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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 10 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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So, I wouldn’t want to be a President of the United States of America again. Remember Washington? (Oh, yes.) They wanted him to continue forever. But after the second term, he quit. (Yes.) He said, “No more. That should be enough.”

They don’t let President Trump do many things. You know, for example, there are the funds for the military, for something, but they are not using it. (Yes.) So he changed it into building the wall (Yes, that’s right.) to protect the American border, which is also like security. (Yes.) The military is also for security of the country. (True. Yes.) So he’s building the wall. Better than having every five meters, an army soldier posted there, (Right.) a Private Ryan over there. (Yes.) And it’s geographically not possible (No, it’s not.) because there’s water also in between. (Yes.) And there are mountains and there are deserts, all kinds of things. And windy deserts with sand flying in and out of your eyes, and whatever. (Yes.)

Just to make one wall, and then it will be much more efficient for the long run. They did not let him do it completely, (No, they didn’t.) and they criticized him for moving that money to other purposes. But it’s the same purpose. (Right.) The army is just to protect the country. No? (Yes, that’s right.) The wall is the same. (Correct. Yes.) And the wall doesn’t care if somebody shoots him. (Right. Yes.) But the military might risk lives. (Yes.) If the wall falls down, one part, we can put it back up, but if an army or some soldier dies, it’s a sad thing. (Yes, Master.)

Money we can earn, walls we can replace, humans, no. (No.) So, some border patrol have also been in danger or maybe killed even. (Yes.) Maybe not recently, but before. There is one official or border personnel who died just some months ago (Yes.) because of the immigration. Something went wrong.

Oh, so many things that a President of the United States of America cannot do. If it’s in Korea, and they have so much money, so much power like that, it would have been done long ago. Nobody would say anything. (Right.) Because they respect their leader.

In America, they called Trump all kinds of names, ridiculed him, even his skin, (Yes, Master.) or his type of talk. They call him even an uneducated man, because he doesn’t talk the way they want. (Yes. Right.) But there are 300 million Americans, right? (Yes, Master.) He should have 300 accents to please everybody. See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

And he’s very clever, so he’s way beyond their time. So, they could not understand him, they did not want to. They want to stay stuck in the rut, (Yes.) doing the same usual, and arguing until nobody agrees with anybody. Just like they’re doing right now. (Yes.)

So, I wouldn’t want to be a President of the United States of America again. Remember Washington? (Oh, yes.) They wanted him to continue forever. But after the second term, he quit. (Yes.) He said, “No more. That should be enough.” But after him, after another couple of presidents, there’s one president who stayed for four terms. (Yes.) Who was he? I forgot his name. (Franklin Delano Roosevelt.) Franklin Roosevelt, he stayed four terms. (Yes, he did.) That was the only time. (Yes.) Later on, they said just two terms is enough. Actually, who can bear four times? I don’t know. That guy must be tough. (Yes.) He’s one of the good presidents. Right? (He was, Master, yes.) And people liked him, so they let him.

Nowadays, if Trump won second term, already turmoil all over. They’d attack him every minute of the day. Luckily there’s only 24 hours a day, otherwise, I don’t know. I don’t know if he could even blink his eyes. (Yes.) My God, poor thing. And they attack him for everything or for nothing. They make up the story and all kinds of things, like a new book coming out, telling the world that Trump is that, Melania is this. But other people, they interviewed all the staff. It’s not like that. (Yes, Master.) Mostly a lie, and lying, lying like shameless lies. And I look at this woman, she looks so, I don’t know, so harsh. And I look at the other security advisor before, oh, my God, he looked like somebody owed him millions of dollars and did not repay. (Yes.) Bolton, yeah? (Oh yes, John Bolton. Yes.) For example. They look very harsh, and harsh people can do harsh things. (Yes.) Of course, I cannot verify and I cannot cite credit or anything, but many other staff of President Trump and the First Lady Melania before, they say, “No, no such thing.” That’s what I read on the news. (Yes.)

And so Trump is there for people to pick on, (Yes.) and to take advantage of and to make fun of, to have fun at his expense and to make money at his expense as well, (Yes.) by writing books, and by writing fake news. (It’s terrible.) They still do. Ah, poor guy. (Yes.) So the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea should please understand and forgive him. Truly. Just understand him. He’s really helpless.

I don’t know why he wants to run again, my God. Can he bear another four years? I wouldn’t bear another four hours. You know me, right? Well. (You’re actually always very strong, always determined to do things, even when You’re attacked or suffering or anything. You always do the right thing.) So you pair me with him. Yeah, but not in the White House. (No, Master.) Not surrounded all the time with the no friends and at least non-friends, just enemies. (Yes, Master.)

Even his own party, he cannot trust. (Yes.) (His own family too.) His own family, he could not rely on. My God! (Yes.) He even can rely on his son-in-law, more than his own family relatives and friends. (Yes.) They would skin him alive if they could, if it’s legal. (Yes, Master.) This is terrible. I don’t know how he deals with all this energy that’s sharp, like knives that’s aiming at him all the time. (Yes.)

Heaven protects him. The Godses protect him. That’s why he could survive up to now. The universal Godses, (Yes. Thank goodness.) high, powerful, protecting him. But still, they won’t relent. (Yes, Master.)

All he does is all good, all logical. For example, the policy of “Stay in Mexico” and apply, they reinstated it now. (Yes.) And the court is OK with that. (Yes.) The court ordered that to be done. (Yes.) And other things. I forgot what it was. Never mind. Other things, I can’t remember. He has a big, long list of goodies. (Yes. Very good long list.) And there’s some more up his sleeves. Not yet coming out. Hidden in there.

"Trump Farewell Address: For our country, and for our children, The best is yet to come."

Even if Trump is president again, I don’t know if he can decide strongly to help Korea. (Yes.) And I don’t know if the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will agree to the pre-conditions (Yes.) of other requirements. (Yes.)

What else are they mad about? Because I remember they blew up the liaison office which was used for unification talks in North Korea. The North Koreans blew it up. (Yes. They did.) It’s not by the Chairman Kim Jong Un, of course. By maybe his sister. (His sister, yes.) I remember. I think so. She ordered to blow it up. She is just as strong as he. (Yes.) Second. (Second-in-command.) Yeah, second tough commander. (Yes.) Maybe tougher than him. (Oh.) Tougher than the big brother.

(Is she wiser, Master?) Why do you ask me this? You want me to make an enemy with her? (Oh, no.) I don’t want to make an enemy with any woman unless she’s really harmful to anybody else. (Yes, Master.)

Women, sometimes they see it differently. (Yes.) They’re more detailed. They’re more bold, sometimes. If they’re fearless, then they’re bolder in action, speech, or demonstration, or expression. (Yes.) Men, sometimes they rethink. So, they’re easier to reason with. (Yes.) But if a woman, when she’s determined to do something… Whoa! Good luck to you if you cross her path. You know all that. Right? (Yes.) Oh, you don’t. You’re not married. How do you know? You can read. Second-hand knowledge. (Yes.) It’s better than nothing. (Yes.)

So what else then? What else do they expect from Trump? (I think they want America to ease the sanctions.) Ah, ease the sanctions. (The economic sanctions against them.) Of course, of course. But before that, the Americans asked them to denuclearize. (Yes.) So, both asked for something that the other doesn’t want to give. (Yes.) That is the problem.

Âu Lạc (Vietnam) was easier for President Clinton. Oh, bless him. He’s just been sick. (Yes, he was in the hospital.) I did pray for him, and he just went out of the hospital. And he’s old already, also, 75 already. And his former intern still made a drama series about his mistake that he committed decades ago. (Yes.)

You see? Women! Tell you. I mean, what for? He’s already feeble, out of office. (Yes.) And given many bad names, many unfavorable comments and reputation already. Why still want to stab him in the back like that? Now he’s powerless to fight back. (Yes.) Too old and lonely and helpless now, almost. Just an ex-president. Things are already bygone. Let bygones be bygones. (Yes, Master.) (Exactly.)

I don’t know, maybe some zealous Republicans want to defame and weaken the Democrats. Possible. (Yes, Master.) They do all this. Both parties do things to damage the other. Otherwise, it’s been many decades already, why still bring it up? (Right.) (Yes, that’s right.) And blaming him, “All the fault is his.” No! It takes two to tango, that’s what people say. (Yes. Right.) Nobody forced her at gunpoint to do what she did, and she was over 21 already. (Yes.) She was 22 or 24 at that time. It’s adult already. (Yes.) And if she didn’t like him, she wouldn’t have done anything to him. (Yes. Right.)

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