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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 5 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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So, if you really want to practice, you have to be serious so that the Master Power can lift you up, not lingering around some dark corner or low-level area just to get praise from other people, or that they will give you something. It doesn’t have to be money. Ego and ambition, lowly desire take many forms. All of you guys, be careful with the trap of maya.

Concerning the two people that have given initiation without first telling Master, I kept warning them many times already, and they just dived deeper into their ignorance and arrogance and greed. Last time I warned them, I said they have to repent (so) at least their life will be saved. Did not listen. And then, not long after, they got sick, and then on the sickbed, they repented. Kind of late. (Right. Yes, Master.)

It’s easy for the river to forgive the stray little puddle of water. But it’s not good for the puddle of water to get itself dirty and entangled in the environment and get sucked up by the Earth, and has no chance to go anywhere else, no chance to merge in the big, vast, and free river and ocean again. It’s just a pity.

Some people are just so greedy, too much ego and too ambitious, even for spiritual fame. Really laughable things. In the world, you mingle with others, and then you’re greedy for money, possessions, and girls or boys. In the spiritual realm, it’s the same. You did not change, and you’re bringing trouble to yourself. Because in the spiritual realm, everything is very exact and has a very noble, high, elevated standard, not like in the world.

So, if you really want to practice, you have to be serious so that the Master Power can lift you up, not lingering around some dark corner or low-level area just to get praise from other people, or that they will give you something. It doesn’t have to be money. Ego and ambition, lowly desire take many forms. All of you guys, be careful with the trap of maya. It might look good for a while, but in the long run, it brings your ruin. (Yes, Master.)

Just remember well, always remember God. Always render your service to others in the name of God. Because we are nothing; we came with nothing, and we will go with nothing. We cannot claim credit for anything, let alone taking spiritual knowledge from someone else and claiming it as your own. This is really shameless. This is really too low life. (Yes, Right.)

I hope all of you listen. It’s serious. It’s not a game that you can play. Even just like, if you don’t know how to handle electricity, then just don’t try; it’s dangerous for you. Like don’t play with fire when you’re too young; you don’t know how to handle the fire. Even when you’re older, if you don’t know how, then it could burn you, or burn your house and burn other people’s property around as well.

Spiritual practice, aspiration, yearning is not a game for you to take in your hand for profit in any way. Profit doesn’t have to be money. It’s truly very ugly. Hope none of you will try that kind of stupid game. And harmful also, not just stupid. Harmful to yourself, harmful to others, because you don’t have enough power to even cleanse yourself. Because you don’t practice well, you go in the wrong direction, in the worldly direction, in the name of charity or whatever not, just for your self-interest. And then, you take other people’s karma and associate with the world people at random, not choosing, and their karma rubs off on you as well. Your karma is enough to drag you down. Now you take more luggage from other people.

You see these people, if they dare do that behind Master’s back and proclaim Master’s teachings and Master’s method is his own, then his ego must be very big, (Yes, for sure.) ambition must be very vast. (True.) Because it’s so easy, why not ask the Master, “Can I give initiation?” (Yes. Yes, Master.) And then just give the names of the people. If he is good, I’ll let him. (Yes. Right.) If not, I’ll send somebody else. Why sneak behind Master’s back like that? (Yes. Not good.) So the ego and the low level, and that’s what gives the maya power over them, whoever. (Yes, Master.)

It happened to me also. What can I do? I went open in the public. So anybody asks for initiation, I just give. (Yes.) I don’t check his background; I don’t care who he is, rich or poor. (Yes.) And I don’t ask him to build a house, and then remove it again and bringing stones and building a house, and then demolish it and build another somewhere else. (Yes.) I don’t ask for money, I don’t ask for anything. (Correct. Yes.) I just try hard to change, to help people, to give them a chance. (Yes. You make it so easy for people to come.) Yeah. And so they think it’s just like that, so easy. (Yes.) It’s not like that. Behind the door, you will suffer. I suffer. (Yes.) (Oh!) So many things to take care of because one person is connected with many, many generations ‒ past and present and future. (Yes. That’s right.)

So, these people, they’re really so ignorant, more ignorant than the outside people. They’re equal to robbers, (Oh, yes.) thieves, taking things that are not given to you. We have the Five Precepts. (Yes, Master.) Not taking what’s not given to you. And they did. (Yes.) That is already something that they should not do.

It’s not moral, not ethical. (Yes.) So, anyone not moral, not ethical is susceptible to maya, vulnerable to maya’s attack. (Yes.) They’re looking for these loopholes; they’re looking for this kind of people. Because these are the qualities of hell, of demons. It’s not the quality of Heaven. (Yes, Master.) So, they’re going in the hell way, then they have to go there. They’re choosing the wrong way. (Yes.) Just like last time I told you ‒ go north and go south. If they choose to go north, then they won’t arrive in the south. (Of course.) This is the thing.

So, they’re attracting maya to themselves. (Yes, Master. Right.) So, whatever they do, it will be under maya’s influence. It won’t be real, and the karma will not be cleaned. (Yes.) Because in this lifetime, you still have some karma left, (Yes.) and slowly the Master will clean it up.

And then if they use that to get people’s respect and make them kneel down and all that stuff… I don’t even do that myself. How dare they make people kneel down just to ask for initiation, and kneel for a long time before they even give? My God. (Oh, my goodness.) (Very bad.) So high-handed. I don’t even do that. Many people want to kneel or prostrate to me after initiation, I always refuse. Remember? (Yes, always.) (Master says, “No.”) It was open also. You can see sometimes. (Yes.) Because… what is that for?

They have God within themselves. (Yes, Master.) I only point it out to them. I only use the power that God has given to me, to lift them up. (Yes, Master.) If they have to bow, they should bow to God. (Yes.) If they should prostrate, they prostrate to God, and to all the Masters in all directions of all times. Not to me. Not to me, the physical. (Yes, Master. Yes.) But normally, it could be done. I could accept, just don’t want to. (Yes.)

I don’t want to teach people to be this kind of slave. (Yes, Master.) I want them to look within themselves, to find their greatness, (Yes.) not to hang on to my greatness. (Yes, Master. Understand.) And they will not develop. They could respect me and love me and believe me inside. That’s more important than all this outside circus. (Yes, that’s right.) Because if you keep bowing all the time, you will think that’s how you respect Master. It’s not.

Respecting Master is to diligently practice, keeping your Five Precepts clean, morally correct. And do what you have to, what you can to help others. (Yes. Right.) That’s all there is.

And if Master didn’t give you instruction, you don’t just go out and give people initiation, making trouble for yourself and stopping them from the chance to go see Master. Then you commit the sin of robbery. (Yes.) “Thou shalt not steal.” (Yes.) “Thou shalt not tell lies.” (Right.) If they tell lies about such a big thing, they cannot lead people to the Truth. (No.) They went in the opposite direction.

We are the Truth seekers. (Yes, Master.) So we have to be in the truthfulness, because that’s the direction we go. If they tell lies, that means they go the opposite direction. (True.) So how can they bring people to the Truth? And they themselves also lost the direction, go the wrong way. (Yes.) Master did not tell you to give initiation. You did not ask the Master’s permission and more instruction to complete initiation. And Heaven also did not tell you. Nobody told you. No angel came and told you have to go out and teach it. So, nobody recognizes you.

You have nothing. (Yes, Master.) And you dare go out cheating people, and then use that to do some charity work, that’s nothing. The maya will claim all that. They will have no merit because they’re under the influence already of maya. Whatever they do, it’s all into the maya’s merit. (Yes.) Because that’s the wrong direction, they go there. So, over there, they take it. (Yes, Master.)

You don’t work with the Master. Master is connected with Universal Love and Power. You disconnect yourself. You claim yourself the Master when you are not. You are all empty. Just like you want to help people, but you don’t have money in the bank. You can write a hundred checks, but it’s all empty. And one day you’ll be caught by the police (Right.) because you keep writing false checks. (Yes, Master.)

The same. They keep doing that, so hell will chase after them, the police of the universe will bring them to hell, to justice. (Yes, Master.) Because Heavens don’t have this kind of quality. Where will they go? They have to do some jail time. (Yes.) Hell time, that’s what I’m saying.

It is the ego and the greed, greed for fame. Because they see wherever I go, for example, people respect me, (Yes.) and love and all that, but it just came naturally. I don’t ask people to kneel there to ask for initiation, (No, Master does not do that.) make me feel like a big shot. I don’t let people prostrate to me even if they request.

One of the elderlies from the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) initiation, he said it’s Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam’s) tradition to prostrate to the Master three times. (Yes.) So I said, “No, no. Just, OK, never mind. You just nod your head. Symbolic is OK.” That’s enough. (Yes, Master.) Also, we don’t have time. If the whole ashram and everybody comes and bows, then I have no time to lecture or nothing, (Yes.) not even to eat or drink. (Yes, Master.)

OK, it’s a very beautiful tradition, but if you have a smaller number. (Yes.) Even in a normal school in the old time, you come in, you have to bow to the teacher. (Yes.) Like even a kindergarten teacher. Bow and prostrate, (Yes.) and give some gifts on the new day, then he accepts you. Even just a normal teacher. (Yes, Master.) But it’s not convenient and not practical, so we have to do with whatever. We have to do without whatever is not necessary. Because people can bow to you, but they don’t have respect inside. What’s the use of that? (Yes.) So, the respect inside is more important. (That’s correct.) If we don’t have time, we don’t have to do all that. (Yes, Master.) Many traditions are very good, very nice, but you have to use them flexibly. (Yes. True.)

Also, if everybody bows to me, I’m afraid maybe my ego will flare up. What to do? What to do? So I told him, “If you prostrate to me, I have to prostrate back to you.” And then my knees don’t agree with all that. I’m an older woman already. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Before, they wanted me to hug them and all that. When I didn’t have a lot of disciples, about 800 in the meditation hall, I could do that. But now, it would be more – 8,000 or 80,000. I can’t keep hugging everybody. I don’t have time. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) I do have time, but for other things more important, and bigger, more beneficial to them. (Yes, Master.) More beneficial than just the emotional satisfaction. That’s that. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) I like you guys. You are good. You know how to ask questions. Cool.

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