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Between Master and Disciples

Only Peacemakers Can Go to Heaven, Part 8 of 9, Feb. 23, 2022

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Only nobility can last. Only peacemakers can go to Heaven. If Putin is supposed to believe in God… They have Russian Orthodox Christian faith in their country. (Yes, Master.) And I cannot believe that Putin is so ignorant of his national faith. He should remember his faith. He should remember that “as you sow, so shall you reap.” It’s not only in Christianity, but in Islam, in Hinduism, in Buddhism, in Jainism – they all mention that.

The Buddha said, “If you put down the knife, the butcher’s knife, you can become Buddha.” (Wow. Yes.) Right away even. (Wow.) It is true also. Many of my disciples are like that. (Oh.)

Before, when I was running around the world, giving lectures and initiation on the spot, many of them were butchers or ranchers and all that, or owned meat restaurants. But they just put it down, got initiation, and they could see their own Buddha Nature right away. They can see God’s Light, they can hear God’s melodious Teaching, right away! (Wow. Yes, Master.) It’s truly like that, the Buddha said it. (Yes, Master.)

"放下屠刀, 立刻成佛" Meaning, if you put down your butcher’s knife, you can immediately become Buddha. It’s true like that. (Wow. Yes.) I can testify to that with my own so-called disciples. (Yes, Master.) Some were even killers before and did time in jail, but also became my disciples after jail and became a preacher of Truth, spreading my teaching in prison. (Wow.) He went back to prison with other disciples to preach for the prisoners. (Oh. Yes, Master.) So those who do jail time, some of them also got initiated in jail, became vegetarian and vegan, and also some practiced Convenient Method. (Yes, Master.) Well, of course, up to the COVID time. Before COVID time. (Yes.)

So, it is true like that. If, for example, President Putin just changed his mind, changed his heart, immediately things will get better. (Yes, Master.) It’s easy to have an excuse to make war, but it is for a real, good gentleman to uphold peace. (That’s true, Master. Yes.) And talk with each other. It’s not fun to go down in history as a mass murderer of a population. (Yes.) It’s not fun to go down in history as a blood-thirsty monster, (Right, Master.) who killed women, children and elderly alike, en masse, no matter for what reason. (Yes, Master.)

I read you many Buddhist stories before. Some of the kings were harmed by their enemy kings. They gave up their kingdom just for peace and went out to become nobody – either that or imprisoned by the enemy. (Yes, Master.) Just for peace, so that they don’t have to make war. Because in war, it doesn’t matter who wins, it is terrible suffering for innocent citizens. (Yes, Master.) And then, one of the kings had a son, a prince. He escaped, and later he worked for the enemy king, who was still ruling his country. He was going to kill him and then he heard his father say that’s not the way to do it, so he stopped killing. He remembered his father’s and mother’s teaching before they died. (Yes, Master.) So, he stopped killing the king and he even confessed that he was going to kill him, but because of his father’s teaching, he was not going to kill him. So now the king could do with him what he wanted. But the king also was touched that the enemy king before was so good, so noble. So, he forgave the son, the prince, the assassin prince. (Yes, Master.) And then even gave him back his kingdom. So, only love can heal. (Oh. Yes, Master.)

Only nobility can last. Only peacemakers can go to Heaven. If Putin is supposed to believe in God… They have Russian Orthodox Christian faith in their country. (Yes, Master.) And I cannot believe that Putin is so ignorant of his national faith. He should remember his faith. He should remember that “as you sow, so shall you reap.” It’s not only in Christianity, but in Islam, in Hinduism, in Buddhism, in Jainism – they all mention that. (Yes, Master.)

Similar, even if they don’t say “as you sow, so shall you reap,” but they say similar things. Let me remember one of the Muslim sayings somewhere. For example, in the Muslim faith, Az-Zalzalah – it says… – I’ll read it to you in the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful. In this stanza, it talks about an earthquake, “The Quake.” But you have to know, it is not literal. (Yes, Master.) It’s a parable for something extraordinarily destructive for humankind. In that kind of time, it is said that, probably the Prophet has said that, Peace Be Upon Him.

“When the Earth is shaken with its quake, and the Earth brings out its loads, and man says,” it means humans say, ‘What is the matter?’” With the Earth. “On that Day, it will convey its tales.” Meaning, the Earth would tell her story. “For, your Lord will have inspired it.” Meaning, whatever happens, like earthquakes or disasters, it’s all made because Heaven ordered it. (Yes. Yes, Master.) Because God inspired it. Because of humans’ karma. Right? (Yes, Master.)

So, “On that Day, the people will emerge in droves, to be shown their works,” at that time. (Wow.) “To be shown their works,” meaning their actions through all their lives. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.) Just like the time of Judgment, the End Time. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So, “Whoever has done an atom’s weight of good, will see it. And whoever has done an atom’s weight of evil, will see it,” too. (Yes, Master.) So that’s probably the time of Judgement.

Not just the quake. (Right, Master. Right. Yes, Master.) When everything comes out from the Earth, it’s not just a quake. Everything. At the time of Judgement, nobody can hide, nobody can lie, nobody can cheat. Because even if you just do one atom’s weight – meaning so miniscule, the tiniest possible that your eye cannot even see – even if you’ve just done that, less than a mustard seed of good, you will see it yourself. (Wow. Yes, Master.) And whoever has done just like a miniscule action of evil will also be evident. Not just they will see it, but everybody will see it. (Yes, that’s right. Oh.)

So, this is talking of karma. (Right. Yes, Master.) The talk of cause and retribution. Talk of “As you sow, so shall you reap.” It’s the same thing. (Yes, Master.) Just like the karma, the retribution, in Buddhism. Or in Hinduism, or in… We have all that on our TV anyway. (Yes, Master.) Right. So, you see, all religions point to the same thing. If you do good, you will see it, and reap the reward, and go to Heaven. If you do bad, you will see it, reap the retribution, and go to hell. (Yes, Master.) That’s it, very simple.

So, I hope Putin will wake up soon, and make peace with Ukraine. And take away his evil influence from those rebellious regions. (Yes, Master. We hope so also. We hope so too.) Take away his inspiration for them to rebel, to be rebellious and separate from their own country and citizens, and nation. (Yes, Master. Right.) Because that weakens their country. You are a citizen of Ukraine, you have to work for your country. That’s your duty. And if you don’t do your duty well, you will go to hell also. Not to talk about killing people or killing children because of your miscalculation of a drone attack or of a bomb attack, whatever. (Yes, Master.)

Because even nowadays, they don’t have to do like face-to-face battle. (That’s right.) They don’t have to have ground combat – they can drop bombs on people. But they miscalculate also. Sometimes they don’t bomb the army, or the agent that they intended, they kill anybody. (Yes, that’s true. Right, Master.) Just like recently, they blasted a kindergarten, Full of children in it. (Oh, God!) I read on the news that the separatists in Ukraine did that. (Oh, no!) The rebels did that.

I don’t think they deliberately wanted to kill the children. They just miscalculated. (Yes, Master.) They just use computers, and it’s like a war game, but it’s not a game. It’s real suffering. It’s real human lives. And just like in Afghanistan Before. (Yes, Master.) Biden said they bombed the terrorist agents. They didn’t. They killed the whole family, and their relatives as well. (That’s right, Master. Yes, Master.) Including children.

And America is very high tech, sophisticatedly high tech, in war. (Yes, Master. That’s true.) And they still can make mistakes. (Yes. Right.) Imagine, Ukraine is not very high tech in war games. (No. Right.) They can’t even defend themselves. They’re begging the international community to help them. They said, “We cannot defend our own country.” Because they have not been trained in war. (Yes, Master.) They did not expect any war. But even if you don’t expect, you should have thought about that.

Like Switzerland, they never expect war. They don’t want war with anybody. But all their citizens are trained in defense. So, if anybody invades Switzerland, they will have a hard time. (Yes, Master.) Because they’re all trained and they drill many times.

Taiwan (Formosa) is also like that. They have an army and standby soldiers. (Yes, Master.) And they retrain them or drill them sometimes. Like, every year or every three years or something. (Yes.) Not including the new soldiers. It’s different. They have an Army Reserve. In Taiwan (Formosa), you have a duty to do that. (Yes, Master.) If you are an ex-army soldier, you have to retrain now and then, right? (Yes, it’s correct.) And all the boys. Mostly the boys have to apply to be in the army for a certain time, for some time. (Yes.)

I hope one day no country will ever have to train anybody to kill anybody else, for whatever reason. (Yes, Master.) It’s terrible. Don’t take it just because you can. That’s what I say. (Yes. Right.)

I will use a very simple, common woman singer. “Don’t take them just because you can.” You see, even such a simple… of course, she’s famous, but just a simple woman, she still can utter something good like that. (Yes, Master.) “Don’t take him just because you can.” Don’t take any country just because you can.

And I go further, “Don’t threaten any country just because you can.” (Yes, Master.)

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