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Between Master and Disciples

Gatherings of Love, Part 1 of 5, Oct. 3, 2006

Lecture Language:English,Spanish (Español),Mandarin Chinese (中文),Vietnamese (Tiếng Âu Lạc [Tiếng Việt]),Portuguese (português)
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Money is a funny thing. Money changes people sometimes, because of the karma stuff. So you'd better take care of yourself. If I keep giving you everything - it's not that I cannot, but then you don't have enough merit.

See you in a while. Hey, guys. Hallo. Did you have good meditation? (Very good.) (Oh, yes.) Any better experience? (Yes.) Are you feeling better in your meditation? (Yes.) More settled down. The first day is a little bit, maybe difficult, but the second day's better, and today is better. Where is Brother Wang? Is he not here again? What about your restaurant? Both of you are here, what about your restaurant? (It is open.) It is open? (Yes.) Is someone taking care of it? Not open today? (It's not open today.) But is it open these few days? (Yes. Usually it is open this time.) Right, but how do you manage like this? Are things OK? (Very good.) They want to stay until Sunday! (No problem! No problem! I want to thank all initiates. Welcome to Malaga. I want to thank them.) OK. (This Centre belongs to all of us, not just to me or to those in Malaga. It belongs to the whole world.) Of course, but do you have enough money to sustain them? (No problem. I only have one request. It’d be great if all initiates can contribute a little. We don’t want to take money from Master. We hope that each initiate would…) No, it is not obligated, but we should pay for the food. (No. I think the initiates should pay for themselves.) They have paid. (I don’t need to take Master’s money.) Very good, very good. (Thank You, Master.) Tell me if it is not enough. (No.) Tell me if it is not enough. (We initiates will contribute.) Do you know what I will do? (It’s OK. Thank You.) Just kick them out. (Thank You.) No, I’m just joking. I asked him… (Sorry, Master. I want to say something.) Say it. Have you written it down? (I have written it down.) I just tell him that if he doesn’t have enough money to buy vegetables, he should tell me. And then, I will throw you out.

(Excuse me, Master, I want to say a few words.) Yeah! (I've written them down. A year ago, I sincerely wished that Master would have an ashram in Malaga for the convenience of fellow initiates in Europe. I prayed for God's blessings, and Master has taken care of everything. Finally, it has been realized today. My wish has come true.) Good. Good. (I want to thank Master and all the fellow initiates.) Good. Good. You are welcome. (Thank You.) Thank you, everyone. You have all worked very hard. The Spanish initiates have worked very, very hard.

(There is another thing. I want to thank Master for our initiates in Malaga.) Everyone who has helped has been working very hard. (Thank you. Especially those seven or eight fellow initiates.) Lots of work. (Thank you.) They’ve renovated it beautifully, and even planted trees. (I plan to build a park here and to plant lots of trees, covering half of the center. This is my wish. We will do it step by step. We will contribute whatever we can. This place belongs to our European initiates. I hope we can do it this way. In winter, it's ten degrees here. The coldest time is ten degrees. It's not very cold.) How cold can it get here? (Ten degrees. Ten or eight degrees. It's coldest in December.) Ten degrees. (The best time for holding a retreat here is December. December is the best time.) Ten or eight degrees? (Yes! It's not cold. It is quite nice, just like today.) OK. (Thank You, Master.) We will talk about that later. (Yes, thank You, thank You.) Wait until I can come again. He said over here winter is about eight or ten degrees Celsius. And he said it's not cold, you can come here and meditate. It's still better than other countries. Some other countries in Europe are colder.

All right, I am here in case you ask any questions. (Yes, yes.) Yes! (Dear Master, I am so grateful to You.) Hallo, uncle! (I am coming back to Austria soon.) Oh! (I am grateful to You forever, because You bestowed on us Your boundless love.) OK! (That’s all. And I hope You understand me.) OK. (I wish You abundance of peace.) I also wish you the same. Have a good trip home. Bon voyage. OK? Next one. Please leave me alone. I am working, man. No time for petting.

(Master, I don’t speak good English and I don’t know if, are there some Brazilian sisters that can…?) Yeah, they have. You just talk. Portuguese people. Portuguese. (He is here, near me.) OK, cool. (My question is what…) Speak Portuguese. (Excuse me.) You say you don’t speak English. (Sorry. My question is what is the cause of my blockage.) (He wants to ask the cause of his blockedness. He seems to have lots of difficulty.) Can you talk louder please? (Yes. He seems to have a blockage. He can’t concentrate.) What, what is…? (He wants to know its cause.) Very slow? What is the reason, does he know? (Can I talk about my experiences since the initiation?) (He would like to ask You if he can speak about his experience since he’s been initiated.) There’s no need. Ask him what is his blockage? (I don’t see the [inner Heavenly] Light. I only hear the [inner Heavenly] Sound four times. An instrument, which I don’t know exactly or what level it means.) OK. OK. You just listen to that, it’s fine. You don’t have to... (But I heard only four times. And now I don’t hear anything. I only feel vibration on the right side.) That’s OK too. The vibration is good. (But I have blockage.) What blockage? (I don’t see [inner Heavenly] Light and don’t hear [inner Heavenly] Sound.) So what do you see in the front? When you close your eyes, what is it in the front? (It’s dark.) Dark? Does it move? The moving a little bit, like a dark cloud? (No. Dark.) Congratulation, where are you? OK. You come in the front here and sit here. If you don’t hear the [inner Heavenly] Sound, but there’s vibration, that is also OK. Understand? Sit there. (I hear the right vibration.) Yeah, that’s very good. (On the left, there is no vibration.) That’s wonderful! Sit down there. And when you… Anywhere is fine! Are you comfortable? Are you feeling tired or hot, anything? Is that the reason you can’t concentrate? If it’s too hot, you take out your socks. (My clothes are hot, but I haven’t others.) Take the socks off. The socks are what makes you hot. Anybody who doesn’t like too hot, take your socks off. Because socks are a... When the feet are warm, the whole body is warm. So in winter you need to wear it. OK, now, when you sit, you put down everything. If whatever trouble comes, you say, “Ah, later!” You say it in yourself and you concentrate from within your brain, within your mind. Here. And close your eyes and do not worry about anything. Any problem can worry later. You cannot do anything right now, you must meditate. And tell me later what’s going on. Next question. Close your mind. Don’t think. Don’t listen.

(Dear Master, I was initiated ten years ago. When I meditated on the [inner Heavenly] Light, I only saw the Light, but no vision or anything at all. So, would You please guide me.) Ah, no problem. If you can see the [inner Heavenly] Light, then it is OK already. Everyone is different, OK. (Yes. So should I expect that someday I can see some vision?) Each person has different karma. Don’t sit there and expect all the time. The more you expect, the more you have nothing. Just let it be. OK? (Yes.) If you sit there and think about it all the time, then it blocks the vision, understand? (Yes. I thank You, Master.) You have to sit naturally, not expecting anything, understand?

(Master, I would like to help with the work.) To do what? What kind of language? (I speak French, English and Spanish.) How good is French, how good is Spanish, how good is English? (I do some translation from English to French, and my Spanish is...) Average. (Yes, yes.) OK. I am so scared now. Don't talk to me, because when you guys want to do something, I have to pay so dearly. If you want to, you don't have to ask me. You ask the group over there if they need you. (OK.) And tell them your resume, like how good your English is, how well you type, how fast, for example, fast or not. (OK.) And then if they still need the English and French translation, they will tell you, "OK, you can come." All right? (Thank You.) I don't talk anymore, and if you don't have money, then don't ask me. It's funny, it's funny.

Money is a funny thing. Money changes people sometimes, because of the karma stuff. So you'd better take care of yourself. If I keep giving you everything - it's not that I cannot, but then you don't have enough merit. You'd better earn something yourself, earn your merit, all right? If you're really in desperate need, I give always. If you are desperate, you ask me. But if you can take care of yourself, please do.

And wherever, whichever center you go, put some lunch money in the box. You don't have to donate anything, just pay for your lunch. We don't ask you to donate anything, but for example, if you come here, maybe the brothers and sisters are not too many, and they also have to earn a living like us. And so whatever center I go, I also put money in the lunch box. I give more than the lunch box. But that's me. For you, if you don't have money, then you don't give. If you have, then you put your lunch money. We'll be independent, all right? And whenever I ask anybody to drive me, and if it's not my car, and if it's not me who pays the petrol, I always give money to pay for petrol, a little bit more. Of course, some brother or sister, they'll drive me to the center somewhere in a different country, and they say, "No, no! Master, it's OK. Of course, it's an honor to drive You." I say, "Yeah, yeah! Honor is OK, but money, I have to pay." Because this system is just to ensure that in case that brother and sister, in their eagerness to offer service to me, maybe they incur debt. Maybe they quit their job just to drive me, and are not only... They need to pay a lot of things. I am not only spiritual, I am practical. You have to pay mortgage, insurance for car and for the house, and for telephone bills and for everything. It's not necessary that you pay for me, not necessary. I can pay for myself. So if you can, then you do that. If you cannot, of course, then you make sure that the brother does not inconvenience his family members and himself to serve you. To serve is very good, but you have to make sure that you have enough means to do it, and do not inconvenience your family members and yourself. Because that's no good. That's no good. We have to be independent.

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