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The Bigger You Are in Society, the Humbler You Should Be, Part 1 of 3, May 15, 2022

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In the war, for example, they always warned the soldiers that when they win, they should not become arrogant, because then they will lose. So, a president could not afford to be arrogant like that. (Yes, Master.) The bigger you are in society, in the world, the more humble you should be.

Hey, hallo. (Hallo, Master.) You guys alright, there? (Oh, we’re doing fine, Master. Thank You for asking. How are You, Master?) I’m OK. I’m better. (Oh, good.)

I ordered some vegan cheese for you guys. (Oh.) But it’s coming a little late, because it’s so difficult, maybe too many people buy it, they cannot do it quick enough; maybe a month or something. (Oh. Thank You, Master.) But it will be good, better than nothing. (Yes, we love vegan cheese.) We have to order nearby. (Yes.) Because if we order from America or Europe, it takes a long time. Not that long maybe, but it’s so complicated. (Yes, Master.) And they put a lot of ice in order to keep it fresh on the way in the airplane, and it becomes astronomically expensive. (Oh, yes.) But, I told them to order a lot this time from nearby, not from far away.

It’s better you eat something always nearby, within 50 kilometers from where you live. (Yes, understand.) It’s always better that way, economically, and environmentally, but also health-wise, they advise like that. (Yes, Master.)

Anything you guys need, you and your colleagues? (We have everything we need.) That’s what I thought. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) I make sure. Now and then, I just want to ask you something, if you’re shy to ask. You are still happy? You know them, everybody is happy? (Yes, Master. Everyone’s happy.) It’s good. Now I know. You don’t see me at all, you are still happy. I am not needed. The message is loud and clear. (We need You outside and inside.) Inside, I cannot escape. (Yes, Master.)

One day, when we have time, I will tell you guys a story about a wonderful planet; compared to ours. (Oh, that will be exciting.) It’s not far. It’s about 150 light-years from us. (Oh.) And they have visited us sometimes, lately. (Oh, wow.) At least, some weeks ago by UFO. (Oh, wow.) And we have nothing like that. Well, what a shame. It’s just wasting a lot of money for war, fighting and, harming humanity, harming each other and harming the animal-people, the planet, and the environment. I am so sad.

Anything good? Tell me. (We have some questions, Master.) Who are we? Are you alone or two of you? (Just me.) Or somebody helps you, somehow, recording? (No, just me.) Alright, tell me. (Yes, Master.)

(French President Macron told President Zelenskyy to give up Ukrainian land to Russia, so that Putin is not too humiliated in order to have peace. Is it a good solution, Master?) I don’t know, son. Really. I tell you what, if the Ukrainian people agreed to that, then I’m also glad. What is a piece of land anyway? (Yes, Master.) It’s just that Russia is too bad. I mean, Putin is too bad. He wants one thing, and then he wants another thing, and then another thing. From Crimea until now, he never stopped. (Yes, Master.) Always preparing to snatch some more land. And not just more land, I told you he wanted Ukraine. (That’s right.) And now, recently, they just discovered that there is a plan, the document about President Putin, he wanted Ukraine. (Oh.) Just that they failed with Kyiv. But if you give in to them, they will go back again. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, I’m telling you, everybody wants peace, not just Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people. (Yes, Master.) Everybody in the world wants peace, because it costs too much, too many human lives and maimed and suffer, and disabled people and separated families, everything. And economy and food shortage. Everything is bad, bad, bad for humanity. (Yes.)

But, you see, President Zelenskyy, he’s only a president. He doesn’t own Ukraine as private property. (That’s right.) So now, even if he wants peace desperately, he cannot go against his people’s will, who voted for him. (Understand.) He has to do his people’s mandate. Every president or king or queen should. Must. (Yes, Master.) He doesn’t own Ukraine. Does Ukraine belong to Zelenskyy? Or anybody? (No, it doesn’t.) No! And if his people don’t mandate him, he cannot. He cannot give any piece, even one inch away. He has no right to do it. (Yes, Master.)

They voted for him, because they trusted him to protect their land. (Yes.) How can he give it to Russia, even if he wanted to? (Understand, Master.) Which he doesn’t. Because, by the way that the Ukrainian people fight to death like that, it’s clear like daylight that they don’t want Russia. (Yes, Master.) Either women, children, and the elderly, run away to escape death and the brutality of Putin’s war, or they stay behind and fight. They did not want to give up, even though they are in danger. They have food shortages and no drinks and all that. For example, under the steel plant, the soldiers there are not many, but they say they will not surrender. They will fight till the end. (Yes, they did.)

So how can any, even a powerful president, give up any inch of their land? (Yes, Master.) They would turn against him if he does. (That’s right.) Besides, Zelenskyy is like all of the Ukrainian people. They say they are Ukrainian, they don’t surrender. (Yes.) I read also, Zelenskyy said that we will not give any of our land just to save somebody’s face. (That’s right. Yes, he did.)

That’s not right. Is it? (No, it’s not.) What kind of international law is this? That anybody can just come into anybody’s country, brutally bombing everywhere, killing anybody in sight, and then demand to have more land? And the international community should agree to that? And Macron would support that? (It’s ridiculous.) Yeah! That means encouraging Russia to continue to use brutal atrocities to continue eating up lands around Russia. (Yes, Master.)

First of all, they said that because Ukraine wants to join NATO, so, Putin sent his army to beat up Ukraine. But Ukraine still did not join NATO, and NATO said, “OK, we don’t accept Ukraine.” Still, killing the Ukrainians and want to take the country. (That’s right.) No need any reason at all. Any reason is just bs. (Yes, Master.) You can see that very well. (Yes, Master.) And now Finland, Sweden. He said that because Ukraine used to belong to Russia. (Yes.) But Finland and Sweden have nothing to do with Russia, but Putin still also threatens them. They are in the European Union. (Yes, Master.) It’s like threatening the whole European Union, because threatening one member of the family is like threatening the whole family. (Yes, Master.)

So, this Putin, he just says anything he wants, and bullies anybody he likes. So, how can you support such a person? He is not human. (Understand.) Either he’s a madman or he’s evil. Even if you don’t believe me that he’s evil or working for Satan, you can believe that he’s a madman. (Yes, Master.) There’s no reason. You can’t reason with these types of people.

And then, how can Macron support Putin? And give the excuse, like free speech or whatever, and airing Russian propaganda on their television. (Yes, Master.) So, there’s no need to talk anymore. Now you can see. (Yes, Master. Very clear.) Even if President Macron likes Russian President Putin very much, he should know that it’s only a one-way street. Because he still threatened France with a real war, through his subordinates, through Medvedev. Or maybe he enjoyed seeing Putin in person, from the other end of a “2-kilometer-long” table. I guess it’s better than nothing. (Yes, Master.) Oh, I can’t believe it. Just very disappointing, France’s leader. Oh, man.

There’s no reason for Putin to bully anybody in any country. (No, not at all.) Just all kinds of rubbish excuses. Now even threatens Finland and Sweden. The more he threatens, the more they will come in. Because of his threat, that’s why they come in. (Yes, that’s right.) Originally, they didn’t think about that. (Yes.) Now, thanks to Putin, that they will join NATO. (He sped them up.) Otherwise, they would not even think about it. (Yes, Master.) But I don’t like it, because Finland and Sweden were so easily welcomed. But Ukraine, no mention. (Yes, Master.) So this is either a kind of discrimination, or cowardice. That’s what I don’t like. (Yes, Master.)

And even Finland and Sweden, normally want to be neutral, but because of Putin’s atrocities in Ukraine now, they wanted to join NATO. (Yes.) And, what’s that got to do with Putin? And he even threatened them. (Yes, Master.) They are sovereign countries. They have their own independence and their own freedom. (Yes.) I mean, Sweden even has a monarchy. (Yes, Master.) It has never belonged to Russia. So, what’s that got to do with Putin that he even forbids them to join NATO? They join anywhere they want. They can go to the Moon, Mars if they want to. (Yes, Master.)

This kind of mentality, how can Macron support it? It’s not about the land that you can give away or not give away. It’s people who live in it as well. (Yes.) You can’t just sell your people to anybody who comes in using brutal force to snatch it. (That’s right.) Suppose it happened to France. Would Macron do it? (Of course not.) He wouldn’t. Oh, I hope not. (Oh, I hope not. Yes.) Who knows? If he’s a coward, he would give it just so that he can be safe. It doesn’t concern him and France yet. And he’s already showing his weakness. (Yes, Master.) That’s what I think it is – weakness or bias. (Yes.)

How can you turn your eyes away from the suffering of these gentle and peaceful Ukrainian people? Just only some weeks, and then the country is devastated like that. (Yes, Master.) And people dying in tens of thousands, and dozens of millions, it’s thirteen million now, or maybe even more, they lost count, became homeless. Became beggar refugees in other countries. (Yes, Master.) They had their good life. They tended to their farm and were taking care of their family. Life was peaceful until Putin came along. (Yes, Master.)

And how can Macron, President of France, even support that kind of brutality of the dictator, of the evil, evil, greedy so-called leader like Putin? (Yes, Master.) Even children would hate him. Even I’m a so-called spiritual practitioner, but I could not bear it. (Understand.) So, what do you think? Do you think he is right? (Of course, he’s not right, but maybe he’s with the devil or something, or is influenced by them to help Putin.) I think so.

Most of the world’s leaders came to Kyiv already, to show support. (Yes.) And to pledge some more financial help, or military help. (Yes, Master.) Recently, even many of your American top congressmen, senators or House, top leaders, all came to Kyiv, to show support. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

Oh, man. What kind of president is Macron? I’m so disappointed. I’m so sorry for him as well. How can he make himself into such a degraded status like that? (Yes, Master.) And he didn’t even want to go to Kyiv. I read that somewhere. (Oh.) He’s too big to go. I guess he just won the election and still feels the heat of victory, and became arrogant. (Yes, Master.) This is the thing that Asian ancient wisdom is afraid of most. They are afraid most to become the loser if they become arrogant.

Because, like in the war, for example, they always warned the soldiers that when they win, they should not become arrogant, because then they will lose. So, a president could not afford to be arrogant like that. (Yes, Master.) The bigger you are in society, in the world, the more humble you should be.

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