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Between Master and Disciples

When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour from the Hadith, Part 7 of 16, Nov. 14, 2021

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The human body is a shield. That’s why if you are in the astral hell, you feel more intense pain. (Understand.) In this body, you don’t feel much. Even mentally, psychologically, you don’t feel that much. But in hell, you feel ten million times more, because you don’t have any shield.

So now, we read another, Book Three now (Volume 1 of the Hadith). OK? (OK, Master.) Book Two there is not much more. There is a lot more, but I can’t read everything. OK? (Yes, Master.) Just read some, like strikingly important. (Yes, Master.) This one is narrated by Abu Huraira. Wow. The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, did have many secretaries, or journalists, reporters, that jotted down His teaching. Peace Be Upon Him.

Peace Be Upon You, Prophet Muhammad. I’m sorry, I sometimes forget. I cannot always remember to say “Peace Be Upon You,” but You are at peace now. So even if I forget, You forgive me. And the real Muslim people would understand and forgive me, because He’s at peace now. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) We don’t have to always wish Him peace anymore, because people did that at that time because He had no peace. All the governments and officials and soldiers or police, they were chasing after Him all the time. They didn’t let Him have peace. So they always have to wish Him that. (Yes.)

Just like now, every time you say, “wish Master safety, (Yes.) wish Master health.” (Yes, Master.) Because you think I need it. And I probably do. But when I’m in Heaven already, do you think I need that? (No, Master.) Do I need anybody to wish me luck, wish me to be happy, wish me peace anymore? (No.) No, that’s right.

But, woe to you if you see a Muslim and you don’t say, “Peace Be Upon Him,” when you mention the Prophet, then they think you don’t have respect for the Master. (True.) It’s not like that. (Yes, Master.) It’s just I know that the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, is at peace, if He’s in Heaven. But never mind, we can always wish. Who knows, He might be reincarnated, that’s for sure. (Yes.) So Peace Be Upon You, Holy Prophet. I just sometimes talk too fast. I forgot. Peace Be Upon You forever, anytime, all the time, even if I forget or if anyone forgets. Your soul is always at peace. You are in the abode of peace. It’s just the world doesn’t let You have peace in the physical domain. That’s all.

Here. Volume one, book three, number 56. This one is narrated by Abu Huraira. It’s a different Abu. Oh, I guess Abu is somebody more senior, because there was an Abu Bakr before who chastised the one who wanted to go and fight with the other Muslim brother. So he must have been more like the higher disciples. (Yes, Master.) Just like some of the monks or nuns I have chosen to help me to give the verbal instruction for initiation. (Yes.) Maybe they are higher, more senior, or more enlightened, that’s all. In India, if you respect somebody, some monk, you call them Babu. Or Baba. (Yes, Master.) Thus, maybe Abu in Arabic at that time should maybe be some respected title. (Yes, Master.)

Oh, there’s another Abu coming soon after this story. It should be like Babu; probably someone very close with the Master at that time. Maybe those residents or monks, who follow the Master and forsake everything else. (Yes, Master.) They go with Him to protect Him, to learn more with Him and to help Him in some way, or taking care of Him.

So these are probably monks at that time, high priests. But real, real high priests, real enlightened high priests, not like those priests we were talking about before. (Yes, Master.) They are garbage. They’re worse than garbage. Garbage, people still can recycle. These Catholic priests who harm the children like that, they’re worse than garbage. (Yes, Master.) They can never be recycled again, even through hell. (Wow.) Can you imagine who would do that to the children? (No, Master.) No! (The worst.) Even the devils don’t do it!

The devils only punish you when you’re bad. (Yes.) When you are influenced by them to do bad things. (Yes.) Even if you are influenced by them and you do bad things, they still punish you, because that’s their job and they like it. Like sadistic people, they like other people to suffer and they’re happy. (Yes, Master.) So not like that you worship the devil and then you’ll be in peace and they will let you be happy later. No, no, no. You go to hell and the hellfire will burn you, because the devils, they can control the fire, but you cannot. That’s a different power.

You don’t have the power to control hellfire, but they can control, because they live there. They live from hell, from hellfire. (Yes.) Just like the fish-people can swim in the water and live there all day, all night, but you cannot. Even if you wear the frog-people clothes, the diving suit, you can’t stay there forever. (That’s true.) It’s not your element. (Yes, Master.) So the devils, they live in the hellfire. It’s their element. (Right.) So even if you worship them, and even if they love you, you’ll still be burned. You see that? (Yes, Master.) So, people think if they worship Satan or devils, then Satan and devils will protect them in hell. No! (Oh.) Only the devils can live there.

You are humans, you cannot. You’re a different make-up. You’re a different quality. You see? (Yes, Master.) Just like different DNA. The animal-people have different DNA. Humans have a different gene pool. (Yes.) But if you keep eating animal-people’s flesh, then you’ll be a “mixling.” You’ll be like nothing worthy in the universe. (Right.) That’s why you can be punished in hell too, for destroying the creation that you did not create. Just like you go in the shop, you break something, you pay. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s not your shop. You didn’t make that. You didn’t pay for it. (Yes, Master.) That’s what it is. Is it logical? (Yes, Master. It is.) Very simple. Very mathematical, very “Einstein,” I think. (Yes.)

In this universe, whatever you break, you pay. Got that? (Yes, Master.) Even if you “break” your own self, like you commit suicide, you will also have to pay in hell, because the body is not yours to dispose of the way you want. (Oh, right.) It’s God given, God’s creation. Anything you destroy, you pay. (Oh. Understand.) Especially the lives, the breathing, walking, like humans or animal-people, you have to pay. Pay dearly and repeatedly. A lot! Not just pay the price, but pay interest. A lot, a lot.

Oh, you will suffer too much. Oh, I don’t even want to remember that. It’s a terrible place, hell. Terrible. It’s supposed to clean you, just like an operation, or cleaning of the blood. Changing blood. But it’s very painful, very horrifying, very much suffering. (Yes, Master.)

So, actually, we are very lucky to have a human body because it covers many things for us. It shields us from the memories of some horrible events that happened in the past life, (Oh, right.) so we can stay anew. Because if you remember all the horrible things that happened to you, you cannot live. You’ll be too terrified. You will swoon out. (Yes, Master.) Nobody can bear it.

The human body is a shield. That’s why if you are in the astral hell, you feel more intense pain. (Understand.) In this body, you don’t feel much. Even mentally, psychologically, you don’t feel that much. But in hell, you feel ten million times more, because you don’t have any shield. (I see.) Just like you wear the clothes to keep you from the cold. It protects you from the cold. (Yes.) Without the clothes, you would die of freezing, if it’s too cold. (Yes, Master.) Same, same. The body is to protect you from many things that are horrible. From the attacks from the invisible force as well. Otherwise, you would feel worse. You would feel you cannot even live in this world with so many bombarding negative energies around you, (Yes, Master.) starting from birth already. (Right.)

That’s why the baby cries. So painful. (Yes.) From the protective womb of the mother and going out into all this radical-filled atmosphere or negative energy. Nothing protecting him. That’s why he cries. Too painful, like thousands of needles pinching him, the baby. So, we’re lucky we could even grow up, (Yes.) and be protected from the radicals and all that. And they say that the mother’s milk gives him more protection. So, all the mothers should give the babies their own milk. It’s better for the baby.

The story. “While the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, was saying something in the gathering, a Bedouin came.” You know, an Arab kind of race of people. Bedouin, you know, right? (Yes, Master.) “One Bedouin came and asked Him,” asked the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him.

This, the word “Him” here, they should write it in capitals. They should know that that’s the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. So, when you translate it, you put this in capitals, OK? (Yes, Master.) The “H” in capitals, just like the word “Prophet” in capitals. The “P” in capitals, the “H” in capitals.

So, this Bedouin came and asked the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, “asked Him, ‘When would the Hour take place?’” “Hour” means the 12th hour. We are in the 11th hour now. (Yes.) The doomsday. (Yes, Master.) “When will the doomsday take place?” That’s what he means.

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