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Between Master and Disciples

The Story of Master Confucius and Xiang Tuo, Part 1 of 13, Mar 10, 2021

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I mean, how many more governors do they want to kick out? How many good ones that they want to kick out? First, it’s Cuomo for falling in love with some girls or one girl at a time. And now it’s Newsom. I think because they miss President Trump. They are used to kicking him. Now they’ve kicked him out already, they’re finding some other target just to make trouble.

(Hallo, Master!) Hi guys! Today, bedtime story again. Unless you have some urgent question or something before, life and death, before you die. Any urgent question? (Yes, Master.) You do? Oh.

(I have an urgent question, please.) Oh. Sure, sure. OK. We do that first because mostly questions are a problem. Like in Chinese, the word question is “wenti”, meaning problem. So we take care of the problem first. And then afterward, I will read you the story and then you can go sleep peacefully. OK. Tell me, my love.

(Yes, Master. There have been some recent developments in the United States with the California Governor, the Honorable Gavin Newsom. All the voters, the California voters want to remove him from office.) All the voters? (Well, many, many voters) OK. You cannot say “all.” (want to remove him from... Yes, I’m sorry.) My God! Some are smarter.

(Master, we researched his record as governor and did not understand why some want him out. It seems like he has done many good things while in office for the state.) OK.

(For example, for COVID-related things, Governor Newsom: - Signed a $2.6 billion bill to extend a moratorium on renter evictions and provide rent relief.) Yes. (- Signed a US$7.6 billion economic stimulus package, including: US$2 billion in small business relief grants, and US$600 stimulus checks for 5.7 million low-income citizens.) Wow!

(For the animals, he: - Signed bills making California the first state to ban the sale and manufacture of new fur products.) Wow! (- Signed a bill to bar most animals from circus performances. - A wildlife crossing is to be built over a major Southern Californian highway. The fundraising has reached US$18 million.) Woah. Just for the wild animals? (Yes, Master.) Wow. What a good guy!

(- He launched Project Roomkey, which has moved more than 22,000 people from the streets and shelters into motel rooms during the COVID pandemic. So the advocates for the homeless say the program largely succeeded.)

(- He also signed the Families Over Fees Act to end the collection of criminal administrative fees like probation fees and fees for public defenders.) Oh, very compassionate guy. (Yes, Master.) Very caring and loving. (The bill will lift an estimated US$16 billion of largely uncollectible debt from low-income communities.) Woah.

(So Master, with all these things, and other things that he’s done, is it a good idea for the people to try to recall him? What do You think, Master?) No, not good. It would be a big mistake because I don’t know if they can find somebody as good as he. For what you have read just now…

You from California? (Yes, Master.) Oh, yeah. I know you were in California before, so you’re concerned about your state. He’s very good, is very good. He’s a good boy. We should keep him, forever. (Yes, Master.) He really cares. He really cares. So, my God, all for the poor people, and the helpless people and the vulnerable people and the safety of the animals. I mean, what more can you ask from a governor or anyone who is in power in the government? (Yes, Master.) So, why do they want to get rid of him? Who did? Why? It must be somebody who doesn’t like Democrats again.

(The voters didn’t like the way he handled the COVID situation.) Like what? (He was very strict in closing schools and businesses,) Yes. (so that made those businesses very angry. He had a very slow vaccine roll out.) Closed down and mask and stuff like that. (Yes, Master.) And then slow in rolling out the vaccine. What else? (He also attended a restaurant party for a lobbyist while the state was in lockdown. So people thought that was not fair.) Oh, wow. From what I know, many other government officials, big-time, they also did that. Like the Scottish first minister, for example. (Yes, Master.) And they did not want to fire her, just for that. They just criticized and then she said “I know that was stupid.” Something like that. “I am kicking myself. And I am sorry.” That’s it and they forgave her. (Yes.) And she’s bigger than Newsom. (Yes, Master.)

I mean, how many more governors do they want to kick out? How many good ones that they want to kick out? First, it’s Cuomo for falling in love with some girls or one girl at a time. And now it’s Newsom. I think because they miss President Trump. They are used to kicking him. Now they’ve kicked him out already, they’re finding some other target just to make trouble. (Yes, Master.) Even if Mr. Newsom made a mistake by going to a party, one time, just one time, they could just criticize him, scold him, and then let him continue to do his work. Because I am not sure if you can find any other governor as good as he. (Wow!) Applaud for him.

But to tell you the truth, if they fire him, it is also OK, so he can take a rest also. But that would be a big mistake – much, much, much, way, way, way, way, thousand times bigger than his little wrong decision at that time. It’s a small mistake. It’s difficult to refuse your friend. Especially when that friend has been with you a long time and helping you a lot. Helping him, meaning helping his people. (Yes, Master.)

The Scottish first minister just said, sorry, she’s kicking herself. That’s all she said. And then it’s OK. And then there is another… Maybe somebody knows? Who was it? Some other Australian? Somebody tell me, please? (Well, in the UK, Mr. Boris Johnson,) Yeah. (he’s also facing a big problem) Yeah. (because he is also very strict with COVID-19.) Yes. (He was spotted riding a bike) Outside. (while outside of his local area.) Poor guy, he should cover himself, go into an all-blackened car with a driver. (Yes, Master.) He needed some fresh air and a little exercise. My God! You have no idea. No people have any idea how stressful it is to be a prime minister or a governor for that reason. (Yes, Master.) If he just goes on a bike and not meeting and talking to anybody, my God, forgive the guy. For God’s sake. He does so many good things for his country. (Yes, Master.) He did many, many great things for his country, and also he continues doing. I know people criticize him, but they do anyway – the opposition or just some people who are looking for hair-splitting. Wait until they become prime minister, and they do even worse things. I guarantee. (Yes, Master.)

All right. And any others who flout? (Well, in New Zealand, there’s the Health Minister David Clark.) Yes? (During a very strict national lockdown, he was caught also mountain biking) Bike? (as well as taking his family to the beach. And so, the New Zealand public was outraged. The Health Minister resigned [in part], as a result of that.) Oh, man. If you have children, what to do. Children, they just have a way to cry, to beg, to look at you with the eyes like the world will be going if you don’t take them to the beach or to Cancún or whatever, like Senator Cruz. Poor people, I mean, poor these officials. They shouldn’t have done that. They should have been more strong and hard with the children, but you know what it’s like having children. They could ask for the moon and you would give in.

I think most of them, I think the ones who flout, it’s because of family, these officials in England or Australia, or New Zealand, whatever. Because of family. It is the same with Senator Cruz from Texas. (Yes, Master.) It’s all because of children and family, or wife. They’re begging, they’re playing this tantrum or silent treatment until the guy can bear no more. Then he has to give in. I just feel so sorry for them. Between the country and the family, it’s very difficult to decide.

Like me also, I miss my dogs so much because of their loving and comforting nature. (Yes, Master.) In the family, there’s always give and take, and the guys are mostly working away, and then now and then, if they ask just for one that… they say, “Just one thing and you don’t do it for us. You don’t love us.” “If you love us, you would do this, do that.” (Yes, Master.) And the guy is like twisted around their fingers. (Yes, Master.)

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