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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 14 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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Taiwan (Formosa) is very vegan/vegetarian-friendly. They have even Mexican vegan. Italian vegan. (Oh, wow.) Thai vegan. Of course, Chinese vegan. Surprise! Surprise!


Also, I saw on TV and people told me, Taiwan (Formosa) is very vegan/vegetarian-friendly. They have even Mexican vegan. Italian vegan. (Oh, wow.) Thai vegan. Of course, Chinese vegan. Surprise! Surprise! Aulacese (Vietnamese) vegan. Or at least vegetarian. (Oh, yes.) Because they sell milk, but you don’t have to take it. There are many other places, Chinese vegan everywhere. Thanks to Buddhism and I-Kuan Tao, and Seventh-Day Adventists and all that, (Yes. Right.) they even have a vegan hospital. (Ah, yes, yes.)

It costs nothing to dream. Right? Oh, keep dreaming on! And we’ll have nightmares tonight. Because we have nothing. Truly, sometimes, food is a pleasure. You know? (Yes, it is.)

There’s an Aulacese (Vietnamese) vegan restaurant, they make vegan bánh mì bì. Whoa! (Yes. Whoa!) You know what I’m saying, yeah? (Yes.) Ah! Real. Real bánh mì bì. But vegan of course. (Yes.)

Oh, I was thinking how to go to that Mexican vegan or Italian vegan restaurant. Wow. Maybe. (Starting to drool.) Maybe someday. (Yes, Master.) OK. If I’m in Taiwan (Formosa). (Yes, Master.) And if you are in Taiwan (Formosa). (Yes, Master.) We go there and spoil ourselves. (Yes.)

Monday Mexican, Tuesday Italian, Wednesday Indian, (Oh, yes, yes.) Thursday Aulacese (Vietnamese), (Oh, yes.) Friday Chinese, (Yes.) and Saturday, I don’t know what else they have. Some weird things. (Indonesian.) Indonesian. And Sunday what? We go to that tall Black guy who made a restaurant, Uncle Q. (Oh, Uncle Q, yes.) Yeah. Then you can have your vegan hamburger. (Oh… Yes.) And chips. French fries, I mean, fresh from the kitchen. (Yum yum.) Crunchy, crunchy, yum yum yum. (Yes.) Then, we have the whole week covered. (Yes.)

And we take a rest, eating our food. And then next week, we do the same whole week again. Why not? (Oh, yes, yes.) They don’t cost a lot, in Taiwan (Formosa). And then I take you out to some tea shop. Or coffee shop. They have some vegan cakes somewhere. They must have. OK? (Yes.) Or if not, we bring our own Loving Hut vegan cakes and we drink coffee or tea only. (Yes, Master.) Wow. Oh, there are many things we could do. And now we can just look at the Supreme Master TV show (Yes.) instead. OK? (Yes, Master.)

Oh, they say, in Taiwan (Formosa), can go out already because the pandemic went down. (Ah. OK. Yes.) All the shops, everything opened; school is opened, everything opened. There are some cases, but the government controlled. But sometimes it feels like risky. (Yes, Master. Yes, yes.) You never know, huh? (It’s true.)

There’s a vegan Korean food restaurant, very near Hsihu, about a 30-minute drive, disciple’s restaurant. It wasn’t too bad, I went there. Not because I wanted to, but just I had to do some paper work. (Yes, understand.) And by the way, they told me it’s right there, next door. You just walk half a minute, (Yes.) and then you’re there. Near the lawyer’s office. Wow, it was very good. I took the whole group, that time’s residents. (Ah, sounds so fun.) Yum yum yum yum.

I also like to eat, but I prefer not. What if, you know? (Yes, Master.) (Yeah, yeah. Always a chance.) It’s a terrible suffering if you got it. (Yes, Master.) Even if you will stay alive, they put a lot of tubes and a lot of medicine into your body and… See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) And you’re lying on somebody else’s bed. (Yes.) You could be the millionth patient. One millionth. Many people laid on that bed already. (Yes, yes. Sure.) Never know what kind of energy. And tube into your nose, (Oh, God. Yes.) down to your lungs. Etc. (Yes.) And oxygen also to boot. B-o-o-t, right? (Yes.) I always was thinking it’s correct, but then I think, “What’s the boot have to do with it?” Probably it’s bigger than the shoes, so they use that word. Meaning bigger. (Yes.) Better, taller, faster.

Listen. Taipei has many good restaurants also, and some tea shops, very nice, with vegan cakes and all that. Disciples opened also. (Yes, Master.) But I never liked restaurants so much. While we’re talking, I like, but normally I’m worried, (Yes, Master.) it’s not clean (Yes.) and all that. When I was more ignorant, I loved those things. But after, I know too many things. (Oh, yes.) The more you know the… Oh God. (Yes.) They say “ignorance is bliss.” It’s true also. (Yes, that’s right.) Oh, I don’t know.

Maybe we’re too old, and we become more phobic. (Yes.) When we were younger, we just couldn’t care less, couldn’t even think about anything. (Yes.) I remember there was swine flu and bird flu and whatever, SARS flu in Hong Kong at that time, (Yes.) and many people got it. Even just holding onto the rail at the airport or something, I just traveled like nothing happened. I went everywhere during that time, even to Hong Kong, or… Held onto any rail that I found. (Yes, Master.) (Oh, yes.) Even though I saw that on TV, but it didn’t seem like it affected me in any way. I was younger. You see? When you are young, you feel invincible. (Yes.) (Right.) And the older you get, the more phobic. (Yes, Master.)

Alright, my love. So, gossiped long enough. Any other thing you want to say or to ask me? (That’s all, Master.) (That’s everything, Master.) Oh, good then. So, ciao for now. God bless. (Thank You, Master.) Best of luck. All the best for you, and all the blessings that you could get from Heaven, from God. Thank you. (Thank You.) (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You so much, Master.) Love you. (We love You too, Master.) (We love You, Master, always.)

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