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When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour from the Hadith, Part 8 of 16, Nov. 14, 2021

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You see that we are really at the 11th hour. (Yes, Master.) Disasters everywhere. Pandemics one after another. (Yes, Master.) No matter how long they will chase after the cure, there’ll be other ones coming, other viruses. (Yes, Master.) Because the virus can even evade the vaccine nowadays already.

“Allah’s Apostle continued His talk, so some people said that Allah’s Apostle had heard the question but did not like what that Bedouin had asked.” So the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, did not answer. That’s what they think. “Some of them said that Allah’s Apostle had not heard it.” There’re two groups. One said that the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, did not like, that’s why He didn’t answer, and the other group said maybe the Prophet didn’t hear it.

So, “When the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, finished His speech, He said, ‘Where is the questioner, who enquired about the Hour?’” When they say the “Hour,” it means the last Hour. (Yes, Master.) They have written the first letter in capitals, meaning the Doomsday, meaning the end of the world. (Yes, Master.)

So, “The Bedouin said, ‘I am here, O Allah’s Apostle. I’m the one who asked that question.’ Then the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said, ‘When honesty is lost, then wait for the Hour.’” Meaning our last Hour. (Yes.) Doomsday. So, “The Bedouin said, ‘How will that be lost?’ The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, said, ‘When the power or authority comes in the hands of unfit persons…’” You know, like the pope (Yes.) or Biden. “‘…then wait for the Hour.’” (Oh, dear.)

You see that we are really at the 11th hour. (Yes, Master.) Disasters everywhere. Pandemics one after another. (Yes, Master.) No matter how long they will chase after the cure, there’ll be other ones coming, other viruses. (Yes, Master.) Because the virus can even evade the vaccine nowadays already. And they develop another vaccine after another vaccine.

“Media Report from the Wall Street Journal – Sept. 7, 2021 Reporter(f): What makes this all the more complicated, is that the virus itself is still evolving. The Delta variant, which has become dominant in multiple countries, is more transmissible than earlier strains of the virus, which means that more people will come in contact with it. It became dominant months after the vaccines had been authorized and millions of doses have been distributed. That means our current shots were designed for an earlier version of the coronavirus and don’t work as well against Delta.”

“Media Report from ABC News – Nov. 15, 2021 Reporter(f): Seventy-six percent of all Danish residents are double-dosed. But the Danish government, which had downgraded the virus as no longer a ‘socially critical’ disease, was forced into a U-turn, as cases jumped to numbers not seen since last year. Governments grappling with surges that likely won’t be their last.”

“Media Report from WION – Nov. 24, 2021 Reporter(f): The UK meanwhile reported an additional 44,917 fresh COVID-19 cases, 45 new deaths. The scientists have warned that caution is crucial at this time, and advised people to delay planning Christmas as long as possible. Europe’s return to becoming the epicenter of the pandemic has been blamed on the highly contagious Delta variant and colder weather.”

“Interview by Griffith University – Sept. 24, 2021 Professor Nigel McMillan(m): What we’re seeing is the new strain of Delta is breaking through a little bit through vaccinated cases. So you see countries like the UK who now have a lot of high-level of vaccination but they’re seeing lots of cases.”

“Media Report from DW News – Dec. 4, 2021 Reporter(f): The new variant is spreading rapidly in many countries. South Africa, in particular, is seeing an alarming wave of infections. More young children are being hospitalized, and authorities are concerned that people who’ve already had COVID-19 are being reinfected.”

“Media Report from CBS News – Dec. 7, 2021 Reporter(f): Sixty percent of all US citizens are now fully vaccinated, but the cases, we’re sorry to say, are still rising.

For the first time in two months, the country is again averaging more than 100,000 new cases per day. More than 1,100 Americans are dying each day from COVID, and nearly 50,000 are being treated in hospitals.

While the Delta variant makes up the vast majority of the more than 100,000 new daily COVID cases in the US, the Omicron variant is spreading rapidly. As many as 20 states have confirmed at least one case in the last few days.”

But many leaders of the world, including President Putin, already said that the pandemic is not curable now, we just have to live with it. And New Zealand’s Prime Minister, (Yes.) she also said the same thing. (Yes, Master.) You know, at one time they were already cured, (Yes.) like even New Zealand was almost zero for many months. And Âu Lạc (Vietnam) and other countries. (Yes.) Nothing more. Australia also. And then “boom,” they come back again. Stronger than ever, stronger than before. (Yes.)

Because in the beginning, God just warned us, you see? So, God gave us an alarm, and saw if we would change. We should change. We should turn around, go to the other direction. (Yes.) Like, be vegan, go green. Be benevolent, be good. Be the good stewards of the Earth. Be the real children of God. But no, nobody turned around. You see that? (Yes, Master.)

I kept warning at that time in several urgent talks. But they listen, they don’t listen. Even if they listen, it comes through the other ear. And many don’t care. Many think I’m maybe just an old woman, talks a lot. They just took it all for granted. (Yes, Master.) Like I’m here forever, always telling them the same stuff: “U-turn, be good.” And they took it all for granted. They don’t even want to listen. If they listen, they don’t care. So, God made another wave again. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Stronger than before. I’m not sure what else God is going to do. Because everywhere seems very helpless now. (Yes, Master.) Most places, the waves keep coming back and they keep locking down again, but it’s useless.

“Media Report from DW News – Nov. 19, 2021 Reporter(f): Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg has announced a full nationwide lockdown starting Monday, and it will become the first European country to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory, starting February. Austria is currently in the grip of a severe fourth wave of the pandemic.”

“Media Report from WION – Nov. 24, 2021 Reporter(f): Europe has emerged as the new COVID-19 hot spot. Ahead of the Christmas holidays, countries like Austria have already entered a lockdown, while many others are looking at some form of restrictions.”

“Media Report from CNN – Dec. 3, 2021 Reporter(f): Germany, in the midst of a big COVID surge, has just announced it is banning unvaccinated people from all but the most essential businesses. They’ll also face contact restrictions in private settings.”

“Media Report from WION – Nov. 24, 2021 Reporter(f): Intensive care beds are fast filling up in the worst hit regions, prompting the local authorities to order new lockdowns, including closing the Christmas markets. The chancellor has warned that Germany’s current COVID-19 restrictions, which include banning the unvaccinated from certain public places, were not enough.”

Even lock down forever, they cannot. They have to go out, they have to work, they have to do business, they have to make the society function. Locking down forever, it cannot be possible. (Right.) (Yes, Master.) And people already protest everywhere against lockdown mandates, vaccine mandates because the vaccine also did not help. (Yes.) People still got sick.

“Media Report from ABC News – Nov. 15, 2021 Reporter(f): Smoke bombs on the streets of The Hague. Hundreds of Dutch protesters vent their fury as the country is ordered back into a partial lockdown.”

“Media Report from DW News – Nov. 15, 2021: Crowds took to the streets of the capital of Vienna to protest what they say is a vaccine mandate by the back door. (They chanted for their freedom outside of a fortified Chancellery. But under the new measures, they will have to stay home. The protestors were there to make their hostility to the new lockdown heard.)”

“Media Report from 9 News Australia – Dec. 5, 2021 Reporter(m): Ballarat businesses have been forced to close after thousands of anti-vaccine protesters brought their anger to the regional city.”

“Media Report from Al Jazeera – Dec. 5, 2021 Reporter(m): Some carried signs critical of vaccines, others were worried about Belgium making it compulsory for health workers to be vaccinated, something that’s coming in on the 1st of January.”

And I read in the news, in many of the states in America alone… Mostly the news is all about Americans. Other countries don’t have so much news, or I did not get their news channel. It said that many states in America, the most highly vaccinated are the more backlashed, have more infection. (Whoa.) Repeating and higher infection than other states even, than those with lower numbers of vaccinated people. The higher vaccinated states have higher infections (Whoa!) and deaths also. (Yes, Master.) And this is on the news. I mean, official news.

“Media Report from CBS 13 – July 26, 2021

Reporter(m): COVID rates have skyrocketed in the month since California officially reopened, as you know, including breakthrough cases among vaccinated Californians.

Reporter(f): CBS 13 investigative reporter Julie Watts is here with some interesting data on breakthrough cases. Julie.

Julie(f): Yeah, guys, a new analysis finds several counties with above average vaccination rates also have higher COVID case rates, while case rates are actually falling in counties with below average vaccination rates. Statewide data analyzed by the Bay Area News Group found these five counties – Los Angeles, San Diego, Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco – have both a higher percentage of people fully vaccinated than the state average and a higher average daily case rate. Compare that to these five counties. Modoc, Glenn, Lassen, Del Norte and San Benito, which have below average vaccination rates and decreasing case rates.”

“Media Report from ABC News – Oct. 21, 2021 Reporter(m): New cases, hospital admissions, and deaths are on the rise (in the UK), despite a high vaccination rate of nearly 80%.”

“Interview by AFP / CRUX – May 12, 2021 Originally in French -Reporter(m): The current situation remains worrying, as we have always said, it is worrying. There have been many more infections in recent days.”

So, many people don’t believe in the vaccine anymore. That’s why they don’t want to (get it). They’d rather lose the job and lose benefits. They quit in thousands in America alone, because Biden mandated the vaccine, and if they don’t get the vaccine, they cannot stay in their jobs, even many important jobs. (Yes.) So, people just walk out like that. Rather have no money than to be mandated the vaccine, which they don’t believe works. That’s why. You see? (Yes, Master.)

“Interview by NBC News – Oct. 24, 2021

Karen(f): I feel secure in my decision.

Raquel(f): I don’t know the long-term effects.

Rob(m): I opted to take the unpaid leave.

Reporter(f): Karen Roses is a patient care technician at a New York hospital. Rob Herbst, a married father of three boys, spent 17 years at a New York City high school as a phys ed (physical education) teacher. Raquel Martinez is a pediatric occupational therapist. They all reached the same conclusion about vaccine mandates.

Reporter(f): Why did you decide to put your livelihood on the line?

Rob(m): I felt like I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter, that I was being forced to do something, to put something into my body.

Karen(f): I felt that what they were doing, what they have done, is they basically held for ransom your health insurance, your benefits, your livelihood, your career, in some cases.

Reporter(f): But for them, concerns about the vaccine − more frightening than losing their jobs.”

“Media Report from Undisputed – October 5, 2021 Reporter(f): In the NBA, according to reports, Kyrie Irving could lose more than US$15 million this season if he is unable to participate in home games due to his vaccination status.”

“Media Report from WION – Dec. 1, 2021 Reporter(f): Next year’s Australian Open tennis tournament could miss a big name: world number one, Novak Djokovic. Rumor is he won’t be playing in Melbourne, and he’s not injured, he’s not taking time off the court, he just doesn’t want a vaccine. You see, the Australian Open has enforced a strict vaccine mandate. Here’s what his father says. And I’m quoting: ‘No one has the right to enter into our intimacy… Under these blackmails and conditions, Djokovic probably won’t play.’”

“Interview by Fox 5 Atlanta – Oct. 9, 2021 Reporter(m): So you’ve not been vaccinated. (That’s correct.) Dr. Tommy Redwood failed to follow the hospital’s policy that all employees be vaccinated. (We’re being denied that opportunity to do what we’ve been doing all along, because we’re not willing to get this vaccine.) And for him, the risk of any possible unknown side effects from the COVID shot, outweighs any proven benefit, especially now that the vaccines require boosters. So you think in your personal situation, getting the virus is less dangerous than getting the vaccine. (No, what I’m saying is, I don’t want to get either one. It’s too soon to know what long-term implications this vaccine could have.)”

So men cannot go against God, no matter how clever, how much IQ, how many inventions, the Law of God will always apply to you if you don’t abide by it. So now, you see, so often we have so many pandemics and epidemics, or whatever diseases keep coming ever since. We can’t even remember anymore. Because we are killing too much, killing animal-people, killing humans, killing babies. How can all this bad karma be erased without payment? (Yes, Master.) (It’s true.)

It’s not possible that you break many things again and again and you don’t pay, and even breaking valuable things. (Yes.) Irreplaceable things. (Yes.) Animal-peoples’ lives, humans’ lives, babies’ lives, children molested; the murdered lives cannot be replaced. (That’s true.) And all the bibles, all the sutras, all the holy books are telling the same thing and same thing: “Thou shalt not kill,” (Yes.) and they continue doing that.

So, I won’t be surprised if I lose this battle and God would destroy the whole planet. I mean, most of the people on this planet. I just don’t know when only. They don’t tell me. God is not very lenient. God is angry. Heavens and Earth, all angry. The whole universe is angry at the way we behave. (Yes, Master.)

So, we just do what we can only; we pray and we meditate. But I’m not sure anymore if I can win. I’m not sure. Whoever can listen and repent, I help. If they don’t, then I would just let it be. Otherwise, if they continue to live, they will continue to torture and murder other innocents. (Yes, Master. Understand.)

These 90% of the people. And I mean, not all of them are all that bad, but they listen to the devils instead of God. (Yes.) Instead of God’s bibles or God’s holy scripture, they listen to the devils talking and do what the devils do. Killing, molesting, and harassing and torturing, murdering. (Yes, Master.) So how can? How can Heaven accept these kinds of people? (Cannot.)

There’s no need to go to the church anymore or the temple or wherever, what for? They just go there and pray for their health or their richness or their business or their daughter to get married. They’re not there for God. They’re not there for Buddha. They’re not there for Heavens, nothing. You see that? (Yes, Master.)

The main prayer of Christianity is all about the physical. You pray, “God in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name…” and then, “Give us daily our daily bread.” That’s what they pray for, the first thing. See that? (Yes, Master.) And then, “Forgive our debts,” meaning our sins, (Yes.) “just like we forgive others who are in debt to us, who owe us debts.” But they don’t forgive! They go out bombing people, even innocent ones, not the ones that even owe them any debt. Killing babies like that. And even Muslims killing Muslims. Christians at war with Christians. (It’s a very sad state of affairs, Master.) Yeah, very bad.

Our world is hopeless. I feel like it’s hopeless. Sometimes I feel it’s so hopeless. What am I doing here? What for?

When I was younger, teenaged or something, one person told me; he made a joke. He was very funny, the way he said it. I cannot copy what he said. He mimicked the priest and the Buddhist monk, both against each other. (Yes, Master.) So first, the Buddhist monk said, “You should not kill; you must eat vegan/vegetarian. You must be a good person. You must be vegetarian. Buddha says you don’t eat meat because if you eat meat, you are not Buddha’s disciple!” OK. So the lay person listened, listened, but didn’t get anything. Or couldn’t care less. So the Catholic priest came and said, “Oh, you don’t listen to this monk. You come, follow me. Because if you follow me, you can have butter and milk and meat. You don’t follow them. They only give you tofu ru (fermented tofu) and cabbage. You follow me, you’ll have milk and meat and butter.” Meaning you can eat the animal-people (Yes.) products. And the way he talked was very, very funny.

At that time, I was just young. I laughed, but I didn’t understand much. And now I understand. Just today, or yesterday… I can’t remember yesterday or today, because the time goes fast when I’m too busy and sometimes I think morning is evening, or evening is morning. (Yes.) So, it’s probably one of these days, one of these very near days, like yesterday or today.

I was wondering why Buddhism is so benevolent and peaceful. More peaceful than other religions, but very less followers compared to Catholics or Muslims. (Yes, Master.) And then, I remembered, oh, because if you follow Buddhism, most monks are eating vegan, (Yes.) or vegetarian. And so, people don’t feel like following. (Right.) But the Christians, the so-called Christians or the Catholics nowadays and the Muslims, they eat anything. They kill the lamb-children and all that. And even the Jewish also. So people feel more easy. (Yes, Master.)

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