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Between Master and Disciples

When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour from the Hadith, Part 11 of 16, Nov. 14, 2021

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We’re all born with nothing. So, whatever we are given, we should share. (Yes, Master.) That’s why whenever we do something good, I always give credit to God.

They are small, little, weak, helpless. Nobody’s there to protect them. But you could do something to prevent the future criminal deeds like these from happening again. You did nothing! You even refuse to acknowledge it when the evidence is everywhere. You are not worth your salary. You know that? All of you, the leaders of the world, who did nothing to protect these molested, murdered, raped children on your watch, you are going to hell also, and could be forever, because you did not do your duty. Anyone who did not do their duty well has to relearn the lesson, mostly through hell or reincarnating again to experience the same suffering that you ignored to help.

"Media Report from BBC – Oct. 6, 2021 Reporter (f): A report into sexual abuse by the French Catholic Church has estimated that more than 200,000 children were assaulted by clergy over the past 70 years. The independent commission said the church had been guilty of negligence, failures and silence.

Reporter (f): 70 years of horror. Hundreds of thousands of victims laid bare in one explosive report. For a very long time, it says the French Catholic Church showed complete, even cruel indifference to those who suffered abuse. The report estimates the number of child victims of sexual abuse at the hands of priests, deacons, monks or nuns at 216,000. If non-clergy are included, that figure rises to 330,000, a third of a million children.

Original French – Jean-Marc Sauve (m): There was above all, a catalog of negligence, failures, silence, an institutional cover-up, which appeared systematic."

"Media Report from DW News – July. 3, 2019: Over a period of decades, the two priests abused many children. Their superiors ensured that everything was hushed up. Research showed that the priest had abused a female student in recent years in the Diocese of Hildesheim. In 2010, she reported the crime herself to the diocese, but the bishop in charge simply sent her home. He did not inform her family or report the case to the authorities."

"Media Report from DW News – July. 3, 2019 Johannes-Wilhelm: I have the impression that there is still a tendency to try to protect the institution by withholding information and not laying the facts on the table."

"Media Report from DW News – July. 3, 2019: The investigation uncovered dozens more victims from youth groups, a kindergarten, and even from faraway Chile. But the expert in charge of the investigation, Peter Mosser, found all the cases had expired under the statute of limitations. (Judging by the pattern we see here, it’s very probable that this is only the tip of the iceberg. We can see a pattern in the church of looking the other way and being unwilling to recognize the full scale of the problem.)"

"Media Report from CBC News – 2018: The two-year investigation lays out in graphic detail, allegations against more than 300 priests, involving more than 1,000 children, though the attorney-general says, for all the horrific stories of abuse spanning seven decades, there are probably more victims who didn’t come forward. (Above all else, they protected their institution at all cost.)"

"Media Report from Real Stories – Nov. 17, 2019: Clergymen found guilty of pedophilia are still active, often in contact with children. Church leaders protect priests accused of sexually abusing minors by sending them from country to country.

Originally in French – Father Stéphane Joulain (m): There is this idea that someone who has been a predator of children, if he goes to Africa or Latin America, it’s not a big deal. It’s criminal!

Reporter (m): And the victims number tens of thousands, marked with scars for the rest of their lives."

What kind of people are you? Their parents pay taxes to keep you in your position, and you do nothing!! When the children need help, you just sleep. And answer that question in your brain, if you even have enough decency, or you will answer that in hell. Nobody cares, because you don’t care about any other people, especially the helpless children.

The children don’t belong to the Catholic system. The children don’t belong to the Vatican, the pope or any other pope or pape, whatever. The children belong to your country. And you, their leader, is supposed to protect them, to defend for them, to make sure they are safe, now and in the future. Otherwise, you should resign!!! Their parents have nowhere to go to air their grievances and complaints, because you turn your head away from their grief, from their suffering, pain, as the parents.

"Interview by CBS Aug. 9, 2018 Mother of victim (f): My son was 15 when it started, his hell was right here on Earth. Because of the way he was – and I’m not going to say 'abused,' I’m going to say 'the way he was raped,' at age 17, his back was injured. There was nothing they could do surgically. And because of the pain medication, his death was caused by an accidental overdose."

Suppose you are the parents, suppose your children are molested, raped by these so-called “holy priests,” you do nothing?? Why are you all quiet?? To protect whom? To protect yourselves, your positions, or what? What are you there for, sitting on top of the whole country, with all the privilege and power? What are you doing?

The children don’t belong to anyone, because they don’t have enough maturity to even choose to be a Catholic or Christian or with any religious order. They are just there because their parents happen to be Catholic, for example. (Yes.) They don’t belong to any of these evil priests’ system. They belong to your country, and you are the country’s top leaders or jurisdiction system that’s supposed to protect them. If a juvenile like that, or children like that, at their age, did something wrong, you’d bring them to the court, you’d put them in jail. But if anyone does something bad to them, like the way they did, raping them, forcing them, molesting them, you do nothing!! What for do you have this law system in the country? Just to protect the powerful, the rich?

They are no priest even. They just put on the robe, but they don’t have anything that looks like a priest at all, even outwardly. (Yes, Master.) Just anybody puts on a priest’s robe and then they can be invincible, untouchable? (No, Master.) Suppose anybody just goes into the White House or Number 10 Downing Street and just sits on the president’s seat or go into the president’s room, or sit in the assembly on the chair of the prime minister, or the minister’s or the justice’s chair, then they become the justice or prime minister or president? (No.) No. They have to exercise their duty. They have to be the real president or prime minister or the justice, not just the robe or the chair that they just sit on. (Yes, Master.)

Similarly, these priests, they are evil, they are devils! They are not priests. You have the right to treat them just like any other citizen, any criminal. In fact, they are worse than any normal criminals, because they know right, but they did wrong. They abused their power to molest the children and took away their childhood, their dignity, and their whole life also. The children would have nightmares, would never forget what they had experienced under these brutal, evil, hands of the so-called priests.

"Interview by AP – Aug. 16, 2018 Victim (m2): They targeted me because I was fatherless.

Victim (f): I was in my diaper, and I ran out and… ran right to him.

Victim (m): We were taught, I mean, the priests and the nuns are God.

Victim (f): Just think like the word “God” makes me think of him, and I just…

Victim (m): When you have the priest touching you every day, that’s a hard memory to… to have. And the church covered it up.

Victim (m2): Who would have believed me? A priest, in 1948 or ’47, would abuse you?? They would do that?? Never heard of such a thing, because they covered it up.

Victim (m): It doesn’t ever go away. It has an effect on you for the rest of your life.

Victim (m2): And I’m a survivor.

Victim (m): This is not a vendetta against the church. We’re called survivors for a reason.

Victim (m2): These are people that these priests ruined their lives, and they still at 83 years old, still affects them.

Victim (f): I just feel like I’ve… like, my whole life has been a lie.

Victim (m): Has absolutely… destroyed me.

Victim (m2): I couldn’t show any affection with my wife.

Victim (m): I had no desire to have children. None, because of this.

Victim (m2): My children and I couldn’t hold or hug…

Victim (f): I didn’t feel comfortable at all. I still don’t feel comfortable now in relationships.

Victim (m2): They have to be accountable, the church, for what they did."

You have to do something to teach all these fake priests, so that they won’t harm the children again ‒ at least!! You just ignore it, don’t accept it, do nothing, because it’s easy to just run away from responsibility and be a coward.

"Media Report from Real Stories – Nov. 17, 2019: Even inside the Vatican government, high-ranking officials have been accused of covering for priests accused of pedophilia."

"Media Report from CBC News – Aug. 15, 2018: Pope Francis earlier this year, he drew widespread criticism defending a Chilean bishop accused of covering up for that country’s most notorious abuser priest."

"Media Report from Real Stories – Nov. 17, 2019: Only the pope has the power to punish his cardinals. So why doesn’t he take stronger action? Maybe because he, too, faced accusations in his homeland of Argentina, long before his election. The pope did commission a counter inquiry – to try to have a priest who had been sentenced for pedophilia, acquitted."

"Interview by Real Stories – Nov. 17, 2019 Originally in Spanish – Reporter (m): In the case of pedophile priests, he says that 'this never happens in my diocese.' (Never does he want to admit it.) (It’s a lie.) Who tried to contact Bergoglio (Pope Francis)? (Who tried?) (Everyone.) (Me too.) (Everyone.) (Yes.) All of you? (Yes.) And who got a reply? (Never.) (No one.) (No.) (To all the celebrities of the world, like Leonardo DiCaprio, he went to show them the place, he opens the doors to all of them. And for us, he does not even send a little card to say I’m so sorry.) (I don’t expect anything, I don’t believe in him.)"

The coward you are. History will judge you if you don’t judge them. God will judge you. God will bring you to hell and then you will repent. It’s too late. You might not even have enough time or energy to repent when you are burned in hellfire. I’m not joking. I’m not trying to frighten you. It is the reality. So, wake up!!! Take your duty responsibly and seriously.

I don’t want to talk anymore about that. I read the next one. Volume One, Book Three, Number 73. (Thank you, Master.)

This is another disciple of the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. This disciple’s name is ‘Abdullah bin Mas’ud. He recorded what the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said. He said, “The Prophet said, ‘Do not wish to be like anyone except in two cases. The first is a person whom Allah has given wealth and he spends it righteously. The second is the one whom Allah has given wisdom,’” like in the holy Qur’an, “‘and he acts according to it and teaches it to others.’” It’s always similar. (Yes, Master.)

You have to be righteous. (Yes.) If you respect Allah, respect God, if you really believe God, then you do exactly like what’s stated in the Qur’an. A good person. (Yes, Master.) Not to talk about priests or anything yet.

You see, the first one is the person who is rich, but gives his money, which is given to him by God anyway. You see, that’s why I always say, “I humbly thank God for all the comfort and the financial help,” because I don’t feel all this wealth or money are from me. (Yes, Master.) We’re all born with nothing. So, whatever we are given, we should share. (Yes, Master.) That’s why whenever we do something good, I always give credit to God. (Yes, Master.) Because it is like that. I really humbly know that it’s all from God.

You see, the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, told the Muslim disciples at that time ‒ and also we can learn from this, told the Muslims and tells us that you should not wish to be anything more than these two examples. (Yes, Master.)

Example number one. The first person is when Allah, means God, has given him wealth and he spends it righteously, meaning he might give offering to the spiritual high-level practitioners or the needy, or give it to the mosque or the church to do charity, or to build the mosque, meaning the meditation hall for people. (Yes, Master.) Just like when the Buddha was alive, they built a garden for Him. (Yes, Master.) Built rooms for Him and for His monks, for these renunciate people ‒ monks and also later for nuns in a separate place.

But have to do it with the heart, with true feelings of reverence or true charity, true compassion, not just do it for show. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Not like a theatrical performance, knowing that people will praise you. Then you have nothing. You just incur more karma. (Yes.) Because you claim that it’s your money that you give. In fact, it was God who gives. (Yes, Master. Right.) That’s why. (Understand.) So like, you steal. You steal things that don’t belong to you and claim it is yours. Because God gives everything. (Yes.)

Even if you do business well, you earn a lot of money, that’s also because of God’s blessing, not because you’re clever or anything. (Yes, Master.) You’re just an instrument. Just like the good driver is driving the car. Good or bad, the car cannot claim credit. (Right.) (That’s true. Yes.) The driver is there. Even if automatic driving, the driver is there. (Yes, Master.) Or even the drone, there is no pilot sitting in that drone, but there is somebody quietly controlling the movement of the drone (Right, Master.) (Yes.) to make it land where exactly it has to land.

Same. God is also maneuvering our lives. (Yes, Master.) Hes gives us also the free will but within the framework of the universal law: cannot harm others. (Yes, Master.) It’s very, very clear. And no matter how many confessions you will make with how many priests, these will not clean you from your sin if you act against the commandments from God, against the Bible, against the Qur’an. (Yes, Master.) (Right.)

So this is personally from the Prophet, Peace Be On Him. (Yes, Master.) Personally. Just like Ananda, he recorded Buddha’s teachings, (Right. Yes, Master.) and most of the events in His life, whenever he could be there. Or, he might have heard it from other monks. (Yes.) You see, so the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, has set a scale for all of us, not just the Muslims. Like, you have to emulate some good examples. (Yes, Master.)

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