course, people won’t like it. Many women, I think, went on demonstration, right? (Yes, yes. They did.) Very strongly. But I think it’s better not to abort any fetus. They’re innocent. (Yes.) They are new citizens, we should welcome them with warmth and love, and take care. And if you could not take care and you, by the way, happen to be pregnant, you can give birth and give it to someone else who’d love to have a child and cannot have. (Yes.) Then that makes two people happy, the baby and the new family. (Definitely.) And makes yourself also happy because your conscience agrees with that and blesses you. (Yes.)

“Media Report from Genesis Media Solutions Adoptive Parents Matt and Katie January 2018:…… was born already. (What?) Yeah! (She was born already?) Yeah! Oh, my God. (It’s a girl?) I’m sorry. (Yeah, can you tell me anything else?) Seven pounds, nine ounces. She was born in Raleigh and they’re transporting her to Charlotte on Friday, and she’s already revoked her rights. She’s ready. (What? Oh, my gosh.) (You guys are parents!) (Oh my God.) Hey, Natalie. Hey! Hi! I’m your dad.”

“EWTN Interview Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. April 11,2021: I’m one of ten kids. There were actually nine of us and my mother and father had such a compassionate heart, they adopted a four-month-old baby girl that was dying, and she’s my sister now and she’s 67 years old today. And we love her dearly, so we were shown and taught to be good neighbors and a caring person that we ought to be, and respect humanity.”

The women nowadays, if get themselves pregnant, that is a very unthinkable thing. There are many things to prevent it. If you don’t have a stable relationship, I mean if you are not in a marriage, then it’s better you be careful. If you don’t want children, you have preventive medicine. You have preventive means to stop that. (Yes.) So, if you make a mistake and you get yourself pregnant, then you cannot blame the little baby inside. You cannot kill for your mistake. That’s what I think. (Yes.) You cannot kill, because that will have a bad consequence on you, on your body, on your psyche, on your mental, on your conscience. You might try to ignore it, but it will gnaw at you all your life ‒ and afterlife, because a life killed is a life that has to be repaid. (Yes.)

“Media Report from 100 Huntley Street June 29, 2011:

Reporter:Statistics show that one in six of all North American women have experienced abortion at least once.

Jenny McDermid: All I could think about was, ‘How do I get myself out of this terrible mess as quickly as possible?’ And I had an abortion within the hour. I didn’t take time to think about it.

Susan: I made the decision out of fear, fear of embarrassment, fear of the neighbors finding out, fear of the people that I went to school find out about… my friends find out… It was all about… the decision was made out of fear.

Dionne: I chose it. I chose to have an abortion.

Jenny McDermid: We’ve brought it on ourselves, and it is our own child that is lost at our own hand. We hate what we have done, and we have to live with that, the reality of that. Some women go into meltdown immediately after an abortion procedure and others can keep things buttoned down for a long time, and I was one of those. But there was a deadness and a flatness and a grayness to my life that I just could no longer deny. And wonderful things were happening around me, but I just didn’t feel as if I could engage with joy. I just had refused to go to that place where I could resolve that loss.

Dionne: I just pushed it down, pretended it didn’t happen, but I found that something had really changed within me. I didn’t trust myself anymore, I didn’t trust other people anymore, I built a wall around myself. I didn’t let anybody in. I turned to sort of clichés, like drinking and drugs and food.

Reporter: Susan, not her real name, says she woke up suddenly in the middle of the night on the 30th anniversary of her abortion. (The lightbulb went on and I finally realized that I’d spent the last 30 years sort of hating my mom, hating myself, not being able to come to terms with what I had done.) Susan’s mother encouraged her to have the abortion, saying it would release her from the trap of early motherhood or a marriage of convenience. But in fact, she says, it did the opposite. (When you have a secret inside that’s so shameful and painful, you just start to shut off everything in your life. You shut down in your relationships, you shut down in any dreams.)”

“BBC Interview Bernadette Goulding May 26, 2018: The biggest regret of my life is having had my abortion. Initially there’s relief because your problem is gone and you feel like everything is going to be fine, your life will get back to normal. But very soon afterwards, I began to realize that was not the case for me. I began to… I had an emptiness inside, like there was something missing. I had terrible grief, terrible guilt, terrible shame. It’s very shaming, and of course it’s also very isolating. I suppose my right to choose, took away the right to live for my child. How come we can define when somebody’s heart is stopped, that they’re dead, and yet when their heart starts beating, we cannot say there’s a life there? My baby was alive. My baby’s little heart was beating under my heart at 21 days. And I wish that I had realized and known that, that somebody had sat with me and encouraged me to give life to my child. There are so many families out there who can’t have babies of their own, who would just love to adopt a child.”

So that’s my humble opinion. It’s not my humble opinion ‒ my outright opinion. (Yes, yes.) I am also against abortion, because you don’t have to do that, unless the doctor advises you for some reason. (Understand.) For some good, good reason for the child’s sake, or sometimes the child and the mother’s sake. (Yes.)

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