Tiếp Theo

Giữa Thầy và Trò

Phát Triển Lòng Từ Bi Và Tình Thương Trên Đường Tu Hành, Phần 3/8 8 tháng 4, 1992

Ngôn Ngữ:English
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But the problem is we also had choice. We had choice. It’s just that, when we were born in here, it’s so overwhelmed with all kinds of temptations and traps that we didn’t know which way to go. We didn’t know what the choice was the best. Especially, not everybody had been taught. That is the thing, I tell you. You have to practice spiritually with morals and wisdom and love. That’s why you have to keep the five precepts. That’s why you have to develop compassion. Not just power, not just protecting yourselves by the Holy Names or your practice. But have to know that there is suffering for others. Every time when you encounter someone or something, you have to think how to make him better.
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