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Four Beings Who Take Care of the World, Part 1 of 5, Jan 2, 2021

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That’s one thing, and another thing is ghosts or demons, they should never stay among living beings. It’s not allowed. But they like to, because living beings, animals or humans, have this good energy. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master. Yes.) It’s more lively energy and the true energy.

Hi! Running. (Hallo, Master.) Hallo, hallo. (Hallo, Master.) How are you guys? (Good, thank You.) Happy New Year! (Happy New Year!) Are you going out partying and all that for New Year time? (No, Master. We’re staying here.) No? Me neither, join the club. We’re working hard so that others can enjoy the New Year. Very good. I’m going to read you a story again. OK? (Yay! Yes, Master.) From the Jewish folklore. You don’t mind? (No, Master. We love it. Thank You, Master.) Thank you for listening.

I’m worried maybe later I’m getting older, I cannot read anymore, so I’m hurrying up. Every couple of days, force you to listen to a story, bedtime story. I am sorry you have to listen. (No.) (Oh. Thank You, Master. We like it.) I’m just joking. Everybody also wants to listen, right? (Yes. We love to hear Your voice.) It’s just that you are in one group, and it’s easier for me. Anytime I have time, I can always read a story, (Yes, Master.) or tell you things. But if I want to talk to your brothers and sisters outside your group, I have to wait until Sunday, Saturday or Sunday. That’s why some kids think that when they grow up, they want to be a Supreme Master. Work only on Sunday! Or maybe one week per year or something like that.

Did you like the story last time? (Yes, Master.) The ghost? (Yes.) Were you scared (No.) when you went to the bathroom last time? (No.) Scared or not? (No.) (Not scared.) Tell me the “tooth”. (No, not scared.) But the skunk was scared. (Oh, no.) I don’t know, maybe he listened to the story and then… He was screaming I was thinking somebody was hurting him or he had some problem. So, I asked him, “What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” He was running and crying. First, he cried very loudly in one place, and then louder, louder, and then ran, ran, ran. When I came to ask, he ran away. I said, “What’s wrong? Something wrong?” He said, “Some zealous ghost is scaring me.” (Oh.) I said, “Didn’t hurt you?” He said something, “No.”

I wasn’t sure, so I asked the squirrel. The squirrel said also, “No.” And he said, “How come the zealous ghost dared to come here?” And the squirrel said, “No, it’s just a cat, not the ghost.” I said, “He was screaming like he was so terrified or hurt or something. (Oh.) Just a cat?” So, the squirrel told me, “Because he never saw...” I said, “Why is he so afraid of the cat? Did the cat bite him or scare him or something?” “No.” He said, “No.” Because I was scolding the cat. I was thinking it is… Because I saw him also around, so I asked him. The cat said, “No, no. Do nothing.” Maybe they ate from the same plate. No wonder the plate is all clean. Most of the time, both of them share. It just happened that probably he came at the same time as the cat, or maybe he was trying to eat, and then the cat came suddenly in front of him. I said, “But why is he so scared of just a cat?” And then the squirrel told me, “Because he never saw a cat before in his life.” (Oh.)

And the way he cried. I mean, I felt so worried about him last night. I kept praying for him, asking him things, and asking all the gods and angels to protect him. But today, I was laughing so much. He made me laugh so much, because the way he cried. I imagined just like a kid, carried away, so scared like that. And it was just a cat! And the cat didn’t do anything to him. I threatened the cat already. I said, “If you touch one hair of the skunk, I will deal with you.” He said, “No, no. No, nothing done, no, nada, nothing.” I don’t know, it doesn’t sound funny when I tell you now.

But it’s so funny. All day I was thinking about that, I was laughing so much because my imagination ran wild, thinking the way he cried very… He first cried like somebody took something from him, like the toys for the kids. (Oh.) He’s only an adolescent, only five months old now, something like that. He was so scared that he froze there, and then he was crying louder and louder. I was worried something was wrong. I came out, I saw a cat on one side, a few meters away; and he was running somewhere, I don’t know where, crying all the way, “wee, wee, wee” all the way home. It was so funny, that guy, so funny, funny. And then later, because I thought it was the cat, but he said, “No! It’s a zealous ghost, demons, scary demons!” So, I don’t know which one to believe, myself or the skunk.

And then I told him, I kept asking him, whether or not he’s OK. And when I opened the door and asked him again, he responded to me, “Ahhh. Ahhh.” Like that. This guy is so cute, my God, so cute. How he understood that I’m talking to him? I know I called his name, but he answered me even though he was scared, crying before. But he answered me in all cuteness and loveliness. “Ahhh. Ahhh,” means, “I’m here. I’m here.” Oh, that’s what I think what the skunk language is. And he can talk a lot. Many times, when there is something important to tell me, he came to the window or something and made a lot of talk. (Wow.) And then I said, “You’re too fast. I don’t get what are you saying. Slow down, slow down.” And then I just gave up because he kept on and on. And I said, “You’re done? You’re done? I have to go and find a translator now.”

Oh, he’s so cute. He’s so wonderful. My God. I saw him only two times, but I’m so in love with him. Such a beautiful being. The way he answered me. When I talk, I call him, he says, “Ahhh. Ahhh.” (Aw.) And then, last time, a long time ago, when the dogs went missing, I called the names of the dogs, and he was eating nearby and he helped me to call the dogs. Believe it or not? (Wow.) Oh, he called many times. When I called one time, one name, like maybe, “Love!” And he also said, “Ahhh.” And then I said, “Love, where are you?” “Ahhh. Ahhh. Ahhh.” Like that. (Wow.) Oh, he called for a long time. I said, “OK. OK. I don’t think they understand you. Never mind. I do it myself.” And then he didn’t stop until I went inside and stopped calling. He really helped me to call. Oh, my God, such a beautiful animal. Oh, I could love the animals forever. I don’t know how anyone has the heart to even harm them or kill them or do something bad to them.

All right, my dear. I’m asking you the first lesson before I begin the second. What did you take away last time from the stories? Tell me. The moral of it? Didn’t learn anything, forgot about it. Too scared, right? You’re too scared? I pretend that I know something. I’ll tell you.

First of all, if you are married, have only one wife, don’t have two. And don’t even marry with a demon’s wife. Got that? (Yes, Master.) And if you really want to leave her half of your house or the basement, you have it written down for them. (Yes.) And then tell all the house(hold), “Never open that basement, or you will die.” So scary! That’s the first lesson, right? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) And I told you already, it’s not fair, is it? I mean, the ghost, how can she go to make a legal statement or document? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Even at that time she came to the court, people could not see her, only heard the voice. So I guess she could not even sign the document, either. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Poor ghost, it’s not fair. But this is the thing.

Of course, it’s not fair. It’s also a man’s fault. It’s not her fault alone. It takes two to tango, right? (Yes.) The man was also greedy, and seduced by appearance, this desirous energy or something like that. So it’s not her fault alone. I mean the ghost. It’s not the female demon’s fault alone. And she even bore children for him and all that, just like a wife. Anyway. What else would I say? This is the thing, a man cannot always say “no,” and that’s the problem. And then blame it all on the woman. But it’s not always that easy. Women, they are soft-hearted, and when they hear some sweet words and some praising words like: “You’re beautiful,” or “Your hair is nice,” “Your clothes are nice, suit you, make you look like a princess,” whatever like that, and then they just melt, and then they come along to the men, even though they know he’s married already. I mean, humans are also like that, not just ghosts. Humans are also like that.

That’s one thing, and another thing is ghosts or demons, they should never stay among living beings. It’s not allowed. But they like to, because living beings, animals or humans, have this good energy. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master. Yes.) It’s more lively energy and the true energy. Whereas ghosts, they don’t have it. So even though some are very powerful, but they cannot even pick up something like this. Some are very powerful; they can. They can open doors, they can throw a tantrum, but some cannot open doors. They cannot open the doorknob and they cannot move things, but some are powerful. They can, but just that. After a while they’re exhausted, they cannot continue like us. Like us, when we do labor work, we can move furniture all day long. Many people do that as a job. You know, right? (Yes.) So, ghosts, they don’t have all that energy because they’re dead. They don’t have physical stamina like we have.

They have other advantages, though, like they can move anywhere very fast and nobody can see them, nobody can do anything harmful to them. Yes, yes, can also. Some are more powerful ghosts, they will harass them also. That happens. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. It’s just that they are more free than us in some ways. They can move anywhere they want fast; they don’t need a bus ticket. They don’t have to earn money to buy a ticket or anything. They don’t need to buy an airplane ticket, or reserve in advance, or anything like that.

But they cannot stay among the living. That’s why many places that have been abandoned for a long time, ghosts will stay there. (Oh.) And then people will say, “Oh, that house is haunted.” Because a long time nobody has stayed there. And then when some newcomers come, they will make trouble. The ghost will throw tantrums to try to throw them out. And then people get scared and they move, then they can possess the house. There are many ghost films like that. They are true stories also. They came from some true stories.

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