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To Believe in Humanity and Goodness Is to Help Each Other, Part 1 of 7, Apr. 23, 2022

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Oh, my God. I wonder all the time, every time I use something, I wonder. I wonder about the cleverness of humanity and the blessedness of our life that we can have so many things, such wonderful things, nutritious things. And it comes out like from nowhere.

(Hallo, Master!) Hi. How are you, guys? (We are good, Master. How are You, Master?) I’m sleepy. (Oh.) Lucky that you hurry a little bit. If you were a little longer, I think you could not find me anymore. I would have become like a small potato couch. Very sleepy. After I promised you, we’ll have a talk today, I regretted immediately. (Oh.) Because when I talked to you, I immediately said, “Oh, OK, we can do it.” But afterward I realized I was very tired before already. (Yes, Master.)

It’s good that we have this system, that you’ll be more spontaneous. More natural. (Yes, Master.) Imagine if I have a teleprompter, and have a writer, like most of the VIPs do. I pretend that I’m not a VIP, so I don’t feel bad. I don’t feel bad that I have to fix everything myself. (Yes.) And read from the book, and translate to you everything.

Boys, what did you do with the menu that I gave you? Are all of you there? (Yes, Master.) Or from the downstairs, also they came up? The two boys? (Yes, Master. They’re here.) Listen. I have instructed, like a real menu, to do what, what, what. and then I heard afterward that you put them all together mixed in one sandwich. Is that true? (Yes, Master.)

Man, you remind me of when I first went to Taiwan, I fried French fries for the resident monks and nuns. And I said, “Go ahead, eat, because I have to cook. Somebody has to cook, so that you can eat it when it’s hot.” And when I came out, I had a small portion, the last one, for myself. Everybody had it already. Hot and crispy. So, I came out with a small portion for myself and said, “How is it going? Is it good?” “Yeah, yeah. We put it all in the tea and it tastes so good. We soaked it in tea already.”

And you make a brand-new sandwich, maybe it tastes good. Did it taste good? (Yes, Master.) (Really good, Master.) What kinds of things you do? There is one Aulacese (Vietnamese) snack, just to eat with rice. You can also eat it with bread. But not with mushroom paste and vegan cheese, and… those things together, and then all the… whatever I did give. Oh, man. But it tasted good? (Yes, Master.) (Fabulous, Master.) Sure? (Yes, sure.) Well, then give me that recipe. In case I have a chance to make it for you again. Then I will know what your taste is like. Whoever made it, write down the recipe with how many peppermint leaves, for example. Exact menu. And how much mushroom spread.

Oh, wow. And you really enjoyed it? Tell me the truth. (Yes, Master. This is the truth. It was delicious.) (Enjoyed it very much.) Oh. Sometimes a mistake becomes a good recipe afterwards. (Yes, Master.) Similar to chips. (Yes.) The thin, very thin waffle chips, thin chips. (Yes.) Potato chips also was a mistake (Oh.) It was a mistake and then it became tasty and good so they continued. So maybe your menu would be a hit on the internet, who knows? We can put it on Tip of the Day. Don’t put my name on it, in case it’s not good.

I gave you different things for different taste. Like vegan cheese is for, of course, with bread. (Yes.) So, the vegan camembert, it tastes so good, so I thought to send some to you. And then the mushroom spread is good, homemade. (Yes.) So, I thought to send some to you. And I thought if somebody doesn’t like these Aulacese (Vietnamese) cơm tấm bì, the broken rice, with the shredded vegan skin. So, they would eat some French baguette with the mushroom spread. (Yes.) And if somebody doesn’t like mushroom spread, they could eat this vegan camembert and other kinds of vegan cheese. (Yes, Master.) I am all democratic, and you guys mixed them all together!

(We were wondering why everything was together.) I know. I wonder myself. Only after you ate them all I called. Just by the way, I just called, and then you gave me all these wonderful praises. It’s wonderful and all that stuff. I was surprised. So, I asked who ate what, and which one was wonderful. And then the secret was spilled all out: “Oh, we put them all together in one sandwich and we shared.” My God.

I thought you maybe don’t like the broken rice with it. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we also eat with bread, like sandwich. (Yes, Master.) So, I sent the rice also, but maybe too cumbersome to cook the rice. So, I thought you can eat with sandwich, with bread. So, I sent even the bread, whatever I had there as a bread, because I thought maybe you don’t have it handy. So, I sent it. I said, “Can make sandwich, you can eat with the mushroom spread and vegan cheese.” After I called, everything was mélangé (mixed). Oh, my God. And it tasted good? (Yes, Master. Wonderful.) Wow, I am so glad, and impressed.

“Host: Upon receiving Master’s delicious food, some of the Supreme Master Television team members expressed their appreciation to Her with the following:

Dearest Master, The team is deeply appreciative for the wonderful food! Here are some things they wrote to express their love and thanks:

Thank You M for Your love. The Aulacese (Vietnamese) baguettes were delicious and so full of flavour, with all the various tasty ingredients.

Thank You, Master for giving us super delicious sandwiches (bánh mì), with lots of Your Love.

Brothers asked me if this Aulacese (Vietnamese) food was delicious. I said I am the one who ate the most today. Then I think You'll know the answer. Thank You M for giving us such a wonderful memory.

I love the sandwiches filled with cheeses, mushroom pâté and all other ingredients. It tickles my taste buds. So delicious! Thank You M for Your love and blessing.

I loved the food and thought the sandwich was superb and so tasty! Thank You for thinking of us, Master.

Thank You so much Master for the delicious sandwich and loving filling/ingredients. Like it very much.

The sandwich is so tasty, full of ingredients and love. Thank You so much, Master.

It's the best sandwich I ever had! I ate other versions before but never as good as this one~ Thanks Master for lovingly sharing.

The bánh mì was really tasty. Thank You, Master, for Your Love and Blessing!”

I wonder if just everything tastes good with you, or it really tastes good. OK, next time, I will try it. Give me the recipe. (Yes, Master.) And maybe I try to see if it’s good, then we can advise people. But these are complicated things to make. I don’t know if they sell them in supermarkets. These are Aulacese (Vietnamese) stuff. But maybe people can order it from a Aulacese (Vietnamese) restaurant. (Yes, Master.)

This kind of food, the broken rice, originally, I sent it just for the Aulacese (Vietnamese) with you. Because I thought the others don’t know anything about them anyway. So, I sent it only for the Aulacese (Vietnamese). (Yes, Master.) Those broken rice and stuff. That’s for the Aulacese (Vietnamese), they call it cơm tấm bì. (Yes, Master.) But then I sent other things for you guys, for the other people who don’t know the Aulacese (Vietnamese) stuff, just to taste. But I said it’s to share. To share. If you guys like to taste. I said give them a little bit only, in case they don’t like it, and then it’s a waste of the Aulacese (Vietnamese) special rice. Specially prepared. (Yes, Master.) Special thing. Because you don’t have it everywhere. You understand? (Yes, Master. We understand.) The thing that I gave you, you have to order specially. And only some people know how to make it. The older generation. The American Aulacese (Vietnamese) or English Aulacese (Vietnamese), don’t ask them. They don’t even know how to spell it. Probably they never heard of it.

This food, normally is for poor people. I think I mentioned it sometime before. I’m not sure if it’s recorded. Because, the farmers, they cultivate the rice and they select only the round and perfect rice to sell to the richer people. (Yes, Master.) And the leftover, the whole husk. You know, they screen it out well, and then they eat that. Because it’s broken, the rice is broken. Like, almost leftover, unwanted. (Yes.) And they don’t have money to buy meat, so they just use the skin; buy the skin – it’s cheaper. (Yes.) And then they chop it like that, and they eat with this broken rice and with herbs and vegetables. Special vegetables, not everything; like, cucumber, shredded cucumber or some shredded carrot, as well as herbs, like peppermint and coriander, and this purple leaf, how do we call it? (Perilla leaf.) Perilla. (Yes, perilla.) I know that, I just forgot. Good, good. They use it also for cosmetic oil.

Imagine, how can you extract oil out of that leaf? You saw the leaf, right? (Yes.) It’s very thin, like paper. And it’s purple, deep purple color. There’s green color also. But from that perilla, they even make oil out of it. It’s for the cosmetics. Imagine that? (Wow.) Imagine we humans, everything we can make oil out of it. We beat the oil out of them. Even sunflower seeds and all that, we can see that they contain a lot of oil. (Yes, Master.) Or, maybe olives. (Yes, Master.) Like, olives we can make oil out of them, because we can kind of imagine there’s some oil oozing inside if we open it. (Yes, Master.)

But these perilla leaves are so thin, like tissue. How do you get oil out of it? (Yes.) It’s really oily. I have seen it before. (Wow. Amazing.) To put on your skin, the women. And also for medicinal purpose, something. (Oh.) Can you imagine that? (Wow.) Poor little leaf. I don’t know, maybe they make it out of the of the seeds of it as well. I cannot imagine these leaves can give any oil. Can you? (No, Master.) Probably the seeds of the plants, of that plant. It doesn’t matter.

I think humans are incredible. They’re getting more and more incredible all the time, with all the wonders that God gives to us. But some people are so stupid and evil that they don’t even want to enjoy what we have. (Yes, Master.) Just go out and destroy things and killing people. Oh, my God. Such idiots. Ungrateful beasts they are. (Yes, Master.) That’s all I can say, that’s all I can say.

Because, every time I eat something, I feel so grateful. (Yes, Master.) And I wonder all the time, “Oh, these things, how can they make oil out of it? (Yes. Right.) And how can they even grow such a corn, so big and sweet like this? And then potatoes, even those things. (Yes.) Sweet potatoes and oh, look at the cucumber – so juicy. And oranges…” Every time I eat something, I wonder, I’m grateful in wonderment. (Yes, Master.) How the earth, the soil, it looks so solid and so brown and like nothing, but it gives so many nutrients so that the fruits grow like that, and juicy like that. (Yes, Master.) And can even make oil out of some of them. Even corn, they make oil out of corn. Corn oil. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) And many other oils, I was wondering, even rice oil. How? You see the rice when it’s uncooked. It’s so small like that and so dry, and white, it doesn’t look like oil or anything. But they can make rice oil. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, my God. I wonder all the time, every time I use something, I wonder. I wonder about the cleverness of humanity and the blessedness of our life that we can have so many things, such wonderful things, nutritious things. And it comes out like from nowhere. (Yes.) Like rice oil, corn oil. (Yes.) I don’t know, do they have barley oil or wheat oil? They do? Maybe they do. (Yes.) Maybe they don’t need it yet. Otherwise, they would beat the oil out of them. And fry French fries with it. (Yes, Master.)

I really always am in wonderment, every day. I don’t dare to waste anything. I just take out some to eat so that the leftovers will be still clean, (Yes, Master.) and then I will go far away and give it to some animal-person that eats them together with protein, vegetables and fruits. And bread and banana. For example, like that. I would feed them whatever I have. But not dirty. (Yes, Master.) Not dirty. I take it clean out on my plate and I eat that, and if I need some more, I get some more in. And then whatever’s leftover, I give to the animal-people, and if it’s too little, I give more. (Yes.) I warm up more rice or put some more fruits, or some more bread for them. Normally, I just give bread and banana – it’s more simple. It’s just that, sometimes, something is leftover, and they like them. I told you already. They only eat bread when they have no choice, when there’s nothing else. (Yes, Master.)

Wait until they eat your sandwich that you made yesterday. Then I think they will not eat anything else. The way you describe it, you’re so grateful, ga-ga about it. I probably will lose them. If they eat your sandwich, I will lose them. They will ask where is your address? They will ask for your name, the one who made it, and the email address, everything. So that they will immigrate to where you are, and waiting. Then you’ll be too busy because your restaurant will be full of customers, this kind, very appreciative customers.

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