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Between Master and Disciples

When Honesty Is Lost: Signs of the Last Hour from the Hadith, Part 13 of 16, Nov. 14, 2021

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Even if you don’t have money, you can support the wealthy person. Support what he does good. Like, he gives to charity, you are happy in your heart. (Yes, Master.) Happy for the poor people. (Yes.) And you clap your hands, or you pray for that wealthy person. And of course, you can pray that if you have money, you would be like him.

If Heaven is supposed to be a place of peace and benevolence, blissful, how can these evil priests even get there? (No, cannot. No way. Cannot go.) No! (Don’t have a chance.) (No.) Only hell, can, because this is the quality of hell. (That’s right, Master.) Even five-year-old children would understand what I’m saying. (Yes, Master.)

And the second person that we should emulate, according to the Prophet’s teaching, Peace Be Upon Him, is somebody whom Allah has given wisdom, meaning somebody who is greatly enlightened, (Yes, Master.) understands the Qur’an, like what’s taught in the Qur’an, and he acts according to it and teaches it to others. Yeah, of course. If he walks the talk, he can teach others. Right? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) You cannot tell somebody don’t do this when you are doing it yourself. (Yes.) (Right, Master.)

So these evil priests of the Catholics, on one hand they teach compassion, morals, Ten Commandments, (Yes.) but they did exactly the opposite. So they’re really the devils. They just want to ruin Christianity, to make people not believe in the Christian teaching, not believe in God anymore. (Yes, Master.) Because how can a person who’s supposed to be holy and dedicate his life for God, do this kind of thing? (Yes, Master.)

So they were thinking God doesn’t exist. (Yes, Master.) God just let things happen like this. That means God is powerless, God doesn’t exist. Or all these priests and the church are useless to them, wasting their tax money and hard-earned labor money. (Yes, Master.) So people just leave the church. Maybe they still believe in God ‒ I hope. I hope they leave the church, they don’t leave their faith. I hope so. (Yes, Master.) Even if they leave their faith, I cannot blame them. Can you? (No, Master.)

Such an example of wickedness, evil, deeper than hell. How can anybody believe? (Right.) That’s right.) And the top of it all, condones it, protects it, by keeping silent or defending for it. And liken those with Jesus Christ! Believe that?? Then it’s really the Satan talk. (Yes, Master.) At least possessed by Satan. My God, how come he’s still sitting there in the Vatican? He should be thrown out. (Yes, Master.) He should just go disappear himself at least. Go hide somewhere in some remote area where he can talk to the demons and not harming anyone else.

I pray to God, please, justice for all these innocent babies and children. (Yes, Master.) You have to do something, God. Otherwise, people won’t believe You anymore, and I can’t blame them. I cannot do anything much. I’m just an old woman. I repeat Your teaching. I cannot eliminate these people. I cannot bring justice to these poor, oppressed families who cannot even sue them, cannot even ask for justice for their poor children who suffered in their hands all these decades or hundreds of years. Who knows when it began and when will it ever end? I pray to Heaven for justice.

That’s all I can do. I don’t have an army, I don’t have guns, I don’t have even guards. You know, the guards that they have in the Vatican, with spears and all that. (Yes, Master.) The sharp spears they have, right? (Yes.) Even just symbolic but it’s scary enough. I have a small knife, to protect myself, to protect my health because I have to cut the fruit (Yes, Master.) and some vegetables for the squirrel-people. Fruit and bread for the squirrel-people, and the skunk-people, and the bird-people, and the butterfly-people. (Yes.) I protect. I am the guard. I don’t have guards, but I am the guard. (Yes.)

Even my guards, they just have a bag over their shoulder. Inside they have some tissues. I’m surprised what they all have in there. They all have like a small comb, small mirror, small pack of tissues, and some string or something. I asked them, “What do you have them for?” They said the trainer, the head of the hufa, the guards, asked them to have all that in case I need.

Because one time, I needed a mirror, but I didn’t have. And then they had immediately. And they even had a comb for me when my hair was disarrayed by the wind or something. Sometimes I hug people and they mess up my hair. Too excited and their hands wave in every direction. Or the wind. Because I used to lecture in the open air, (Yes, Master.) because we didn’t have any temple. The place is not allowed to be built. So, we just stayed in the open air, and stayed in the tent. (Yes, Master.) Later, I had some caves for them because caves were allowed. (Yes.)

So these two people you should emulate if you can. (Yes.) That’s all. Even if you don’t have money, you can support the wealthy person. Support what he does good. Like, he gives to charity, you are happy in your heart. (Yes, Master.) Happy for the poor people. (Yes.) And you clap your hands, or you pray for that wealthy person. And of course, you can pray that if you have money, you would be like him. (Yes.) But if you don’t, you can support, you can help him to distribute.

Like many of my so-called disciples, they go and help me to buy things for the victims of the disasters. (Yes, Master.) Or offering to the monks in India, the poor monks and all that. I can give money, but I cannot go everywhere all the time. (Yes, Master.) So, the disciples don’t have enough money, but they can help me. (Yes, Master.) That is very good already. (Yes.) It’s not necessary to always give money or material things; you can offer your time. That’s also money. (Yes, Master.) Time is money, right? (Yes, it is.) And their heart, their pure heart, their willing heart, their happy heart. (Yes.) Happy heart to do good things. (Yes, Master.) So that’s very good.

So, here the Prophet… I taught the same like the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him. You saw that? (Yes, Master.) Up to now. (Yes.) I taught the same like Jesus. (Yes, Master.) Not like I copy immediately or word by word, but I just know it by my own enlightenment, by my own self-wisdom. The more you practice, the more you understand things. (Yes, Master.) And the more you say what you know. (Yes.) It’s not like reading books. (That’s right.)

I do read books, and I do refer to them just for confirmation. (Yes.) For reference. But otherwise, all these things that you heard just now from the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, are just what I have been telling you guys. (Yes, Master.) I mean, the so-called disciples everywhere, right? (Yes, Master.) Not because I read the Hadith, I did not. I just read it now, I mean a few days now, just so that I can read it to you. (Yes, Master.) I have to read it first so that I can digest it, so I understand it first, (Yes, Master.) and then I can explain to you. So, I work double. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) No, it is my duty.

I am your teacher, I have to teach. (Thank You, Master.) I cannot stop being a teacher, so that you will know things. And in case I die, you can pass it on to others. Also with your knowledge, not just copy my talk. (Yes. Understand.) Or if you cannot, then at least you can pass all these videos (Yes.) and type it out or print it out or air it out. (Yes, Master.) That is also very good. It’s the same as you copy these two persons. (Yes, Master.) You do both. You copy both. Both of these two persons that the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, has praised. (Yes.)

You copy both of them by supporting them. Like you’re supporting me, my wealth, when I distribute it, and you’ll feel happy. (Yes.) And then you use your time, which you don’t use to go out and work and earn money, you use your time to help me with the Supreme Master Television. That’s just like you contribute wealth. Far better than wealth. Far beyond wealth. This is spiritual wealth. (Yes, Master.) It’s more valuable, more precious.

So, it’s as if you give money also, because you don’t go out to work and earn money, but you spend your time working for Supreme Master Television. (Yes.) And also, it’s as if you’re given wisdom, and teach it to others. Maybe you don’t teach it personally, but you are spreading my teaching (Yes, Master.) by helping to air it on TV. (Yes, Master.) So, you are doing good.

You are emulating both of these exemplary persons that the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, had advised you to. (Yes, Master.) So you are good Muslims. Yeah! You are vegan. You do charity, and you spread the teaching. (Yes, Master.) So, bravo! (Thank You, Master.) Thank you to you for being good. That makes me proud and comforts me somehow. Any questions concerning what I just told? (No, Master.) No?

OK, next one. (Yes, Master.) Next one, is Volume One, still Book Three, Number 79. I read all that in case you want to compare. (Yes, Master.) Or any viewers or anyone who knows what I’m talking about, can refer to the original text. (Yes, Master.)

This one is narrated by Abu Musa, another Abu. Probably he’s a teacher. Senior in the Muslim group at that time when the Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him, was still on Earth. So, Abu Musa related something.

He said that, “The Prophet said, ‘The example of guidance and knowledge with which Allah has sent me is like abundant rain falling on the earth, some of which was fertile soil that absorbed rainwater and brought forth vegetation and grass in abundance. And another portion of it was hard and held the rainwater and Allah benefited the people with it and they utilized it for drinking.’” Like, you know the well, hard like the hard earth that the water doesn’t sink but stays, maybe like becomes a well or the pond. (Collecting.) Or lake.

So, this portion of water fell on something hard, and that something held the rain, and Allah benefited the people with it. “‘And they utilized it for drinking, making their animals drink from it and for irrigation of the land for cultivation.’” Others’ harvest. “‘And a portion of it was barren…’” You know, the earth, a portion of the earth that the rain fell on was barren, “‘…which could neither hold the water nor bring forth vegetation, then that land gave no benefits. The first is the example of the person who comprehends Allah’s religion and gets benefit from the knowledge thereof, which Allah has revealed through me,’” means the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him.

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