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Practice Well and Everything Will Be All Right, Part 1 of 3, Dec 27, 2019

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Now, the country is peaceful. It’s so good! The more you practice spiritually, the more prosperous, the richer, the more blissful, the happier the country is. Otherwise, you don’t have to shout: “Ah! Freedom. Independence. Happiness.” No need to shout anything. Those things will naturally come “looking for us”.

Is there a path? I’ll go this way. The road is uneven there. It’s not convenient. Good excuse. I’m sorry. Woman’s business is more complicated. I thought life would be simpler after I became a nun. But it turned out to be more complicated. I can only accept it, just like you’ve accepted your destiny. Accept it. Is everybody in there? Then, why are you sitting outside? (We are the waiting staff.) Can you get in there? (Yes.) Find a place and cram in. (OK.) Find a place. (Thank You, Master.) OK. Find a place and squeeze yourself in. It’s warmer inside. Get in, get in. (Thank You.) I’m sorry to keep you waiting for so long. I’m very busy with work both inside and outside.

How are you guys? (You are so beautiful, Master!) Yeah! Thank you. But not as beautiful as you are. (Master is beautiful.) You are younger and more beautiful. She said I’m beautiful. I said, “Not like you, you’re younger.” Youth is the most beautiful thing. Nothing can compare. Now because I’m older, I throw a lot of color on and still don’t look any younger. Just cheating myself. Hallo, guys! Nothing happened. We’re still alive, and good, and beautiful. (Yes!) (You are beautiful!) And the high-heel shoes are functioning. New ones. It doesn’t open its mouth and laugh at me anymore. You guys OK? (Yes.) The non-Asian, you’re all right? People treat you good? (Yes.) You’re happy? (Yes.) You eat enough? (Yes.) (Queen of the world!) Thank you, thank you, my love. “Queen” sounds very old. How about the Queen’s mother? Thank you, guys, for your love, for waiting for me. (I love You, Master.) I wish I could have come earlier, but I could not. You two look like twins. I don’t know who is who. Still stay at the center, yeah? (Yes.) Take care of that. If there’s anything you need, tell me. Or tell …she is rich. Very rich? Very rich, very rich. Very rich, yeah!

This is woman’s stuff; have to walk carefully. Who are you? Who are you? Amitabha Buddha. All the workers come inside. Working staff, cram in anywhere you can. You’ve rarely seen Master these days. Come. I told them to come over because they haven’t seen me for a long time. They’re working very hard. Mostly the working people are always the same people. It’s cold today. Yesterday, you ate cold food. OK or not? (Very good.) Very good? Cold food, very good? Everybody else, good? (Yes.) Any Aulacese (Vietnamese) who can translate to all kinds of languages? Over there? Aulacese (Vietnamese) is not well-known around the world, so I don’t know if you have all the translations necessary. We have, or not? OK, now I speak some in Aulacese (Vietnamese), and see if you have any of your translation.

How are you, comrades? The comrades, the dear comrades, the great comrades, how are you all? (Yes, we are fine.) No translation? Korean, no. No translation, Korean. I’m not surprised. Chinese translation, yes? Yeah? Do you have translation? English has translation or not, from Aulacese (Vietnamese) just now? (Yes.) (Yes.) Yes? (Yes, Master.) Which country’s great citizens do not have the translation, raise hands? Just now, no translation, raise hands. OK, never mind. I’ll just speak some Aulacese (Vietnamese.) And then I’ll speak English.

I am going to speak Aulacese (Vietnamese) for a short while only, OK? You see? Everybody’s happy when I speak English. I told you to learn English many decades ago. And you did not learn, so don’t blame me. We are international, man! We are not just Taiwanese (Formosan), or Aulacese (Vietnamese), or Korean-ese, or Greek-nese, or… We are everybody. Thank God we have Quan Yin Method, the same language. That’s the same language. Yesterday when you came out late to eat, was your food cold? Yes or no? (No.) Yes or no? (A little cold.) A little cold only? (Yes.) Maybe because yesterday was not too cold. Today is cold. Are you all right? Are you cold? Are you cold? (No, we are not.) Do you want to go back to Âu Lạc? Back there, it’s colder.

Have translation? From Aulacese (Vietnamese) to Korean? That’s a miracle! I don’t know how many Aulacese (Vietnamese) can speak Korean. If you ate cold food, it doesn’t taste too good, but never mind. Now you understand. Your Master eats cold food every day. You eat only for one week. You eat only one week of cold food because sometimes the food is there and you’re not there yet. But I eat like that every day, because I don’t have time to warm it up. And when they bring the food there, I don’t have time to eat immediately. I eat later when I finish all my work, inside or outside. So, don’t feel sorry for yourself too much. Bear it, bear the suffering. Share the suffering with your Master.

It’s noble, noble to share the joy and the suffering. Just kidding. Not suffer, right? You don’t suffer. (No.) All of you have tents and have everything OK for you? (Yes.) Just don’t have enough time to sleep, right? (Yes.) Never mind, that is good. You sleep here anyway. That’s why you’re always on time, because you know when you come here, you can just sleep. Nothing disturbs you. I know you. Very good. The workers, OK? Do you have translation? (Yes, we do.) All have translation? If not, borrow it from the person next to you. Share the earphones.

All right. Can you all see me? You all see me now, right? Good. Today, I arranged for the Westerners to sit on both sides, so that they can see me. Don’t think I am not working. I am working always – behind the scene, in front of the scene, on the left side, on the right side, above and below - working all the time, everywhere. I’m omnipresent. I am everywhere. Meaning at work, omnipresent at work, everywhere! Taking care of everything and everybody.

The Aulacese (Vietnamese), did you write down all your questions? (Yes.) Was there someone who collected them? (Yes, Master.) Who is that? Where? (Yes, I am here, Master.) Where? OK, read it. (I am here, Master.) How many questions? A few tens, a few hundreds, a few thousands [of questions]? (Yes. We have some good, positive news, as well as some inner experiences, which the initiates would like to share with You, Master.) Yeah, tell me. (Yes.) Go ahead, speak.

(The first good news is from brother “Tiger.”) Where is “Tiger”? Stand up. (Yes. He would like to report some of the charitable activities, which he did at certain locations such as…) Stand in the middle. If you stand there, you will block a whole line behind you. Aiyai, in the middle only, don’t… OK. (Yes. He went to the mountain on an island to visit an association of the blind and some other destitute areas. This time, we organized a charitable distribution of vegan meals. Before setting out, we contacted the local government of the area that needs help. They allowed us to show Supreme Master Television there.) Wow! (And to show other videos regarding the benefits of a vegan diet,) Wow! (and the protection of the animals.) Very good. (Also, they cooked the vegan dishes to treat everyone. The local government and people there were very elated. They praised the food as delicious, nutritious, and very rich in variety, Master.) Wow! (Some people among them said that they would switch to a vegan diet.) Wow! (At the end, they thanked the Love from God. And nowadays, the vegan cooking trend is happening in all provinces. There is a Buddhist temple, which asked us for a television, so that they could air Supreme Master Television every day for their followers to watch, Master.) Oh, really! Very well! Âu Lạc (Vietnam) is very open now. The government is cheerful and good. That will bring blessings to the country and its citizens. I am very happy. OK, continue. (Yes.) OK, “Tiger” can go back to your cave. His name is Tiger. So I want to show him, don’t mess with me also. I am a tigress.

(Beloved Master, I would like to report to You some good news. Recently, the initiates from Northern Âu Lạc [Vietnam], with the government’s permission, organized the largest ever vegan fair, in the biggest park in Hà Nội.) Wow! (There were hundreds of vegan booths, with 30,000 guests. During the 3-day fair, we played Master’s songs and Supreme Master Television all the time.) Wow! (This fair was broadcast on national television, channel VTV1, and reported in many main newspapers. The initiates happily visited the fair. Some of them even saw a big column of light emanating from the Loving Hut booth. It was one success after another. On Lunar New Year [Tết], Hà Nội will also organize a vegan New Year celebration. Then after that, the city of Hải Phòng also organized a vegan fair. In the provinces of Âu Lạc [Vietnam], we often distribute vegan food to promote veganism, and we take care of homeless people. Then, after Tết [Lunar New Year], we organized an animal protection fair.) Wow! (We thank You for Your love, Master.)

Oh, thank you! True comrades are like that. True communists, right? Communism means sharing our wealth. (Yes.) What we have, we share. (Thank You, Master.) We have to share. Not only do we share our wealth, our strength, but we also share our love and our talents, for the benefit of everyone, every being around us. That is a true communist comrade. Thank you, comrade. OK, retire. Next one.

The government is also working with us, right? (Yes. They gave us permission, too, Master.) They gave you permission? It means they agreed with you, cheerfully. It looks like Hà Nội is freer than Sài Gòn, interesting! (Yes, Master.) Hà Nội is of true and original communists. Communism started from Hà Nội. But Hà Nội, up until now, I have heard many times already, that it is very free. (Yes.) Hà Nội, the capital for many thousands of years of civilization. They must have that spirit, understand? That noble spirit, that refined and cultural spirit. It is in their blood already, since a long time ago, thousands of years ago. OK, continue, comrade.

(The next positive news is from a sister who came from Huế.) Where is she? Come here so I can see your face. How are you? Stand a little bit on the side, don’t block the view of other people. OK, thank you. Move over to that side a little bit, a little bit more. OK, don’t move too much. (She shared that on the 14th and 15th of October, during the national convention organized in Huế, to promote the role of religions in protecting the environment and coping with climate change, 40 organizations and over 14 religions all over Âu Lạc [Vietnam], as well as the counseling and scientific professionals, at home and abroad, participated in this event. In this event, the Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front set up the action criteria, such as restriction of plastic waste, planting trees, legislating laws against animal abuse, and prioritizing “Be Vegan, Go Green” solutions, dear Master.) Wow! (We submitted to the Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front that we would organize a vegan buffet to serve 500 guests, which includes dignitaries from different religions and the Communist Party members. We thank You, Master.)

Wow! Thank you, comrades. Thank you, big comrades. Your spiritual practice improves every day, and you also serve humanity, the country, and support the government. That’s very good. OK, that’s all. We practice spiritually inside. Outside, we live in harmony with all beings, with the local government and with the central government, to make their work easier.

I told you many times, that to run a government is not easy. It is a very big engine, understand? There are a lot of sincere hearts, but there are also some that are not so pure. Therefore, governing is not an easy job, so you should not make it more difficult for them. If you can help them in anything, then do it. And if you think the government is wrong, it may not be so. Sometimes, it’s the karma or we haven’t yet understood why the government is doing certain things. So try to solve it slowly. Don’t make it harder for the government officials. Because they also work very hard, and they are only human; their energy is limited. And many of them are not vegan, so sometimes their body is not well. Their mind is affected so they can’t work perfectly. Even spiritual practitioners sometimes cannot do their work perfectly, much less the people who don’t practice spiritually or aren’t vegan. They’re contaminated by the social traditions or by the hustle and bustle of society. Then they’re so busy with work, and sometimes don’t follow exactly the way set forth by Uncle Hồ and the Party. But gradually, as more people practice spiritually, [the situation] will improve by itself, OK? Don’t make things difficult for anyone. See that? It is getting better all the time, see that?

I said many times already, that we just practice spiritually, then everything will be good. It was not like that before. Before, we said the government gave us freedom, but it might not be as free as now. Before, you could not go overseas as a large number of people like now. Only the children of important persons could go abroad. And must have money, too. Now, with or without money, you still can go abroad. It’s cheap. A lot of people are going abroad, just having a visa, right? Yeah! The old initiates who lived during that time, you saw that not many people could go abroad like this. Those elder ones, is that right? Remember? It’s right? Probably, at that time, the war was still going on, so it was a little difficult [to travel oversea].

Now, the country is peaceful. It’s so good! The more you practice spiritually, the more prosperous, the richer, the more blissful, the happier the country is. Otherwise, you don’t have to shout: “Ah! Freedom. Independence. Happiness.” No need to shout anything. Those things will naturally come “looking for us”. Before, we sought freedom, independence, happiness, but it was very hard to find. Now it just comes, looking for us, see that? OK, continue, comrade. Anything else?

(Yes. Next is an inner experience. He shared: Dear Beloved Master, every time I see You, I have something wonderful happen. Last time, after seeing Master, I meditated and saw two white dragons from the sky, coming down to my eye level. These two white dragons were as clear as crystal. When I continued to meditate, the dragons stood in front of me. After that, Master’s transformation body appeared and taught me. This time, two days before the 7-day retreat started, I saw the inner Light when I was meditating, and there were thousands of hearts flying out. After that, a lot of SM logos flew out, too. Dear Master, was that an auspicious and wonderful sign for me and all the initiates participating in this retreat? We love You very much, and pray to the Creator and Heavens to bless Master to be forever young and beautiful and to live forever. Thank You, Master.)

Thank you, comrade. Of course, it was an auspicious sign. That means… You saw it clearly. No need for an explanation. A lot of SM logos flying out, means our work is getting more favorable and smoother every day. No obstacles, understand? The initiates improve more in their spiritual practice. That’s it. That is cheerful. OK comrade, go back to rest. Thank you!

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