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If You Are Good to Others, God Will Be Good to You, Part 1 of 6, June 3, 2022

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These leaders, even if they don’t listen, if they say something good, do something good – bravo. We give them encouragement: “Thank you for being good.” (Yes.) (May they continue.) I hope they change their hearts. (Yes, Master.) Not just commercial. Because God will see to it. (Right. Yes.) If you’re good to others, God will be good to you.

(Hi, Master!) Hi, guys. How are you? (Very good. We’re good, Master. How are You, Master?) Thanks that you asked. That means I’m still alive. It’s been a very exciting couple of days. Everything comes together. (Oh.) Like dog-people have problems, business has problems, residents have problems. (Wow.) Female residents have problems, male residents have problems, and one of your colleagues had to go home because the father has problems. And I have some problems. (Oh, no. Oh, Master.) It’s OK, it’s OK. It’s no big deal. No big deal. It’s just… for me, it’s usual. (Oh.) Just I want to add it on so the list is a little longer. And so you would feel sorry for me. That’s what it is.

Some days I wish I’m like Quan Yin Bodhisattva – thousand hands, thousand eyes. (Yes.) Because Quan Yin Bodhisattva is supposed to have thousand hands, thousand eyes so that She can hear everywhere, and can help everyone. But never mind, I can still breathe. A lot of work. Oh, sometimes everything comes at once. (Oh.) And even the shows, also have problems. (Wow.) Normally, some side shows, not like main shows, have no problem. But then, this time they also have problems. They just want to be on the list. (Gosh.) Never mind, never mind. It’s not all that serious.

My God. You don’t have to call God all the time. God is also very busy. Everybody calls Hirm. (Yes, that’s right. Yes, Master.) Angels are also busy, Saints are also busy, because we’re too many. (Yes, true.) And the good people are not that many. Meaning angels and Saints, they’re not that many. Not as many as the bad ones. (Oh, yes. Understand.) And they’re busy running here and there, helping everybody, and telling them to change their lifestyle so that they don’t have to be in trouble.

But no, they prefer to call the angel, making trouble. Make trouble for the poor angels. They couldn’t run, fly quick enough. (Yes.) Now you wonder why the angels have feet and also have wings. So they can both run and fly at the same time. Otherwise, how do you think they can help humans? (That’s right.) We humans are bad, bad. (Yes.) Make trouble all the time.

I have some good news for you. (Oh, yay! That’s good. Please share it with us, Master.) I’m in so much stress, I just wanted to tell you some good news. (Oh, we would like to hear.) Even though it’s all commercial, but it’s better than nothing. Like Macron he called for Russia to free the Ukrainian POW, meaning the prisoners of war. (Oh!) P-O-W. He and another president, I forgot the other one. And Angela Merkel? (Yes, Master.) The ex-Chancellor of Germany. After all these decades of silence, now she called the war in Russia barbaric. (Oh, wow!)

And the p. Francis asked Russia to open the port of the Black Sea. (Ah! Oh, yes. Wow.) Called Russia to open it so that people can transport their food. (Yes, Master. Oh, good.) Yeah, because everybody’s hungry. In Africa, they’re short of this, they’re short of that. (Yes. Right, Master.) They keep calling the world for help. And the world is also in shortage. (Yes, true. Yes, Master.)

Because the war in Ukraine affects everything, not just Ukraine. (Right. Yes, Master.) Not just Europe, but affects also Central America and Africa. (Right. Yes, Master.) And it affects me. (Yes, Master.) And affects Taiwan (Formosa). People are scared. In Taiwan (Formosa), they worry that something like in Ukraine could happen to them. (Yes, Master.) And that scary atmosphere around the world also scares me. Makes me sleepless. (Yes.)

Well, I told you these good news, they were just commercials. But better than the opposite news, right? (Yes, Master.) Better than them saying the opposite. (Right. True, Master.) At least outwardly they show some humane character. (That’s right. Yes, Master. True.) Even though it’s just commercial.

You will know why later on, perhaps. Maybe you know already from Frau Angela Merkel, because she is planning to go back into the limelight. (Oh. Wow.) So, it’s time to say something humane. (Yes, Master. I see.) I told you it’s commercial. And p. Francis has been beaten enough, so he says something also. Instead of screaming from the beating, he just says something. (Yes.)

And Macron calling Russia to free the prisoners of war. Oh, these things are impossible. Just enquired for looking good. Just to look good. But he knows very well Russia doesn’t just set free the prisoners of war like that. Two thousand-something from the Azov region before. (Right. Yes, Master.) They even called them “terrorists.” How do you think they’re going to just let them go? (Right, Master. Yes.) Even if they let them go, they have to have a price. (Yes, Master.) Exchange prisoners or have some condition or something. It will cost Ukraine something. (Right. That’s true. Yes.) It’s good to say something good. (Yes, for sure.) People will think, “Oh, good guy. Good boy.”

These leaders, even if they don’t listen, if they say something good, do something good – bravo. We give them encouragement: “Thank you for being good.” (Yes.) (May they continue.) I hope they change their hearts. (Yes, Master.) Not just commercial. Because God will see to it. (Right. Yes.) If you’re good to others, God will be good to you. (That’s right. Yes, Master.)

Now I gave you so many good news, I hope you give me something back, quickly. (We have news. It’s kind of good as well. Russia has agreed that Turkey can help demine the ports to enable cargo ships to leave, if Ukraine agrees not to disrupt the Russian navy, as they have accused Ukraine of mining the port. So, Russia’s foreign minister will go to Turkey on the 8th of June for talks on this issue of opening a security corridor, that also includes shipping of wheat in the Black Sea.)

My God. They just say things, blaming Ukraine for putting mines there. How does Ukraine even swim over there with Russia all over? (Right, Master. Yes, that’s true. Right.) Russia has taken the whole region there, with Crimea, knit together already. (Yes.) It’s about one-fifth of Ukraine that they took away, and all linked together from Crimea. You see all that sea area, all the seafront ports? (Yes.) Even if Russian ships did not go in anymore, it’s all Russia or Russia-backed. You see, pro-Russia.

So how can Ukraine even sneak in there and put some mines there? My God. (That’s true. I was wondering about that.) You don’t need to wonder. You ask a five-year old kid, and he’ll tell you. But of course, I’m not an army militant, or a general, colonel, or even lieutenant, but, these are logical things. (Yes, that’s true. Right. Yes, Master.) You look at the map. It’s all red there. (Yes.) How can Ukraine even go to Turkey to put mines in the sea or wherever? (Yes. True.) It’s like the ostrich-people, they put their head in the sand and the whole body is wagging outside, as if nobody will see it. Just like if you go in the desert, you cover your ears and you shout very loud, and the houses in the desert don’t hear you. Because you cover your ears, you don’t hear yourself. My God. You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.)

Putin is dead, and so now this Lavrov went all over the world, and he went to Arab countries explaining all kinds of things. He didn’t have to do that. He didn’t have to go to Arab countries to explain that, “We could not open the seaport because of Ukraine mines.” (Yes, Master.) Ukraine couldn’t get anywhere near there. (Right.) If you walk out of Ukraine, then it’s the Russian border already. (Yes, Master.) And all the seaport areas are now controlled by Russia.

Woe to Ukraine to even use some invisible cloak, or something, and carry some invisible mines? (Yes.) And flying some invisible drones and digging some invisible holes and then putting some invisible mines in there. And cover the whole area invisibly, so that nobody can see them digging. That’s a good joke. And the mines in the sea, by a very strange coincidence, are all made in Russia. And they blame Ukraine for putting them there.

You can see that Lavrov looks very miserable now. (Oh, yes, he does.) Perplexed and kind of occupied in his head. And the tone is not threatening anymore, but kind of pleading, almost like apologetic. Because his boss is gone now. He’s lost.

Oh, man. You are the king of a big country, and now you just lay in the cold, icy space, maybe two and a half meters wide, like everybody else. (Yes.) In the morgue. Like everybody else. Like a street sweeper. (Yes.) Nobody cares about you anymore. Even after you die, you leave headaches to your subordinates to take care of now. You messed it up, man. Alright, I’m telling you. Why don’t they ever learn this kind of lesson that life is ephemeral? Nobody takes anything with them after they’re gone to the other side. (Yes, that’s right. Yes, Master.) Oh, my God.

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