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Only Peacemakers Can Go to Heaven, Part 6 of 9, Feb. 23, 2022

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People took so many vaccines all these centuries, so they got used to it. They just think, “Vaccines are OK.” (Yes.) And they trust the scientists, so they just take the scientists’ word that “Vaccines are OK. It’s better, safer for you.” So, they took the vaccine. So, many side effects, they just ignore, or they just think it won’t happen to them. (Oh, that’s true.) But it happens. Combined with meat’s aggressive energy, and poison and all that stuff, it’s brewing inside some people and they can’t control it.

As I’m talking to you, I put my feet on the cement, but sometimes it’s too cold, I forgot. (Oh.) So, I just put one leg, it’s enough, one foot is enough. And maybe your wall is made of concrete, you can put your hand on it and use one hand to hold the phone. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have any equipment, so I have to put my feet on the floor and I hope my cement wall can also protect me, so I put my hand on that too. I am not testing it now, I tested before without the phone.

If you have a cement floor or a suitable tile floor, and you walk barefoot or you put your hand on it, then you are grounded already. (Ah.) So no need for any other equipment actually. But because it’s so cold, so I asked them to order those special socks for you, so you can be warm and walk and be connected with the cement or with the tile floor that you have. (Thank You, Master.)

Please, do use it. (Yes, Master.) And if you have to wash it, then wash it and dry it quickly. But I’m not sure, you have to see the instruction. (Yes, Master.) Don’t just wear it to go out everywhere in your dirty, stinky shoes. Wear it only in the house, when you work, so that you keep it clean easier. (Yes, Master.) Also, it probably won’t fit into your shoes. Just wear it to see if it works. (Yes, Master.) And the brother that I have entrusted this great mission, I told him to go to different places to check out where you live, whether or not it’s OK. Whether or not it’s grounded with the tiles. (Alright, Master.) If not, maybe take out one of the wood areas and sit on that area. Take out some of the wood and put your feet on the cement. (Yes, Master.)

The socks only work on the cement or on the tiles, not on the wood. (Ah. right.) So, there are always problems, no solutions, I told you already. (Yes, Master.) 0.05 volts is the maximum you should have with the test machine. If higher than that, it is bad. You have no idea, my place is 200 something, 2-3-400. (Oh! Wow.) Who knows how much it damaged, oh, God, up to today. Because you don’t see the radiation and you don’t feel it much. It just works on your body, it loosens your muscles or makes you sick in some way. (Yes, Master.) Please, be careful. If we have some instruments for you, please use it. (Yes, Master. Thank you.)

Alright, thank you. Don’t make me worry too much. (Yes, Master.) Now that we know, we found them, we use them. (Yes. Yes, Master.) And if you find something better even, more convenient, then tell me, if you happen to see on the internet something better and tested and proven. (Yes, Master.)

Any other questions? You see, the Ascended Masters, They can talk to you but not always in human language. (Yes.) Not so loud. So, if you’re deaf spiritually, then the Master won’t waste His time. (Understand. Right.) And if you meditate and you learn with a living Master, then if you make some mistake or you have some question, the Master can answer you. (Yes. Yes, Master.) But if They’re an Ascended Master, They are not always available to you because you cannot always see, They cannot answer you. (Yes, Master.) That’s why not many Ascended Masters are teaching anything. (Right.)

Only living Masters can. (Yes, Master.) And They transfer to a living pole – one pole to another pole. (Yes, Master.) Just like sometimes it happens in nature, that the wood rubs each other and makes fire, but a rare case. If you want to have fire, you have to have a candle and light another candle, or you have to make a physical instrument like a lighter or matches. (Yes, Master.) Because this is a physical dimension. (Right.) Every dimension has its own rules, regulations and physical makeup or spiritual makeup. You can’t do anything to change that. (Yes.) (Yes, Master.)

So, in the physical dimension, we do physical things, we use physical instruments, and we live physically. We need certain things to continue to exist on the physical planet. (Yes. Yes, Master.) There are some exceptions but rare. Few. (Yes, Master.) Like breatharians, but most of them are not pure breatharians all the time. No, very rare. Only a couple of them are truly breatharian, the rest just talk or change after a while. (Yes, Master.)

I was also a breatharian for a while and then I changed. I wasn’t hungry or anything, just bored. I guess I needed to do that in order to have more affinity with the physical world. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Otherwise, I will just enjoy that comfort of being free from everything. Then I probably don’t care or don’t feel connected. I don’t feel the suffering and don’t feel the need of others. (Yes, Master. Right.)

You’re all happy? (Yes, Master. Happy. Thank You very much.) (Yes, Master.) We didn’t break the record this time. (No, Master.) It’s good enough for you to scramble for Fly-in News already. (Yes, Master.)

Any more questions or extra thoughts concerning all this? (Yes, Master. I just thought of a question.) Yes. (A few weeks ago, Master told us about a killer entity that was born in a nearby galaxy and it was directing a harmful radiation at our planet. And I was wondering is that kind of radiation like nuclear radiation or the electrical radiation from a computer that harms our body?)

Oh, worse than that. Worse than that. It has an evil force in it even. It’s alive! (Oh, wow. Wow.) It’s not like computers, so inert. (Yes, Master.) A computer is just mindless, energy-less, intention-less. Because it doesn’t aim at you, or want to kill you, it’s just the way it is. (Right, Master.) Just like a fire, if you touch it, you burn. (Right.) The fire doesn’t intend to kill you or to burn you. (Yes, Master.) This killer entity has the intention to kill, to damage, to destroy humans on this planet with all this evil force embedded in it. (Oh, God.) That’s a different thing. (Yes, Master.) Good question. Very intelligent, very good.

Mostly, after I tell you something, you should, if you have time, ponder about it, and then can ask more questions like this. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even think about it. If you don’t ask, I don’t even think of the answer. (Yes, Master.) Like if you don’t say you’re hungry, I would not offer you any food. You have to say, “I’m hungry.” (Yes.)

Any more? (No more. No, Master.) No? Good. Good then. It’s about time you go to sleep. I woke you up and I’m sorry for some people. What time is it now? I have a look. It’s not record-breaking; it’s only maybe one hour something. Right? (One hour and twenty minutes.) It’s not much. That’s good. It’s good enough. We have a lot of delayed lectures. (Yes.) Right? (Yes, Master.) It will last for a couple of more weeks or something. (Yes, Master.) After many others are done. (Yes, Master.) Are we already halfway in all of the lectures or not yet? Some are not yet aired. Right? (Not yet aired. We have many more not yet aired.) So mostly just Fly-In News. OK then.

But what else did you say about something? We can discuss, you can ask more about the Russian invasion or anything. You don’t wonder about that? (Yes, Master. Should the world be worried about Putin’s intentions now that we know that he has this vaccine in him, which is driving him to be more aggressive? Should the world be worried that maybe he’ll be too aggressive and wage war?)

Let me think. Let me check. He’s kind of waging war already. (Yes, Master.) It’s just not too obvious yet, but he is. He doesn’t even have to make war to destabilize Ukraine or invade Ukraine. He just invades one part at a time, like dividing to rule. (Oh. Yes, Master.) Once you divide an entity or a group, they’re weakened. (Yes, Master.) So, after Crimea, he feels like he could do more. Also because the West or America kind of gives him an excuse. So, right now, even NATO says that they will not discuss about Ukraine joining NATO. Even then, Putin is still around. The army, his military, is still around everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Around Ukraine borders or nearby borders.

The thing is, after Crimea, the West gave many sanctions to Russia, and he doesn’t like that, of course, of course. No country would like that. Even though their country is still OK, and rich and strong, but no leader would like to be controlled like that. (Yes, Master.) A form of control or limit, like restriction – no world leader would like that. So he’s already brewing.

And now he has his own isolation because he fears COVID. And also the vaccination and the booster, and all that, just driving him hot, heated up with all these side effects.

You see, because the meat-eating people easily get more side effects than the vegan people. (Oh, right. Yes, Master.) Or even vegetarian people – less. (Yes.) The vegan people have more resistance; the vegetarian people – some degree less. (Yes, Master.) But still, not as bad as those meat-eating people.

The meat-eaters already bring into their bodies so much poison and anguished energy from the dying, suffering, horrible death of the animal-people. You see? (Yes, Master.) All that energy is already brewing in these meat-eating people, especially if they’re gluttonous about it, gluttonous in eating meat. (Yes, Master.)

And now the vaccines, and the booster, and all that. You see, we were in uncharted waters with vaccines even. But people just did it. (Yes, Master.) Because vaccines are vaccines. People took so many vaccines all these centuries, so they got used to it. They just think, “Vaccines are OK.” (Yes.) And they trust the scientists, so they just take the scientists’ word that “Vaccines are OK. It’s better, safer for you.” So, they took the vaccine. So, many side effects, they just ignore, or they just think it won’t happen to them. (Oh, that’s true.) But it happens. Combined with meat’s aggressive energy, and poison and all that stuff, it’s brewing inside some people and they can’t control it. (Yes, Master.)

So, of course, the world worries. They do worry already. And NATO already said they don’t discuss Ukraine joining NATO, because that was one of the main excuses of Putin to put military around Ukraine, near the border. (Right. Yes, Master.) Now, NATO says, “We don’t discuss it.” Many European people say, “Oh, that’s not on the table anyway.” He’s (Putin’s army’s) still there. (Yes.)

“Interview by FRANCE 24 Feb. 5, 2022 Geoana (m): Now they try to tell us not to strengthen the eastern flank. NATO didn't have any military presence in the eastern flank before 2014, after the illegal annexation of Crimea. They (Russia) want to have Ukraine in their sphere of influence. [That] was the result of the continuous war in the Donbass and the annexation of Crimea and the threat today against Ukraine. Ten years ago, only 20% of Ukrainian people wanted to join NATO and EU. Today we have 60-something percent. So in a way, we hope that Russia will realize, that what they do, they get the opposite of their intentions.”

And now he even said that Ukraine historically belongs to Russia. And now he recognizes these so-called rebellious regions, but the Russians have been backing this region already, since long ago. (Yes, Master.) After Crimea, they backed some of the regions, I think two regions, to become rebellious and stay away from Ukraine. United no more.

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