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Ukraine’s (Ureign’s) Noble Willpower Is Stronger than Russia’s Force, Part 1 of 8, Apr. 8, 2022

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And then I was so tired, so I thought, “Ah! I must go to sleep. I don’t care anymore. I can’t do it anymore. My eyes hurt and everything.” And then I had to go outside and turn off this, turn off that. (Yes, Master.) And check out whether the door was locked, the gate was locked. And then I came back fresh, anew. (Oh. Wow.) No sleep at all. (Oh. Wow.) Worked through till now.

(Hallo, Master.) Hi. (Hi, Master.) How are you? (Oh, we are very good, Master.) (How are you, Master?) Not too good. (Oh, why so, Master?) (Why so?) I don’t like it today. You gave me this cooking show to edit, and then I did not want to eat. And then when I edit that show I felt like I wanted to eat. (Oh.) And then I made myself a sandwich, and didn’t taste a thing. (Oh.) I’m sure if you are here, you will be happy to snatch half of my sandwich. (Yes.) You want it? You know the answer. (Yes.) You can’t have it. They’re too far. By the time it gets to you, it may be rotten already. No good.

How is everybody? You’re OK? Good? Happy? (We are good, Master. Thank You.) I hope so. You don’t lie to me. (No, Master. No, we wouldn’t.) Anything you don’t like about me? Many. (No, Master.) Including that She doesn’t give the half a sandwich, and She makes fun of us. Always talks about pancakes and samosas, and have nothing. Sorry about that.

And today, I rushed you again. Because, I have just paid my debt for the work today, for a while, and if you wait longer then I have to pay a new debt again. New shows coming again, and then I don’t have time. (Yes, understand.) Either that or you will be having new shows or whatever.

Oh My God. What a life we have. It’s our life right now. (Yes, Master.) This is our life now. Nothing else. Truly, from morning till night, whenever, there’s no time to count.

Like, last night, I was very tired because so much work and some complicated things. Sometimes business and other things that you don’t know, because it doesn’t go into your system. It goes into a different system. And then I was so tired, so I thought, “Ah! I must go to sleep. I don’t care anymore. I can’t do it anymore. My eyes hurt and everything.” And then I had to go outside and turn off this, turn off that. (Yes, Master.) And check out whether the door was locked, the gate was locked. And then I came back fresh, anew. (Oh. Wow.) No sleep at all. (Oh. Wow.) Worked through till now. (Wow.)

What do you mean “Wow”? Not sorry for Master? Wow! (We are amazed, Master.) You are happy? (No. We are amazed, Master.) Oh, no! Don’t be amazed. What a life! I don’t like it. I want to sleep. (Oh, Master.)

Sometimes my eyes hurt and my body is tired. Needs some recharging, doing this kind of job. (Yes, Master.) Outside work, inside karma. (Right. Yes.) Outside conference with you, inside conference with Heaven. A lot of work for one person. (Yes. It is.)

You know what I wish? (Oh. Yes, Master. What does Master wish?) Sometimes I wish to have one person nearby, next to me. Some dumb-dumb is alright. Just to help me do some small things. (Oh.) I mean, some big things, like help me wash dishes. And help me to sleep. (Oh, Master.) When you walk out in the fresh air and do things because some computer didn’t work, and then I check on it, and then when I came back, I’m all awake. Never mind. So, I wish sometimes small things, like for example, I am hunting the news. (Yes, Master.) And I took photographs of them and then send to you. (Yes, Master.) And sometimes I make mistakes here and there. (Oh.) Like too many photos, or I take only half a photo, or the photo is blurry. And if I had another person here, I would say, “Oh, please do that for me.” (Yes, Master.)

And also like today, I edited that cooking show, if somebody was around and knows how to cook, I would say also, “Hey, please go cook me this, cook me that.” (Yes, that would be great.) It would be great. And then hot. (Yes, Master.) And just exactly what you like. (Yes.) Not just anything, from the kitchen or from anybody who cooks according to their mood, and then just eat that. (Yes, Master. Right.)

Of course, that’s the way we should do it, but sometimes the mind complains when it sees, for example, my cooking show before. (Yes, Master.) You see where I live so nicely. (Yes.) For example, like that. But it’s really nothing much. It’s just the way I deco, make it nice. (Right. Yes.) Like, if you see the new show again, in a couple of days or tomorrow, you’ll see that it looks very nice. But it’s the dog-people’s place. I cover the garage.

The garage has only a carport. Like only the roof. (Yes, Master.) And then it’s all empty. No walls. (Yes.) So, I put up some clear plastic sheets. (Yes.) Mica; the hard one. (Yes, Master.) Not paper plastic. Hard one, like glass. (Yes.) And then I put up some of these fences, like checkered-looking fence. Like diamond-shaped. (Oh, yes, Master. Wow.) The hole is like diamond-shaped. (Yes.) What means “wow”? It’s not diamonds. It’s wood. Either that or wood-colored plastic. (Yes, Master. Understand.) You know what that is right? (Yes.) If you put all the fingers together in a cross and it looks like a diamond in the middle of them.

You know, the diamond shape. That looks like the fence I made. (Oh, yes.) Not I made; I bought. And then we put it all up and just tied it up with the existing balcony or whatever around the garage – the carport. And then that’s the dog-people’s playing area. And some like to sleep there also, and I cook there. (Yes, Master.) And sofa and all that, it’s all for the dog-people. I sit with them also sometimes for hugging or napping, (Yes.) or reading some stories. But normally it’s not like grandeur or anything. It just looks nice in the video. (Oh.)

Sometimes in the photo, it looks nicer than outside. The reality is not always nice. Like you saw all my photographs. (Yes, Master.) Photography every day. (Yes, Master.) You will never be able to find it where I live. (Oh.) You will think I live somewhere else. You will think I live in like a paradise park or something like that. (Yes.) No, it’s not like that. Sometimes you have to look for the sun. (Ah, yes.) And the angle, and then it looks nice. (Right. Yes, Master.) You have to be a little bit more creative, patient. But it takes hours sometimes, took hours. Sometimes I need to use two, three cameras, because one runs out of battery. (Oh.) In one go. (Wow.) Three cameras.

That’s why I have to have many things nowadays. I told you, it’s very difficult to move. (Yes.) I hate moving. (Yes, Master.) Unless I need to. (Right. Yes, Master.)

And with all the computers, at least three computers, or four computers, for different areas. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And then, also the keyboard, and what next, oh dear. And loudspeaker. And murmur speaker, all kinds of stuff. Oh, dear. And dictionary as well. Yesterday I was angry with the dictionary. I wanted some word and it’s not there. (Oh.) A small dictionary. It’s not that small, but it’s not like the one I have, like 12 volumes, something like that. I can’t afford it nowadays anymore. Oh, dear.

And it’s good that I don’t need to do video conference now, because I can’t afford to wear any fancy clothes. I mean decent. Decent clothes even. (Yes, Master. Understand, Master.) Mostly just like sleeping clothes. (Yes, Master.) Because I don’t know when it’s the night, when it’s the day. So, one size fits all. And it takes some time to sort it out and to prepare the camera and all that. (Yes, Master.)

Because I keep moving, so it doesn’t look the same as when I first showed you with many, many wires on top of the desk. (Yes, Master.) It’s still a lot wires, it’s just different wires. I can’t keep doing that. Also to keep it quiet. So people don’t recognize where it is. (Yes, Master.) Before I used to scramble around. Oh, it takes many hours to fix it right. To put the nails or something like that, and then a string and hang it here and there, and not even looking good, not even covering everything. (Oh.) Sometimes it is like you cover the head and the tail comes out. So, never mind. It’s OK like this.

You know what I look like. (Yes, Master.) If I ever grow younger and more pretty, I immediately will… I don’t care how many hours it will take. I will show myself up. (Yes, Master. We understand.) Right now, you should be content with the old picture. Not that old. It’s just a couple of years before. Several years, sometimes several ten years. Who cares? It looks the same. Similar. (Yes, Master.) At least the same person.

I don’t have a lot of time nowadays. You know, I have to do a lot of things, right? (Right. Yes, Master. We know.) I have to write many things, and I have to take many photographs; every day, one. (Yes.) 30 photographs go in just no time. And if you have WOW (Words of Wisdom) then you have more photographs; photography. (That’s true.) And then I have to check all the shows, and I have to write this, write that. I have to instruct and correct, and tell you do this, do that. And then business and hunting for news and stuff like that. Everything takes time. (Right. Yes, Master.) And it takes a lot of time. Not just a little bit. I myself work through, because many shows. (Yes, Master.)

Sometimes I just drop dead. And I couldn’t care less. I couldn’t care less what happens anymore. At that time, my body just tells me to shut up and lay down, or sit down or whatever. I always meditate. Even if I’m very tired, I meditate first. I sit first. And then if the body lays down, that’s not my fault, is it? It’s just done automatically, without asking my permission, nothing. And when I woke up, I found myself in the… (Laying down.) laying position. Just like you guys. Exactamente (exactly).

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