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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 13 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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I want them to wake up first. (Oh, yes.) Food, we can always have but enlightenment is so difficult. It’s right in front of their nose, but they don’t even have it.

Any more questions about that or it’s done? (We don’t have any more questions, Master.) Oh, wonderful. I talked how long already? I went to many different countries already. (Yes.) I think I should land now. (Yes, Master.) You know, go into landing now. (Yes, Master.) Thank you, my love. (You, Master.)

I hope, we all hope that all this clears some hurdles or misunderstandings, so we have a better energy around the world. (Yes, Master.) And at least, within some countries or between some countries, between some leaders. (Oh, yes, Master.) Let’s pray that our world has peace soon. (Yes, Master.) Sooner the better. (Yes.) War is useless anyway. It brings nothing. (Yes.)

Twenty years in Afghanistan, only death, and misery. (Yes. That’s right.) Of course, the Afghan people had some freedom to live normally like most countries in the world. (Yes.) But at what cost? It could have been avoided. (Yes.) It could have been another way or some other way better. (Yes.)

What else? (That’s all we have, Master.) That is good. That is good. No question is a good question. (Yes, Master.) They say, “No problem is a good problem.” Like, “No news is good news.” (Good news.) Like that. OK, thank you, guys. (Thank You, Master, so much.) (Thank You for Your time.) I’ll talk to you another day when there is something to talk about. (Yes, Master.) Now and then, I check on you. I check on you too frequently these days. But something is tugging me. (Yes, Master.) So I just have to. Alright then. God bless. (We hope You have peace, Master.) Love you. (Love You, Master.) (We love You, Master.)

Don’t worry. The world is not a peaceful place, so this is the way it is. (Yes, Master.) Maybe one day the world will have peace, then I will have peace. (Yes, Master.) (Oh, we pray for that, Master. We pray for it every day.) What else do you think? I fight with myself alone here? All by myself? Disturbing my own peace? For fun? (No.)

I wish I didn’t have to do anything. I sometimes really yearn to go to the Himalayas, be alone in that little mud house, sleep on its roof and wash my clothes in the stream behind the house, and go to the Ganges, (Oh, that sounds so romantic.) lie on this rock, or find a cave to hide inside. (Yes.) And then, when I’m fed up, I go back and meet the woman on the way and take five, ten vegan samosas. (Samosa.) (Ten, wow!) Not two anymore but ten. They’re very small. I remember, I never felt satisfied. (Yes.) Even with two. But I knew I couldn’t afford much more if I wanted to last. (Yes, Master.) I didn’t know how long I would last in the Himalayas. At that time, you could stay long. Now they make you apply for a visa, three months only. (Yes, Master.) And maybe you can extend. I don’t know. Long time I haven’t been to India. (Yes, Master.) Alright, then. My boys. Good boys. (Thank You, Master.) (Thank You very much, Master.)

Or I’m free, and I go to a big city like Paris, rent a flat on the sixth floor. Walking up and down the stairs, six floors, just for exercise. And whenever you go down, then you appreciate the coffee or the tea or the whatever drink there. All this stuff, all these vegan pastries that you saw on our Supreme Master TV, (Oh, yes, yes.) which we never have. Sometimes I look at all that, and I say, “My God. What a life I have here!” Have nothing! Every day almost the same thing. (Yes, Master.) And don’t have any of this kind of luxury or fancy stuff.

Or even go to Singapore, OK too. Singapore, they have one Italian… Just don’t drool, OK? They have one Italian restaurant which makes the best margherita, vegan margherita. And there is a shop which makes the best noodles in the world. (Oh! Yum yum.) Vegan noodle soup. With vegan black pearl drink. So wonderful. Black pearl tea drink. Black pearl tea with coconut milk. (Sounds so good.) With a big straw. Because the black pearl is as big as my little fingertip. (Oh, wow, yes, yes.) So two straws they give, big ones, so they can suck it up. (Right. Yes.) And then at night, if you’re bored, you go out on the street, oh, so many things to eat! (Yes.) So many vegan foods. (That’s wonderful.)

I remember when I was still a householder and a wife, my ex-husband and I went to Asia, different countries, like we went to Thailand, Burma, and then Singapore. Thailand is supposed to be a Buddhist country. (Yes.) I was happy. I thought I would have vegan food there. (Ah, yes.) At that time, I was vegetarian, but rarely I ate anything else except vegan. Just now and then because at that time, I didn’t know the word “vegan” exists. They say you can eat eggs and all that, but later I could not bear it. (Yes.) It stinks so much that I just vomit. And then that was the last day. And milk, I never liked anyway. (Yes, Master.) But it became like a social trend. (Oh, yes.) So I went with it, but I never really liked it because it smells something, (Yes.) it stinks. If I don’t think about it, then I can sip or drink. But if I think about it’s from the stomach of the animal, then I vomit immediately. I vomit out whatever I drink.

Why do we talk about this? Oh, even Singapore, you go on the street, mostly at night. Daytime you can also find. Daytime you can go to restaurants officially; nighttime, they sell it on the street. They call it a hawker center. It’s the whole street, just food, and you can find a lot, a lot of vegan food there. And that was the first country that I even had some vegan food, when I was with my ex-husband.

Because in Thailand, they don’t understand what I’m saying when I say I want vegetarian. I said, “I don’t want meat,” and they brought me just vegetables, salad and rice. (Yes.) But that’s better already. (Yes.) In Burma, there was also one Buddhist restaurant, but you have to go a long way to find it. And the rest, in the hotel, they just give me toast and jam, toast and jam every day. If I ask for peanut butter, they don’t know what it is. And when you go out, went to buy some vegetables in the market, I saw they put the fish-people on the street. They deliberately throw the fish-people in your way and let the fish-people wig, wig, wag, wag, (Oh, my gosh.) so that you have to buy it. (It’s terrible.) I felt so sick. I didn’t know that’s the trick. They’re doing that to attract you, to let you feel that the fish-person is fresh and alive. Oh, terrible, terrible. So I immediately ran out. I said to my ex-husband, “Whatever you want to buy, you go in and buy. I stay outside.”

I thought Burma is a Buddhist country. (Yes.) That’s why I asked him that we go there. But there was nothing much for me. And Singapore, it’s from Malaysia outwards. (Yes.) Malaysia is now still Muslim. (Yes.) So I thought maybe it’s also Muslim, but it’s not.

Singapore is really free and really multicultural, multi-religious, (Yes.) and all kinds of multi. It was really cool, very clean, very good, and you can trust the food you eat. (Ah, wonderful!) Just Singapore is good enough for me. We can go eat vegan noodles ‒ fried noodles, noodle soup every day. (Getting hungry now.) Yeah. Me too, me too. Imagine that. Imagine that. What to do? And then you feel hungry, and I advertise for all that, and now you go back, facing your rice bowl, similar to yesterday’s vegetables, (Yes.) similar. So you have to wait until you’re really hungry, then eat it. Everything is good when you’re hungry. (Yes, Master.) (That’s true. Very true.)

Many people don’t have what we have. (Oh, yes, that’s right.) We’re really lucky. (We have so much.) So lucky. Many people don’t have food. Even in America, you can see all empty shelves. (Yes, Master.) Because many hundreds of cargo ships are somehow mooring on some bays. (Yes.) They are short of many things. They are short of drivers. They are short of pilots. They are short of captains. (Yes.) Or maybe COVID-19 ‒ nobody wants to work. (Yes.) So people are very pitiful. (Yes.)

So if you have food, it’s truly a blessing. (A blessing.) Always have to thank God. (Yes, Master.) Thank God. I always thank God and pray that all good beings – the Saints and the sages and the good practitioners – at least have what they need. (Oh, yes, Master.) And other people have what they need.

But sometimes, I cannot even pray that. I want them to wake up first. (Oh, yes.) Food, we can always have but enlightenment is so difficult. It’s right in front of their nose, but they don’t even have it. (Yes, Master.) They don’t understand. I can talk for 10,000 years; I don’t know how many people understand what I’m saying.

My God! Even my own so-called disciples, they don’t understand. That’s why they sneakily do the initiation behind my back and claim it is their teaching, they are the Master and all that. Even have attendants! (It’s terrible.) I was surprised to hear that because I myself don’t have attendants even.

I even live alone, take care of everything myself, and clean the house, and wash my clothes and stuff. (Yes, Master.) I warm or cook my own food, make my own sandwich sometimes if I don’t have time for others. (Yes, Master.) Because a sandwich is very simple, you eat and you look, and your ear can listen to the show, (Yes, yes.) when you’re editing. But, of course, cannot eat sandwiches every day. I don’t like much else. I don’t know, in Europe, you have more choices.

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