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Between Master and Disciples

Only Peacemakers Can Go to Heaven, Part 5 of 9, Feb. 23, 2022

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Very few people can see Ascended Masters. (Oh, that’s right.) Unless they’re going up higher and the Ascended Masters have to lower Themselves down a little. (Oh, right, Master. Yes, Master.) You up a little, They down a little, then you can see Them. And some people see Master Ching Hai appear to them, (Yes. Right.) but not like daily, not like 24/7, (Yes.) because the Master has to lower some energy in order for the disciples even to see.

I don’t have time to feel lonely or anything. It’s just work, work, work. Inside work and outside work. Inside meditation: have to do a lot of things. (Right. Yes, Master.) That takes a lot of time, and then outside have to work for Supreme Master TV and other things, business. So, even though I’m in retreat, I should have been more on the quiet side, but I’m very busy. Most of the time I’m very busy. (Right, Master.) But I like it. I don’t complain or anything.

Also, the advantage is that… because I work with so much suffering. So I cry very loud sometimes, so it’s better that I cry alone. (Oh, Master.) Because if I have neighbors they might think I’m crazy. Or if you’re around and hear me crying so loud, you will worry. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes I cannot help it. It’s just too much pain inside, you have to cry out. (Yes, understand Master.) So, it’s good that I am alone. (OK, Master.) It’s an irony, but it’s like that. (Yes, Master. We understand.)

Maybe it’s also more convenient because sometimes I complain because I have to work so hard all by myself. Like, turning the stones, (Yes, Master.) and taking away the wood. Some wood is big and heavy because they are thick. (Yes, Master.) They’re thick for safety, for stability. But it is not stable for me when I walk with it.

I have to drag them a little, a few inches at a time to bring them outside, put them outside somewhere else. (Oh, understand.) Because I don’t even have room to put it outside my bungalow even. There’s not a big yard or anything. It’s in the middle of the forest, but the clearance area is small. (Yes, Master.) A few meters maximum, altogether with the bungalow maybe 15 square meters. (Oh.) So, I can’t even put it outside my place. I dragged them far away.

And I was thinking, “Oh, it would be nice to have a man.” Muscular man. Macho. And move all these stones, bricks, and wood for me. (Yes.) All I have to do is just point my finger, “Move them. Now.” And instead of pointing my finger, I hurt my finger. (Oh.)

Never mind. I told you already, wild weeds won’t die. Unkraut stirbt nicht. (Unkraut verdirbt nicht.) “Useless grass won’t die,” that’s what they say. Wild weeds. Wild grass doesn’t die. They don’t die easily. People try to take away the grass, it grows again! (Yes.) Even with just a few more roots left. (Right, yes.) They want to take it away, so they can plant vegetables, and they grow again from nowhere. (Yes, true.) Sometimes the wind blows some of their seeds into the garden, and they just grow by themselves. (Right. Yes.) You don’t even have to put grass on it.

It hurt in the beginning, but you get used to it after a while, and then it’s getting better soon. It’s still a little bruised, but it’s no big deal. (Understand.) I learned my lesson. Next time, I won’t bang the wall. Or even the table. Sometimes I did the tables. Poor table. Not that I’m worried about myself. I’m worried about the table and the wall. What if I make a dent in them with all my anguished energy? (Oh, Master.)

I cannot bear this world sometimes, I cannot, I really cannot. Oh, God. Most of the time I have to bear because of work. But sometimes I cannot, I just go away from the computer and cry (Oh, Master.) or walk out. And then come back and cover my eyes and turn that off, or go to the next section, whatever. Who can bear this, huh? (That’s right, Master.) And how can anybody even eat them? (Yes.) Eat these anguished, poor, helpless, innocent animal-people.

OK, next, please. Did I answer your question? (Yes, Master. Thank You very much.)

Well, I could need company. I told you already, like a muscular man to do these things. But these things don’t happen often. So, if I have a man around, I don’t know how to use him then. He will be frustrated, and feeling like President Putin. I don’t know what he would do next.

So, it’s OK. I just tell myself, “Don’t worry.” I told myself, “Do one thing at a time. Just one thing at a time.” (Right. Yes, Master.) And the most important thing first. (Yes.) But sometimes, the most important thing has to be put off, because of all the work, like these stones and mats. They sent it to me some days ago, but I could not do it yet. (Oh.)

Too much work! (Understand.) So, even then I said, “Don’t worry, you have been bearing it all these years, so just a few more days won’t hurt.” I tell myself. “And don’t complain. You can do it. You will. You have no choice. I told you.” Truly, when you have no choice, you think of the way how to do things. (That’s right. Yes, Master.)

Like, when I was in Europe, I went out shopping by myself and I didn’t have this shopping trolley that they sell with a basket, with a bag. And then you put things in there and roll them. I did not have. They did not sell them where I lived, so, I used a hand baggage. (Oh.) You know, the valise, the suitcase. (Oh, yes.) I wheeled it inside the supermarket, bought my stuff, stuffed them in there and wheeled them home. I didn’t want to drive these things, it’s too complicated to unpark and then repark everywhere. (Yes.) It’s not very far, so I walked. I said to myself, “Exercise is good for you.” Every time.

Each time I don’t want to do any labor work, I say, “Exercise is good for you. Go girl, go.” I don’t say, “Go, woman,” I say, “Go, girl,” as if I’m young and strong. Like, a long time ago, when I used to mix cement and build at the ashram and all that stuff, with the disciples. (Yes, Master.) Building caves and all that. Designing and building. (Yes.) All kinds of stuff I did. Crazy woman. (Awesome, Master.) Yeah, maybe. So, I’m aging faster than I’m supposed to.

If you’re a yogi, you meditate a lot, you don’t have much to do, like the Buddha, you live longer, and you look younger. Younger longer. Never mind. It’s an old car. It still can drive. I drive the car crazy every day.

Tell me. What else? (Yes, Master. Why is it that an Ascended Master cannot give initiation, but instead must be only a living Master that can do so?)

The Ascended Master can do. (Oh! Oh, wow.) Can do. It’s just that we cannot hear, and we cannot see Them. (Oh! That’s true.) That’s the problem. (Yes.) And the Ascended Masters cannot always manifest into a light body to teach you. They have other things to do. (Oh.) They’re not specialized in that anymore. (Yes, Master. Understand.) Suppose, Jesus or Buddha want to teach you. Can you see Them? (No, Master. Not easily, no.) No. That’s the thing. And not like any time, can you email Them? Or text Them or skype Them, or… (That’s right.)

Physical dimensions need physical instruments. (Right. Yes.) Just like we have electricity, but you cannot touch it, you cannot use it. You have to wire it in. (Yes. That’s right.) You have to capture it in a cable, then you can use it. (Yes. True.)

The Ascended Masters, mostly They are in a different energy, different dimension. You cannot reach it even. Even if They appear to you, you cannot reach Them. (Oh. Understand. Right.) It’s a different energy field. (Right. Yes.) There is an obstruction between humans’ energy and Ascended Masters’ high energy. (Yes.) And not to talk about if you cannot withstand Their energy, you might harm yourself. (Oh, right. Yes.) Just like high voltage electricity. (Yes, Master.) You can’t handle it.

Very few people can see Ascended Masters. (Oh, that’s right.) Unless they’re going up higher and the Ascended Masters have to lower Themselves down a little. (Oh, right, Master. Yes, Master.) You up a little, They down a little, then you can see Them. And some people see Master Ching Hai appear to them, (Yes. Right.) but not like daily, not like 24/7, (Yes.) because the Master has to lower some energy in order for the disciples even to see. And not all of the disciples are up to that spiritual standard. (Yes, Master.) And not to talk about the Ascended Masters, They don’t always regulate Their energy for you. (Ah, right.) Because They know you don’t listen.

I mean not you, I mean the humans, they’re very difficult to teach. They try, but they can’t. Most of the cases, 99.9% cannot. (Oh. Yes.) We have aired some of the Ascended Masters’ teachings, like Saint Germain (Yes, Master.) and Master Morya, and all that. (Yes, Master.) They appear to one or two people only. (Yes, Master. Yes. True, yes.) Mostly, They don’t always appear. They appear sometimes, but mostly They just dictate Their teaching. (Yes. Right.) How many people can see an Ascended Master even? (Yes, Master. True.)

We are blind, deaf, and dumb in a human form. That is the problem. And even the living Masters keep telling you things – you still don’t understand, and you don’t see anything better.

It’s a lot, a lot of work. (Yes, Master.) When the Buddha was alive, how many people followed Him, truly followed Him? And when Jesus was alive, how many people? (Yes, Master.) Or Prophet Muhammed, Peace Be Upon Him, or Lord Mahavira, how many people followed Him? (Yes, that’s true. Right.) Compared to the world population. (Yes, Master.) And many still are like that. Same with all the Sikh Masters, Guru Nanak, and Hindu Masters, all kinds of very popular famous Masters, and less popular, less famous Masters – all the same. (Yes, Master. That’s right.)

They just came and tried Their best, but humans are just so engulfed in negative energy and the poisonous influence by the negative force. (Yes, Master. Yes, understand.) They just want … They are territorial. They want to control people, control the souls. So they can have their theatre, like suffering, pain, sorrow, life, death, ignorance, killing each other, eating alive beings’ flesh and all that stuff. (Yes.) They like all this theatre. They like all this poisonous fight. They can’t give up. Heaven people, They don’t do that. (Yes, Master. That’s right.) So if everybody goes to Heaven, they will have no more of their wicked fun. (Yes, Master.)

They want to have punishment, they want to tell people that they will reward them if they do good. But how many people can do good in this turbulent, tempting world, and terrible world that everybody can fall at any time? (Right, Master.) Fall from birth already. (Right, Master. Yes.) They already have stuffed meat into your body, even if you don’t want to eat, you spit it out, they stuff it back in again already, when you were just a few months old. (Yes, that’s true. Right.) You are helpless, you don’t make karma, they make karma for you. (Yes, Master. Yes.) Terrible world.

And now we have high tech modern life and all that, and it harms us in different ways through radiation. (Whoa.) I tested all the machines in the house – even when turned off, they still radiate some radiation. (Oh. Wow.) Even your fan, your refrigerator, your dehumidifier, your heater, everything. (Oh.) And even your landline phone. (Wow.) Not to talk about the mobile phone. (Yes.)

All of you have to buy those antiradiation little things you stick on your phones. I told many times, but I’m not sure if you remembered or if you bought. (Yes, Master. We have, Master.) Order it if you don’t have. And they last forever or you have to change every couple of years? (We need to find out.) Please, find out now. (OK, Master.) And even stick it on your small clocks, alarm clocks. (Yes, Master.)

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