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Between Master and Disciples

When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour from the Hadith, Part 6 of 16, Nov. 14, 2021

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When you practice this (inner) Heavenly Light and Sound, that means you contact your Self already, your real Self, your original face yesterday. The real original power, the universal network of holiness, of enlightenment, of contentment, of happiness.

In this book, it’s of course all the teaching according to the Koran as well. But this is really personal from the Prophet Himself, (Yes, Master.) Blessing Be On Him.

So you see, if the Muslim believers do not act or do not live according to the teaching of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, then they’re no Muslim. I’m sorry to say that. I’m not sorry. I’m just telling the truth. (Yes, Master.) The same with Buddhism or Christianity or Hinduism or Jainism or Sikhism. (Yes.) Within all these tenets, if people profess that they are Christian, they are Sikh, they are Hindu, they’re Buddhist and they’re Jain, if they continue to eat meat, they are not already. (Yes, Master.) Period. Not to talk about anything else yet. (Yes, Master.)

So, very rare we find any true Muslim, any true Christian, true Buddhist, true Jain, true Hindu, or true Sikh anymore. (Yes, Master.) Only when the Masters, like Guru Nanak Dev Ji, like Buddha, the World Honored One, Jesus, Son of God, or Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, or Lord Mahavira, for example, when They were alive and Their disciples, the ones who followed Them closely and were initiated by Them, only they were true Muslims, true Christians, true Sikhs, true Buddhists, true Hindus, true Jains. (Yes, Master.)

You see, I wasn’t intending to be a Master or anything before, so I was not really prepared. I jumped out and then I continued. I didn’t think that I have to do much or study much or know too much. Because when we practice the (inner) Heavenly Melody and (inner) Heavenly Light, that’s all we need. (Yes, Master.) We go back to our Origin, we go back to our true Self, connected with the true Heaven, to God’s power and universal force.

So, I never felt like I needed anything more. Whatever Buddhist story or Buddhist sutra I read before, that was before I was enlightened. Maybe I was enlightened a little, but not like officially real enlightenment. (Yes, Master.) Like, at that time, I would not be able to read all these stories for you. I wouldn’t be able to really express my opinion and my anger at the injustice of this world. (Yes, Master.) I did feel the pain of others as if it’s mine, but not so deep like now. (Yes.) And I did understand some of the Buddhist sutras, which I’d recite, but not so deeply like these recent years. I mean, after enlightenment. (Yes, Master.) (Understand.)

If you are meditating on the (inner) Melody of Heaven and Light, then you don’t need anything more. You don’t really need to study anything. The same with the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. He did not study anything further. (Oh yes, Master.) He just went to the cave and then He heard the (inner Heavenly) Sound and so loud and all that. And He was kind of scared because maybe He wasn’t quite sure what it was. (Yes.) Many of my disciples, similar, sometimes very loud. (Yes.) It depends on who and what level you are in. So He was kind of scared. So the Angel Gabriel came to Him and forced Him, told Him, “You have to read.”

You see, because many sutras, many holy books have written about these experiences. Just like in the Holy Bible, I told you that Moses saw the fire in the bush, saw God like a fire in the bush. (Yes.) It’s not fire, it’s God’s Light. (Yes, Master.) For example, like that. And many of Jesus’ disciples heard the (inner Heavenly) Sound, trumpet from Heaven. (Yes.) Or like the (inner Heavenly) Sound of many waters, meaning the waves of the ocean. (Yes.) And like the (inner Heavenly) Sound of thunder and all that. (Yes, Master.)

If you did not read all that, you have no holding point to compare. (That’s true.) And then you would not understand more. You see? Thus, the angel forced Him, “You have to read.” He did not understand to read what. But He should go and study other existing holy books. Before the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, there were other Prophets, other Masters. And They left records. Just like in the Bible, it left the record.

Like Moses sees the (inner Heavenly) Light and all that stuff. (Yes.) Or John hears the (inner Heavenly) trumpet from Heaven, or the (inner Heavenly) harp, and such things that we do hear when we practice the Quan Yin Method. And we do see (inner Heavenly) Light, we do hear. (Yes, Master.) Most of the disciples. Sometimes they sleep; they don’t see, of course. Too tired, come home and they’re tired and drop dead, until tomorrow. But many disciples do see, do hear and do have visions. You know that. (Yes, Master.)

We have plenty. Just I don’t let them always tell too many. (Yes, Master.) Because people don’t believe, people don’t understand and they might make trouble for them. (Yes.) Many Masters saw what we saw and got killed, got murdered, got persecuted. Or many other Masters’ disciples before. Just like Jesus. (Yes, Master.) And they proclaimed that they hear God, they see God, and people say they’re blasphemous. (Yes.) That’s why they were killed. Because other people hear nothing. They say they go to the church every day, there is no such thing. (Yes, Master.) And they don’t understand anything anyway.

So, after that, I guess the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, went and studied with many other learned pundits. And then He understood more of His inner visions, and then He began to be able to teach people, and explain the holy books and those experiences that others who followed Him had at that time. (Yes, Master.)

Just like, if I just meditate on the Quan Yin Method – there is no “method” – but if I only meditate on Quan Yin, then I’ll probably feel also sufficient, (Yes, Master.) feel satisfied and contented. So, I’d never think I need to read anything, for example, the Hadith. (Yes.) I did not read it before. I just saw some here and there, a reference somewhere, but not reading the Hadith, just like I’m reading now. (Yes, Master.) I did not feel the need. I believe that the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, was a Prophet. He was right. That’s enough for me. I believe the Buddha was the Buddha. I believe Christ was Christ, etc. (Yes. Understand.) Just because I happened to be acquainted with you guys, for example, then now I have to work harder. (Yes.)

Maybe not for you. Maybe you all believe in me already, and you did not feel the need to study any more of anything. (Yes, Master.) But other people still do. (Yes, Master.) So, we just do it for them. (Yes.) You are great, enlightened already. You don’t need it, right?

Why are you laughing? (Well, we wouldn’t say we are.) You wouldn’t say so? (No.) Who knows? Yeah, you are enlightened somehow, otherwise you wouldn’t stick around. (Thank You, Master.) You wouldn’t be able to do the work, the way you do. (Thank You, Master.) I mean, not just you, but all your brothers in-house and remote. (Yes, Master.) Your brothers and sisters also.

I did not let you do more connection because I was in a hurry. I’m always in a hurry. I don’t have much time nowadays. (Yes, Master.) You can see so much going on in the world. How would I have time? (Yes, Master.) And even if I want to scold you, you probably have to wait until next year if you did something wrong.

One of your brothers, wrote to me today, said he forgot, he misplaced the lecture. Instead of the 16th, he put on the 17th, different lecture. Even if I wanted to scold him, I didn’t have time. So I just make it correct and then I send it. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have time to scold you guys. So don’t dream about it. No more of that.

Before, I had more time. So I just do general teaching nowadays. (Yes, Master.) Not too much personal. You guys take care of yourselves. (Yes, Master.) If you meditate a lot every day, and now and then I read you a story and explain it, then you’re OK. (Yes, thank You, Master.) Also, for other brothers and sisters of yours. (Yes.) So, do you understand now? (Yes, Master.)

Not just because you think then you won’t be accountable. If you think something bad, you’ll be accountable. If you think something good, also a good outcome will visit you. (Yes, Master.) But it’s better we don’t think bad, we don’t think good anymore. We don’t need anything anymore. (Yes, Master.) We just continue our way because we know we are on the right way. (Yes.) According to GPS, according to the map, we’re on the right track, so we just keep driving or walking. (Yes, Master.) It depends on your means. So we don’t need to look left and right, looking for other roads or anything anymore, or any other map anymore. (Yes, Master.) That is it.

When you practice this (inner) Heavenly Light and Sound, that means you contact your Self already, your real Self, your original face yesterday. The real original power, the universal network of holiness, of enlightenment, of contentment, of happiness. (Yes, Master.) But there are always younger brothers and sisters. So, I have to study this and that and explain to them. Otherwise, I don’t feel I need anything, do you? (No, Master.) Yeah, that’s it. It’s the contentment that the enlightenment brings to us. (Yes.)

Any more questions about what I have just said before we go to another one? (No, Master.) No? OK.

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