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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 9 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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Once we don’t have this body, it’s all transparent, all very clear. We can see; we know everything. But all these instruments and torture, we invented it. (Yes. Right.) The way we treat others and treat animal-people, torturing babies and infants inside the womb already, all this will be used against us, (Yes.) against whoever did it and don’t even repent and don’t U-turn.

This world is so scary. My God. (Yes, very. Yes.) And it ends always deadly, anyway. (Yes.) But still, meanwhile, it’s so scary. Imagine hell is even ten million times worse. (Oh, my God!) And all kinds of punishments, all kinds of tortures, not just one kind. You cannot even imagine. (Don’t want to imagine.) Somebody comes back and tells the tale, but it’s not even the tip of the iceberg, what they all have. (Oh, right.)

Our mind is the mastermind of everything possible in the universe. (Oh, my goodness.) Except when we are in the human body ‒ it’s difficult to venture out to understand or to imagine or to research. Once we don’t have this body, it’s all transparent, all very clear. We can see; we know everything. But all these instruments and torture, we invented it. (Yes. Right.) The way we treat others and treat animal-people, torturing babies and infants inside the womb already, all this will be used against us, (Yes.) against whoever did it and don’t even repent and don’t U-turn.

All they have to do is U-turn, and this even will be erased, because you go in a different direction, that’s all. (Ah, OK. Right.) Very simple. And you didn’t do much more than that. You just did all this because of ignorance. (Yes.) It’s not truly intentionally wanting to cause harm.

But if somebody, like for example, my disciple, has already been taught right from wrong, and if intentionally does harm or breaks the precepts, then the punishment cannot be pardoned. Maybe depends also. Maybe, but it takes long, long, long, long, thousand years. (Oh, my gosh!) (Oh God.) It’s just like a lawyer. He knows all the laws, and he makes mistakes. He did against it, then the punishment cannot be excused. (Right. Yes.) He cannot defend himself. It’s like that. If you swim in the sea, you’re not a very good swimmer, and you punch holes into your lifebuoy, then, bye-bye. (Yes. That’s right.)

You know you should not, but you do it, then you only have yourself to blame. (Yes, for sure. True.) And then if somebody comes with the boat and tells you, “Come up here! I’ll take you to the shore,” don’t go, then he would be doomed. (Yes, that’s right.) Pretty soon. Just in minutes, or maximum some hours. (Right. Yes.) That’s it. Such logic, but I don’t know if anybody even understands or wants to understand or even listens.

What were we talking about? (We were talking about Korea.) Ah, because they worry to give up their weapons, and then become a helpless victim. (Yes.) Ah, yeah, it’s true. It’s true also. Because how can you trust any stranger. (Yes.) And even President Trump, may God bless him, wanted peace, (Yes, Master.) or continued to want peace, but how long can he last in the White House? (Right.) Also, he’s elderly already. (Yes.) So, of course, the Chairman Kim Jong Un would be afraid. Their people would be afraid. The government would be afraid. (Yes.) Cautious. And that is rightly so.

But President Trump was also stuck. To be the President of the United States of America, I think, is the hardest job on Earth. It feels powerful, but it’s not all that powerful. Whatever you want to do, you have to ask Congress, (Yes.) have to ask the House of Representatives, Senate, (Right.) and, and, and… (That’s right.) And military top. And if they don’t agree, then he’s also helpless. (Yes, Master.)

And if they’re not lucky, if some warmonger president came up and started another war again with Korea, then Trump also cannot help (Yes, that’s right.) if he’s already out of the office. (Yes, Master.) And when he’s in office even, still, there are many factors that his decision hangs on. (Yes.) Even if he wants to take away the embargo, it’s also if there’s luck. (Yes.) If all the Congress agrees or what else, the law agrees, (Right, Master.) and the military agrees. (Yes.) You have to win over that.

It is a very great country that you have all this democracy, so that a president alone cannot be a dictator. (Right.) And that is wonderful. That’s what America is great about, great and looked up to by the whole world, because they’re really free. (Yes, respected.) And everyone can criticize the president, just like anybody criticizes me. (Yes, Master.) And he’s helpless. Ah! Some presidents not. Like Biden, he would put them all in jail.

For Trump, he’s like a kid. Everybody makes money off him. Book comes after book after book (Ah yes, that’s right.) all about him, all lying on… Anything they say about him, he’s like helpless. (Right. Yes, Master.) Even if he stands up and says, “It’s all lies, it’s not true,” nobody does anything. (Yes.) They like it. They like it when they talk bad about him. (Yes.) So, another book came out, and then another book. I don’t know when they’ll stop all this book business. How many printers? How many publishers can keep printing all these books about Trump? (Yes.) But I’m telling you, poor guy. I feel really sorry for him. No president had to ever endure so much, even out of office already; still chasing him, (Yes.) still giving him a real hard time.

So, actually the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea… Mostly we just say North Korea. It’s quicker, easier (Yes, Master.) for me to remember.

My tongue is twisting already, because I don’t speak a lot all day, every day, only when I talk to you guys. There’s no chance to exercise my tongue. (Yes.) Not very much chance. (Yes, Master.) Lucky I talk to you guys now and then, (Yes, Master.) (We really appreciate it.) and long hours, so I can remember English, at least. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, I just keep reading English, and not talking. (Yes.) Reading to edit the shows, like you do.

So, I think the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea should not also be so harsh on President Trump. (Yes.) Even when he was president, many people attacked him all the time. (Yes.) And they wrote books and books and books, still do, (Yes.) to damage his reputation, weaken his morale, and so and so and so on. And physically, I don’t know how long he can bear it. He’s an old man already. (Yes.) He’s older than me and I’m already like, “blah.” (Yes.) “Whoa! Phew!” So, how would he feel? I don’t know. He seems to be full of beans. (Yes.) That’s what we say in England, “Full of beans,” means a lot of energy. (A lot of energy, yes.)

The Korean people, the Korean government and leaders, do not really understand the American system. (Yes.) America is truly, truly democratic. I mean up to now. (Yes.) Under Biden, things changed a lot already. I don’t know where it’s going. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know how we’ll call America next. Is it still “the Land of the Free” or “unfree”? (Oh, yes.) “The Land of the Brave” or “the land of the brainless,” or the “land of the spineless”? I don’t know what’s next. (Yes, Master.)

And anything a president does or Congress does must be together as a team. And woe to any president if he doesn’t have a cooperative team. (Oh, right.) You see like President Trump, even his own party betrayed him, his own party members, (Yes, Master.) a dozen of them. It’s not just one or two, (Yes.) and for no reason even. Maybe just because of the mainstream media, many people are against Trump. (Right.) He’s just too good for them. He’s just too good for the system. (Yes, Master.) He doesn’t take bribes, he talks straight. He doesn’t mince his words. And whatever it is, he says it is. (Yes, Master.) He doesn’t know how to kiss you-know-where. (Yes, Master.) So, they don’t like him, and they attack him no end. (Yes.)

Before he became president, he was just running only, (Yes.) running to the White House. He didn’t reach it, he just started the first steps, and they already all swooped down on him. (Yes.) This poor guy, I don’t know why he wants to run again. I mean, even if he loves his country, how does he have the energy to even think like that? (Yes.)

I look at him and I thank God that I’m not him, I’m not in politics. (Yes.) (Politics is scary.) Oh, it’s scary and it’s murky. (Yes.) It’s dirty and it’s really immoral, and it’s frightening, dishonest, all kinds of negative qualities. (Yes.) It shouldn’t be like that. It doesn’t have to be like that, but people make it like that. (Right.) It’s not that politics is bad, it’s the people. (Yes, that’s right.) Too over-ambitious, too over-zealous for power and gain and fame and to seize position. It’s no good. (Yes, the politicians are supposed to serve the public.) Yeah, I know.

Politicians are supposed to serve and the government is supposed to be the slave of the people. (Yes.) They call it in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) “the workers for the people, employees.” (Yes.) But woe to whoever tells the employee what to do. (Yes.) Oh, they will catch the necks of the employers and throw them in “hell.” A jail, of course, but it’s almost like hell there, (Yes, Master.) with inmates and mixed, and all sickness and violence inside there. (Yes.)

So, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea doesn’t have the same system like America. (Yes, that’s right.) So, the Supreme Leader of Korea, Chairman Kim Jong Un, whatever he says is law, (Yes.) and the whole government’s behind him. (Yes.) I don’t know how they work like that. It’s also very good. Excellent system. (Yes.) Only one boss and only one driver, and all the wheels run the same way. (Yes, yes.) That’s wonderful, also easy to do things. (Yes, more efficient.) More efficient ‒ if it’s possible all the conditions meet in the favor of that system. It would be good.

It’s just that in this world, we have two or three kinds of policies. The free world (Yes.) and a communist world, (Yes.) and a communist and free mixed world, and a non-communist, non-free world, and the Arab Emirates world. And now we have Muslim Emirates world, (Oh, yes.) and then we have the Muslim world, we have the Islamic world, and we have the Islamic State world, and whatever. (Yes.) Anybody just jumps up and makes another world for themselves. And then conflicts get even more and more because of that. And one world does not understand the other world, (Yes.) (Right.) taking it as an enemy. (Yes.) That is the problem.

You see, I think the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea does not truly understand President Trump. He would have loved to do many things for them, (Yes.) but he is also hand-tied. (Yes, that’s right.)

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