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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Revelations about the Planet Diw, Part 1 of 12, May 19, 2022

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God told me Hes wants to destroy the whole planet instantly. (Wow.) Many times. I don’t know why Hes didn’t do it yet. All they need to do to please Hirm is just be vegan, make peace. Actually, just be vegan and peace will come even. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) I mean, is it a lot for God to ask us? (Not at all.)

(Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Hi, guys. Hi. How are you? (We are good, Master. We’re doing good, Master. How are You feeling?) Not too good. (Oh.) Oh. Today my back told me that I have a back. (Oh.) And my knees told me, “We too.” (Oh, yes.)

Any of you are older than me there? (No, Master. I think we’re all younger.) Ah, too bad. (But we feel the same pains.) You feel the same thing already? (Yes, Master.) Man, you’re cheating. Cannot be. You’re growing old quicker. (Yes, Master.) That’s cheating, you know? When I was your age… How old are you? (I’m 55.) Fifty-five. I don’t remember when I was 55.

And I even called you “son” last time. I was feeling old, and I feel that you’re young and enthusiastic. Because when you laugh, you laugh like a young kid. So, I called you “son.” Sorry if I offended you. (Not at all. That makes me feel very close to You.) Oh really? (Yes, Master.) Then I’ll call all of them, “son, my son!” “My daughters,” how are you? Or “sons and daughters of mine.” God, don’t have a husband and have so many kids. What a reputation. Who cares anymore, right? I’m too old already, what can they do to me? Whatever do they want to say to me that they haven’t said already? (Yes, Master.)

All these decades. Oh, now I laugh, my chest also tells me that, “I am here.” Oh, man. Not now, later. Yeah, I’m kind of not on top of the world today, but I feel like you want to talk to me, and I also want to talk to you, because I worry you might forget me if I don’t talk to you anymore. (We always remember You, Master. Yes, Master. We will never forget You, Master.) Are you sure about that? (Yes, Master. 100% sure.) I wish you would so that I can just run away somewhere. Like to a beautiful planet that I know.

So, did you guys enjoy the vegan cheese? (Yes, Master.) Any of you? (Yes, Master. Oh, they were wonderful.) Really? (Yes.) I know, the European guys enjoyed, but you guys also enjoyed? (Yes, Master. The Asian guys also.) Asian guys also? (Yes.) (It was awesome, Master.)

I told them to order a lot, but they ordered so small. So, so small numbers. It’s very rare that we can order. It takes a long time. (Oh.) Because they are a special vegan cheese shop. You see? (Oh, understand.) And cheeses, they have to age. You understand that, right? (Yes, Master.) They don’t just go white outside and blue inside for nothing.

Unlike us, they love to age. I wish I could exchange with them. I’d say, “Oh, you age for me.” The more you age, the more people like you. Like, wine, yeah? (Yes.) But these are French stuff. It’s not my stuff anyway. It’s just that I was spoiled. I’ve been all over the planet, and they gave me all kinds of cheese. (Wow.) In German, they say, “Ist Käse” Means, it’s not much.

But the French love cheese. I think they eat cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner and more — supper as well. I saw that. I saw some French people like that. They just take the whole camembert and eat like you eat an apple. (Wow.) No, truly. They didn’t even bother to cut it.

And one time I was in a restaurant and I saw a camembert-eater next to my table. And the waiter, he knew me, because I came more regularly. He lifted a little bit of his foot up and he showed me the foot, and he pointed behind the customer to the camembert, and he told me, “Just like the foot.” Smelly. But they eat it. And they talk like that. I didn’t ask, my God. I didn’t ask. I mean, he worked there, he should introduce, and say, “Oh, this is fantastic. It’s our national treasure,” or something. But no, he told me the opposite. He told me it smells like the feet, and fanning in front of his nose, just to make sure I understood. (Oh, God.)

Maybe he thought I did not understand French. (Funny.) “C’est comme les pieds.” He said like that. I hope that my French is still there. Means, “like the feet.” (Ah, yes.) Smells like the socks, you know, male socks? (Yes, yes.) Well, you know for sure. (Yes, we know.) Women also, if they wear it too long all day working.

So, he compared the camembert to that. But I think he just wanted to make fun with me, because other camembert, I don’t think it stinks that much. There are many other cheeses that stink more. (Yes.) And the more it stinks, the more people love it. Like blue cheese, or other kinds of cheese. (Yes.) Cheddars… Oh, many cheeses I forgot. It doesn’t matter. Even the milder cheese like tilsiter, it still smells very strong, no? (Yes.) That’s what they want, no? If it doesn’t smell like that, I don’t think they would love to eat.

Just like the Taiwanese (Formosan) people, they love stinky tofu. (Oh, yes.) The stinkier the better, no? Or the durian fruit. (Yes.) Many foreigners just smell it from afar and they run away already. But it’s a very expensive fruit, and very beloved by all the Asian people. (Yes.) And also, you don’t have a lot in number. It’s not like other fruits that are so plenty. It’s only in season, and one tree gives so many only. And don’t ever go under the durian tree. Because the spiky skin outside? (Yes.) Oh, they could make a lot of holes in your brain, so that you can have maybe an “open-minded” brain. You become an “open-minded” person for the wrong reasons.

So, what now? What do you want today, again? Tell me. (Story, please.) Well, we have a question, Master. A couple of questions. Who was saying something before that? (Story, please, Master.) Ah, story? (Yes, Master.) Oh! I thought, you said, “sorry.” (I’m sorry.) I thought, “Why? What did I say? What did I say that made him feel sorry?” How many people want a story? Beautiful planet. (Yes.) Not this one. Not this one. I wish. How many “yeah”? (Everybody.) Of course, voting in public, you dare not say no.

Do you want to vote secretly? Put a ballot in a box? No, tell me honestly. (It would be the same result, Master.) Oh, OK. Open or secret, same? (Yes.) We don’t cheat, right? (No, Master.) Nobody is going to be a president in my company, in my Association, no? (No.) I am the only bully, OK?

Oh, alright. I forgot the story. You mean, the planet? (Yes, Master.) The real planet. I forgot all about it. Now I have to look. I have noted something in my diary, not too long ago. Let me see if I can find it. (Thank You, Master.) Sit tight. My God, where did I write it?

Oh, dear. Oh, my God. It’s from the 28th of April. What day is today already? (May 20th.) So, almost a month? (Yes, Master.) Man, we soaked it all this time? Oh, man. And you still wanted to ask questions instead? Whoever is that idiot, raise hand. (I take it back.) You better. Otherwise, you have no vegan pancakes, even if we don’t have any. Out of the question for this guy. You guys remember. Be witness. Don’t let me forget that. (We won’t, Master.)

Do you really want to hear about the planet? (Yes, Master. We do.) The planet that we don’t have, and the planet that I wish that we had, and the planet that I wish to take you there in case we cannot change this planet. I mean, even when we are alive. I don’t mean the souls afterward when we go back home, it’s different. Or at least we go there for vacation, like soaking our feet in the seawater. (Yes.) Running on white crystal sand. (Wow.) Eating beautiful fruit that you don’t even see anywhere around here. It has no worms in it, no pesticide, no insecticide, nothing. Because there are no insect-people there. No harmful insects. And also, no animal-people.

(Why, Master? Why are there no animal-people there, Master?) Because, they don’t need them. On our planet only, we have, or similar planets have, because animal-people bring this balance to the lack in love of humanity. (Oh.) But we keep killing them, and we’re depleted in love. They remind us. That’s why we pray a lot, but Heavens don’t listen. Some – some lower gods take pity on us, and for some Master’s sake, they respect the Master’s prayers and requests, so they help some. But God doesn’t care anymore.

God told me Hes wants to destroy the whole planet instantly. (Wow.) Many times. I don’t know why Hes didn’t do it yet. All they need to do to please Hirm is just be vegan, make peace. Actually, just be vegan and peace will come even. (That’s right. Yes, Master.) I mean, is it a lot for God to ask us? (Not at all.) Or for anybody to ask us? (No, Master.) How lousy are we, no? (Yes, that’s true. Yes, right.)

Just leave the animal-people alone, Hiers creation. Hes allows us to eat vegetables and fruits and all kinds of plenty. (Yes, right.) And nowadays even, we make meat out of everything else. (Yes.) And it’s even better for our health. Many people turn vegan and all their diseases are just gone overnight. You can go and interview any of them. Any you can find, they can tell it to you, instantly.

“Media Report from Million Dollar Vegan Oct. 31, 2019, Pilar (f): 2014 May, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer – pelvic area, colon and liver with two big tumors – terminal. So I did research. Everything went back to: ‘Plant-based. Plant-based. No more animal protein.’ I said, ‘OK.’ Something told me, ‘It’s time to change.’ And I stopped smoking, eating beef, drinking. And I started doing a lot of smoothies, a lot of salads, a lot of soups. All vegan. A lot of raw. And within three months, the pain – because I was taking pain medicine – and the bleeding, stopped. I would do MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computed tomography) scans – less, less, less, and everything started shrinking, everything started going away.”

When they leave animal-people products alone, instantly, every disease is gone. Unless they cheat, behind our back. Some people say they’re vegetarian or vegan, but they eat eggs, they eat fish and all that. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

For me, I thought vegetarian would be just like drinking milk. And before, I was thinking milk is just milking from the cows. You don’t kill, so, it should be alright. (Yes.) Until I knew about their suffering and about methane. (Yes, Master.) Milk was never an interest to me anyway.

Did you like the vegan cheese, really? (Yes, Master. Really.) OK, good. In the future, I told them don’t be so stingy, order more. Didn’t I, no? One of your brothers knew it. Right? Did I tell you? (Yes, in the future.) I told you, even some days ago to order things, at least two for each. (Yes, that’s right, You did.) Not just “each” for twenty. Not like one piece of cheese for ten. I said two for each. (Yes, You did.)

You won’t die. Actually, when you’re hungry and you have food already at hand, and you eat it, then you don’t feel like eating anything else. (Yes.)

Just me. I don’t have taste anymore. I don’t know what happened to me. Some days I ask myself, “What happened to you? What’s wrong with you?” About this or that. And then nobody answers me. Because, I don’t answer myself. I don’t know why.

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