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Between Master and Disciples

Governments Should Be Pro-Life and Promote Veganism, Part 1 of 8, Oct. 11, 2021

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Talking about constitutional rights, the babies are Americans. (Yes.) They are born in America. They’re born from American parents. (Yes.) So they are Americans. The Americans have the constitutional law to be protected, supported and nourished. (Yes, Master.) So, to kill babies is not constitutional.

Hallo! (Hallo, Master!) You guys are OK? (Yes! We’re OK.) Everything good? (Yes, good!) Willing to sacrifice? (Always, yes, Master!) Thank you so much for looking in the same direction. (Thank You, Master.) I don’t know if you love me, but if you look in the same direction as I do, then, I am happy already. (We all love You very much, Master.) I love you guys enough for both of us. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) So, no need for you to even contribute to that. It’s OK. Master knows everything. Master does everything. That’s what you always tell me; all of you. (Yes. That’s right, that’s right.) Disciples always tell me like that. And I believe it. (It’s true, Master. It’s true.) I am easy.

Sorry, it’s not the time that you can see me, my face, I mean, but I look similar. Same. (OK. We understand, Master.) Maybe one or two wrinkles more? But that’s a usual thing. (Yes, usual things.) You’re used to it already, (Yes.) so don’t worry. And even it has a good point is that if I don’t show up, you don’t see my face, maybe you can concentrate more on my speech and maybe understand better. Who knows? One moment.

I come back. No problem, I just had a quick drink. (OK, Master.) So that the voice feels still beautiful. Where were we? We’re all good. (Yes, Master.) I have learned that in Germany, when you cough, just take three small sips of water. (Oh!) Then it will be better. (Oh, OK. Understand.) I mean if it’s a maybe normal cough or windy weather cough or just something in your throat. But if it’s a sickness, serious cough, then, it’s different. (Yes, understand.) You can’t cure that, I don’t think with three sips of water. And I was looking for a center, an ashram in Germany. (Yes.) Then, we went to that area and I was coughing a little and this is what the real estate agent told me. (Oh.) He went to his storage, got me a bottle of water, opened it, ordered me to drink it. He said just three small sips. And it did help! (Oh.) So, ever since I used it. (Oh, that’s good.) And if it doesn’t work, I drink again. (OK.) (That’s a good tip, Master.) (Thank You for the tip.) I know.

I thank that German guy. Every time, mostly, physically, whenever I try to do something for other people, I benefit somehow. (Yes, Master.) If I didn’t go there and look for a place like that, I wouldn’t have had this tip. (Yes.) But later on, the deal did not go through. It doesn’t matter. It’s OK. But this guy, he was really, really good. He’s so good, so good. I was trying to look for a bigger ashram in Europe. Remember those times? (Yes, Master.) That’s how I went there. The deal did not go through. Not on our part, but on the other party. (…….) Anyway.

Do you have anything from the team? (Yes, Master, we have some questions.) The questions? Yeah, tell me.

“Media Report from PBS Oct. 7, 2021:

Reporter(f): The new Texas law is effectively a ban on almost all abortions in the state. And that’s what the people behind it intended.

Rebecca Parma(f): We’re estimating that between 100 and 150 pre-born children and their mothers are being spared from abortion every day in Texas, while this law is in effect.

Reporter(f): They’ve seen a 70% drop in abortion procedures at clinics across the state compared to last year.”

(After the US Appeals Court allowed the Texas anti-abortion law to continue, Biden vowed to fight for women’s constitutional rights to have abortion and is trying to pass a bill allowing abortions up to the day of birth. How can the American people fight him and promote anti-abortion laws instead?)

The American people have to wake up and fight for it. (Yes.) Actually, it’s not constitutional to have abortions. The Constitution would never have advised the citizens of the United States of America to kill. (Yes, that’s right.) Especially to kill their own people. (Yes.) This law is bad. (Yes. It’s very bad.) Worse than ever in America’s history. (Yes.) I heard that. (That’s true.) Even allow up to the day of the birth. Oh, this is terrible, you’re killing outright babies. (Yes, Master.)

“Media Report by 60 Minutes Australia Dec. 9, 2019:

Interviewee(m): When you believe it’s a human being, all abortion is wrong. Abortion is too good a word for it, it is child destruction.

Natalie(f): Most people that I spoke to now, who haven’t dealt with it, don’t realize that you’re presented with a little baby. The same as she would be full-term, just that they’re smaller.

Kid: Hallo again.

Reporter(m): Natalie mourns the girl she never held. Four years on, the pain hasn’t receded; at times the hurt so great, she even thought of ending her own life.

Natalie(f): I really didn’t want to live with the pain anymore, so there was probably times of thinking that I would have rather go and be with her.”

“Media Report by ABC News Oct. 1, 2021 Reporter(m): A lawyer from Mississippi told us off camera that the state’s position is that the Supreme Court got Roe versus Wade (1973 abortion case) egregiously wrong, and that there’s no fundamental right to abortion in the text of the Constitution. The state tells the justices in court documents that long-standing precedent has ‘…damaged the democratic process, poisoned our national discourse, [and] plagued the law…’ Mississippi also argues that a lot has changed since the 1973 decision: ‘adoption is accessible and on a wide scale, women attain both professional success and a rich family life, contraceptives are more available and effective, and scientific advances show that an unborn child has taken on the human form and features months before viability.’ The state’s attorneys argue, ‘States should be able to act on those developments.’”

The American people have to stand up for it. They have to wake up, wake up, wake up, get together and write something in protest against that, because it’s not constitutional. (Yes. That’s right.) Biden, he just uses the Constitution for anything he wants, including killing babies. It’s up to the Americans. (Yes.) They have to pray to God and they have to find their strength, they have to find their voice to protest it. (Yes. Correct.)

Talking about constitutional rights, the babies are Americans. (Yes.) They are born in America. They’re born from American parents. (Yes.) So they are Americans. The Americans have the constitutional law to be protected, supported and nourished. (Yes, Master.) So, to kill babies is not constitutional. (Right. Understand. Yes.) This is just devil’s talk, and woe to whoever is within that circle of influence by the dark force. They should wake up. They should pray hard to get out of that. Otherwise, they’re doing a great sin to themselves. Whoever supports this abominable abortion law will all go to hell. I am telling you all truthfully. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Any Americans are protected by the Constitution, means they are American citizens. They have all the right to live in safety and freedom, not to be killed. They are innocent. They’re not even enemies. (Yes.) They’re not making war with Biden or his administration. They’re just babies. (Yes, Master.) One-month-old, two-month-old babies inside the womb or outside the womb, they are babies. They’re American citizens. By right. (Yes.) By birth. No one has the right to kill them. (Yes, exactly.) That’s very unconstitutional to kill your own citizens ‒ for no reason! (Yes.) For no reason.

And they even want to spend a lot, a lot, a lot of money to pay for that, tax people money to pay for the abortions and even to pay for that abroad as well. (Yes, Master.) Oh, this is terrible. It’s terrible. It’s not morally fit, not even lawfully, that people should go to a party… It’s reported that every Christmas, there are more pregnancies, unwanted ones. (Oh, yes.) They just go party together and get drunk and then do whatever together and then get pregnant. Then some people keep it, some people abort. That is not right. This is not the baby’s fault. (No.) Morally speaking, constitutionally speaking, lawfully speaking, it’s all corrupt, it’s all bad, it’s all wrong. (Yes. Exactly.) It’s all against God as well, spiritually. (Yes, Master.) Right, so it’s no good.

This guy (Biden) is evil, and his administration, the closer ones, for example Harris and Pelosi, they are the same. All the same. And whoever supports the abortion law, they are all evil. They’re all devils inside. They’re all possessed by devils, (Wow.) if they are not devils themselves. Whenever I take the news for you, (Yes.) the headline news, and sometimes there are photos of them in there and you see, I cut in half. (Oh, yes.) You saw that? (Yes.) It’s because I don’t even want to look at them. It disgusted me too much. (Yes, Master.) So I cover their faces, I took only half; I took only whatever I had to. (Yes.) Or I chose another angle or I cover it, so that I don’t have to have their face on for you. I don’t even want to see it. Whenever I see the headline with their face, I roll it up so that I don’t have to see them. I just see the headline or the news if I need to. (Yes.) I hardly read the news. Just the headlines for you. But the headlines is enough for me already. And if I see any of these wicked, devil people, I cover their faces. (Yes, understand.) That’s why sometimes you see my headline and send it to you, only half of their body or completely out. (Yes, we see Master.) Just a little bit, if I cannot avoid, then just a little. (Yes.) Not even I want to look at them. If I hear them speaking, I tune it off. Because it makes me sick. (Understand, Master.) It makes me sick, the true devil at work.

No Constitution in this abortion law. (Yes, Master.) Even the blind people can see that it’s not correct. They abuse the Constitution, they abuse their power to kill your own people. (Yes, Master.) They are worse than any enemies. They’re worse than a terrorist. (Wow. Yes.) They (terrorists) protect from the killing of their own innocent people. (Yes, exactly.) The terrorists, they only fight when they think Americans are their enemy or where maybe Americans bombed them somewhere else. (Yes, Master.) But these innocent babies, they are Americans, for God’s sake. And they’re innocent. They’re unarmed. They’re harmless. And they are children of God. (That’s true.) And they’re going to contribute to America. They’re killing them before they could even talk. These are wicked, they’re worse than the evil in hell. Worse than Satan. Well, they’re just working for Satan anyway.

Is it clear to you or not? (Yes, Master.) Good. Actually, I don’t want to talk about all this, but what can I do? I cannot just turn a blind eye to the suffering of the innocent babies. (Yes, Master.) And then, it makes an example for other countries as well, for all the babies in the world to suffer. My God. They’re all demons, all these people, or possessed by demons, whoever decided this or designed this, or supported or stamped it to sign into law. They’re all evil. (Yes.) They’ll all go back to hell and be locked in there forever. They would never be able to see the sun again. That’s why I’m telling you, their fate. (Yes, Master.)

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