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Between Master and Disciples

When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour from the Hadith, Part 12 of 16, Nov. 14, 2021

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So, they believed in the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, at that time because they knew He was real. (Yes.) Whatever He taught, He did. He walked His talk. (Yes, Master.) And He gave them enlightenment so that they could see the (inner Heavenly) Light. They could see God. They could hear the music of the spheres.

You see, so the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, has set a scale for all of us, not just the Muslims. Like, you have to emulate some good examples. (Yes, Master.)

The Buddha said the same. The Buddha said that a person who is rich or famous or in a high position in society but still diligently searches for spiritual enlightenment and continues to practice, then you should know that this person is a Bodhisattva, a saint already. (Yes, Master.)

Because if you are rich, you normally would try to enjoy life. No? (Yes, Master.) You buy flashy cars, you buy airplanes, and yachts for hundreds of millions of dollars even, (Yes.) just for yourself and your family or friends, or you buy a big mansion with hundreds of millions of dollars. (Yes.) For example, like that, or maybe even tens of millions of dollars, just for yourself and your family. (Right.) And OK, you can buy all that as well, but you should also do charity (Yes, Master.) because many people don’t have the fortune and are hungry around you.

I don’t know what for you have to buy a house for many tens of thousands of dollars. How many places can you sleep? (That’s true.) For me, if I have a place, two by four (meters), I feel it’s already too big. Because I don’t want any people to come and clean my place, so I do everything, take care of everything myself, (Yes, Master.) wash my clothes and all that. How many bedrooms do you want? You know, they boasted like 13 bedrooms, many millions of dollars, one vying with the other. (Yes.) Comparing, you know, more powerful, as if the house gives you power, as if the dollars make you like a great person. It won’t. Only you can make yourself a great person, if you adhere to the moral standard and the universal law of not harming others and helping instead. (Yes, Master.)

So, the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said that if you see such a person who Allah has given wealth to, and does not keep it to himself but spends it righteously, like helping others to maybe build the mosque for people to come there to meditate. The mosque was originally built only for people to come there to meditate, to listen to the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, (Right. Yes.) and prayers when the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, was not there.

Just like we have one now, the New Land Ashram. (Yes, Master.) All this looks very nice, like a castle, but it was there already before we bought it. They built it 30 years ago, (Yes, Master.) and they didn’t have good business. It was like a tourist area, resort. (Yes.) And the business was not good. (Yes.) So they were waiting for us to buy. They wanted to sell for a long time, but they could not until we came. And then after, they changed into vegetarian over there. Before, they killed to feed the guests and all that, because they had restaurants, they had rooms, they had… It was a resort. (Yes, Master.) And afterward, the son of the owner changed into vegetarian, (Wow!) (Cool.) and didn’t cook any more meat in there, and then they could sell to us. (Oh, wow.) They were happy. The son was happy that we are a vegan group, more than happy to sell.

But it’s very expensive, for me it is. I’d rather use the money for SMTV (Supreme Master TV) or charity. But where can you buy a cheaper place and already all-ready like that? And I felt sorry for some old disciples who came and didn’t have a room to stay in, like Hsihu before. (Yes, Master.) We don’t have any rooms. We have only some caves for some monks and nuns. So it was good to buy, and that place just came up and was introduced to me. I didn’t go and look. They sent me photos. I said, “OK. If we have money, we can buy.”

So, we put up some money from me and from many disciples together, and we bought that place. (Right.) And it is as it is, we did not build anything more. (Yes.) And they wanted to build more, but I did not want it. I said, “No, no, no. We don’t build anything more because this is enough already.” The rooms and all that are just for the elderly and the not very well people. And the rest, we can live in tents. We can meditate anywhere in the tent. (Yes, Master.) And if not enough places, then take turns to come. (Yes.) (Right, Master.) Like today 2,000, tomorrow 2,000, next week another 2,000. (Yes, Master.) Take turns, rotate, rotate.

No need to keep building, because I said whenever we build something, we take away the abodes of the animal-people who lived there before us. (Yes.) (That’s true.) And cut many trees. (Yes.) And damage the environment. So, the animal-people, they lived there before. Just because we have money doesn’t mean we can damage their houses. (Right, Master.) They’re residents. They’ve been building it for themselves. (Yes.) Under the ground or on the trees, wherever. If we touch all of that, then we harm them. (Yes, Master.) So I said, “No, we don’t build anything anymore.”

If we do anything, it’s that we may clear some bushes or grasses and plant vegetables. (Yes.) Plant trees, plant vegetables to contribute. (Yes, Master.) But not building anymore big temples and all that. We never did build for, I don’t know, 30 years already, since I began until now. (Yes, Master.) I bought some small, small places for them, but never built anything big, and never built new. You see? (Yes, Master.) They’re all already there and then we use it. I didn’t have a lot of disciples before, so we would buy just small, small places. And Florida is supposed to be the biggest one. (Yes.) But then it was already there. (Yes, Master.) All buildings, everything already there, we just live in. (Yes, Master.) And if I had a lot of disciples who came for retreats, then we would rent some tents. Remember, big tents, (Yes, Master.) and we would sit under there, should be good enough.

In the old time, many disciples of Jesus, they didn’t have anything. They even had to hide. They didn’t have official houses or meditation halls like we do now. We are very lucky already. (Yes, Master. We are.) That we are not even molested and harassed by the governments of anywhere. (Yes, Master.) But we had some rough times before, misunderstandings, but it’s OK. It’s not as bad as Jesus’ time when they killed the disciples, or in the Prophet Muhammad’s time, Peace Be Upon Him. (Yes, Master.) They killed the disciples and wanted to kill the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, as well. That’s why they keep saying, “Peace Be Upon You,” “Peace Be Upon the Prophet.” You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) When they greet each other, they say, “As-salamu alaykum.” Peace be upon you. See that? (Yes, Master.) And always address the Prophet with this prayer, “Peace Be Upon Him,” because the Prophet was in danger of His life.

The government at that time or the other religion’s big shots wanted to eliminate Him because the people who’d come to Him, they loved Him. Because they knew He’s real, He’s a real Prophet. (Yes.) He’s a real practitioner, real Master. Not like those wearing the priests’ robes and just eating all the carcasses, being so fat. (Yes, Master.) And know nothing else except some rituals like lighting the candles, lighting the incense, and blah, blah, blah. (Yes, Master.) Reading some holy book and don’t understand a thing what they’re reading. (Yes.)

So, they believed in the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, at that time because they knew He was real. (Yes.) Whatever He taught, He did. He walked His talk. (Yes, Master.) And He gave them enlightenment so that they could see the (inner Heavenly) Light. They could see God. They could hear the music of the spheres. (Yes, Master.) So they know. They know they have profit, they have benefits. When they meditate, they practice, when they adhere by His teaching, they know their lives change. (Yes.) They know their lives became better, and their minds become more peaceful, and their soul is free. And they see all the wonders that He said would happen. (Yes, Master.) It’s not like just talk, talk, empty talk, and don’t even understand a thing. That is the difference between an enlightened Master and just ordinary priests.

And if they are just ordinary priests, it’s not bad already. They even harm the world. (Yes.) Killing the children. Torturing them, oppressing them, molesting them. Oh! So evil! (Yes, Master.) Oh, my God. More evil than those normal governments who harassed the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, at that time.

The government, before the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, came, they followed those priests. (Yes, Master.) So when those priests saw that many people followed the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, they got jealous. And they did not understand, because of ignorance. So the government listened to them also, wanted to eliminate the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, and His followers. Well, at least because they were ignorant. (Yes, Master.) But they were not molesting children, at least. No? (No. That’s right, Master.) They were not raping the children, the innocent, and killing them and all that, en masse. (Yes, Master.)

So actually, the evils are with the church of the Catholics now, worse than any other government or any other evil of other Masters’ time. Is that true? (Yes, Master. It’s clear.) You understand what I’m saying is real? (Yes, Master.)

For example, if the government wanted to harass or kill any Prophet or Master in those times, it’s because they believed those existing priests that these people were blasphemous, (Yes, Master.) because Jesus claimed that He’s the son of God. Jesus claimed that He can show people God and He knows God. (Yes, Master.) All the priests never knew anything like that, so they thought Jesus was lying. (Right.) So they wanted to kill Jesus. Or the same with the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, or the Sikh Gurus and the Buddha and all that. Because they did not understand. At least they think the Prophets are blasphemous. So they wanted to eliminate Them because they think They’re with the devil. (Yes, Master.)

But these children, they are innocent. They’ve done nothing wrong to any of these evil priests. (Yes, Master.) They have no excuse to harm them, to molest them, to rape them, to murder them that way. (Yes, Master.) So that’s why I told you they are worse than those governments that killed or persecuted those Masters in the past. You got the difference? (Yes, Master.)

So, these evil priests, if they won’t go to hell, where else would they go? (No other place.) If they are not the devil themselves incarnate, then they will have to go to hell. (Yes. Right, Master.) Definitely. There’s no other excuse, no other thing you can argue about it. (That’s right, Master.)

They’re worse than any massacring government, worse than the people who work in the slaughterhouse for money. They had to earn a living. They had no other job in such a remote area. (Yes, Master.) They are worse than them.

So, if these people from slaughterhouses or livestock raising will go to hell, then these priests, evil priests will go to deeper hells, and longer, long, long, long… forever. (Yes, Master.) You see the comparison of the gravity of sin? (Yes, Master.) You don’t have to believe in hell or Heaven. You just calculate, then you know what I’m saying. (Yes, Master.)

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