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Between Master and Disciples

When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour from the Hadith, Part 4 of 16, Nov. 14, 2021

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Because I still have this illusion that humans are OK. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) And all the people who go to the church are OK. But the truth is, the majority of them condone the murder of innocent children, babies. (Yes.) No wonder they have Satan-worshiping, openly and legally, in the name of freedom of religion. That’s not religion. (No, Master.) That’s murderers.

In The Hague, they imprison and judge and sentence many big shots also. Like some ex-presidents or any crime against humanity. (Right, Master.) So why do these priests have any immunity? What right do they have to continue living in luxury, while many children languish all their lives? (That’s right, Master.) Either murdered or languish all their lives, and losing faith in God and in the teaching of Jesus. Imagine if it’s you, so helpless like that and you don’t know whom to pray to anymore, because these are supposed to be representatives of God on Earth. (Yes, Master.)

"Philadelphia Inquirer Interview Oct. 26, 2017 Abuse survivor (m): What’s actually happening is there’s a priest that’s trapping boys in a room and raping them. That’s what’s actually happening. I couldn’t even believe it was true, what was happening to me. I couldn’t even believe it was true. It had to come out in dreams and anxiety attacks. I feel like this kind of trauma can kill you, and it’s essential to shine light on it. I’m a Catholic. I was baptized, confirmed. I did the Sacrament of Penance. My sister was married in the church. My parents were married in the church. Like, that was my place, that was my home. That was my ideation about transcendence and God, and Heaven and hell, frankly. But that guy made it impossible, and everybody that facilitated that guy made it impossible for me to rest in that place. And I need some rest, everybody does."

"Philadelphia Inquirer Interview Oct. 26, 2017 Abuse survivor (m): These last… what 12, 13 years, it’s taken a toll on me. It’s… it’s worn me out. It almost killed me last year with the drugs because I was trying to kill the pain. And I went… I got overboard, it just about killed me."

"Philadelphia Inquirer Interview Oct. 26, 2017 Kristen Ott (f): And these kids are not moving on with their life. This priest and every other priest that has done the same thing, has ruined families. They have broken families. They have broken these kids, either they’re alcoholics, drug addicts. Between siblings and parents, they have broken families. And that’s sad because that’s not what the Catholic Church was about."

"The Guardian Interview Feb. 3, 2016 Abuse survivor (m): I was a complete and utter innocent, the only child of a very, very, very devout Catholic mom and dad. What happened after the abuse stopped was actually worse than when the abuse was taking place. Shame. Guilt. I tried to become invisible. Never occurred to me to tell anybody. When the head teacher’s been abusing you, who do you tell? Put it into a cupboard in my head and I shut the cupboard door. I stopped going to church. You see how the church in Boston tried to sweep things under the carpet, and you read about cases in this country and other parts of the world. I lost my faith."

And they’re doing all these kinds of evil deeds. And the top one protects them, supports them (Yes.) by ignoring it completely and let them continue to be big shots. Even one of the molesters is compared to Jesus. (Oh gosh.) The pope compares him to Jesus. Ah! Child molester.

In the world, if there’s any pedophile like that, they put him in jail, (That’s right.) (Yes, Master.) or in some cases, even execute him. (Yes.) And all these pedophiles are walking, talking, breathing, enjoying all the privileges still!!!

I don’t understand this world!!! Do you?! (No, Master.) All these people have to be in the court and judged like everybody else, because a cancer is a cancer. It has to be treated. It has to be operated on. A cancer on the king is the same as a cancer on a street sweeper. Do you understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) What’s wrong cannot be right, no matter who you are! (That’s true, Master.) (Yes, true.)

"The Guardian Interview Feb. 27, 2018 Abuse survivor (f): My local priest sexually assaulted and raped me several times. I think it’s hard for me to speak with an absolute certainty on why – why the diocese, why a bishop, why the pope, why anybody within that institution would be so forgiving to an individual that rapes children. I can’t personally comprehend how that’s even a possibility. Let alone offering promotions or moving them around or whatnot. It, in my mind, is such a solid brotherhood, and it’s beyond protecting the rapist. It’s protecting the institution."

"The Wall Street Journal Interview Jul. 13, 2019 Abuse survivor (m): I was a small kid. There was no way that I could have done anything. I mean, he was two hundred and some pounds. He’s on top of me. I’m not going anywhere until he got off me, and that’s when I crawled out of bed and lay on the floor in a fetal position. It was a crime that happened to us. Since when should the church be allowed to handle criminal cases? Why isn’t it in front of the judicial system as it should be?"

So this world is evil. (Yes.) To tolerate this, it’s evil already. Because you’re same-minded. And you know, I read in the news that the majority of Catholics say that abortion is normal, must be allowed everywhere. (Wow.) So, the majority are evil!! (Yes.)

All these evil people stay on top of it, to protect all this evil below it. (Yes, Master.) And all the people below support the bigger evil on top, so that they continue to stay in this world, damage humanity, and damage the teachings of the Saints, the great ones, like Jesus Christ. (Yes, Master.) The same mouths, they say, “Can kill, kill, kill children, babies,” and the same mouths, they say, “Worship God and pray to God to give us daily bread.” Who can even believe this? (That’s right.)

Before, I knew that this world is not too good, but I did not know it is so bad like this. (Yes, Master.) Only recently I did more research in the news. (Yes, Master.) Because many things are related, and it’s just the situation of the world. So, I did some research. And the more I see, the more I know about it, the more I’m shivering. (Yes, Master.) Like we’re living in a devil world. (Yes, Master.)

No wonder they don’t understand anything what I’m saying. No wonder they had no interest in my teaching. And my teaching is the same like Jesus’ teaching or Buddha’s teaching. I don’t teach anything contrary. But they don’t care. (Yes, Master.) They’re all blind, deaf and dumb. Or they are just devils. Therefore, they don’t care about all that. (Yes.) You see the way they do, the way they support, the way they talk. (Yes.) It’s all evil! (That’s right, Master.)

If you say abortion is OK, then they are evil altogether. The majority of the Catholics, my God, they’re worshipping Satan. They’re not worshipping Jesus or worshipping God. Do you see that? (Yes.) Clear or not? (Yes, Master.) It’s terrifying, that the big faith in the world is all evil. Is it not scary to you? (Very scary, Master.) (Yes, it is.) (It’s shocking.)

And that is one of the most popular religions. (Yes.) The Catholics. (Yes.) They have so many followers everywhere. (Yes, that’s right.) (Yes, Master.) And the pope is like the king. (Yes.) More than the king; they can rule over the king, even. All the politicians, big shots come and kowtow to him. You see that? (Yes, Master.) So, this world is truly evil.

No wonder Heaven told me only 10% are worthy to go to Heaven. Because I was thinking, “Why is this world like this?” I never imagined. (Yes, Master.) So, Heaven told me only 10% are worthy of Heaven, and these 10% don’t include these priests ever. Including the pope. That’s what Heaven told me. And I was sweating. (Yes, Master.) And I was just jolted out of samadhi because the truth is so hard to swallow, for me.

Because I still have this illusion that humans are OK. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) And all the people who go to the church are OK. But the truth is, the majority of them condone the murder of innocent children, babies. (Yes.) No wonder they have Satan-worshiping, openly and legally, in the name of freedom of religion. That’s not religion. (No, Master.) That’s murderers. Murderers, gangsters. (That’s right.) If they accuse the drug gangsters, drug cartels, they are worse! (Yes.) The drug people, they just sell drugs. These are murderers! (Yes, Master.) And the drug people, they sell, you don’t have to buy.

This group, they’re more powerful, they can kill the babies and anybody, just like that. Because they’re powerful and nobody can do anything. None of the governments even condemn them. I don’t understand it! If a normal person kills a person, he’d go to jail, he gets executed. (Yes.) And if the priest kills so many children, why is nothing done to him? What’s the difference between this killing and that killing? Can you tell me? (No, killing is killing.) Yeah! And killing even innocent children!! (Yes, Master.) And then accuse the drug cartels and the drug boss and all that. I’m not saying drugs are good. You know my stand on drugs already. (Yes, Master.) They’re harmful to people, but you don’t have to buy them. (Right.) These children, they have no choice. (That’s true. Correct.) They did not want anything to do with these priests, and they just molest them, abuse them, and even in some cases kill them, murder them. (Yes, Master.) Just to cover up so that they don’t tell. (Yes, Master.)

"CNN Interview Aug. 15, 2018 Reporter (f): A disturbing new grand jury report reveals decades of abuse by priests in Pennsylvania. More than a thousand children were sexually abused by clergy. And the report finds the Catholic Church leaders actively protected and covered up for more than 300 predator priests. Joining us this morning, Shaun Dougherty, who was sexually abused beginning at the age of ten by a priest who was also a teacher and a coach at his school. What should happen to these priests? Is there such a thing as justice for you?

Abuse survivor (m): Sure. You know, justice is… There’s a crime, there must be a punishment. The Catholic faith is raised on sin. We are all sinners. We all commit sin, and we are all due forgiveness. It’s possible. Well, you have to first stop the sin. And to this point, the church has refused to do that. They fought this report up to the very last minute. What do you tell an institution that teaches morality but has none? What am I supposed to say to them? They’re not treating it as a moral, faith-based organization. They’re treating it as a business. And they understand money because when one of their priests embezzle, they prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. When you embezzle from the church as a priest, you go to jail. When you rape a child as a priest, you get transferred to a whole new flock of kids."

Oh, so this world is truly a devil place, mostly it’s no good. (Yes.) Maybe not all of these 90% are evil, but they’re influenced. (Yes, Master.) They’re weak. (Yes.) They don’t have power like those evil people. Just like in hell, the devils are powerful. They control everything there, in hell. (Yes.) Similar to our world here, all the big people are working for devils, are doing evil things or supporting evil deeds. You see that? (Yes.) Oh my God, it’s just a different kind of hell. (Yes.)

Oh my God. When I think about that, I’m scared myself, (Yes, Master.) of what a world we live in. No wonder they kill one Master after another. (Yes.) And even a good president, they won’t leave alone. (Yes.) They’re still harassing President Trump, and finding every little pickel (pimple) thing they can. (That’s true.) Even this mainstream media, oh, I feel so nauseated. I can’t believe it.

Before, I used to like those big media. (Yes, Master.) I thought they are good and they are for charity and all that. Oh, this is all for show. It’s all for show. So that they can have more followers and earn more money. (Yes.) They have no love, no compassion, nothing in their hearts. That’s why they can support the bad president and harass the good president. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, my God. It makes me so sick. All the world, what’s happening, all this makes me so sick. Very, very few good leaders in the world. Very few, and they don’t fare too well. And everybody seems like just supporting the bad ones. (Yes.) Evidence is that the church in Rome is still there. (Yes.) People still go there and ask for blessing.

My God, what kind of blessing can you ask from these kinds of people? (True.) If he is even a human, I don’t know. Maybe possessed by zealous demons. You know, the bloodthirsty demons? (Yes, Master.) That’s why he said such things, comparing a child pedophile priest with Jesus! How dare he do that!! How dare he be so blasphemous!! (Yes, Master.) How dare he!! (Yes.) I mean, all the Christian people should be mad, but nobody does anything! Nobody says anything. Only one or two newspapers reported about it. Reported only, not saying anything more. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know why…

Oh! The devil’s force in this world is so incredible. Oh, yes, but why should I be surprised? This is just next to the Astral World. (Yes, Master.) It’s a world of evil. Many Masters came and went, they killed Them all. Most of Them. (Yes, Master.)

I’m lucky. Even if I’m a Master, I’m so lucky still. (Yes.) Every day I’m still alive, I thank God for protection. (We thank God too, Master.) But that doesn’t mean that I’m at peace. (Yes, Master.) This kind of persecuting energy, I still feel it. (Yes.) It’s not like physical. Physically, I’m still OK. But not psychologically, not peaceful. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, God. Can I call you back? (Yes, Master.) I need to walk out, have fresh air and I’ll come back. (OK, Master.) Few minutes. (Take care, Master.) If you don’t feel good, you can also do that. It’s just two minutes. OK? (Yes, Master.) I’ll come back soon.

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