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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 4 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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So, if they claim that they want to liberate people, they help people who want to know the Quan Yin Method – it’s not the method! It is the Master. (Yes, yes. Right.) That’s why there’s no written things, so that people in every religion – or just say Buddhism, they say the enlightenment is outside of scripture.

So, initiation is like that, not like just any dog-person, any cat-person can do it. (Yes.) Principally can, if the Master allows it, because She/He will give you the power at that time for initiation, because you are an instrument at that time, just like electric wires, (Yes, Master.) to bring electricity power into another person’s house from the main point. Like if my house has electricity very big, all the electricity companies, they can connect. Only if you ask them, then they connect for you, and you have powerful electricity for sure. (Right.) But after that, if you don’t pay, they cut you off. (Yes.)

The same. If you don’t have enough power, just like money to pay for electricity, you’ll be cut off. You don’t have spiritual power, you’re cut off. You, yourself, cut off from the Master Power, and claim yourself that you are something when you’re not.

In Buddhism, if you claim yourself to be like a highly enlightened person but you’re not, then you committed a great sin, one of the gravest sins that you could commit. In Buddhist sutras, it says that also. (Yes, Master.) One of the gravest sins.

People don’t understand that. They think Master gives initiation, or I give initiation, just like an outer action only. It’s not like that. No, no, no. That’s why even if I’m not there, the person still gets enlightened. (Yes. Right.) Because the power can be transmitted. But it needs a physical pole, that’s all. (Yes.)

Just like electricity is everywhere, but you need a wire. (Yes, yes.) You need a cable, right? (Yes, you do.) Even the internet also, nowadays. You need a cable, (Yes.) you need an internet connection. You need the box to connect it, like that. (Right. Yes.) Or even the phone, wireless now, you take it everywhere with you, you charge it now and then, but you’re connected with the central network of the phone company through wireless connection. (Ah yes, Master.) So, the phone cannot claim. If… If the phone goes out and says, “Hey, it’s all me, man. It’s all me. I have all this power. Talk forever.” But if you don’t pay, the phone company will…? (Disconnect.) (Turn off.) Yeah. Just “kacha!” (Yes.) Cut. That is the thing.

So, the phone is not all that awesome. (No, not at all.) It is the company or the network that the phone is connected with. Even though it doesn’t look like it’s connected anywhere, but it is connected (Yes.) invisibly, but also visibly to the naked eyes, because these things you can prove it. (Right.) You can prove that there is a connection. (Yes, Master.) Just like the internet and all that.

Now, suppose that person keeps boasting that he is this and that, and he says he’s a Master and all this without Heaven telling him, without the Master’s permission and power to help, then he’s going down. Not only he didn’t go up yet, he spent whatever the Master has given to him, spent it all. And not enough to even lift his followers up. (Yes. Right.)

Just like, for example, a big river. It flows all the way from the mountain down to the ocean, and is one with the ocean, united. But there’s a little waterlet coming out, flowing away from the big river. And then either he’s sunk into the earth, disappears, because he’s disconnected with the river, (Right. Yes.) or if he tries to clean up the environment, he’ll be merged into the environment, where it’s dirty and all that. And that little waterlet or streamlet is too small to clean wherever he goes. He cannot claim that he’s a river. He’s not. (Yes.)

He came from the river. He was with the river, but he disconnected himself. So then he becomes murky or dirty, depends on where he goes. So he cannot even clean himself anymore because he will be dirty, murky also. And he cannot clean the whole environment where he goes, because he’s too small. (Right. Yes.) Too little water. (Yes.) OK, that’s what it is. Now is it clear or not? (Yes, Master, but…) Can ask more, can ask more if you’re not clear. (Yes.)

(I understand why the person who gave the initiation without approval goes to hell, but how about the people who receive the initiation? Seems like they may have also been maybe pure at heart to get the initiation. Why do they need to go to hell?)

Because their karma is not clean. (Yes.) And because he connects with the hell person. They are connected with this hell master. They believe in him. (Yes.) So, where the master goes, disciples go.

That’s why you have to be very high level in order to take your disciples to go up with you. You understand me? (Yes, Master. Right.) The bus has to be very strong and powerful for long distance. If you take a fifth or sixth, a small bus or something, it cannot go very far. (Yes.) And just a small electric wire cannot supply the whole household power for you. Has to have a strong cable (Yes. Correct.) to supply the whole household with what you need. Got that? (Yes.) (Right, Master.)

That small electric wire is just connected there. If he stays there, then he still can function. (Yes.) But if he doesn’t even stay, he plucks himself out, then he has nothing, and whoever uses that wire also has nothing. (Yes.) (Right.) The house that uses that is still dark and endures the darkness. (Yes.)

The Master can only take you to where he goes. (Right.) That is the problem. So there are many Masters but they’re different levels. (Yes Understand.)

So these people, maybe it’s just their karma or they want a quick fix, easier. (Yes.) They don’t have to go and ever apply or anything. (Ah, OK. Understand.) (Right.) Whatever. (Yes.)

Or don’t believe in a woman. Some people prefer a man master, and if that master, man master, talks so good like the Master, like the original Master, then the people believe. “Oh, he’s so wise! How does he know all that? He must be a real Master.” (So eloquent.) Yeah!

He just copies. (Yes.) Watches SMTV (Supreme Master TV). He just watches Supreme Master Television and speaks it out, spits it out. See what I’m saying? (Yes.) Copy without any power, even the words alone. (Yes, Master.) Empty.

So, if they claim that they want to liberate people, they help people who want to know the Quan Yin Method – it’s not the method! It is the Master. (Yes, yes. Right.) That’s why there’s no written things, so that people in every religion – or just say Buddhism, they say the enlightenment is outside of scripture. That’s what it is. (Yes, Master.)

Otherwise, people keep reciting the scripture all day long everywhere, in all temples, they don’t get what you get. (Right.) They don’t get what my disciples have. (Yes, Master.) That’s what it is, the same. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know if I’m clear enough for you. (Oh, no, very clear, Master.) (Yes, we understand.) (We do understand.) (Thank You for revealing all of those secrets.)

There are many secrets, there are also rules and regulations for the initiation. (Yes, Master.) And sometimes it changes also, depends on the group of people, depends on the time. (Yes.) But they just think that’s all there is. They went with me a few times, see how I give people initiation or see how my representatives give initiation, and they think that’s it. (Yes.) Just, that’s it. (Big mistake. Yes.)

They know nothing. And if I give people the Gift, they also give the Gift. Oh, man! (Oh, my goodness!) It’s just fame and gain. (Yes.) Ego. And the ego and greed are qualities that are similar to hell. That’s how many people go to hell, because the hell people are like that. (Yes.) The quality of hell people. Just like the quality of humans is like that. (Yes.) And the quality of the Sun is like that.

So these are low-level desires, ambition for fame and gain inside. The ego is very difficult to control. And if they have a lot of it, then they’ll be in trouble. (Yes, Master.) The maya will use that to hook you up with him. You got that? (Yes, Master.)

Like if the ball is very smooth, very round, and even greasy, it’s difficult to hold. (Yes.) But if it’s a rough surface, even spiky, then it’s easy to get a hold of it, (Yes, yes.) and continue holding it. And if some instruments have some holes, like some tables, they put a hole in it, so it’s easy to grab and to remove. But if the ball is like that, there’s no corner. (Right.) If there’s something with corners, it’s easier to get hold of and to transport, but if it’s so round and smooth and even oily, (Yes, that makes sense.) then you cannot hold onto it. (Yes, Master.) Are you all clear, right? (Yes, we’re very clear.) (Yes.)

Concerning the people who give initiation without Master’s permission, I saw it coming that they got sick and they were bothering me a lot inside, praying for forgiveness and all that. And even writing to the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) group, asking for forgiveness. Master can forgive. That’s easy. Just, if the river forgives that streamlet, little puddle of water is already out, cut off. It cuts itself off from the big river, so it’s not united. (Yes, understand.)

So, the river forgives or does not forgive, that little water puddle or little streamlet still needs to go its course because it’s too little, too weak. And then, it has to be dirty or murky according to the surrounding of wherever that little waterlet or streamlet goes. (Yes, Master.) And it won’t be reunited with the ocean.

And if that streamlet wants to reunite with the ocean again, then it has to start all over again; has to evaporate, become the cloud, and then become the rain and then go back to the Earth again. And if this rain group is lucky enough to fall into the big river and then go to the ocean with the river currents. (Yes, Master.) If not lucky, this group of rainwater will fall on rock, on a desert, on a thorny bush and just go to waste, or be sucked into the Earth, and then have to start all over again. It takes a long, long time, like from A-B-C again. (Yes, Master.) If that little bit of water can even start all over again, or just disappear into the dry, thirsty, sucking desert, and gone forever.

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