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Only Peacemakers Can Go to Heaven, Part 7 of 9, Feb. 23, 2022

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So, the humans are the cause of everything. The humans’ bad behavior, violent way of life is, directly or indirectly, the root cause of everything – of war, of pandemics, of zoonotic diseases, of any conflict, of any economic problem, drought, flood, fire, everything. We are responsible for everything. (Yes, Master.) We cannot just blame Putin or anyone alone. But also, I told you before: if Biden is the president, things will get terrible.

And now he (Putin) recognizes these so-called rebellious regions, but the Russians have been backing this region already, since long ago. (Yes, Master.) After Crimea, they backed some of the regions, I think two regions, to become rebellious and stay away from Ukraine. United no more.

“Media Report from PBS NewsHour Feb. 22, 2022 Reporter (m): With a stroke of a pen, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed to redraw the map of Europe. He recognized the self-declared republics Donetsk and Luhansk that, for nearly eight years, have been partially controlled by Russian-backed separatists. In Donetsk tonight, pro-Russian Ukrainians wave Russian flags after Putin called Ukraine a colony with a puppet regime and warned of further fights.”

In the beginning, they said that Crimea requested to join Russia. And they all said because of financial support and all that. I don’t know what. Any excuse will do. So they annexed Crimea, and then after that other regions followed suit, and Russia also, of course, backed them. It’s to their advantage, no? (Yes, Master.)

I don’t think the Russian people wanted to do that, it’s just the politicians, the ambitious leaders. So, now that they have some regions boiling with conflict, President Putin can ask his military to move there. “It’s a breakaway region, we can move in. It’s not Ukraine anymore.” Blah, blah. Any excuse. (Yes, Master.) So, he doesn’t have to even openly or grandly invade Ukraine. He just destabilizes it. (Right. Yes.) It’s bad enough already for the world to be on its feet. (Yes, Master.)

See, politics, it’s very dirty, very ugly, and very, very gruesome. They don’t care about innocent people dying. (Yes.) They don’t care about destroying people’s homes. They don’t care about destabilizing peace. They just do it because of their ego, because of their ambition, just because they can. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.)

You should not do it just because you have the power to do it. You should do anything because it’s necessary. That’s how a leader should be. You have to consider other citizens’ welfare, peace, happiness. They don’t want much from the government. Normally, if life is peaceful, they work, they earn their own living, they take care of their family, they pay taxes. They are peaceful. (Yes, Master.)

Only the big-headed leaders on the top are always causing trouble in the world, since time immemorial already. (Right. Yes.) It’s not just in Ukraine, things are simmering elsewhere as well. Even Nepal, a very remote country on top of the world, there’s still a simmering conflict between US and China. Because they want the land for influence, for power, for control. Not just want the land, but then they can control the region, the neighboring countries.

If Ukraine is taken, Russia is expanded, and they will have their military, all kinds of equipment there ready for other neighbors if they need it. (Right. Yes, Master.) Yeah, that’s the problem. You see, first Crimea and now other regions.

I forgot the name. It’s in the Ukrainian language; I couldn’t spell it now, but you find out. (Yes, Master.) And then now these regions become separated. Maybe not officially, but it is, and then they try it. They want to negotiate, they want to be separated, also, and blah, blah, blah, and then Russia can come in. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.)

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we say, “trai cò đánh nhau ngư ông đắc lợi,” meaning a flamingo and an oyster are fighting with each other; the flamingo wants to eat the oyster, and the oyster clamps his shell. And then the flamingo cannot eat him but gets stuck there. (Right. Yes.) So, both of them are fighting with each other, and the fisherman came, and he took them both. That’s what the idiom is about. You see? (Right, Master. Yes, Master.)

Similarly, if you fight with each other within the country, then the foreign country can take advantage of that, and make you suffer. (Right. Yes.) That’s why Âu Lạc (Vietnam) suffered for so long. 30 years, or 20-something years. It was after the Geneva Accord, the war already began again, between the North and the South. They fought each other, killed each other, and then many foreign forces came in to help, so-called help, but they made it worse. So many people suffered, so many people died, and the effect is still going on. With Agent Orange, many people, many children were born handicapped, blind or sick. Suffering a lot. Not just during the war, it still continues. And many bombs, landmines everywhere are still killing people. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.)

Not just in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) but everywhere; everywhere where conflict has broken out before. (Yes, that’s right.) Many people still die or are maimed or handicapped because of landmines everywhere. (Yes. Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from worldfocusonline Jan. 14, 2009 Reporter (m): Việt lost sight in one eye. Nearly lost both legs. His friend Võ was killed. Another grim statistic in one of the deadliest legacies of the Vietnam War.”

And spend a lot, a lot of money to demine and it’s still not enough. (Yes, Master.) War is really hell! Only people who sit in the safe palace will order war, big or small. (Right, Master. Yes, Master.)

But now Russia is trying to eat Ukraine, one bite at a time. So, I don’t know. It’s just a matter of time. Whatever happens, we don’t know. (Yes, Master.) I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know all these ugly, hellish people that try to harm others. It’s not only Putin but the backing army also. (Yes, Master.) He cannot do that alone. But it seems like he controls everything in Russia.

And the karma of the world, don’t forget. (Oh, yes, Master.) So, the humans are the cause of everything. The humans’ bad behavior, violent way of life is, directly or indirectly, the root cause of everything – of war, of pandemics, of zoonotic diseases, of any conflict, of any economic problem, drought, flood, fire, everything. We are responsible for everything. (Yes, Master.) We cannot just blame Putin or anyone alone.

But also, I told you before: if Biden is the president, things will get terrible. (That’s right, Master. Yes.) They will lose the trust of the international community. See? They’re not so warm with America. (Right. Yes, Master.)

“Media Report from BBC June 16, 2021 Reporter (m): Vice President Joe Biden met Vladimir Putin. He told him he had no soul. More recently, he said he was a killer. Mr. Putin hit back: ‘Takes one to know one.’”

“Media Report from MSNBC Feb. 23, 2022 President Trump: By the way, this never would have happened with us. Had I been in office, not even thinkable. This would never have happened.”

If Trump was there – he was more friendly with Russia, and they would be on better terms. (Yes, Master.) Then this would not have happened.

I told you already. I told you already, I cry not because Trump lost. I don’t care about Trump or not Trump. Anybody, as long as they’re good for their country and the world, it’s OK. (Yes, Master.) (Right, Master.) I cried so much. Even openly or privately, because I knew things will happen. (Oh.) Terrible things will happen to many countries and for the world as well. (Yes, Master.) All right, now we just have to watch whatever unfolds. Terrible.

Any more questions, my love? Of course, I try my best to help whatever I can. (Thank You, Master, so much.) Heavens are always trying to help. (Yes, thank Heavens. Yes, Master.) It’s just that we cannot dissolve everything when it’s too bad and too solid, and too established, like humans’ karma, for example. (Yes, Master.) And they don’t change. If you want to go south, but keep heading north, then nobody can help you. (That’s true. Right, Master.) They cannot bring your house from the south to the north to accompany you, no? (Yes, that’s right. Right, Master.) Or whatever you want to find in the south, you have to go south to find it. (Right. Yes, Master.)

It’s just like a joke; like the man is looking under the streetlight, keeps looking, looking on the ground, and people, the neighbor asked him, “What are you looking for?” He said, “For the key to the house.” The neighbor asked, “But where did you lose it?” He said, “Somewhere else.” “Then why are you looking here?” He said, “Because here’s brighter. It has a lamp.” See what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) I know it’s funny, but many people do that. Just because it’s convenient, they do things that are not logical. (Yes. Right, Master.)

And Putin, because of this, he will go to hell, with his armies. That is the thing, very sad thing. Even if he invades Ukraine, he will not get anything out of it. He cannot have more palaces out of it. For what? Right? (Right, Master. Right.) He cannot have more taxes. For what? He can only spend so much per day and eat so much only, to his fill. So, it’s very, very stupid to make war.

But also, the West is to blame. Many other things. From Crimea on already, and before that. The different world leaders, they group together, they have the same interests, same ambition. And so, if the world is divided into different groups, they’re bound to have war, (Oh, right, Master. Yes, Master.) because of a matter of interest. (Yes. Right.) Interest and ego.

And also to spend war money, because of the weapons production. They show off. (Oh, yes.) And the people who produce weapons want to sell. (Right.) These are conflicts of interest that are bound to happen if the world is not harmonized with each other. (Yes, Master.) If one big country wants to oppress a smaller, weaker country, because they can.

There’s a song that came into my mind right now. I don’t know the whole song; I just heard it sometime before. It is very famous, from Dolly Parton. (Yes, Master.) She begged one of the women – maybe it’s not her story, but it was very, very real. It seemed very true. (Yes, Master.) She says, you can have any man you want, but I cannot love again. Please don’t take my man just because you can. (That’s right. Yes, Master.)

“Dolly Parton (f): Please don’t take him just because you can.”

You see, because that girl, she probably is too beautiful, too attractive, or she knows how. So she can take any man she wants. Probably she had dozens of them. But for this woman, this is the man she loves. (That’s right. Yes.) And the man that loves her, or maybe used to love her until this extraordinarily attractive woman came along in between them. (Yes, Master.) So, she says you can have any man but don’t take mine “just because you can.” (That’s right, Master.) Because she knows this woman is very powerful. And she tried. She already wanted to take her man, so she begged her not to do it, just because that woman can. She’s powerful enough.

You see, the same in politics – you don’t invade people, you don’t provoke people, you don’t show off your might to embarrass other nations’ leaders or to frighten other countries’ citizens “just because you can.” (Right, yes, Master. True.)

That’s equal to being a bully and coward at the same time. (Right.) Because you don’t have enough heroism in you, you don’t have enough decency in you, to know that you have the power but not use it for an unjustified cause. (Yes, Master.) Even if you make excuses, the whole of humankind will know it, the whole Heavens, Universe, know it. It doesn’t matter what kind of talk you make, doesn’t matter how many excuses you have, it’s all nonsense. It’s all just blood-thirsty, it’s all just warmonger ambition. (Yes, Master. Right.)

I don’t know, this human race is crazy. The karma they make and the way they don’t change, it’s so crazy. There’s not much we should talk about. I just hope they change. Because if they change, it’s very quick. The Buddha said, “If you put down the knife, the butcher’s knife, you can become Buddha.” (Wow. Yes.) Right away even. (Wow.) It is true also.

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