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Parents Are the Best Gift on This Planet, Part 1 of 5, Nov 24, 2019

Lecture Language:English,Mandarin Chinese(中文)
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Parents are the best gift on this planet. Even my parents were not biological, but when they came to see me in Hong Kong for maybe some weeks, oh I felt like a child again. I felt so happy, happy. I felt like I could be irresponsible because I’m a kid. I felt that light, that free.

(I love You, Master.) I go to the kitchen. Hallo! Love you guys. (I love You, Master. Hallo, Master.) Go eat. My kitchen is small. If there is room, those from China or Âu Lạc (Vietnam) who just got initiated can come in. If there is no room, they need to go to another place to have their meal. If I don’t take it, he will feel sad. If I take it, he won’t let me pay for it. I can’t do that. Is it here? OK, very good, very good. Go eat, otherwise, the buses will have to wait too long.

Hallo. Is there food inside? (Yes.) I didn’t say I would come. Do you prepare food every Sunday? (Yes.) Do you prepare whether I come or not? (Yes.) (We prepared food for 150 people.) OK. Food for 150 people. We have 172, cannot (feed) all of them. All the foreigners can go inside quickly. And the new initiates can come in and eat. Those from China and Âu Lạc (Vietnam). Those from Taiwan (Formosa), no. (Let’s cheer for ourselves.) You have been eating for several decades. And you still want to eat? OK. (Love You.) Only those who just got initiated. You need to screen well. OK? Can’t let everyone in. There is not enough room. I am sorry. Only new initiates. New initiates and foreign initiates. OK? Check clearly if they are new initiates. OK?

The Supreme Master TV (team), you can come here and leave a place for people. We don’t have enough places. We don’t have enough room, so the Supreme Master TV (team) come around here. We don’t have enough room, so other places are for other people.

You’re OK there? You want to sit with us? (I’m not hungry.) What do you want to eat then? (Nothing.) Nothing? You’re breatharian? You cannot eat today? (Now I don’t feel well.) Go get a doctor quickly. (No, it’s OK.) No, we have this natural medicine. It helps you recover also, not just stop the pain. You take some, half an hour later you’ll feel hungry, you can eat. Is there someone here? A doctor, OK? (OK. I will go find a doctor.) Natural medicine for her. (OK.) You tell him what kind of problem you have first. What? You have pain or… (I can talk to You.) Come here, tell me.

You don’t sit too near the monks. It’s right in front of them, no good for them.

We make offerings to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. Wish everyone and all beings have enough food, whatever they need. Thank You. Amen. Amitabha Buddha.

Eat, please. No more people? We have room here. I thought we didn’t have enough space, but there are not many people here. Why don’t you let them in? Where are the new initiates from China? Let the new initiates from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) come in. Quick.

Help yourself. Enjoy. You see, not only your child, they are all like children, babies. When they talk to me, they’re like babies. I have to take care of everything. I told them this morning, “Grow up. Please grow up. I don’t have time to take care of babies.” All that, written already. Still wait for me. Wait for Mama. I have to say, “Oh, please! Go. See your parents!” I have to talk to her, in order for them to see you over there already. And this I’ve written already, very clearly. No? (Initially in the morning, she said, “I am going with you”) Oh. (but while coming she said,) Oh. (“I don’t know if I am allowed or not.”) Oh. Bad Master! Oh! (No, no. She said, “There’s nobody in the office. Maybe I have to share. I did not get any… I mean I am not sure I can leave and go.”) Why not? But I already arranged for you to go. (Oh. But…) Never mind. (Thank You, Master.) It’s better than too abruptly casual; it’s still better. You brought her up well, too well. Too well, now I have to re-educate her that here we’re free. You are over… (You love her so much, Master. She’s all for You. She said, “I don’t want to come back, mama. I am so happy there.”)

OK. I don’t know why she’s so happy. Are you guys happy? (Yes.) Why? I don’t often see them a lot, just sometimes. Sometimes, some special thing, then I share with them to eat, that’s all. Mostly we don’t talk a lot. We’re busy. It’s good. Too bad that she cannot see you here. You just stay here, I’ll send for her. I will have to work again, “Now please come see your parents; they don’t have a lot of chance to see you.”

Children, they don’t understand. They think you live forever and you can see them all the time, anytime you want or anytime they want. You’re always there anyway, so what’s the hurry? They never know life is not certain. Parents are the best gift on this planet. Even my parents were not biological, but when they came to see me in Hong Kong for maybe some weeks, oh I felt like a child again. I felt so happy, happy. I felt like I could be irresponsible because I’m a kid. I felt that light, that free. But I could not always see them; the situation is different. In India you can always see, so you take it for granted.

Enjoy your meal! Anyone else, cameramen or something, go eat. Hufa (Guards) take turns; go eat, please. (OK.) Any more new initiates who did not come? Security guards, go take a look, OK? When you come here on Sundays, if I am not here, do you eat over there? (Yes, Master, yes.) Wow. You are so lucky. I don’t have such delicious food at home, not even on Sundays. Is it good? (Very good.) You’re hungry, anything is good.

I thought she’d gone with the parents, so I didn’t tell you to take her. (Yes.) I said, “OK, then that’s one car, enough for you because going with the parents already.” They’d told me, “Gone already.” When I asked, they said, gone already. It’s good. It’s OK. She is just still a kid. You spoil her so much, that’s why. Only young kids stay at home. If she didn’t come here, probably she’d stay with you until 40, 50, 70, I don’t know. That kind of kid, so very attached to the parents.

Give her more fruit. You can give her more fruits. Are you feeling a little better? You eat what you want. If anything else, you ask. Water, water. She cannot drink this kind. Do we have chamomile tea? Make a cup of chamomile tea for her. I told them to make you chamomile tea. It will help. They are coming.

I don’t know why nobody asked me to be the president of any country. I can do many things. I really take care of people. I just realized I can be president. (But the problem is the actual president wants only the power. They don’t want to help the people. So, the mentality has to change before we change the president.) I know. Very difficult for a president to help also, because of political struggling. Some presidents are very good but have to go through congress and parliament and local government, etc. Very difficult.

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