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Between Master and Disciples

Initiation Requires Master Power, Part 7 of 14, Oct. 20, 2021

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You see, Heavens and God are life-loving, (Yes.) are creating, not killing. Not destroying creation. (No.) That’s not the quality of Heavens. (No, not at all.) So, if you’re choosing that way, then you can’t go to Heaven.

If you light a fire and you don’t take care, then it might burn your house. (Yes.) And you allowed that, because you didn’t take good care. (Yes.) You played with fire. (Yes.)

American people have heavy karma also, a lot of killing karma, (Oh yes, definitely.) in different wars. Even though they’re good – they went there to help, but still, all this killing karma, they cannot get away, (Right.) either in this lifetime or the next, in their children’s time. They have to pay. Oh, I hope they just pay now only, in this physical life, and not pay in hell, man. (Oh, we wish that.) That’s more scary. (Yes, Master.)

You remember in the Bible somewhere, it says also, when humans did something wrong, then God allowed the angel of darkness to come down and punish them. Remember that? (Yes.) God allows it also. God appointed; God wanted that even.

So, we just have to do the opposite now. (Yes, Master.) That’s why I urge people to just be vegan. Turn away. Go to the opposite direction. (Yes, Master.) That’s all there is. If you choose the thorny path, then all you see is just thorns and you get hurt. (Yes.) Maybe one day you will fall down because of too much bleeding, too many wounds, too many injuries.

You see, Heavens and God are life-loving, (Yes.) are creating, not killing. Not destroying creation. (No.) That’s not the quality of Heavens. (No, not at all.) So, if you’re choosing that way, then you can’t go to Heaven. (Yes. Makes sense.) You have to go to wherever that kind of quality exists. (Yes.) It’s like that.

If you’re American, then you can stay in America. But if you are other foreigners, you can’t stay in America unless you have a special permit. (Yes, Master.) Special permit, special visa, or naturalization. So, going the vegan way is a visa to Heaven. (Ah, yes. It is.) And if more benevolent, more and more add up, then you have naturalization. Become American. (Yes, Master.) Have an American passport. Or at least a Green Card. See, whatever qualities, they stick together, sooner or later. (Yes, Master.) So, in a way, it is like that.

Formerly, in the Bible, it’s recorded, the story of King David, I kept telling you that. He cheated somebody to get his wife and even killed the husband. So, God punished for three days or a long time – I don’t know how they called the “days” in those times – with the epidemic. Many people died. (Yes, Master.) The reason why God did not punish King David further was because Hes wanted King David to feel pain through other people.

Hes even sent somebody to tell him that it was Hes who caused this epidemic at that time, to make him pained. (Yes, Master.) To make mental sorrow, anguish. Just like if somebody killed your son or harmed your son, you’d have more pain than if you yourself had been killed. (Right.) Especially if it was your fault that your son died. (Yes, for sure.) Oh, then you’d feel terrible. (Right.) You would rather die instead. (Yes.) That is the thing. (The guilt.) The guilt and the sorrow. (Yes.) The regret. The self-blaming. (Yes.) “I should have done that. I shouldn’t have done this.” (Yes.) And then it will eat you up all your life. That’s worse than dying. (Oh, yes. Yes.) That is that.

What was it then? (It was just whether he [Biden] could get away from the demon influence, but Master said it’s not possible, he’s too far gone.) Yeah. It’s not that possible. He is from there. He’s working for them because he wanted it. He doesn’t have good quality to have a better influence. You attract to yourself whatever you wanted. (Yes, Master.)

If you are pure, simple, at least do no harm, at least honest and harmless, then at least you won’t be influenced by bad demons. Even if you are not worthy enough to be blessed by Heaven, at least you are not influenced by demons. (Yes, Master.) Then slowly, by reason and logic, maybe somebody can talk you into doing better and being a better person. But if you are commissioned to do this destructiveness, then you cannot.

They (Biden’s and Harris’ souls) came to say sorry to me. They say they had to do it. They say they’re sorry.

The demons also always keep telling me, “We have to do it.” (Yes, Master.) And the Third (World) Lord also told me, “We have nothing against Master. It’s just that You take away so many of our souls, our people.” (Yes.) “And if You take them all to Heaven, to Your Land, then what happens? We will have all empty land here or whom can we live with? Whom can we control?” (Yes, Master.)

They say they’re sorry, but still do it. It’s just like their job. But I cannot just say, “OK, it’s their job,” and then I just let them destroy America. (No, You can’t.) (Oh no, no.) At least I say something, do something to my best ability.

(Thank You very much, Master. You have done so much speaking out.) I wish I could say more, but this is all I can. Because how else would I do it? I go to America? And go to CNN, talk every day? Or go to Fox News, lecturing people? And even then, how many millions of people listen? (Yes, that’s right.)

So this Supreme Master TV is the best we can do. Billions of people can listen. (Yes.) No, not all in one day, maybe. Not all in one hour, because the time zone is different also. (Yes, Master.) So whoever can listen, it’s less karma for the world (Ah, yes.) and more liberated people, at least go to a higher level, so from there I can teach them further. (Yes, Master.)

Once they’re out of the karma circle, even in the Astral Level, I can continue telling them, and then they learn, and they go up. (Oh, OK.) At least they’re secure. No return to the life-and-death circle and suffering circle ‒ old, death, and birth, and all this suffering – or hell. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) I wish I could do more. Don’t thank me.

I feel very frustrated and sometimes very much suffering. Very much suffering. Because the people suffer. It’s just like me, I suffer. Imagine it’s me. (Yes, Master.) Just like somebody kills your son instead of you. That’s that. (Yes.) Just to make you suffer more. (Yes. Right.) That’s what it is.

(We can’t imagine how You feel everything from everyone all the time like that) Yeah, I know. (and endure.) Not like one by one individually, but whenever I’m reminded, like when I’m working, editing shows, then I see it more. (Yes.) And sometimes, my mind goes crazy. I say, “I wish I could die horribly or many thousands of times.” But then there will be new people coming, (Ah, yes.) and then I can only rescue maybe this group of humans right now but no more. (Right.) Because if I die, nobody’s there anymore. (Yes, that’s right.)

And I know I’m still a little useful for your (Supreme Master) TV. Right? (You’re the main One, Master. Master’s energy is behind the whole [Supreme Master] TV.) Yeah, I’m just like… Maybe a third person can see clearly.

Any other questions? Are you clear with my answer yet? (Oh yes, very much so, Master. Thank You.)

The souls, the essence of Harris and Biden, came together. Two of them came and said, “Sorry.” But they just had to do it. I know it but doesn’t mean that I just let them, easily like that, or go ahead, destroy America. (No.) I have to counteract as much as I can. (Yes.) It works or not works, it depends also on God’s Grace and the karma of the people. I do my best. (Thank You, Master. Thank You very much.)

In a drowning sea of people, you rescue some ‒ better than nothing. (Yes, Master.) Just like, you remember the Titanic? (Yes.) Many people drowned, many people died, but some were rescued. (Yes.) Some had these whistles in their possession. If they whistle, then people come and rescue them. (Oh, yes.) These people, I think they are more special. They rescue the rich and the high-class first. (Yes.)

Similarly, Heaven takes care of those virtuous and morally fit first. (Understand.) Because they are high-class. You see? (Yes, Master.) They’re high-class. If people are not morally fit or virtuous, even if taken to Heavens, they have to go through purification. It is the same as hell. Hell is purgatory, to purge out whatever’s unfit for Heaven or at least for human quality. (Yes, Master.)

Like some people have a sickness like COVID-19, they had to go to the hospital. (Yes.) And then the doctor counteracts, takes out these bacteria, kills them, so they recover. If they do. (Yes, Master.) Some people cannot because they’re too weak for the bacteria. Too weak. They cannot even take medicine, or the medicine won’t help them, or they are overloaded with bacteria, the quantity. (Yes.) So then they die.

Similar to practitioners. Some are easier to rescue; some are not easy. (Yes.) Some even have to go to hell to purify, because they are not willing to go with the Master. They go the opposite direction, like give initiation behind Master’s back and claim themselves to be a Master and even have attendants. (Wow. Oh, God.) I heard that they cannot talk to him, just talk to the attendant. (Oh, geez.) And they say, “Oh, that group and our group do the same thing, (Oh, gosh.) serving people.” (Oh, geez.) They only see the outside. (Yes.) They just give some donations here and there, and they think they’re big shots already. They think they’re somebody. That’s the problem. That’s the problem. The ego makes the problem. (Yes.)

So, whatever you do with the ego, the maya takes everything. You have nothing. You don’t even have merit, because you belong to maya already. You go that way. (Yes, Master.) So whatever you do is over there. (Yes, Master.) If you don’t bring your bread home, and you just spread it all over on the street or give it to others, then your home won’t have any bread. (Yes. Right.) Other people have it. (Yes.) Or if you go into the wrong zone, then the police will ask you, “What are you doing here?” You don’t have a visa, so they confiscate everything because you’re illegal.

The initiated by those who don’t have Master’s permission are like illegal, so the police of the universe can do anything they want with them.

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