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Synchronize With Heaven for a Better World, Part 1 of 3, Jan 30, 2021

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Everywhere, every country I go, even the richest country, I saw homeless people, and it always pains my heart. Our world is not OK. Not OK at all. I don’t know what the governments are doing; they turn the blind eye or something to the suffering of humans, of fellow humans and fellow animals. It’s not OK. It pains me so much.

(Hallo, Master!) (Hi, Master!) Hey, hey guys. (Hi.) Just a quick hallo. (Yes, Master.) Are you guys all right? (Yes, Master! Thank You.) I remember it was very damp. So are you OK at night? Warm enough? (Yes, Master!) You prefer to sleep in the office where the air con you can make it warm? Or not? Or you prefer your villa? (Our villa is good.) (Our villa.) OK. Up to you. If the villa is cold, you can arrange to sleep also in the office. Got that? (Yes, Master.) You have enough warm clothes? (Yes, we have.) (Yes, Master.) Any of you feel especially like trouble, like pain somewhere or anything? (No, Master!) One by one, yes or no? (No, Master. No Master! No, Master.)

What’s the name of the guy? You have the hat? Does it help you? Headache? (It’s OK. I’m OK.) It’s supposed to help your headache. Now do you take medicine or something? (I don’t have headache now. So…) Wow! (it’s OK.) Wow. That’s good. All right then. (Thank You.) OK. If somebody else has a headache and you don’t use it, you can give it to him. Maybe it helps. (OK. Thank You.) Any of the girls have any problem? (No, Master.) Really? Any of you individually, have any trouble? (No.) No? (No, Master.) You happy there? (Yes, Master.)

Fresh air, everything is good. Just cold and damp. You have a measurement inside your villa to measure how damp it is? You know, under 60 maybe OK, but above that, it could be too damp. (Yes, Master.) Do you have any, there are some clocks that you also see the time, also can measure the humidity. All of you have them? Men, women? (No, but we have dehumidifiers, and they come on and off and it helps to keep the air dry.) Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. Like automatic. Like you time it, right? So it comes off and on… (Yes.) Everybody has it right? Or not? (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) Anybody who doesn’t have? Just came from jungle somewhere, have or not? Yeah, it’s very cold, of course where you are.

OK, I just want to ask if you’re OK. You know, any pain or anything, because of too much dampness. All of you have dehumidifiers in your villa, correct? (Yes, Master. Yes, Master.) That’s good. If you don’t have, must order. You need that. And ask the tech brother, whoever can, the electrician, to set it on the timer for you, so it’s just always dry. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Normally, the wood walls keep you dry already, but the air is damp. So, we have to use the dehumidifier. Imagine how much water it collects in the air. (Yes.) It could be maybe at least, three, four liters per day. (Yes.) Can we drink this water? No! I am serious. (It doesn’t taste very good. Don’t think so, Master.) No? (No.)

(Not healthy to drink.) Not clean? (Not clean, yes.) How come? (Because a lot of things in the air, and a lot of particles and all that.) Ah, I see! OK. They collect them inside. We have enough water, otherwise if you are desperate… In some areas, in other countries, they are so desperate. They maybe filter it, then use it, who knows. At least to wash hands, (Yes.) or washing something or clean the floor with it. Really, we are very lucky. At the moment, we still have abundant water, and clean. (Yes, Master.) Don’t have to use recycled water like many other countries.

Every day I am counting my blessings, wherever I live. As long as they have enough good water, that is something basic. Many hundreds of millions of people don’t know clean water and/or have to use recycled water. Our world is not OK. It’s… it’s not OK at all. People still sleep on the streets in winter. Even I, in winter, I stay in a room, I still feel cold. Have to have a thick blanket, or sometimes heater on, and even dehumidifier and all that, and still don’t feel always comfortable. Or maybe it’s the karma, of course. World karma. Otherwise, I think we have a lot of blessings. Don’t you think? (Yes, Master.) Yes, many people still sleep on the streets. I mean in top class cities, even, like Los Angeles, Washington DC, London. And just now due to the COVID that some governments have begun to notice that there are some people cold outside. I don’t know how they survive.

Everywhere, every country I go, even the richest country, I saw homeless people, and it always pains my heart. Our world is not OK. Not OK at all. I don’t know what the governments are doing; they turn the blind eye or something to the suffering of humans, of fellow humans and fellow animals. It’s not OK. It pains me so much. But even all that, I still worry about you guys. It’s just to make sure if you’re OK. You have warm clothes. Don’t spare that. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

Don’t spare money on the dehumidifier and the warm clothes and all that. You all have like warm electric blanket, yes or no? (Not all.) (Not all.) You can order. It doesn’t take a lot of electricity. It’s maybe only 90… maximum 90 watts or something like that? But I know it’s not a lot. (OK.) (Yes, Master.) If you need it, you buy. If not, buy a very thick blanket. And at least you have this warm pad, no? (Yes.) Or something, a special bag that you put hot water in it, about 70 degrees (Celsius), pour into it. Not 100 degrees (Celsius), but 70 degrees, and then it keeps you warm. (Yes, Master.) If you worry about electricity, I mean the risk; then you just buy those things. It’s like those round bags that some people put ice in it, and to put on some of the people’s forehead when they have a fever or something like that. (Yes, Master.) It is round. It’s like a round bag and not very big. If one bag’s not big enough, you put three, four bags, all sides. Then you’d be warm all night through, very comfortable. (Yes, Master.)

If you worry about electricity, the risk of it, then please order these things. I don’t know how to explain to you. It looks like a pumpkin, a medium size, small pumpkin. It’s the size of a big person’s palm spread out and the mouth is very small. And you pour 70 degrees (Celsius) hot water into it. It lasts the whole night. And if one is not enough, buy three, four. (Yes, Master.) You must be warm. (Thank You.) Because if not, you will have pain in the long run. (Yes, Master.)

Just I am concerned about you guys since you are under my care. I do care. That’s all. All right. (Thank You, Master.) Just one moment. I call you back. (OK, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

(Hallo, Master. Hallo.) Hallo. It’s just that recently I have a lot of pain, even though the room is warm and dry, still have pain. I was thinking winter, maybe you guys are too cold in your special villa or something. That’s why I have this conference. (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) There are no urgent questions by the way, right? (We have five questions.) Five? (Yeah.) OK, OK. Maybe we can just have it done with. And I have pain, I thought because of winter or something. And if I have to walk some steps, I have pain, the knees and the lower part of the leg and all that, (Oh.) and the hands. It’s probably old age. Or karma. But it is no big deal. I wondered if you guys are comfortable. The way it is. (We’re OK here, Master.) (We’re very comfortable here.) Are you sure? (It’s comfortable, Master, here.) You’re sure. Yes? (Yes, it’s warm enough, Master. It’s warm.) All right. Good, good. All right. That’s all I wanted to ask you guys. Nothing more. This world pains me a lot. Because I don’t see a lot of things right. Still a lot of things are not right, for humans, and of course for the animals. It pains me a lot. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking about anything. Sometimes I don’t feel like eating, sleeping. I was thinking, “It’s just too bad. This world is just too bad.”

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