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Between Master and Disciples

When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour from the Hadith, Part 16 of 16, Nov. 14, 2021

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Just like Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva in hell, (Yes.) even though He knows it’s hopeless there, He’s still there to try to save whomever He can. (Yes, Master.) Also, He is there to greet some of the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas or Masters to come down. Sometimes They come down to help, to fish those hell people up, whomever They can.

The word “Sahā” means suffering, unbearable suffering. Well, you can see that also. (Yes, Master.) In many corners of the world, it is unbearable suffering, in different ways, it doesn’t have to always be physical. (Yes, Master.) Like frightened, nervous, on edge, not peaceful, or hungry, thirsty. (Yes, Master.) Not dead, but hungry, thirsty, and living like half dead, for example. So, our world is like that. Only a few lucky ones are living well. (Yes, Master.) And still not truly well, not truly peaceful, because of guilt, because of sickness, because of threats from neighbors or from bad people or from the government, etc. (Yes.) Or from a bigger brother country, for example, or a bigger neighbor country. (Yes, Master.)

Of course, when you have muscle, you can always flex it and scare people. But that’s not greatness. (No, Master.) Greatness is, you have power, but you don’t flex it. (Yes.) You don’t use it to frighten or harass others, just because you can. (Yes, Master.) So this is actually the core principle of martial arts: you learn it just for self-defense, if you have to, but you don’t stay until the end to beat that person to death or to severely wound him. You just deter him quickly and then you go, if you have to. (Yes, Master.) That’s the principle of the martial arts. And you don’t beat people up when they’re weaker than you. (Yes, yes.) Like in the West we say, “Why don’t you pick on somebody your own size.” (Yes, Master.) That’s what it is. So, in every country or in every direction, East, West, it’s the same, that you have power, but you don’t have to use it unnecessarily. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.)

We can talk forever about how humans should behave, but whom am I talking to? Just because I’m already your teacher and some of your brothers’, sisters’ teacher in the whole world, so I have to. (Yes, Master.) Otherwise, I’m truly lazy to talk about all this. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) I’m really a lazy person, if I am allowed to be. If I’m allowed to be lazy, I would do nothing. If I’m allowed to act according to my knowledge that this world is just like a hopeless illusion, then I’d do nothing. But I’m already here, so I’m doing it. (Thank You Master.)

Just like Kṣitigarbha Bodhisattva in hell, (Yes.) even though He knows it’s hopeless there, He’s still there to try to save whomever He can. (Yes, Master.) Also, He is there to greet some of the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas or Masters to come down. Sometimes They come down to help, to fish those hell people up, whomever They can. (Yes, Master.) So, the Bodhisattva Kṣitigarbha stays there to greet Them, and to bring Them to different hells to search for these criminals to help. If they have somebody connected with them on Earth or in Heaven, and if it’s possible to rescue, then the Saint or Master would rescue. (Yes, Master.)

Like at the time of initiation, I told you, if you’re really sincere, your five, six, seven, nine generations will be also liberated. (Yes, Master.) So, if they are already in hell, then the Master will go down there and get them up. (Thank You, Master.) If can, if can. It depends also on the disciple, if he is sincere or diligent also, that helps too. (Yes, Master.) Not just the Master alone. You also need to work together with the Master, (Yes, Master.) (Understand.) to help your own relatives and many generations. So that depends. (Yes, Master.)

OK, love. I think we call it a day. If you have any questions, you tell me now. (I have a question, Master, about the United States.) Yeah.

(Will the Republicans win the next [U.S.] midterm or presidential election?) I never said I’m a clairvoyant. (Yes.) But lately, you know the new governor in New Jersey’s election? (Yes.) Originally, the Republican new governor contender won. (Yes.)

Media Report from Fox 5 New York – Nov. 3, 2021 Reporter(f): Early results showed Ciattarelli drawing large totals in Republican strongholds like Ocean County, while Murphy seems to be underperforming in parts of the state he won in 2017...”

Election Night Speech by Jack Ciattarelli Coverage by NJ Spotlight News – Nov. 3, 2021 Ciattarelli(m): I’m here to tell you that we’re winning. We’re winning. We’ve got to have time to make sure that every legal vote is counted. And I’m confident, I’m confident that when they are, I can stand before you and not say we’re winning, I can stand before you and say we’ve won.”

And then after midnight or next morning, there were some so-called mail-in ballots. (Yes.) And then the old governor, who is a Democrat, won. (Oh!) Sounds familiar or not? (Yes.)

Last time, President Trump won. (Yes.) And then after midnight or next days… then some mail-in ballots came in, (Yes, yes.) and Biden won. (Yes. That’s very similar to that time.) Yeah, yeah. If the Democrats prepare some extra ballots or something, standby, (Yes.) then I don’t know if the Republicans would ever win again. (Yes.)

In the other election, in Virginia, Republican Youngkin won. (Yes.) And because they were so sure of winning… (Yes.) The Democrats were sure-footed because Biden went there to support. (Yes.) So Youngkin won. (Yes.)

And the next one, immediately afterward, was the New Jersey governor race. (Yes.) First, the Republican contender won. And then after midnight, next morning, some mail-in ballots came in and the old New Jersey governor won. (Oh, my goodness.)

So… (They’re going to keep redoing this over and over.) Yeah, I am not sure… It’s so boring. It’s the same game. So, I’m not sure who will win. We will have to… (They must be able to do something about that.) Who? (I mean the…) Yeah, yeah, yeah. (The officials need to change some laws.) Yeah, of course. It depends on your luck and depends on who is controlling the ballot, who is counting it. (Yes.) If they are Democrats or Republicans, or are there really some eyes watching it or not. (Yes.) But they always find some ways to do things the way they want it. (Yes, Master.)

The American people have to pray if they want a change. Otherwise, I cannot predict anything. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to. I don’t really like all this ugly politics. (Yes, Master.) All these strategies. (It’s too dirty.) Yeah. So, the American people, they should pray if they want their country to get better. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to say anything anymore. Seems useless. (Yes, Master.) You can’t play dirty. You can’t play the same robber. (Yes.) You can’t play the same game. You can’t predict when or will the robber rob your house. (Yes, Master.) So, similar in politics. (Yes, Master.)

All of what the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, had prophesied here, came true. (Yes, Master.) So our world is already going, 11th hour plus. I don’t feel that Heaven’s any more lenient than before. It’s even less. Sometimes I feel very despondent also. Frustrated, hopeless, that’s what it means. And I thought, what’s the use of talking to the deaf and dealing with the devils in this world? Because it seems to me that they are either devils, or listen to the devils, or are being influenced by the devils so deeply, since time immemorial already, that’s why. (Yes, Master.) I’m talking like I’m shouting in the desert. Sometimes I don’t really know if I can continue, truly. But I just continue, regardless of what my mind is telling me. (Thank You, Master.)

Yeah, you still can thank me, but I’m not sure how long. I just count day by day. (Yes, Master.) Because truly, you just feel the road is so clear like that and they don’t walk there. Tell you to walk there for your benefit. They don’t go! (Yes.) Just keep running into the quagmire or hidden bomb area or whatever. (Yes, Master.) (It’s crazy.) Crazy enough.

(I don’t know why people don’t want to be happy. They don’t want to live a happy life. It seems so obvious.) Because they think that’s their life they have. They don’t know anything else. (Yes.) Just like you like where you live, and then people say, “Oh, London, England is fantastic,” and this and that. And you couldn’t care less, because you think here is what you have, you don’t see London. (Yes, that’s true.) You don’t see what they have in London, you just see what you have here, and you’re too busy fighting for it, to keep it, fighting for whatever you have. (Yes, true.)

It’s very difficult to teach people in this world. Even in the astral world, it has hell also, but it is easier there, people understand better. (Right. Anyway, Master, thank You for all Your efforts. It does help. We all believe it helps.) (Yes, Master, very much so.) (Thank You, Master.) (It always will help.) It does? (Yes, Master.) (The 10% of the population will be increasing as well. I believe so.) Yeah, yeah. (We hope so.) I see it, then I believe it. (Yes, Master.)

I’m not always allowed to know, to see what I want to see or know. Because of my vow, I said that whomever I help or whatever good I do, I don’t want to know. That’s a part of my vow, so that I can help more. (Yes, Master.) (Understand.) Like you do it unconditionally, then you have more power to help. If you do it so that you can be satisfied even mentally, even nobly, then you have less power. (Yes, Master.) (Understand.) You still have some strings attached, (Yes.) that you want to know that somebody you helped is well and thanking you and you feel satisfied. You are not allowed to be satisfied. Me, I’m not, because that’s a part of my vow, that I don’t have to know what benefit I create for someone else. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.)

Why do you keep thanking me? (It’s never enough.) (We can never thank You enough.) Thank you. You are so kind. Alright, my love. It’s almost two o’clock or something, right? (Yes, Master.) Are you not sleepy yet? (No.) No? Don’t lie. Yes or no? (No.) (No, Master.) No, really? Good, good, good. Only one person’s saying, “No,” so I thought… (He represents the whole group.) (Everyone else has fallen asleep.) Everybody else is too busy trying to open the eyes. Cannot open the mouth.

But I have to talk to you when I have time. (Yes.) (Thank You, Master.) I cannot wait until you wake up or are ready. (Yes, Master.) Or are connected with different centers and all that. I cannot wait because I’ll be gone, either gone to Heaven or gone to hell. Or inspiration will be gone. (Yes, Master.) Or my physical body’s wellness will be gone. Every minute is different. (Yes, Master.) Every hour is different. Once I start it, then I can continue. But if I don’t start it, I might have to do other things. (Yes.) (Oh, understand.) And then I will be buried in there. (Right. Yes.) In that other direction and other things, or stay in hell longer than I should, for example. (Yes.)

The physical body is also affected by other bodies. (Yes, Master.) Because it’s all entwined. (Yes, Master.) All together, connected. So, when I feel OK and feel the time is good to tell you things, then I do it. We cannot keep waiting. (Yes, Master.) (We understand, Master.) Because the time is different now, not like before. Not like previously, I could take my time a little bit, throw some powder on my face. (Yes, Master.) (We understand.) Or comb my hair, all that stuff. Nowadays, I don’t comb my hair that often even. (Yes, Master.) Busy inside and outside. (Yes, Master.) But now, I cannot talk anymore because my chest begins to hurt now.

It’s time to say goodbye. (OK, Master. Take care, Master.) Next time. (Yes, Master.) When time is up, it’s up. (Yes, Master.) And when I have time, I do what I have to. Thank you, my love. (Thank You, Master.) Love, love. God bless. God bless. (God bless, Master.)

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